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Loony Faylinn Griffiths and her Pals: Messrs Potter, Malfoy, and Potter by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 21,912
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, James/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 08/03/2012
Last Chapter: 12/05/2012
Last Updated: 12/05/2012

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I, Faylinn Griffiths, am not a crackpot old fool who pets hundreds of cats all day and drinks nothing but tea and pickle juice! Actually, Scorpius is the loon. He thinks James likes me.

Not likely.

Chapter 2: Mannequins, sherry bottles, and blokes

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Zilch. Zipo. JK Rowling, Tchaikovsky, and Mozart own it all. Love them.


“I want a biscuit.”

From next to me, Albus rolled his eyes. “Do you ever not want one?”

Well, I think I’d rather have about four or five. Not just one. They’re bloody fantastic! They can be sweet, salty, and tangy all at once and now that my stock of them has run out, I’m a bit deprived. Boo.

“Could we stop at the kitchens?”

“Do you want to win this scavenger hunt or not?”


“Are you really ready to lose our rank as defending champion of this hunt?” I squirmed a bit under his scrutiny.

“Al, we didn’t even get a chance to have desert tonight.”

“Oh, come on Fay!” He said as we walked down a third floor corridor away from the Hospital Wing. “We already have the vial! We just need to find the scroll of parchment and then Luke’s pair of extendable ears.”

“Yes, the ratty ears by brother used to tease Grady with,” I said recalling the stern face my brother’s cat had when it was teased mercifully by Luke. “Okay, fine. Biscuits after we win. So, now where do we go?”

“Well, the hint that came in the vial was ‘where there is a trap, there is a fang’,” Albus said scratching his head. “What the hell could that mean? Do you think that it could be in a potions closet? Merlin,” he groaned, “we’ll have to get past Slughorn.”

“You have an issue with the old geezer?” I said chuckling slightly at Al’s expression.

“He can be rather terrifying, Fay.”

“You’ll just have to face your fear then ‘cause we’re going to win this thing.”


I have a bit of advice for you.

Don’t ever run down three flights of stairs. You’ll lose control of the muscles in your legs and flop forward and end up skinning your elbows – or face – along your way to the bottom.

See, we took our adventure to a new level by betting that the last one to find the parchment would have to hand over their biscuits to the other the next time they are restocked. So, seeing as I adore biscuits and Al never backs down from a challenge, we took off running. Needless to say, I tripped over my feet and nocked down Al which lead to the destruction of my elbows and Al’s face.

Once we finally reached the potions closet however, Al turned to me and said, “Do you want to go in or should I?”

I sighed and pushed past Al into the closet. Al can be such a poof. He’s really that afraid of old Sluggy that he won’t even go into the potions closet to nick a piece of parchment? Well, fine Al. I’ll have all of your biscuits and you can shame all of your fellow Gryffindors with your cowardice.

Walking in, I muttered a quick, “lumos,” before I got to work searching from high to low for the parchment that was supposedly near a fang of some sort. Standing up from my crouched position, I looked up and to my left. There, among the snake fangs was a small piece of parchment rolled up tightly. Standing on my tiptoes, I reached with my left hand out towards it and barely missed it by a few centimeters. Hoping to be quiet, I jumped up and snatched it, however I fell with a great loud thud onto the floor in the process.

There goes trying to be quiet.

“Bloody hell, Fay! What happened to-” Al said flinging the door open before he looked down at my curled up form on the floor. “Wha- did you fall?” He said snickering slightly.

“Got it,” I said ignoring his laughter at my apparent lack of grace.

Still chuckling, Al said, “Well, let’s see it then,” before he grabbed the parchment from my hand as I stood up rubbing my newly sore bottom.

Opening it, Al’s eyes went from happiness to shock in a single second.


My head snapped towards him. “What? Did we do something wrong?”

As a response, Al flung the parchment towards me and I read:

Hahaha Suckers. Fell for the ‘trap’ didn’t you? Why don’t you rethink your clue...

“I have a sore bottom for nothing then?” I asked agitatedly at Al as I flung the parchment back into the potions closet and shut it with a bang.

“We must have gotten it wrong.”

