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Format: Novella
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 44,540
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bellatrix, Lucius, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa

First Published: 12/02/2011
Last Chapter: 11/04/2012
Last Updated: 11/04/2012


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As Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts for her seventh year, she did not expect to be sharing a dorm with Draco Malfoy. However, living together under a truce might mean that sparks will fly high in between them...and not necessarily in a bad way.

Draco/Hermione romance <3

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Chapter 20: Quidditch
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“Hermione…did you see the noticeboard?” Draco called excitedly.



“Yes I did Draco, and I see why you’re so happy today” Hermione laughed.



There was going to be an end of year Quidditch week, in which all teams play each other in a single week, when it usually takes an entire year. This means that each team had three matches in one week…It was tiring, but Quidditch was not only loved in the wizarding world, but in Hogwarts too. The topic of discussion rarely strayed off the upcoming matches, and the whole school was buzzing with excitement. The four houses only had three weeks to put together a team and train.



Draco, Harry, Ginny and Ron were overly excited about the quidditch matches, and they spent long hours training and flying in all kinds of weather. This generally left Hermione alone to read or complete the tiny bit of homework she had in the library. Draco had apologised profusely for abandoning her, but Hermione had laughed at his attempt on puppy dog eyes and told him that she would jinx him if he lost after all his training.



Draco felt bad for leaving Hermione alone, but he was desperate to win the Quidditch matches. It was his last chance at Hogwarts to take out the cup, and he needed to win for once… Draco was team captain of the Slytherins, and he had put together a rather good team (so he thought). He was pleased with his chasers, though his beaters could be a bit better. He didn’t worry too much about that, as his keeper was superb. Blaise Zabini was the best keeper who had tried out, saving all of the goals with ease. Beaming, Draco had patted him on the back and welcomed him in the team. Draco himself was seeker, and he wanted to beat Pot-Harry for once…



Blaise was nervous about playing Gryffindor. He didn’t know how he would go up against his secret crush, Ginny Weasley. He knew she was a very good player, but he was also a good keeper. Blaise didn’t want Ginny to feel bad if he won…He wasn’t stupid enough to tell Draco this though; he knew that his best mate would still kick him off the team. He knew he had a major crush on the little fiery redhead, though he wouldn’t admit it. He thought that she kind of liked him back, even though she wouldn’t admit it either. Hermione seemed to know, as she smirked at him every time he was caught watching Ginny.



Hermione sat on the common room sofa, thinking about Quidditch (something she rarely does). She was dreading the Slytherin vs. Gryffindor match, she didn’t know who to support. Her boyfriend or her three best friends…



“No one’s making you choose, love. You can support anyone you like.” Draco had reassured her, though he secretly wished she would be backing him up and cheering for him.

Hermione huffed, still undecided, but then she had a brilliant idea.




The big day finally arrived. The one Quidditch match that caused a huge uproar in the crowd…Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. Hermione had come down to breakfast a while after Draco, saying she needed some time to get dressed. Draco saw Hermione come in and he chuckled to himself.



She was dressed in hilarious green and maroon flashing robes, and her hair had been charmed to shine gold and silver in different light. She was holding a stuffed lion in her left hand, and a green rubber snake in her left. She had a look on her face that said clearly, I support both Gryffindor and Slytherin, and no one should have a problem with that. Many people in the hall had laughed when she came in, and some people had exchanged money under the table. Clearly they had bet on which team she would support.



“Like my outfit?” Hermione smirked, waving her mascots in their faces, andplonking herself down beside Ginny, (who was snorting into her plate of eggs). Blaise was watching Ginny with a slightly dazed expression. They were all dressed in their house colours, and clutching broomsticks. Draco’s, Harry’s and Blaise’s were obviously the most expensive…



“Yea…it’s…great!” Harry laughed, tears of joy forming in his eyes. Ron was smiling too, still eating his breakfast. Draco put his arm around Hermione and kissed her. “I told you, you can support Gryffindor completely, I don’t mind.”



“Yes but you are my boyfriend, and I want to be green today too!”



Draco grinned and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “thank you. The snake is…cute” Hermione giggled.



After breakfast, the six of them made their way down to the quidditch pitch, all very excited about the upcoming game. Draco kissed Hermione tenderly on the lips, while Ginny and her friends hugged her tightly before they all left to go and change into their quidditch robes.



Hermione made her way up into the stands and pretty soon, all the figures on broomsticks were high above the ground. She beamed at her boyfriend and cheered her friends on…the game was very interesting. Luna was commentating…



“Ginny has the Quaffle, and she’s dodging Montague and Pucey, passed to Dean Thomas, who passes back to Ginny; she aims and scores!” Luna’s dreamy voice sang out from the podium. Ginny was grinning happily and Hermione was cheering for her best friend, thought pitying Blaise. He had been watching Ginny and had hesitated to save the Quaffle she had thrown.



