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Of All Marks by No_oneKnows

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 9,401
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Kreacher, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/16/2010
Last Chapter: 08/28/2012
Last Updated: 08/28/2012


Behind that pretty, delicate face lies a mark. A dark mark.

And a mark like that could only be removed by a stronger power...

A stronger magic...

As a wise wizard once said, “Love leaves its own mark...”


Chapter 4: Chapter III

Chapter III

It was quite early in the morning when I awoke. I looked up to the pitch-black stone ceiling and a deflating sensation filled me. I was in my room... It had all been a dream. Hogwarts, Sirius, Regulus... Everything. A good dream it was, too.

A loud snort came from the opposite side of the room and I realised that it was not just my subconscious. It was real. I smiled widely to myself and pictured their faces once more.

I quietly got out of my bed and tip toed to the bathroom where I prepared myself for the day. I studied myself in the mirror as I got changed into my uniform. It was strange; I was accustomed to putting on a white, frilly thin blouse and a tight forget-me-not blue blazer; not a green and silver tie, grey knitted jumper and skirt.

I silently walked out of the room, pausing to look back at the three bodies heaving up and down on their beds. I hadn’t seen the other two girls last night.

I walked down the narrow, dimly lit hallway, only to come to an abrupt stop as soon as I stepped past the doorless arch that led back to the common room.

“Ow,” I mumbled, subtly rubbing the part of my chest that I had bumped into Regulus with. I looked up to see his familiar smirk.

“May I inquire as to what you are doing so early?” he asked me, his voice low and rumbling. He was already dressed in his uniform, the hems of his white shirt tucked into his trousers and his tie done up tightly, the prefect badge perfectly straight on his collar.

“I couldn’t to wait to see you,” I grinned jokingly, in which he smiled back.

“What do you have for first period?” he asked me kindly, as we walked up the small set of slimy steps and reached the greenly illuminated common room.

I paused above the steps and tried to think of what it was. When I couldn’t, I hastily pulled out my schedule and unfolded it, “Charms.”

He chuckled lightly and continued walking to the lounge. “Can I see your schedule?” he asked politely, a hand held out. I hesitated, sure that he wouldn’t be pleased to see that my free periods now read ‘Sirius Periods’.

He continued looking at me inquiringly. I placed the parchment in his hand and sat beside him. I watched his face cautiously and as expected, his face turned steely as he traced the free periods with his index finger. He looked at me suddenly and forced a cold smile.

I smiled back at him warily.

Finally, he spoke: 

“We have the same subjects, so we will be attending the same classes.”

 I nodded and he passed the parchment back, leaning slightly closer toward me. I felt his warm breath as he stared at me, blinking calmly, unfazed by the awkwardness.

“You’ve grown up,” he muttered matter-of-factly, eyes still staring deep into mine.

I laughed, “Zat tends to ‘appen after ten or so years,”

He didn’t laugh. Instead, he stayed focus on my eyes, breathing serenely. I averted my gaze, looking away in concealed embarrassment. I looked back to him and was glad to see that he was now gazing down at the flameless fireplace.

“Why have you come here?” he asked me out of nowhere. “Why now?” he turned his head back at me.

I blinked, taken aback by the question. It sounded as though he had just accused me... As though he did not want me there... “My parents ‘ad thought Beauxbatons was being too soft.”

“But why come here?” Again, that tone of accusation was present in his voice.

“You are asking me to know ‘ow my parents theenk, Regulus! I do not know why I ‘ave come ‘ere, just as I did not know why I was not to see you - or Sirius - for ten years.” I snapped at him.

He looked somewhat taken aback as he recoiled away from me. There was a moment of silence...

“Sorry,” he murmured, “It was not my intention to offend you.”

I put my hand on his left arm and noticed how he shuddered slightly. “Eet iz okay.” I smiled kindly, understandingly.

We spent the time in the common room, waiting for Aden, Elinor and Severus to join us for breakfast. Severus came up with two other boys; Mulciber and Avery. By the time Elinor had clambered up the stairs, we had approximately forty-five minutes for breakfast.

We walked up to the Great Hall in a large, intimidating circle and I couldn’t help but notice the looks of fear other students gave the group I was now a part of. I frowned.

I lingered behind the rest of the group with Regulus who had kept particularly close to me. I delayed myself as soon as I reached the door, in the hope that I would find Sirius again. When I did not, I hid my disappointment and followed Regulus to the Slytherin table.

We had been there fifteen minutes before there was a loud clap of thunder and heavy rain began pouring down on us. There was a loud eruption of laughter coming from the door and I turned to look, as many other people did so too.

There, Sirius, James, Remus and Peter were; safe underneath a thick white cloud and a ray of sunshine that seemed to follow their every move. The only people that weren’t soaking wet were themselves and the constantly vigil professors.

I smiled in amusement; Sirius caught my eye and winked. Sirius was dressed in a way that was completely opposite to Regulus. His shirt was untucked, sleeves rolled up and his tie loose and half way down his chest; he even left a couple of buttons undid, exposing the bare taut skin beneath it. I didn’t fail to notice the many girls staring at his direction, a misty look in their eyes.