“No duh, Al.” I said throwing my hand in the air. “Well, we definitely just lost any lead we had. Ugh! I bet Rose has already found everything.”

“Fay, focus. Trap and fang. Where have those two things ever gone together?”

And suddenly, it just clicked. Every conversation I had with Mr. Potter and the gamekeeper, Hagrid, came flooding back and I briefly remembered Hagrid mentioning that he once had a dog. Fang was his name.

Merlin, why didn’t I think of this before?

“Hagrid’s hut,” I blurted quickly before I grabbed Al’s warm hand and pulled him towards the Entrance Hall and out of the castle.

Al looked confused for the majority of our excursion out of the castle, but by the time we reached Hagrid’s, Al noticed a plaque that read “Here Lies Fang” hanging over a plot of flowers. His eyes immediately found mine and he grabbed my shoulders. “You are bloody brilliant. It’s a wonder you’re not related to my Aunt Hermione. Are you sure your mum wasn’t related to the Grangers in some way?”

I laughed, “Of course I’m not related to her. Al, I’m basically failing Herbology.”

“But you’re the best in our year at Defense Against the Dark Arts,” He contradicted.

“Al, let’s get back on task here ok?”

“Right. Parchment.”

The most sensible thing to do would be knock on Hagrid’s door and ask politely if my dunce of a brother left a scroll of parchment anywhere nearby. But, my brain doesn’t work that way. No, instead I crawled through the flowers and peered into Hagrid’s window like some sort of muggle spy. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure my red hair gave me away as Hagrid’s eyes locked with mine almost immediately and a wide smile spread across his face.

“Yer the firs ones. Need yer clue?” Hagrid said ushering Al into his home. He coughed loudly calling my attention towards him. “Eh, Fay, want to come out of my flowrs? You don’t need to keep on hiddin’ from me dear,” he said skeptically as I peeked my eyes through the numerous flowers I hid behind.

I shrugged and looked away nervously before entering his hut. “Sorry Hagrid. I – erm – wasn’t really thinking-”

“Nonsense. You lot are on yer hunt, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Al said his gaze landing on the parchment lying in an animal trap on Hagrid’s oversized table.

“Well, what’cha waitin’ for? Go on, take a peek,” Hagrid said motioning towards the parchment.

Smiling at Al, I darted forward with Al just on my heels. But, Al’s long arms managed to snag the trap before mine did and he pulled his hand away quickly in pain. “Bloody hell!” he winced brining his hand to his mouth.

I snickered. The parchment was mine!

My hand closed tightly around it and I turned to look at Al.

“Thanks for the biscuits.”

“I’m never going to live this one down, am I?”


Turning my attention to the parchment, I read the next clue.

Now that you’ve gotten past the ‘trap’, find the ear in the place where the prince met the fire.

That one was obvious. Where did the half blood prince meet up with a fire?

“Room of Requirement,” Al whispered as our eyes met. “Let’s go.”

“Thanks Hagrid,” I said quickly as Al and I rushed out of his hut.

Hagrid’s booming voice trailed behind us, “Don’t go looking fer trouble now!”


After sprinting up seven flights of stairs, I nearly collapsed. Why doesn’t Hogwarts just have a one of those muggle lifts that reaches from the entrance hall to the seventh floor? OR how about a stack of brooms that could help us get around the castle faster? Fuck, I’m so out of shape.

“Fay! Get your fat arse over here now! These bloody trolls will learn how to dance ballet by the time you get here,” Al said pointing towards the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.

“Holy flippidy pancakes, Al! I’m coming.”

“I thought you were a beater. You should be able to run up a few measly flights of stairs. James is your captain! I know bloody well how hard he trains you. Lily complains to mum every time we’re home.”

“Shut it,” I heaved at him as I pointed towards the wall and nearly doubled over in pain. “Make the room appear,” I said.

Closing his eyes, Al paced back and forth three times in front of the wall before a large oak door appeared. Running through it, I stopped mid stride to stare at the walls of junk that grew larger every year. I’m always amazed at the amount of hidden treasure in here. A firstie might need a place to keep their diary and poof! The Room of Requirement appears to push their worries aside. Too bad they never find this room again and leave their diary in the wide open for someone like me to find.

