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Looks Like Heaven Destined For Hell by AuroraSkies

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 8,987
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Lucius, Regulus, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Remus/OC, James/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 07/10/2011
Last Chapter: 07/29/2014
Last Updated: 07/29/2014

Being born was my sin and I was cursed from the day they noticed I was different. I am the Greek Goddess Aphrodites daughter, she fell for an angel but their love was forbidden, I am a hybrid of angel and god. When I was six The Council deemed me dangerous and sent me from my home down to Earth where I was destined to fall into a war that was never mine to fight, the first wizarding war.

Chapter 4: Hogwarts



Chapter 4



Nathaniel sent me to platform 9 ¾ through floo after a rigorous morning run I felt prepared for anything. I was dressed in the clothes Nathan laid out for me, a baggy cloak, thick black sunglasses and a hat that I tucked all of my hair up under. Nathan told me this morning that at least it hid my disgusting face and body….So almost a compliment! 


I walked alone towards platform nine and ten, Curious, I thought wondering how to get on…Then I did the only thing that seemed plausible. I ran directly at a brick wall, hoping to high heaven that this would work, because otherwise I was screwed. I kept my eyes open the whole time, glad I wasn’t someone who scared easily as I seemed to disappear into the wall and came out facing a beautiful scarlet train.






I boarded the train and sat by myself near the back of the train noticing that people didn’t seem to want to approach me, so that settled it, any doubts I had about myself that I could have been ok looking is down the drain. What Nathaniel said must be right, I am truly undesirable. The train ride passed slowly, I was never good at sitting still for long amounts of time. I was laying upside down on my seat when I heard the compartment door slide open, startled I flipped backwards off the seat and into a standing position my wand trained on the three laughing out of breath boys throats.


“Whoa there, we didn’t mean any harm, we were just trying to find a compartment to hide in after setting off some dungbombs in one of the older Slytherin compartments”. I chuckled lowering my wand.


“Sorry ‘bout that mates it was an automatic reaction” I said.


“It’s not a problem, I’m James” A tall messy black haired boy with lovely hazel eyes covered by stylish square glasses.


“I’m Sirius, but I’m sure you already know that.” An attractive tall boy with silky black hair and stormy grey eyes said suavely.


“Nope, didn’t know who you are, but I do now I suppose” I said sarcastically. The other two boys chortled while Sirius pouted.


“I’m Remus” I finally turned to look at the last boy and had to contain a gasp at his beautiful eyes. He was tall, the tallest out of the boys, with dark blonde hair and gold eyes framed by thick black lashes, his smooth tan skin was marred by light traces of thin scars that did nothing but make him more attractive, one scar lead to the corner of his sinful mouth in a way that made me curious about where they came from. I smiled.


“It’s very nice to meet you guys, but I’m going to go, feel free to hide out in here as long as you’d like” I said leaving the compartment. The rest of the train ride was uneventful, I walked the length of the train at least twenty times, mulling over my hope that Hogwarts would end up being my safe haven from Nathan and his death eaters. When the train finally stopped I was the last one off, I trailed after the boys I met earlier, Remus, James, and Sirius. 


“Firs’ years, Firs’ years” I heard a loud voice yelling. I began heading towards where all the short people were assuming that this would be where I was supposed to go. I noticed that we were nearing a lake.


“Thas’ it now easy does it” The voice from earlier boomed out.


“Thas’ right four to a boat, now don’ touch the water or the giant squid might try to eat you” He warned a pudgy boy who was leaning precariously out of his boat. He squealed and leapt back into the boat almost falling in and causing James and Sirius to laugh uproariously.


I hopped into the boat nearest to me, feeling it move dangerously as more bodies followed me in. I glanced up to once again see those three boys, but this time they ignored me and I ignored them.


“This here is yer firs’ view of the castle.” The giant man said.


“Wow” I breathed, it was stunning and huge, and I could already tell that this would be my home. The only thing missing was Emily, I could already hear her giggle echoing through the empty halls as we ran through them looking for trouble at night. I heard my sentiments repeated as one by one each kid took in the grand sight of the castle.

We arrived in the hall minutes later and were greeted by a stern looking woman.

“Welcome first years to Hogwarts.  I am professor McGonagall I will be your transfiguration teacher. Now everyone line up in a single file line and wait to be sorted.” McGonagall said. While everyone did that I thought about the houses, I was exceptionally smart so I could fit in Ravenclaw, I was also patient and loyal so I might be a hufflepuff, and while I don’t want to be a Slytherin I was sarcastic and cunning. But the house I most strived towards was Gryffindor, I knew I was brave, heck I was pretty darn fearless as well as a martyr. We walked into the hall and I felt all eyes turn to us.