“Bloody Marauders,” the boy named Mulciber hissed, pointing his wand all over himself, just as everybody else did. Regulus did the honour for me and I instantly felt warm and dry.

“The Marauders?” I asked Regulus, my eyes following Sirius and the rest.

Regulus let out a sour sigh, “Yes, that is the title of the group my brother and his friends founded, irritatingly so.”

I grimaced and made a mental note to ask Sirius about it when I had the chance.

“There has been another disappearance,” the toneless, quiet voice of Severus said, his face hidden behind a newspaper article entitled The Daily Prophet. The others laughed at this as though it was amusing. I was used to this behaviour; my parents had often discussed disappearances and deaths at the kitchen table, erupting in a blood-curdling laughter.

“Bien fait pour eux,” Serves them right, she would often say.

I felt Regulus occupy himself with his breakfast beside me, wolfing down the remains of his bacon and eggs, though managing to maintain his propriety.

“Anyone we know, Snape?” Elinor asked, a snide sneer on her face that suggested the hope that it was someone they knew.

“No,” Severus said, placing the paper beside his plate. I watched as his dark eyes slowly, slyly looked over to the Gryffindor table.

I turned around casually and looked to where the Marauders were and cocked my head; James seemed to be attempting to win the attention of a very pretty girl with fiery orange-red hair. She had her arms crossed against her chest firmly, her back towards him with a high-raised chin; though despite that, she had a slight turn in her lips; the verge of a smile... A very well suppressed smile, at that.

Regulus decided to take me to our Charms room ten minutes earlier, hands in his trouser pockets as we walked down the long corridor that led to the door. He walked with a very straight back, his chest puffed out just like a pureblood should.

He caught me staring at him and I smiled to cover all suspicious manner. He flashed me a pleasant smile, which I knew, instantly turned into a smirk the moment he looked forward again.

“This is where we would be having our Charms lessons,” Regulus said, stopping next to a wooden door with a small ‘C’ carved into it.

“You do not ‘ave to tell me this, Regulus,” I told him.

“Would you rather not know where your future classes take place?” he asked, his thick, perfectly arched eyebrow raised.

“I do not theenk I will get lost. After all, I am with you,” I grinned as his cheeks flushed a very light pink that was barely noticeable. Though pink his cheeks were his face remained impassive and controlled.

“Well, I remain adamant that you should take note of it,” he looked away and gazed down the long corridor where a beam of light sourced. “Unless, of course, you are intending to keep me with you at all times.” Though he spoke with a light chuckle, the tone in his voice made me sure that there was a well subdued meaning to it; most definitely referring to my Free Period the next.

I forced a small laugh and remained quiet until the rest of the class arrived. As the bell chimed, indicating the start of first period, the wooden door opened inwardly, though no one had been visible to open it.

One by one the Slytherin and Hufflepuff students entered, Regulus claiming us a seat at the back left corner of the classroom. As the bustles of unpacking died down, an exceptionally short wizard in a black suit and brown fluffy hair flecked with grey appeared on what seemed to be a stack of books.

“We will commence our year with a fairly elementary spell,” squeaked the short wizard at the front.

“Professor Flitwick,” Regulus muttered to me under his breath, his quill dashing along a piece of parchment as he took notes. “A touch of goblin blood in him, so they say.”

I squinted at the short professor, seeing a very slight resemblance of goblin in him.

“With an incantation of Aguamenti, this spell will cast a fountain of pure water out of the conjurer’s wand,” the professor explained, swishing his wand in a demonstration. “I have provided a pail between each pair.” Sure enough, a silver bucket appeared in the middle of our desks.

The classroom was quickly filled with puddles of water - the result of wild, untamable jets erupting from the end of some wands - and exclaims of Aguamenti became a well recited word.

“Ladies first,’ Regulus said, casting me a challenging smile.

I scoffed at him, “You do not theenk I can do this.”

“What I think will remain a mystery to you,” he simpered, eyebrow raised condescendingly.

I pointed my wand into the bucket and prepared myself. I had already learnt this spell in my third year in Beauxbatons, mastering it to perfection by the fourth. “Aguamenti!” I recited, flicking my wand towards Regulus’s face at the very last second.

I closed my eyes and covered my face as the water came reflecting off of an invisible shield; Regulus laughing, as he remained perfectly dry. I wiped the water off of my face with a sleeve and dabbed at my eyes gently.

“Never cease to be vigilant, my dear,” he said, grinning.

“You cheated!” I exclaimed, a smile wide on my face.

“I? Cheat? You appear to be mistaken.” He tutted at me, a dimple visible on the right cheek. “May I try?”

I glared at him in a playful way and nodded.

He carefully pointed his wand into the bucket, “Aguamenti!”

At the same time, I had raised my wand and levitated the bucket, which in its position deflected the water onto Regulus, his hair now dripping wet.

“Touché,” he said, beaming lazily as he slicked his sopping hair back. I watched as small water beads dripped down the side of his masculine face, his mysteriously seductive grey eyes blinking the droplets out of his long, thick lashes.

I gazed up at him, my own eyes focused intently on his handsome face. He stared back calmly; water the size of dewdrops dripping slowly from the ends of his ebony hair.