Cue maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!

“Okay, you go that way,” Al said pointing towards a large black cabinet, “and I’ll go over there,” he said looking over at a large collection of what seemed to be Sherry bottles. “I think its better to split up in here. We have a lot of ground to cover.”

I nodded. “Alright, meet you back here in thirty minutes?”

Al looked down at his watch, “Right. Thirty minutes. Good luck, Fay”

“You too, partner,” I said trying my best at a southern American accent.

Al laughed turning away, “Never again, Fay. Never again.”

I watched him walk away from me and slowly but surely I felt the fear of the enormity of this room creep up my spine. How the hell am I going to find an extendable ear in this room full of crap?

I soon found myself lost. Completely lost. I had discovered an old clean sweep by the black cabinet about three minutes into my search and using that, I flew above the junk and deep into the center of the room. That is when I lost all sense of direction.

And you know what’s even better? The clean sweep malfunctioned and dropped me straight down right as I reached a large pile of books.

“Burnt biscuits,” I complained as I rubbed my newly bruised knee.

I guess these adventures into and out of the castle at night aren’t all that rewarding. I’ve been beaten and bruised by the castle tonight! I swear, its like I’ve been at one of James’ suicidal quidditch practices.

At least I don’t have classes tomorrow. Leatherby still thinks I’m loony.


So this is how I ended up lost in the Room of Requirement calling out to my mates to come and find me. After calling first out to James, then Albus, Scorpius, Rose, and finally Fred, I became rather disgruntled. I think I should have left a trail of bread behind me so that I could have found my way back.

Well, if I’m stuck here I might as well have a little fun.

Walking forward, I found myself lost somewhere deep among the junk surrounded by mannequins wearing hundreds of what seemed to be handmade dresses and hats covered with large amounts of costume jewelry.

With my new motto in mind, I grabbed a large blue hat with a peacock feather sticking up from the top and shoved it on my head. Next, I yanked on a pair of white formal gloves that went up to my now scabby elbow and pulled a necklace that was adorned with hundreds of large fake pearls over my head.

I quickly scrutinized my reflection in a nearby mirror. The hat works pretty well with the color my hair. Hm… What color would my hair turn if I dyed it this blue color? Purple? ‘Cause you know, red and blue make purple…or would it be an icky brown color?

Ugh. Okay. Not dying my hair.

I think I’ll steal this hat, though.

Don’t tell Filch.

I turned sharply around and picked through the mannequins before I found a hideous pink contraption that looked like one of the trolls in the Barnabas the Barmy tapestry should have been wearing it while dancing to a bit of Tchaikovsky. Struggling with the arms of the mannequin for a bit, I pulled it off of it and flung it over my school robes.

I am Leatherby. Hear me roar!

Suddenly, I grabbed a green stiletto and held it to my mouth and started to sing in an operatic voice. I sang that song, you know, the really high one. The one that sort of sounds like a dying cat. From that flute opera.

Swirling around like a madwoman and letting my hair fly behind me, I closed my eyes and gestured wildly with my hands. Jumping up and clicking my heals together, I pirouetted before falling to one knee and lowering my head.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your kind applause! Thank you! Thank you!


I froze mid bow. The stiletto was still gripped tightly in my right hand, my red bangs covered my vision, and the blue hat was in my left raised high above my head ready for another grand bow.

“You look, erm, charming.”

I turned around quickly to only come face to face with none other than the other Potter. James.

“Nice to see you too, James,” I said quickly dropping the hat and stiletto down onto a stack of books and pealing off the gloves.

He laughed before coming over to me and placing the hat upon his own head. “You know, I really do like this hat.”

“It does wonders for your complexion.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” He said looking at himself in the mirror. “I think I liked it better on you though. It didn’t clash with your hair,” he said turning around to face me.

“Well, it must be magical then because everything clashes with my hair.”

“You know, that’s pretty odd” he said smirking, “’Cause nothing clashes with Lily’s, or Rose’s, or Roxanne’s, or Lucy’s, or Molly’s, or Dom’s, or-”

“I get it, James.”

