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Harry Potter; The 8th book; the Aftermath. by patronusflight14

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 5,718
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Dean/Luna, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/21/2012
Last Chapter: 10/04/2012
Last Updated: 10/04/2012

a sequel to harry potter and the deathly hallows- a new plot for Harry and his friends to deal with, and a wedding for starters; the aftermath involves a twisted tale of psychic power and revenge

Chapter 2: The wedding

yes, i know the previous chapter was pretty much a filler. the real story starts now! i didnt mean to take soooo long with posting the next chapter but my password got lost..... ya and its a long story. hope u lyk this chapter!






Five Years Later



Harry woke up to the sound of Mrs. Weasley shouting at George. Even though he was 24 and married, when he came to the burrow he was a young boy again. Most of Mrs. Weasley’s frustration was due to the fact that it was a double wedding; both Harry-Ginny and Ron-Hermione were getting married, and there were to be at least 500 guests present. To add to it, George, who had brought Angelina home for the first time since they had gotten married, was not helping out in the least bit.





“Oh there you are Harry, I was wondering when you’d wake up. Can you sort out the invitation cards please? RON!” A very groggy “Yes mum” came from the bed beside Harry’s. “Get out of bed and go help George weed the garden! Now where did Ginny go?” cried Mrs. Weasley.





After a long day of sorting out presents and tidying up the house, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny sat down in Ron’s room. “Did you see the Daily Prophet this morning?” asked Harry. “Dolohov and Rookwood tried to infiltrate the ministry! And they’ve got Dementors with them as well!” “But aren’t they in Azkaban? Don’t tell me there’s been a breakout!” squealed Ginny. “Hermione, remember those men in black cloaks we saw in Diagon Alley yesterday? You don’t suppose….”




Their suspicions were confirmed in the headlines of the Daily Prophet the next morning, but as it was their wedding day, there was nothing they could do. Mrs. Weasley herself was not in the best of moods because the dresses for the brides and bridesmaids had arrived, but were in the wrong color. Mrs. Weasley was racking her brains, trying to come up with some way to fix them and had become hysterical, until Hermione suggested ‘translatum coloris’ a simple color-changing spell, which worked instantly.





Bill and Charlie were rushing around, frantically trying to contact the caterers who had still not arrived. A very unhappy Fleur was watching over little Teddy Lupin in the living room. Mrs. Weasley would not let her help with the preparations, as she was expecting a baby in a few months, and was not supposed to get excited or runa around much. Mrs. and Mr. Grange had arrived, and were attempting to help Mr. Weasley put up the tent in the yard, but soon gave up, seeing that it was pointless trying to do anything without magic.





Harry, Ron and George were with Angelina, who was fussing with their dress robes, trying to get roses to stay in their button holes, which of course, wouldn’t work, as George kept on causing them to fall apart. Finally, Angelina gave the flowers to them and told them to do it themselves. Percy walked in, already dressed, and began lecturing them about punctuality and responsibility. He may have risen in the eyes of his family after the great battle of Hogwarts, but some things never changed. “Relax Perce!” cried Ron. “It’s my wedding, not yours!” “Not that anyone would want to marry him anyhow!” George whispered to Angelina, who giggled.




Just then, Mrs. Weasley stormed into the room. “I hate to barge into this happy gathering, but there are chores to be done! Now go out and help your father set up the tents! Even the brides are ready!” she huffed. “You aren’t supposed to see them until the actual wedding, so you’d better finish your breakfast and let them come down for theirs!"







Finally, the moment had arrived. Harry and Ron stood at the altar, with everyone’s eyes upon them. The music began to play, and Hermione and Ginny, looking radiant in their shimmering gowns, followed by Luna Lovegood and Hannah Abbot, the bridesmaids, began to walk down the aisle. Hermione’s normally bushy hair was twisted up into an elegant bun. Ginny, who was no longer the ‘little girl’, was practically glowing. She glanced up and gave Harry a wink from under her veil which melted his heart. The word beautiful was an understatement for the way Ginevra Weasley looked.




The parade had reached the altar. The bridesmaids stood with the best men, Dean Thomas and Neville Longbotom, and the brides stepped up to their husbands-to-be. The veils were lifted, rings exchanged, vows spoken and the brides kissed the grooms. Then a huge disco ball burst above the newly-weds and the tent was filled with confetti and musical balloons. The center of the marquee was cleared and made into a dance floor. Before the newly-weds could take to the floor, the Dursleys came up to congratulate them, before quickly leaving.




All of their friends from Hogwarts, all the famous wizards of Britain, practically the entire British wizarding world had turned up and was either dancing or seated at tables around the dance floor. After an hour of dancing, Harry and Ron sat down, exhausted. Dean walked up to them, a big dreamy grin spread across his face. “Dean! What say letting us in on the happy occasion?” asked Ron.




“It’s……. it’s…… well….. Luna and I….she said……” he mumbled, looking across the dance floor. Harry followed his gaze and saw Luna chattering with Ginny and Hermione, who were admiring Luna’s finger. At first he was confused, but then put two and two together. “Congratulations mate!” roared Ron, holding up a goblet of firewhisky, raising a toast to the newly engaged Dean.




Just then, Luna, Ginny and Hermione walked up to their table. “Isn’t it so sweet?” Ginny gushed. “Imagine getting engaged on the day of your best friends’ wedding! How romantic is that!”  Luna held up her hand to stop her. “Oh, I knew he was going to ask me sooner or later, but I had no idea he’d do it right in front of my father!” said Luna in her usual dreamy way.




Ginny and Hermione looked at Dean in awe. “Merlin, Dean, you’ve got guts!” laughed Hermione teasingly. “If I remember correctly, Ron told Ginny to ask me and then give her a note saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’! Only once he had slipped the ring on my finger did he agree to tell our parents!” Ron flushed, and glared at Ginny, who was trying to maintain a straight face, but was failing miserably.




“Hermy-ow-nee!” cried a deep voice from behind them. “Viktor! How good to see you! How have you been?”Asked Hermione. “Better zan ever, but forget zat. I must tell you, you look beautiful!” he said, ignoring suspicious glances from Ron. “Krum!” cried Ron, slapping him a little too hard on the back. “Good to see you too!” he said loudly. Viktor winked at Hermione. “Why Hermy-ow-nee, your husband does not seem to enjoy my company! Do assure him that I am aware zat you have just been married!”Ron went as red as a beet and looked to Dean, who merely shrugged, while Harry and Ginny were trying their hardest to control their laughter.




“Come dance, Hermione,” said Ron in a wildly transparent attempt to escape.” Hermione flushed and threw an apologetic glance towards Viktor, who was smirking evilly. “Do you want to dance, Harry?” Ginny asked suddenly, with a sugary sweet tone in her voice. Harry raised his eyebrows at her questioningly. “Just say yes!” she hissed through her teeth. Harry stood up obediently and from the corner of his eye saw a very disgruntled Auntie Muriel turning to find someone else to burden with her presence.





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