Welcome first years to Hogwarts, I am Professor Dumbledore and I am your headmaster, tonight you will be sorted into what will be your family for the next seven years.” A tall man with a long white beard said happily. Just then McGonagall stepped forward with an old ripped hat, a stool and a scroll. She set down the stool and placed the hat on it then opened the scroll. I sat looking on calmly as the tear in the brim on the hat opened and the hat began to sing I was put into laughter by staring at some of the muggle borns shocked and awed faces, one boy even screeched and tripped backwords into a sneering black haired boy with a hooked nose. I was so distracted I couldn’t focus on a word the hat said, suddenly it ended and McGonagall began reading names off of the list.


“Avery, Zackarius” A tall boy with dark brown hair in a crew cut stepped forward and placed the hat on his head, it immediately boomed out,




I zoned out for the next few names until it got to one I recognized.

“Black, Sirius” The tall boy from the train he stepped up nervously and put the hat on his head. For two minutes the hat stayed on his head as the boy seemed to get more and more nervous when the hat finally decided his house.


“Gryffindor” The hat boomed, the whole hall was silent, I gave James and Remus a look and we all started cheering for him as loud as we could until we got the whole hall excluding the Slytherins to join us. Sirius gave us a grateful smile. More people passed until I finally heard my name,


“Lunette, Kallistrate” I calmly stepped up to the stool and set the hat on my head.


“Hmmm, interesting you have qualities that would fit in any house…but you are fearless, and would give your life for anyone, and already have. There is so much pain in your past but you bravely continued on, there is only one house truly meant for you” The hat whispered in my ear.


“GRYFFINDOR” I smiled and walked to the cheering table, ready to start my life with my new family.


Six years later.


Six years past since my sorting and I was now in my sixth year. I was completely invisible to everyone, and if you thought you knew me it was probably as the really good duelist who was incredibly cynical and sarcastic. I never thought about boys, I only spoke when I was spoken to, and have not looked in a mirror or even seen the color of my hair or eyes since Nathanial took me in, I knew I was worthless and pathetic but none of that mattered because I was strong and brave and good. I didn’t know when I woke up this morning how far my bravery was going to be tested.




“Damn it PEEVES” I yelled I was alone in the hall and peeves decided it would be funny to chuck dungbombs at me and make me late. I sprinted across the hall to the moving staircase and hopped on once I got to the top it was already moving away from the defense classroom and peeves was still chasing me it was a 30 foot drop but I decided to risk it anyways…why I don’t know…maybe because I AM AN IDIOT! I leapt across the stairs to the other staircase 10 feet away as it moved away from me I saw my class watching as I fell through the air catching myself on the railing and swinging myself up. I turned around sticking my tongue out at peeves, WORST IDEA EVER! 


”Oh SHIT!!! I am so dumb he is a freaking ghost blooby bastard doesn’t have to wait for stairs…shit Im screwed.”


“Oh peevies gonna get the pretty tomboy” He cacklee. My eyes widened and I sprinted into my classroom leaping over Remus’s desk knocking it over and using it as a shield.


“HA!” I shouted triumphantly


“I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too” Peeves laughed zooming out of the room!


“Ha…” I stood up and made my way to the professor holding my hand out. I could tell he was struggling not to laugh.


“So how many detentions does someone get for that” I asked casually.


“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, I’m sure that I didn’t see anything.” He said with a wink .






“Your damn right I saw nothing either, and definitely did not just do anything incredibly stupid” I said flippantly.”


“Go to your desk, there is a free space next to mister Lupin. Now as I was saying I am Professor Derek Blackthorne and I will be your defense against the dark arts teacher. I expect you to always expect the unexpected.” With that his wand was out of his pocket and a stunner was zooming towards a dozing Sirius. I tackled him out of his chair yelling protego as we fell and the spell bounced ineffectively off my shield. I chuckled softly standing and helping a now wide awake Sirius to his feet.


“Very good, miss…umm”


“Lunette, Kallistrate, you can call me Kalla” 


“Well very good Miss Lunette you have very fast reactions”

“Yeah well a combination of quidditch and wanting to be an auror can enhance your reflexes I hear” I said uncomfortably.

 I felt a spell coming at me from behind and jumped out of the way and it hit the blackboard. I turned around furiously to see the marauders on the floor with boils (James) tentacles (Sirius) and three hands, one coming out of his lower abdomen (Remus)


“You damn dirty Slytherins” James yelled


Miss Lunette, please escort Mr. Lupin, Black, and Potter to the hospital wing.


I left helping each boy out of the room and began the trek to the hospital wing.


“I’m going to get them back. We’ve got to get them back. No one humiliates the marauders and gets away with it. I’ve got it, I know what we’ll do, we just need a willing girl” Sirius said. Their eyes all found me.


“I don’t know what your plan is, but no, I am not going to help.” I said


“They tried to get you too!”




“So?  They tried to hex you while your back was turned, don’t you want revenge?”