He chuckled lightly walking over to me and placed the hat back on my head. “So, do you know where exactly we are?

“No. I was actually hoping you knew.”

“I’m guessing you’ve had no luck with the extendable ears then.”

“Bloody hell, no. I’ve just been here singing my heart away to an old muggle opera my mum made me go to once.”

“So that’s what you were doing,” he said smiling crookedly at me.

“Yes. I was singing

“Sounded like you were dying”

“Bugger off,” I said punching him.

“Now, now, now, we don’t want to get ourselves lost now do we?” He mocked.

“I’d actually prefer being alone seeing as you are on a different team than I and it’s against my rules to fraternize with the enemy.”

“Your rules?”

“Yes,” I said proudly, “my rules and because of them, you must leave. So, shoo!” I said pushing him back towards the direction he came.

“Just wait a minute, Gravy Train,” He said with a curious expression, “I think you might need to find your marbles first.” He said walking around me, “We both are lost in here and I think its better for us to stick together.”

I grimaced, understanding that James Potter, yet again, has outsmarted me and managed to call me batty in the span of two sentences.

“Fine James. You can be on my team for a little bit. Just until we get out of here.”

James smiled and hugged me tightly. “I’ll replace my brother on team Fay and Al then. We can be team Fay and James.”

“Nice replacement” I snorted.

James rubbed his hand through my hair, “Hey! No need to mock me.”

“You do it to me all the time, James” I muttered as I stepped out of the hug.

“I guess I do,” He said winking before sitting down on the floor.

I laughed before grabbing his hand and saying, “Come on. We really need to find a way out. I told Al two hours ago that I’d meet him back at the entrance in thirty minutes.”

“Alright,” James said standing up and stepping before me. “Let me lead my little lady into the safety of her mate’s arms then,” he taunted.

“Let’s just go, James,” I said shoving him lightly on the back.

He chuckled.


A house elf found us.

We got so lost in the massive amounts of hats, bags, books, dresses, bottles, trunks, cages, and fabric that we wandered around the room for another two hours. That makes it a total of four hours roaming the Room of Requirement looking for a stupid pair of extendable ears.

James, the tosser, had nearly fallen asleep on me by then and I struggled to keep him upright as we walked through the junk. His heavy body leaned on my left shoulder and my legs could barely keep us both upright with the sudden increase of weight added on them. Merlin, he must eat a lot.

Just as I was losing my will to live with this sleeping arse hanging on my shoulders, a small squeaky voice called out “Ms. Griffiths? Mr. Potter?,” from among the darkness. “Regi is hear to apparate you back to the Gryffindor common room. Your brothers are worried.”

This is when the small form of Regi, the dear red eared house elf, sauntered over to us with a large smile on her face. “Oh, Mr. Potter will be so happy with Ms. Regi. She found you and is ready to return you to the safety of your beds. Oh, yes. He will be so pleased!”

“’ello Regi,” James said sleepily from beneath his dark hair.

“Mr. Potter is ill?” Regi asked me with a horrified look on her face

“No, Regi, he’s just tired.”

Regi’s face lit up immediately and she nodded sharply. “Hold on then,” she said grabbing my hand tightly.

Suddenly it was as if I was being sucked through a small coffee straw and my fingers were being melded to James’. I heard a small groan come from James’ direction and I almost snorted. But the out of breath sensation of apparating turned that snort into a dry retch and I nearly tossed the contents of my dinner up and into Regi’s face. Finally, we reached the Gryffindor Common Room and I flopped forward onto the large plush couch with James’ hand still glued to mine.

“Fay!” Al ran forward and dangled something in my face, “Look what I found! We won!”

I groaned, feeling very dull pain somewhere in my abdomen. “That’s great, Al.”

“What’s wrong with you?” He said taking one good look at me. “And what the bloody hell are you wearing?”

James took that opportune moment to look directly into his brother’s face and growl, “We were stuck in the room of requirement for two hours together. Do you know how many times she whined about biscuits? Bloody hell Al! I found her screaming, I mean, singing like an old buffoon while wearing this contraption in order to keep herself occupied. She’s mental! Oh, I need sleep,” James cried out placing his arm over his eyes to block out the light from the fire.

