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One last time... by Ron 4 Hermione

Format: Song fic
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,245

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Angst, AU
Characters: Hermione, Sirius, OC
Pairings: Hermione/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 06/27/2012
Last Chapter: 02/05/2013
Last Updated: 02/05/2013

Written for Pheonix's I heart Hermione challenge // Written for the Hufflepuff writer's duel // Perfect banner by Niika @ TDA!

Seeing the dead can make so many memories resurface... but what happnes when the dead has had a crush on you and you on them?

Disclaimer: The lyrics they belong to Avril Lavinge- Slipping away!

Chapter 1: One last chance to talk

I miss you, miss you so bad
I don't forget you, oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly.

I couldn't sleep, again. It had been about a month since the battle and I had been having nightmares nearly every night since. It wasn't the death eaters that haunted me, no, it was his death. It was too soon, I hadn't even begun to get to know him before he was snatched away. I wish I had told him everything but I hadn't, and now it was too late.

The day you slipped away,
Was the day I found it won't be the same

Getting out of bed my feet hardly made a sound as I made my way downstairs, the carpet underfoot providing a nice way to hide any noise I would make. I didn't want to wake my parents up, they were already worried about me so why make it worse?

Silently I tiptoed to my door and carefully opened it so I wouldn’t wake my parents; they were already worried about me, why make it worse? Slowly making my way down the stairs I kept looking over my shoulder, I was becoming paranoid, or desperate. I kept hoping he would materialise around me and that he would feel the same way I did, but why would he? I was a fifteen year old silly schoolgirl who couldn’t even make it through a day without losing it and him, he was amazing. The wrongly convicted mass-murderer who died like a hero- protecting the one person he loved more than anyone else. With a sigh I made my way through the ‘straight out of the catalogue’ living room in to the kitchen. Opening the door I thought I saw a flash of white and as I pushed the door open fully I tiptoed inside and what I saw almost made me faint…

I didn't get around to kiss you
Goodbye on the hand
I wish that I could see you again
I know that I can't

I closed my eyes and shook my head; this couldn’t be it was impossible. I gingerly opened one eye and he was still there, with a huge smirk on his face.

I hope you can hear me cause I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

“No matter how many times you close your eyes I won’t disappear.” I let out a gasp, his lips hadn’t moved but I heard his voice inside my head as clear as if he had spoken.

“How, how do you do that?” I asked him shakily, I still couldn’t believe he was here. Maybe I was going mad.

“I’m a ghost; I can do whatever I want.” It was hardly an explanation but I wasn’t going to get much better so I moved on to more pressing matter.

“Sirius, why, how, you can’t be here?!” I could feel a tear running down my cheek but I was too confused to wipe it away. It was 1:30 in the morning; all I wanted was a glass of water!

“Hey, don’t cry I’m supposed to cheer you up. Well I’m actually here because I can’t go on because I have unfinished business.” I quickly sat down, this was too much.

“How can I help? I’m only, I’m only me.” My brain couldn’t cope, why me? I knew I had wanted him to come back, to tell him how much I regret not telling him how I felt. His lips turned into a frown and he started walking (floating? His feet didn’t actually touch the ground) towards me.

“Don’t put yourself down, you’re amazing. I’m here because I never got the chance to talk to you before I died, really talk to you.’”I could feel my face turning red beneath the tear tracks.

“Is this for real, are you sure I’m not imagining it?” I wasn’t sure; it seemed too good to be true.

“I’m positive, this is 110% real. I just need to tell you that I loved you and I wish I had told you because now it’s too late and I hate that. I hate I’ve left it too late.”The tears were falling faster now and I couldn’t help myself, I had to tell him.

“I, It’s not too late” even as transparent as he was his eyebrows still shot up. “I mean, well I just mean, you can still tell me.” I was making a right mess up of this but something inside me had took over- maybe my Gryffindor courage was finally making an appearance.

“I just wish I had longer, longer to be with you and I know this probably sounds weird and your probably thinking, why didn’t he just say this when he was alive but you were, you are 15 and I couldn’t do that to a child, even someone as amazing as you.” He reached his hand up as if he wanted to brush away the tears but he couldn’t make contact.

I had my wake up
Won't you wake up
I keep asking why

“It’s, its ok. I understand and I, I felt, I feel the same way. I promise I’m not just saying this because you have I honestly do wish I had done something- even just telling you would have been something.” I had stopped being freaked that a ghost was in my kitchen, now I just wanted him to know how I actually felt.

And I can't take it
It wasn't fake
It happened, you passed by

I just watched, wondering what you would say. It appeared you were doing the same thing. “Hermione, I’ve got to go but listen, please just listen. Promise me that you’ll stop being scared; stop looking over your shoulder every five minutes.”

Now you are gone, now you are gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere I can't bring you back

“I can’t come back, not really, so please start living, and remember I’m always here for you.” I stood up and made to move towards him as he moved backwards but he shook his head. I could only watch, paralysed as he started fading into the wall; it was like watching him die all over again. I felt another tear roll down my cheek as he finally disappeared.

Now you are gone, now you are gone
There you go, there you go,
Somewhere you're not coming back

I walked zombie like towards the stairs, the glass of water all but forgotten. I knew he was right but what could I do, I still missed him; it still hurt to go on. I shook my head as I climbed into bed. I had to try, for him; I owed it to my parents. I was there only child and I didn’t want to hurt them. It was then and here I decided not to tell anyone about what had happened and I certainly wasn’t going to tell anyone what had been said. No. I was going to get on with my life, maybe even make something out of it.

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same no...
The day you slipped away,
Was the day that I found it won't be the same oh...

Who knew, but I had to try, no matter what.

I miss you…