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Welcome to the World by hogwartslivy

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,047

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Moody, Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 06/21/2012
Last Chapter: 07/01/2012
Last Updated: 07/01/2012


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 “Welcome to the world Harry James Potter” she smiled as she tried out the name they had planned to give their child if it was a boy, “You’re going to be the best wizard your generation has ever seen. I can just feel it”

Chapter 1: Welcome to the World

 "Urgh" Nineteen year old Lily Potter threw up into the toilet for the third time this morning. Trying not to wake her husband sleeping soundly in the next room she washed her mouth out again and began to brush her teeth. This was the fourth time this week that she had been woken up and been sick. First she thought it was food poisoning but after the second time she began to think it was something else and it was really scaring her.



"Lils what's going on? You okay in there?" James' voice travelled through the closed door.



"I'm fine James. Go back to bed or you'll be too tired for work today" Lily put her tooth brush down next to the sink and opened the door. James was there sitting beside it waiting for Lily to come out.



"You not okay, this is the third time you've thrown up tonight. What going on?" James stood up looking down at his wife and pulling her into his arms.



"Nothing's going on babe, just sick that's all" Lily said into James' bare chest, "I'm going to go to Mungo's today to get a potion to make it stop. You need to stop worrying about me because I'm fine, really I'm okay" James scoffed but let it go. They retreated to bed for another hour where neither of them slept but James held Lily in his arms. He had always worried about them and their safety but she was really sick this time. His was worried no matter how many times she said she was fine.





"Welcome to St Mungo's, what can we help you with this morning?" the small blonde witch said to Lily when she got to the front of the long line.


"I just need to see a healer about some symptoms I've been having" Lily answered the little witch.


"So a general healer?" Lily nodded, "Okay, please go down this corridor and turn right. There's a small waiting room and a healer will be with you shortly" the little witch smiled at Lily as she turned to follow her instructions. Sitting in the waiting room was boring and annoying according to Lily. She could have been back at home getting everything ready for dinner tonight. It was there turn to hold the dinner for the Order members, not that anyone else really ever held it. James and Lily lived in James' family manor. It had been left to him when his parents had died just after they finished school. It was easily the biggest house out of the members of the Order and because Lily didn't work she was able to see too anyone who was bought there injured or talk to anyone who showed up. It sometimes felt empty without James but she had got used to it.

"Mrs Potter?" the healer asked looking around the room trying to figure out which one of the people was his patient.


"That's me" Lily told him standing up. He just nodded and waved her into his examination room.



"Hello Mrs Potter I'm Healer Watkins, what can I do for you today?" he smiled at Lily.



"I think I might be pregnant" Lily said bluntly.



"Wow that was to the point. Okay well that's simple enough to check out but first I'm going to need to know what kind of symptoms you have. Do you mind answering some questions for me?" Healer Watkins pulled a piece of parchment and a quill towards himself ready to right down her answers.


"Sure whatever you need to know" Lily right played with her fingers and looked around the office.



"Okay, when did you start thinking you were pregnant?" he asked.



"This morning. I was throwing up and it wasn't the first time it had happened" Watkins nodded and wrote down her answer.




"How many days this week have you thrown up?"





"You’re not overly tired?"



"I don't work so I’m not working during the day, so no not really"




"Any mood swings? Crying and such?"



"Yes now I think of it"



"What sets the crying off?"



"If James isn't home on time. I start thinking he's hurt and I start to really worry then not five minutes later he gets home and finds me crying on the floor" As Lily answered his questions she began to think about all the weird things that had been happening to her all week.




"Can you pinpoint when you think you conceived the child?" Watkins asked her and Lily felt her face go red.




"Uh no I can't, sorry" she told him looking down to her hands.



"That's okay" he laughed at how embarrassed she was, "If you just lie down here we shall do a scan, it won't hurt don't worry" Lily got up from the chair she was in and took her position on the table. She lifted her t-shirt slightly to reveal her stomach. Healer Watkins moved his wand over the bottom of her stomach again and again muttering incantations to himself. When he was finally done he said one more incantation and a picture of Lily's stomach floated above them in mid-air. Lily gasped as she saw the small form of a baby growing inside her.



"I'm going to guess your about 3 weeks into your pregnancy. We can't tell the sex yet but you will have to return to us in about 6 weeks and we should be able to tell then" he turned to Lily and smiled at the tears that were growing in her eyes, "Congratulations Mrs Potter, you’re going to a baby" He laughed quietly and tapped the picture in mid-air which became a solid thing. He then handed it to Lily who was picking up her bag getting ready to leave.