All of a sudden, Regulus had raised his wand and a hard jet of water came to my face like a hose. I shouted out of shock as Regulus sniggered.

“My apologies,” he said in a sincere voice as he lowered his wand, “The temptation was far too great.”

I glared at him, patting the hem of my sleeve around my face.

“Here, let me.” he said, getting up to his feet and kneeling beside me; a wand raised up to my hair and a hot steam emitting from it immediately.

I held onto his left hand gently and a small breath escaped him as he paused what he was doing. “Merci.

We stared at each other once again, in a way that time seemed to have stopped. He exhaled deeply and glanced away. I let out a small cough and very fortunately, the bell chimed and I was saved from what would have been a very uncomfortable moment.

“I’ll see you later,” Regulus muttered, perhaps rather sourly as he picked up his bag and walked away briskly.

I grimaced to myself, somewhat anxious that I irked him somehow. I followed the rest of the student body out and headed towards the grounds where I was to meet Sirius.

It took only a second to locate Sirius and his friends, for a large circle that were laughing with glee and applauding every so often surrounded them.

I edged closer and closer towards the group, cautious yet curious. I pushed past some bodies and gasped as I saw what was happening.

A small boy was hanging upside down, yelping for help, as his front teeth grew larger and larger. Sirius and his friends were surrounding him, laughing; Sirius, with a swish of his wand, pulled down the boy’s trousers.

The crowd erupted in a fresh laughter as the boy attempted to curl his body to reach the waistband.

Sirius smiled and looked around the crowd. He caught my eye and grinned more broadly. His attention towards the upside down boy immediately ceased and he strode towards me, perhaps pompously.

Mademoiselle,” he murmured sultrily. I felt my cheeks blush as he kissed my hand in front of the many onlooking eyes.

“Do you think you should let ‘im down?” I asked, nodding at the boy whose front teeth were as large as square dragon eggs.

“Yes, I do think so. He’s late for class, see.” He smirked at me as he brandished his wand behind his shoulder. The boy fell down with a small thump. He stood up quickly and ran away as he pulled up his trousers.

“Come over here,” Sirius said, placing an arm around my shoulder as the crowd slowly diminished. I couldn’t fail to notice the envious looks a group of lingering girls had cast my way.

Sirius led me towards a large beech tree, beckoning for his friends to follow as we sat down beneath the shade of the leaves.

“How was your first period?” he asked me, smiling jubilantly.

“It was easy. Beauxbatons ‘ad taught us Aguamenti years ago.”

“Ah, such a nice, simple spell, isn’t it?” Remus nodded as he sat cross-legged a couple of feet in front of me.

I nodded.

“Oh no,” James suddenly said, looking behind his shoulder as anxiety spread across his face. “Oh no.”

I cocked my head in question. “What iz the matter?”

James shook his head, repeating “Oh no” over and over again.

“Ah,” Sirius smiled as he peered to where James had been looking. “I see.” Sirius turned to me, “That girl,” he nodded at a girl with flaming red hair that seemed to be approaching us, “Is Lily Evans. James has fancied her since fifth year, but all she seems to do is snap at him whenever he talks to her.”

Something in his voice indicated that James had never just tried to talk to her. He smirked as the girl finally approached us.

“Evans, how are you this lovely day?” Sirius asked haughtily, an eyebrow raised.

“Don’t speak to me, Black.” she suppressed a smile and I could sense the playful manner behind her voice. “I’m here to speak to James.”

James immediately stood up, stumbling slightly as he fixed his glasses onto his nose.

“Can I take you away for a moment?” she asked, her voice delicate. I sensed a certain affection soaring from her to him. The two strode away together, walking at a slow, steady pace.

“They’ve actually been on speaking terms now that he made it as head boy.” Peter said, smiling as though happy for the two.

I smiled too. Something suggested to me that she might have had feelings for him far longer than just the beginning of the year.

“Sirius,” I said, turning to look at him, “I ‘ave ‘eard that you and your friends are called ze Marauders.”

His beam grew larger. He explained to me how his mischievous behaviour and frolicking about the castle with his friends since their first year created a certain character to their group. I understood. He and his friends were the masters of mischief. I giggled as he, Remus and Peter recounted stories of pranks and duels, including a particularly funny one where a boy in his class could not stop farting throughout the double period.

“And Snivellus, oh!” Who Snivellus was, I did not have any idea. “He was a great subject of focus. But then Lily told James not to bully him anymore, and since James is just so head over heels with her, he’s told us to stop too. Well, that is, only when she’s not around, anyway.” Sirius frowned for a moment, looking off into space as though reminiscing about those days. He suddenly grinned brightly as the bell rang, indicating the end of a lovely free period.

“I’ll see you again soon.” he smiled widely, standing up fluidly and extending a hand out toward me. “Tomorrow at 3pm, if I remember correctly.” His grin was wide.

I nodded, beaming back at all three of the boys warmly, James still missing with the fire-hair girl. 


A/N: Hi again! I'm aware that there wasn't as much Sirius as there was Regulus (I'm feeling more for fond of Regulus at the moment) but hopefully you all liked it! :D

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