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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne

Format: Novel
Chapters: 29
Word Count: 70,833
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Albus, James (II), Scorpius, OC
Pairings: James/OC

First Published: 05/03/2012
Last Chapter: 03/07/2018
Last Updated: 03/07/2018


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Amelia was having a hectic year.

Her best friend Kelly fancied an unobtainable man, her brother Adam was convincing her to intern at the Hospital Wing, Albus was battling against his mortal enemy Mariah and Amelia was trying to ignore her feelings for her brothers best friend James Potter.

(Prequel to Illusions of a perfect marriage)

Chapter 8: Chapter 8

A/N: There is some James in this chapter woo!!! :-D I must say I loved writing this chapter, especially with Albus at the end, I love Mariah! haha. I hope you love it too.


“Haven’t you seen him enough?”

Amelia turned around and snuck back down the corridor that she had just walked out of, peering around the corner. She cursed in a whisper as she looked down at the book in her hands, she really needed to get it back to the library before it locked up for the night and she had to start her patrols with Kelly. Unfortunately James and his girlfriend Sarah seemed to be having an almost full on blazing row in front of the library.

“It’s his birthday Sarah, I can’t just not see him,” James said with a small laugh, which Amelia knew would be a big mistake, Sarah fumed at him.

“I don’t see how you find this funny James, I hardly see you. We seem to have a long distance relationship even though you’re in the same building as me, hell we’re even in the same house. That is how ridiculous our relationship has become,” she told him angrily, her hands pointed in front of her at James.

“What do you mean we have a long distance relationship? Just because I don’t see you every moment of every day, does not mean that we have a long distance relationship,” he scoffed at the idea.

“You either spend your free time with Adam, your family, or helping out Hagrid. Sometimes I’ve even caught you hanging out with Amelia!” Sarah told him, Amelia gulped slightly, she was going to try and sneak around them and dart into the library but not now she’s been mentioned in the argument. Although for no reason she might add, just because they talk if they see each other in the corridor whilst passing each other, doesn’t mean they hang out together. Amelia let out a sigh as she continued hiding around the corner, peering back down the way she came she knew that she wouldn’t be able to give the book back today.

“Why do love and relationships have to just get in the way?” Amelia muttered to herself.

“Have you given the book back yet?” Kelly asked Amelia as she walked up behind her, scaring Amelia a little. She turned to face her before whispering.

“No I haven’t, James and his girlfriend are arguing in front of the library,”

“So?” Kelly said wondering why this would stop Amelia, “it’s a public place, and it’s not your fault they’re arguing where everyone can hear them.”

“I would have walked passed them,” Amelia lied, she totally would have stayed hiding behind this corner until they were asked to move on, yes, she knew she was a wuss, “but then they mentioned me and I just couldn’t go out there and be all ‘well hello there, I see you’re arguing but would you mind moving the hell out of my way?’”

Kelly frowned, “first of all why wouldn’t you? I totally would. And secondly why have they mentioned you?”

“To answer your first question, not everyone is as rude as you,” Amelia stated, Kelly gave her a shrug knowing she was right, “and secondly apparently because he chats to me in the corridors sometimes or if he’s with my brother, its more than he ever chats to Sarah.”

“He needs to sort out his priorities,” Kelly stated leaning against the wall as Amelia peered around the corner to see that they were still arguing. Although they had quietened down a little in their yelling so it wasn’t audible to the whole castle now.

“Or she needs to try and be part of the activities that James is involved in, it wouldn’t kill her to hang around with Adam and James or go with James to Hagrids.” Amelia stated, coming to James’s defence.

“Not everyone wants to hang out with their boyfriend’s best friend,” Kelly stated, “as great as they may be.” She added at the look Amelia shot her.

“I wouldn’t have a problem hanging out with Hagrid or Adam,” Amelia shrugged.

“Well that’s because Adam is your brother, you’re used to hanging out with him so it’ll be alright if you and James got together.”

“Not that me and James are going to get together,” Amelia stated, Kelly gave a shrug.

“You never know, in most stories about teenage romance it’s always between a girl and her brother’s best friend.”