"Thankyou" she said simply taking the picture and with that she left the room. Feeling a little like a ghost Lily walked through the crowd lobby, towards the apparition point and clutching her stomach she disappeared and reappeared out the front of the Potter Manor.





"LILY!" Sirius called from the front hall while try to keep his best friends from crumpling onto the ground, "LILY!" he called again and there wasn't an answer. He managed to lug James into the sitting room where he found Lily curled up on the couch with her hands crossed across stomach fast asleep.




"Sirius? What the hell are- Oh my god! What happened to him?" Lily had woken up to the sound go Sirius' urgent voice to see the man himself carrying her husband over his shoulder. James was bleeding from his forehead and looked unconscious, he was unconscious. Lily motioned for Sirius to put him down on the larger lounge and as he did so Lily stroked James' messy hair out of face seeing the deep gash that was just below his hairline.



"He had a run in with Voldemort" Sirius said watching the young woman tend to her husband, "We were doing rounds as normal when he just came out of nowhere...James fought really well until he got hurt but by that time everyone had showed up and I could him back here safely"



"Wow" was all Lily managed until she turned away from James towards Sirius, "You can go take a shower in your old bathroom if you want. Some of your clothes are still here so go get changed into something clean then I will make something to eat. The order was supposed to meet here tonight so they will start showing up soon enough" All Sirius did was nod his head and turn away leaving the young couple and heading upstairs for a shower and fresh change of clothes.



"Oh James..." Lily whispered stroking her hand through his dirty hair, "What do you think you were doing? Do you have any idea what I would do without you, I couldn't live without you!” Lily continued to stroke his hair not caring that it was filled with blood and dirt. She tried to keep her tears from spilling over onto her cheeks. This wasn't the first time he'd been hurt but it was the fact she had just been told that she was going to have a child, his child, which made it worse. There was a little piece of James and Lily growing inside her stomach and she was terrified that this child would grow up without a father.



"Lils? Padfoot?" James stirred on the couch but Lily didn't remove her hand from his hair, "Lily..." he trailed off again as he saw his wife kneeling beside him. She bent down to kiss him when the doorbell rang. From their place in the sitting room they heard Sirius bound down the stairs to greet whoever it was. They talked in loud voices coming closer towards James and Lily. Lily kissed James for longer and more passionate this time but broke apart from him as the door opened.



"You’re okay then Potter?" Moody said as he walked through the room towards the kitchen door, James nodded to him in return.




"Hey Lily" Lily whipped around to see Alice a few feet behind her motioning for Lily to follow her. The two girls exited into the hall where they could still here the remaining people in the room talk about the battle that had just occurred, "I saw you at Mungo's today. What were you doing? You don't look sick" Alice looked her friend up and down quickly before going back to studying her face. Lily hesitated before answering. Last week, Alice and Frank had announced that she was pregnant and Lily didn't really want to steal any light that was still shining on her.



"I was unwell this morning" Lily didn't want to look Alice the eyes. Although Alice was her best friend and had been since Hogwarts but Lily wanted James to be the first to know about the baby, "But I'm fine now so don't worry" Lily flashed a quick smile before leaving a confused Alice standing in the corridor.




"Where you'd go?" As Lily had entered the kitchen James arms encircled her pulling her towards him, "I'm sorry I got hurt. I know how you worry" James kissed Lily on the forehead. As she went to the fridge to pull out the big lasagne she had prepared earlier another knock on the front door went and as Lily turned back towards the table to place the now steaming hot lasagne on the table she saw Albus Dumbledore sitting next James making sure that he was okay. Lily placed the food on the table allowing the order members to help themselves and took her seat next to James who was deep in conversation with their old Headmaster.



"Lily, lovely to see you" Dumbledore nodded to her as she felt James snake an arm around her waist and squeeze, "You absolutely beaming, when did you find out the news?" Lily's smile faulted. How did he know? Yes, he's Albus Dumbledore greatest wizard of his time but he simply couldn't know this.




"Find out what news?" James looked confused as his eyes went back and forth from Lily to Dumbledore.




"This morning actually and I hadn't told anyone" Lily's hands unconsciously went to rest on her stomach, "how do you know though? Not even James knows" Dumbledore chuckled as he stared at her through his half-moon glasses.



"Lils, will you please tell me what is going-" James eyes travelled to where Lily was holding her stomach, his grip tighten momentarily, "Are you...I mean you’re not...pregnant are you?" for a split second Lily was scarred he was going to be angry about it and considered lying and telling him when they were alone but as she nodded her head James face lit up in a big smile.