“Hold on, James was a little mental too!” I defended. “He nearly fell asleep on me before Regi came and saved us!” I said looking over at the elf and smiling briefly.

“I was not mental.” James said lifting his arm to look directly into my face. “I was merely tired.”

I groaned in defeat.

Scorpius looked over at me and smirked. “Well, it seems you two had a lovely midnight stroll among the sherry bottles and cauldrons.”

I shot him a look. “Go away, Scorpius.”

“Sorry, I don’t think I will.”

Luke yawned. “Well, now that I know my baby sister is safe and sound in her Common Room, I think I’m going to go. Bye Gravy train!” He mumbled as he gave a faint wave in my direction.

“Night, Ravenclaw!” Fred boomed for all of Gryffindor house to hear. I think that boy has hearing problems. He never whispers. Even on secret missions. Nope, he’ll either talk at a normal speaking voice, or yell really loudly.

“Fred!” Al winced, “Stop shouting! Everyone’s asleep already!”

“Well, its not like we have to go to classes tomorrow,” I muttered.

Al shook his head. “That’s not what Leatherby said. She only said that you didn’t have to go to classes. We,” he said gesturing to himself, Scorpius, James, and Fred, “still have to.”

“Now whose fault is that?”

Al looked away from me and towards the dorms with a slight frown on his face. Oooh! Who showed you? I did! Get used to it Al! I’m the Queen of the world and soon you all will have to bow down to my great power!

“Well then, seeing as we must be in potions in about, ” Al said looking down at his watch, “six hours, I’m going to bed.”

“Me too,” James yawned.

“Rose already sleeping?” I asked Scorpius.

“Yeah, she fell asleep hours ago.”

“’kay,” I said waving towards the four boys who were walking slowly to their respective dorms. “Don’t wake up any cornish pixies. They might just move in with you.”

“Night Fay,” they all mumbled.

“Night, my minions.”


I woke the following morning to a loud bang from below in the Common Room. I groaned looking over at the clock on Rose’s bed that read 9:30 am. Turning on my side, I rolled out of bed and grabbed a pair of jeans, and a jumper and pulled them on after taking off my pajamas.

After washing my face quickly, brushing my teeth, and running my hands through my hair, I walked down to the common room to come face to face with Kyle Michaelson, my brother’s best mate. He was standing in front of the fire with a Defense Against the Dark Arts book open in front on the table in front of him with a focused look on his face. When I entered, he turned his head turned towards me and a smile lit his face.

“Hey, Fay”


“Just get up?” he asked noticing the dark circles under my eyes and the creases that formed on my face from my pillow.

“Yeah,” I said sitting down on the couch near him. “Leatherby gave me the day off.”

His brow furrowed, “Why?”

“She thinks I’m loony. I mean, I am, but I’m not that loony.” I said grabbing the pillow behind me and wrapping my arms around it.

“What happened this time?”

So I told him about Al’s petty prank. And, my recollection of ‘gravy train’ and how she thought I was barmy and said that I needed a lie down. By the time I finished telling him about my new nickname, Kyle was rolling around on the ground in laughter.

“So, you’re Gravy Train now?” He said getting up and sitting down next to me.

“Don’t call me that, Michaelson.”

“Michaelson, eh?” He said positioning his body to face mine. “I thought we were on a first name basis, Griffiths.”

I sighed feeling a bubble of shame bubble within my stomach. “We are. I just don’t like it when people call me that. Its not necessarily the most flattering nickname.”

“Its rather cute, though” He said pushing one of my stray hair behind my ear.

I heard him chuckle at my expression of disbelief.

“Don’t worry about it, Fay. I won’t call you Gravy Train. You’ll always be sweet, pretty, loony Fay Griffiths to me.”


“No problem,” He said standing up and walking back over towards his Defense Against the Dark Arts book. “Hey, could you help me study Defense later tonight. I’m pretty terrible at it and I know you are the best in the school,”

“Sure, Kyle.”


“Why not?” I said standing up from my sitting position and getting ready to walk down to the Great Hall for a late breakfast.

“Thanks, Fay,” He said standing up and giving me a quick hug. “I’ll see you after classes today then?”