“That’s not the entire plot surely,” Amelia said with a frown, “and there is nothing going on between me and James.”

“Yeah but do you want there to be?” Kelly asked her friend with a questioning look, watching her friends face carefully for her reaction. Amelia spluttered her answer.

“He has a girlfriend.”

Kelly grinned, “as you keep saying, you still fancy him don’t you?”

“No I don’t,” Amelia stated quickly, trying to stop her face from blushing. Last year Kelly and Amelia were talking about the boys that they fancied in the school, Amelia admitted to having had a crush on James since her fourth year, but it wasn’t to the extent of Kelly’s crush on Scorpius, at least she could act somewhat normally in front of James.

“Look at your face! Of course you do.”

Amelia tutted at her friend before peering around the corner, James had his hands in his pockets and he was frowning, Sarah had her arms crossed and was glaring. They seemed to be having a muttered argument now. Amelia was resisting the urge to tell Sarah to leave James alone.

“Maybe they’ll break up and you can go out with James,” Kelly muttered in Amelia’s ear as they both looked at the argument still taking place.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Amelia muttered back. They watched the argument for a bit longer before Amelia turned to look at Kelly who had poked her.

“You do realise that we’re watching this like they’re some sort of exhibition,” Kelly stated, Amelia realised that she was right and quickly put her head back around the corner, going back to hiding.

“I think you’re right, maybe we should go start our rounds?” Amelia suggested.

“Yeah, hopefully by the time we come back to this corridor they’ve moved on and we can just slip the book into the room,” Leaving behind the couple who had gone back to yelling loudly they walked back the way they’d come.

“Hey jerk face, your owl has just given me this,” Mariah told Albus who was lounging on the sofa by the fire place. He wasn’t cold; he just didn’t want anyone else to have the good place on the sofa. Albus looked up as Mariah threw the letter at him, Albus attempted to catch it but it floated in all different directions before falling to the floor right by his hand.

“And the owl didn’t give it to me because?” Albus asked with a frown looking at the letter as though it was going to explode.

“How am I meant to know, am I your owl’s assistant or something? Why don’t you try asking your owl! Jeez you do a good deed and suddenly the whole world suspects something. I won’t bother next time.” Mariah cried walking away and sitting at the table by the staircase, picking up a magazine with chunks cut out of it and reading it. If Albus cared enough about her he would wonder why there was so much cut out of the paper and why it was upside down, but as he didn’t care he wasn’t bothered, well only a little but he wouldn’t admit to that.

Albus picked up the letter and opened it, taking out the parchment he gave it a quick read before sitting up suddenly.

“Oi Scorpius! You’d never believe what I just got!” he declared loudly.

“There’s no need to shout, I’m right here you dolt,” Scorpius said, his arm over his eyes as he slouched in the armchair by the fire place. Feeling a little hot but not wanting to move from his seat either.

“Guess who just got a love letter from a secret admirer?” Albus said in a singsong voice, waving the letter around, Scorpius didn’t move from his position as he answered.

“I don’t know... Voldemort?”

A few people gasped from the side of the room, it was some first years that must have only just learnt about Voldemort.

“Oh calm down it’s not like he’s going to magically appear when you say his name anymore,” Scorpius snapped before sitting up in his seat, removing his arm from across his eyes to fix the first years with a glare, they gathered their stuff and moved away from Scorpius who shook his head at them.

“Well because you’re not going to know who as you’re terrible at guessing,” Albus stated shaking the letter in Scorpius’s face, Scorpius ignored him.

“I’m not terrible I just don’t want to guess,” Scorpius drawled uncaringly as he flipped through the open book on the table in front of him a bored look on his face.

“It was me who get the letter ok? Me,” Albus stated still waving the letter at Scorpius who was trying to ignore it.

“I solved that much on my own thank you very much,” Scorpius stated.

Albus got up off the sofa and moved closer, kneeling next to Scorpius and shoving the letter into his lap. Scorpius looked at Albus’s smiling face for a moment before looking down at the letter with a sigh, he picked it up and began to read out loud.

“Dear Albus... “He begun before looking back up at Albus, “You are aware that this has been written entirely of cut out letters from a magazine or the daily prophet right?” he asked Albus, who rolled his eyes.