"Do not shout it out please!" James' smiled as his arm left Lily’s waist and he stood up on his chair.



“GUESS WHAT EVERYONE!” Lily’s face flushed a deep crimson red as all the heads in the room turned towards them, all conversation stopping and everyone looking between James, who was now standing on the long table, and Lily whose face was now buried deep in her hands, “LILY’S PREGNANT! I’M GUNNA BE A DAD!” James yelled at them his eyes glistening with happiness. He then jumped off the table, pulled Lily to her feet and kissed full on the mouth not caring that their old Headmaster was sitting feet away from them. One minute of silence then the room erupted of cheers and yells from the people around them.



“We’re going to be godparents!” shouted Sirius and Remus simultaneously high-fiving each other.



“I knew you were pregnant Lily!” Alice told her giving her a hug. Annoyed that her friend didn’t tell her she was also extremely happy for her too.



“Congrats mate!” Frank said slapping James on the back. Another hour of celebration went by before everyone started to leave.



“Sirius, I know you going to be a godparent mate but can you leave now. You have you own house to go to so go!” James pushed Sirius, the last person there, out the door and locked it. Lily, who was standing by the window, watched as Sirius skipped down the long lane and through the gates of the Potter Manor. James joined her to see Sirius fall over his own feet and disapparate.




“I am going to become a dad” James whispered slowly into Lily’s ear once again snaking his hands around her waist.




“Yes you are” she smiled to herself, “and I’m going to be a mum. We’re going to be parents” he turned her in his arms kissing her passionately and breaking only when they needed to breathe.



“You have no idea how much I love you right now” James whispered to her smiling. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the nose.



“I love you too James, always have and always will” Lily smiled at herself, “Well not always have but defiantly always will” The young couple laughed as they sat back on the couch and watched the fire crackle and pop thinking about the months ahead.







9 ½ Months Later




“AHHHHHH JAMES GET THIS THING OUT OF ME RIGHT NOW!” Lily doubled over in pain screaming as her contractions came and went with about thirty seconds in between. 

“It’ll be alright Lil, the healer said you weren’t ready yet” James was following his wife around the small private hospital room.

“And you say you love me but you do THIS to me!” Clutching the side of the bed Lily screamed in pain and doubled over again. James tried to soothe her by rubbing her back but all she did was swipe his hand away.


“Lily Potter, I can hear you screaming from the other end of the corridor” Lily’s birth healer had just walked in. A mother herself Healer Brown had plenty of experience with screaming and pain so didn’t shy from cracking jokes, “If you lie down I will see if you’re ready to push yet” Lily obeyed her and got onto the bed. After about two minutes Healer Brown looked at both James and Lily, “You are going to have to push now because your baby doesn’t want to wait any longer”



“Thank god” James sighed under his breath not entirely sure whether Lily had heard him.

“Push Lily” Healer Brown said to her and that’s what she did. Lily screamed her lungs out as she pushed time and time again. Yelling at James, crying, more yelling at James. She gripped his hand tight though as if she was afraid he was going to leave her. All of the yelling Lily was doing reminded him of their Hogwarts days when Lily would have constantly yelled at him for doing one little thing wrong. How things had changed he thought to himself.

“One more time Lily, please one more and I promise it will be over” James said into Lily’s ear. She turned her head slightly towards him. Her eyes were closed but tears were still rolling down her face. She nodded and James kissed her lips just before she pulled back and screamed again. It was different this time though because as Lily was screaming another little wail had joined hers. Much louder beating out his mother the baby boy screamed and cried as the healer helpers cleaned him off and wrapped him in a blanket. Healer Brown walked over to James and Lily who were both watching their baby in her arms.

“Congratulation Mr and Mrs Potter. You now have a baby boy” Lily was still crying silently as Healer Brown handed her baby to her and signalled to the room that it was time to leave.


“He’s gorgeous Lily” James was amazed. For the first time since giving birth to him Lily looked away from the baby to look at James.



“He’s going to look like you, just like you” she smiled and kissed the tiny baby who was looking at her with big green eyes.


“He has your eyes though. The best parts of both of us then” James laughed as the baby squirmed in her arms, “I love you so much Lily Potter, now more than ever” Lily leaned over slightly meeting James as the kissed passionately. Only when the baby let out wail did they break away from each other and both look down. Lily rocked him in her arms slightly getting him settled again.



“Welcome to the world Harry James Potter” she smiled as she tried out the name they had planned to give their child if it was a boy, “You’re going to be the best wizard your generation has ever seen. I can just feel it” 





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