“See you then,” I smiled at him before leaving the Common Room and rushing down to the Great Hall to see what little delectable dishes the house elves cooked up for us this morning.


Later that day at lunch, I told Rose about my plans to study with Kyle.

“Fay!” she said dropping her fork down to look at me. “You’re studying with Kyle? As in Kyle Michaelson? The blue eyed seventh year heartthrob?”

“He’s not a heartthrob, and yes. Kyle Michaelson,” I said rolling my eyes at her reaction. “My brother’s best mate.”

“He totally is and you know it. You’re just too shy to admit that he’s hot! You’ve always been rather sensitive then talking about things like that.”

I looked over at her plainly. “Rose, we’re just studying. He doesn’t even like loony girls like me. He prefers stuck up snots like Bridget Lowe.”

“Well, I disagree with you,” she said looking down at her turkey sandwich. “I think it sounds like you’ve got a study date!”

“Who’s got a date?” Al said sitting down next to me and reaching towards the nearest plate for two turkey clubs and three pickles.

“Fay does,” Rose blurted.

I gave her a sharp look, “I do not.”

“With who?” Al said ignoring me completely.

“Kyle Michaelson.”

Al froze mid bite. “Klye Michaelson?” He said looking sidewise at me.

“Erm-” I started before he cut me off.

“You’re going on a date with that bastard?”

Rose groaned. “Al, just because you want to be the big protective big brother of every girl in Gryffindor House doesn’t mean that you get to ruin Fay’s first date with a bloke!”

Al took in a sharp breath, “He’s your first date? Him?!”

I looked at him and sighed. “Its not a date, Al. I promise you! All I’m doing is helping him study Defense Against the Dark Arts. Its not like we’re going to end up snogging and rolling of the floor of an abandoned classroom togeth-”

“Oi! Michaelson!” Al called above my cries of protest.

“Al?” I heard Kyle walk over to our section of the table and respond.

“Are you dating, Fay?”

I buried my head into my chin trying to cover up my embarrassment by coughing loudly into my napkin.

Kyle never is going to say yes to me now. Al had to go a ruin any chance I had with him by assuming that we were going to get together after our study sessions. It’s just studying! Nothing more. Its not like we are going to study each other’s bodies. Its just Defense Against the Dark Arts. Merlin Al! Why do you always have to ruin any sort of love life that I start to have? And does he really think Luke would let Kyle date me? Luke will kill him if Kyle even comes within ten inches of m-

“What if I am?” I heard Kyle respond.

Holy shit. He did not just imply that we were dating. My head shot up and I met his eyes looking at me. He winked.

Al noticed and looked down to my horrified expression. “It doesn’t look like Fay agrees with that last statement,” Al said defending me.

Kyle walked over to me and sat behind me wrapping his arms around my upper torso. He placed his head on my shoulder before saying, “I don’t see her running away.” He kissed my cheek. “Play along,” he whispered softly into my ear.

Ohhhhh. So, he wants to play a little game now, does he?

Al stood there his face going from complete hatred, to shock, to sadness, and back to hatred again.

“Since when?” Al hissed.

“Two weeks ago,” I said my voice shaking.

Al’s eyes widened in shock. “Two weeks?!”

“mhmm,” I said turning my head to face Kyle’s.

“I can’t believe she hasn’t ended things with me by now.” He said looking at my face with a curious expression on his face. He stared deep into my eyes as if asking me something telepathically. Stunned by the turn of events, I just smiled.

That’s when he kissed me. Just a delicate kiss. But still, I was completely caught off guard and nearly freaked when he did so. However, his rough hand was behind my head pulling me closer to him to keep me from running and ruining this façade, so eventually I relaxed into the kiss.

Al coughed.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just leave you two alone in private,” he said starting to turn around and leave the Great Hall.

Kyle broke away from me saying, “Oh no. Fay and I’ll leave. We don’t want to intrude on your lunch. Besides, we don’t really like showing public displays of affection. I’m sorry if we’ve caused you any discomfort,” Kyle stood up and offered me a hand. He helped me out of my seat and quickly wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

Rose winked at me with a huge grin on her face. “See you later, Fay.”