“I’m not a complete idiot,” Albus stated, shifting his weight on his legs so they didn’t fall asleep or cramp under him.

“Sometimes we wonder about that,” Scorpius drawled before going back to reading the letter, “Dear Albus, with your hair so hair like and your eyes full of seeing...” he gave another tut, “are you being serious here Albus?”

“I’m deadly serious, and stop ruining my love note, it’s from my secret admirer,” Albus said shoving Scorpius before pointing back down at the letter.

“Ok eyes full of seeing -” Scorpius muttered, scanning through the letter before finding where he had left off last time. “- You make me quiver, right down to my liver. With your dark black locks, and your wonderful socks. I want you as mine, before valentines. Meet me at nine tonight over there, by the comfy chair or you’ll forever be a square. Love you always with my heart, your secret admirer who’s not a tart.”

Scorpius put the letter down with a shake of his head and looked at Albus who had adopted a wistful look on his face and was staring into the fire place, giving a loving sigh.

“Its love Scorpius I can feel it,”

“I don’t think you should take this seriously Albus,” Scorpius told him, “it sounds a bit like either a joke or some sort of serial killer.”

“There are no serial killers at Hogwarts,” Scorpius told Albus, wondering sometimes whether he had been dropped on his head as a child. Scorpius reckoned it was probably James who done it.

“Then it must be a proper love note.”

“Or a fake one, don’t believe it Albus,” pleaded Scorpius but he knew that it had fallen on death ears. Because Albus quickly got up and snatched the letter away from Scorpius, limping slight because his foot had gone to sleep.

“Well I’m going to go get ready for my secret admirer!” Albus told him as he made his way towards the dormitories, passing a chuckling Mariah who was still peering over her upside down newspaper with holes cut out of it. “You can keep your happiness ruining thoughts over there by the fire, all alone like you belong.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes before he caught the sight of Mariah who was out right laughing now that Albus had left the room, still holding up the newspaper.

“It was you wasn’t it?” Scorpius said getting up from the armchair and walking over to Mariah. Mariah was quick to put the newspaper down and shield it from view.

“No... Prove it!” she said an attitude in her voice as she gave Scorpius a ‘whatever’ look.

Scorpius just looked pointedly down at the newspaper; Mariah knew that she was busted.

“Yeah fine it was me! What are you going to do about it?”

“Nothing,” Scorpius told her sitting down next to her, and putting his feet on the desk as he leant back in his chair. “I think this is going to be hilarious.s”

About half an hour later, Albus came back into the common room, he had attempted to brush his mad head of curls, and Scorpius only knew this because he had a comb stuck in it. This seemed to be the only thing that had changed about him.

“You could have at least looked nice for your date,” Scorpius yelled at Albus across the room, ignoring everyone else who was busy having their own conversations.

“I combed my hair what more does she want? Best to let her see from the start that she’s only going to get disappointed,” Albus told him with a shrug as he looked down at his shirt, which had a bit of spaghetti on it. They hadn’t had spaghetti since the start of November and it was now December.

“Yeah,” came Mariah’s voice from the sofa that Albus was currently leaning on. Albus jumped wildly as Mariah climbed over the sofa clumsily. “She’s going to be disappointed alright, especially after she sees this!”

Mariah righted herself before she waved her wand around, aiming to charm off Albus’s clothes so he was standing in the common room wearing just his pants, which if judging by Albus’s top were going to be hideous. Albus looked down in horror as his clothes started to disintegrate on his body, grabbing at his rags of clothes he was unable to stop them from disappearing.

Loud laughter came from the occupants of the room who were now all laughing heartily at Albus’s predicament, openly pointing and guffawing. Albus let out a scream as his underpants were on show, they were tie-dye.

Mariah put her hand over her mouth in shock as Scorpius let out a belly shaking laugh. Albus managed to run from the room before his clothes fully destroyed themselves and safely into the dormitories.

“I’d definitely be disappointed if I had that!” Scorpius yelled pointing after Albus who was yelling from the boy’s dormitory about how he was going to get his revenge on Mariah.