 “Kind of” I grinned

“Awesome! Step one, the makeover.” He said excitedly. I felt my smile slip away, shit what have I gotten myself into.

“I don’t do make up or fancy clothes…I’d much rather be in something I can duel, play pranks, read and play quidditch in.”


“You don’t even play quidditch” Sirius pointed out stupidly.

“That’s because they don’t let girls play quidditch, stupid.  I tried out third and fourth year, but that dick head Cale Jaccobs was captain and he is a complete sexist pig, and now his brother Ace is captain and he won’t even let me try out.” I said heatedly.



“Ok. How about if we get you on the quidditch team, and you be the girl we need…are you sexy under those baggy clothes, shades, and baseball hats?” James asked

“No” I responded. “I am nothing, so if you need a sexy girl just ask Lily. I don’t do sexy.” Lily Evans, the most beautiful girl in school, I’ve always kind of had an obsession with her, ever since I first looked into her beautiful emerald eyes, I’ve been hooked. When she was younger she was almost exactly like Emily, their names even sounded alike, and I thought for sure that this was my Em in some other girl’s body. She wasn’t exactly the same, Lily was a few inches taller than Em, and her fair skin was even a shade paler than Emily, but it was her hair that was the most different, Lily had gorgeous fire truck red hair that shined like fireworks, it fell in untamed curls down to her shoulders. I’ve always watched her from a far, never daring to get to close in fear that Nathan would take the next best thing I had to Emily, you see Lily is a muggle born, and if Nathan saw me even speak to her, she would meet the same fate as Emily, and I can’t get another person killed. As she grew up I began to see the differences between Emily and Lily more prominently, Em was more of a trouble maker, she laughed more often and wasn’t as uptight as Lily was, Lily also never stopped studying and seemed to care more about her grades than actually living life. The thing that they had in common absolutely though, was that they were both kind and generous and brave people, if Emily was still alive I know that she would have been an amazing Gryffindor. I could understand why James Potter was in love with Lily, she had it all, it’s too bad she didn’t even realize what a good guy James was…Occasionally.






“Um Lily wouldn’t let us demoralize her like this, and besides she hates James” Sirius said


“Sorry mate but its true” Remus said


I chuckled. “God you boys are oblivious” I said

“What are you talking about” James said

“She doesn’t hate you, she just doesn’t see the real you, every now and then she sees glimpses of it like when you protect a younger student from the Slytherins, but then you go and do something selfish and hurtful that erases her memory of the good things you’ve done…Now who is giving me the makeover?”


The boys looked at each other and said “Sirius…and Lily”


“Oh so you are combining totally different styles, from Sirius I will get to be Hogwarts biggest slut, and from Lily it will be completely conservative.”


“Er kind of…for our plan you need to look mysterious and alluring, sexy and daring, dangerous and sinful. Which your mouth is already sinful, so you won’t have trouble with that, and if you have any more standout features like that then we will be seducing all the Slytherins by this time tomorrow.” Remus said smartly. 


“Ah so we are all going to be seducing the Slytherins? You definitely said we will be seducing them. I always knew those Slythies had a rainbow side.” I stated grinning.



“By ‘we’ I meant you, and what is a rainbow side?” Remus asked


“You know...They are like 'straight as a rainbow' it’s why we keep creaming their quidditch team, it’s because they your sexy asses keep em’ distracted. And we are just a way fucking better quidditch team.” I said. We all burst into laughter.


“Ok let’s be Sirius” Sirius said grinning


“Ugh that was the worst pun ever Sirius.” I said


“Hey 97 % Uh well lots of people enjoy my serious Sirius puns.” He said


“Thats because they have two IQ points and one they got for looking in the mirror, seriously the only people that laugh at that are your fangirls.” I said


“You could be my fangirl to, Remus is right about your mouth being sinful.” Sirius said as he came way too far into my personal bubble and leaned down putting his lips next to mine. I flicked him in the nose.

“No, bad Sirius.” I said sarcastically as James and Remus practically had to stuff their fists in their mouths to stop laughing.

“Ok let the torture begin, where are we doing the makeover?” I said


“You share a dorm with Lily, so your room it is.” James said


“It’s creepy how you know that…stalker.” I whispered under my breath. Remus chuckled from about four feet away, Ok how did he hear that, I thought staring at him incredulously.

“I have really good hearing.” He said practically responding to my thoughts.


“Ok I’m going to pretend that none of that happened” I said and the boys all laughed.


We got to the common room when I realized I had no idea how the boys were going to get up the girls staircase which was charmed not to let any men up.


“How do you guys get up there?” I asked


“We have our ways. Just get up there and we will explain to Lily what she has to do for us.” James said mischievously.


“Ok I guess I don’t want to know.” I said.


I walked up the stairs and minutes later the boys were there explaining to Lily that she needed to make me pretty by tomorrow. Then Lily was forcing them to wait in the hall.


 It was going to be a long night.