“Have a nice lunch, Rose,” Kyle said smiling at her before turning to Albus. “See you, Al, ” he said before walking me out of the Great Hall.

Once we rounded a corner and were out of sight from any prying third or fourth years, he released my shoulders and burst out laughing.

I looked at him inquisitorially. “What the bloody hell was that about?”

“I’m sorry, Fay,” he said grabbing my hand. “I just wanted to see what Al would do if he found out you were dating someone.”

“But I’m not,” I muttered quietly.

His gaze was suddenly on mine and a smirk filled his face. “Well, you could be.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

He sighed, “It means, love,” he said grabbing my other hand. “That I wanted to ask you out this morning but I didn’t have the balls to admit to you that I wanted our study sessions to be a sort of date.”

I stood there gob-smacked.

“Luke won’t allow this.”

“Since when did you care what Luke thought?”

“erm-“ I said caught off guard. Again.

“Besides,” Kyle said looking up into my eyes. “Luke doesn’t hate me. He’ll probably be okay with it.”

Well actually, he won’t. Luke is never okay with boys talking to me, not mentioning dating me. Luke’s going to probably kill Kyle by the time that he realizes that Kyle kissed me at lunch today. Luke knows I’ve never been actually kissed before and for Kyle to steal that away from me so abruptly is going to ignite his fury.


“So, you still up for studying with me?”

I nodded looking down.

“Good. I’ll see you tonight okay?”

I looked up at Kyle’s crystal blue eyes and became incoherent. “Uh… y-yeah.”

“See you, Fay,” he said kissing my cheek lightly and walking away with a wink sent back in my direction.

Holy shit, he’s attractive.


“What do you mean she has a date with Kyle Michaelson?” James roared at me when he and Fred came to visit the boy’s sixth year’s dormitory.

“She. Has. A. Date. With. Michaelson.” Scorpius stated plainly for James.

“The prat that shags girl’s and then leaves them hanging out to dry while their will to live is sucked down the drain?! That Kyle Michaelson?!”

“He does not do that,” I muttered quietly looking at Scorpius.

“Oh yes he does!” James screamed at me. “Do you remember Nora Tibbets?”


“Yes,” Al joined in on his brother’s conversation looking furiously at me. “The blonde Ravenclaw chick your brother used to have dinner with every night.”

“She transfered to Beauxbatons she was so deeply affected by what Kyle did to her!” James screeched.

“He’s a Gryffindor. He can’t be that bad,” I said quietly looking over at Scorpius who shot me a disappointed face.

“He belongs in Slytherin, Fay,” he muttered.

I’m getting sick of this. They always do this. Every time some bloke asks me out, they walk up to him, sock him, yell at me, scare him off, and leave me to be a sobbing mess on my bed as a sense of loneliness washes over my every nerve.

“Nonsense,” I said getting off of Al’s bed. “He’s my brother’s best mate”

“Well, does your brother know about this? Does he know that his best mate has been shagging his little sister for two weeks?” James roared.

“We haven’t shagged!”

“Does he?” Al asked.

“erm…well, not exactly.”

“Oh, bloody hell. Luke’s gonna kill him,” Scorpius muttered looking over to Fred who just nodded.

“Luke’s not going to kill him. And, he can’t be as bad as you guys make him out to be. He has to have some decency if he’s friends with my brother! And Rose doesn’t think he’s bad either.”

“She’s a girl! She’s obviously fallen in love with the bloke too!” James barked.

“Yes. She is a girl and therefore, she must have talked to other girls about him and his personality. If they say he isn’t bad, I’m going to believe them,” I said shooting daggers in James’ direction.

Scorpius walked quickly over to me and placed his hands on my shoulders forcing me to look at him. “Just promise me you’ll be safe.”

I shook his hands off my shoulders and looked back into his eyes. “I will, Scorp. Nothing bad is going to happen to me. I promise.”

I walked over to their door and looked back at four very caring, very annoying, blokes. I sighed and waved at them. “See you guys tonight,” I said before walking out of their dorm and up to my own to get ready for my date with Kyle.

Well, tonight is going to be quite interesting.


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