“It’s Adrian Pucey with the Quaffle now, dodging the Gryffindor Beater, Jimmy Peakes. He throws it to Warrington who passes to Montague. Montague tries to score, and succeeds! Ron didn’t save the goal, so the score is now 10 all!”



Draco gritted his teeth. Sure, his team had scored one goal, but Blaise had let in the Quaffle because he was too busy staring at Ginny Weasley…and the snitch was nowhere to be seen. From the corner of his peripheral vision, he could see Potter scanning the pitch as well…



“…Zabini saves the goal, and now it’s Montague with the Quaffle again…” Luna’s voice drifted in and out of coherency, as Draco drifted around the pitch, searching franticly for the golden winged ball. “Warrington from Slytherin scores…better luck next time Ron…Oh look, there’s a radish shaped cloud in the sky today…” Draco chuckled as he heard McGonagall telling the Lovegood girl off for commenting on the clouds…



Suddenly, Draco caught sight of a gold shimmer by the goalposts. He was about to streak forwards to catch it when he noticed Harry diving magnificently onto the grass in the opposite direction. What the hell? He was definitely seeing the snitch fluttering by Blaise’s goalposts, yet Harry was streaking in the opposite direction…Then Draco realised with a jolt. Potter was wronski feinting. He had not seen the snitch, but Draco had.



Draco pushed his broom as quickly as possible towards the giant ring which was the goalposts. He was streaking along as fast as he could, but he noticed Potter freezing and spinning around in mid-air, a look of horror on his face. Laughing, Draco shot after the small snitch, determined to catch it and win the game. Screams of delight and horror erupted in the stands as Luna and the crowd realised what was happening. Hermione was screeching and yelling along with the rest of the excited students…



Draco stretched his arm out, inches behind the fluttering gold ball, and he could feel Harry streaking up behind him. He groped in mid-air, and his fingers closed around the struggling snitch. They had won. Draco held his hand up in the air, a triumphant grin spreading on his face. He searched the stands for Hermione, and he found her. She was beaming at him proudly, as if saying; my boyfriend just won the Quidditch match!



A loud wham made him whirl around. It appeared that Jimmy Peakes was frustrated that Gryffindor had lost to Slytherin in the final match of the year that he had whammed a bludger at Draco, but it had missed and hit Harry instead.



Hermione screamed. The black bludger had been streaming towards the two seekers, and had hit Harry instead of the obviously intended target; Draco. Even though Hermione was relieved Draco was not hit, she was shocked and worried about Harry, who was slumped forwards on his broom. He looked like he was ready to pass out, and slip off.



Hermione watched fearfully as Harry’s form went limp and Jimmy flew quickly to his side, his face contorted in horror. Draco snapped at him and flew to Harry’s side. He pocketed the snitch and pulled Harry onto his own broom. Hermione smiled at her boyfriend. She should have known that Draco would’ve done something to help, even if they were old enemies…



Draco caught Harry before he could slip, and he transferred him smoothly to his own broom, before flying towards the castle. He imagined how Hermione would be feeling, and he caught a glimpse of a small figure on the ground running towards the castle as well. Ginny, Ron and Blaise followed close behind too, all of them anxious for Harry’s health. Blaise flew up beside Ginny, who rolled her eyes and smiled at him.



Hermione flew up to the corridor, and turned the corner. She rushed up to the hospital wing and threw open the heavy wooden doors, before hurrying to Draco and Harry’s side. Harry was moaning on the bed. Hermione could remember every single time he had been taken to the Hospital wing because of Quidditch. It really was a dangerous sport…



Hermione took Draco hands and smiled at him in congratulations, but then turned to Harry and stroked his dark coloured hair. Madame Pomfrey walked into the room at that very moment, holding her wand and a small goblet.



“Madame Pomfrey! How is he?” Hermione rushed the words, glancing down at her best friend.



“He’s absolutely fine. I handle situations much worse than bludgers on a weekly basis Miss Granger. Mr Potter will be up and about in a few hours” She told the small group gathered around Harry’s bed.



Draco watched Hermione breathe a sigh of relief and hold Harry’s hand tightly, while his green eyes remained shut. Draco couldn’t help but feel a little twinge of Jealousy…Ginny seemed to notice, because she smirked at him and rolled her eyes.



It had been two hours since the end of the match, and Hermione and Ron had stayed with Harry by his bedside. Since Draco would be wherever Hermione was, he stayed to. Harry was awake now, joking and eating chocolate frogs with the rest of the group. Draco smiled and held Hermione’s hand, while helping himself to sweets and pasties.



Hermione was more relaxed now her best friend was alright, and soon she and Draco decided to leave Harry and Ron to have a chat about the Quidditch match they had just lost…



“So…I won the Quidditch match today…” Draco told Hermione, who smirked at his hopeful expression. They were lying on Draco’s bed, showered and changed. Hermione was wearing an emerald green pyjama set and Draco wore only simple black boxers.



“Yes, you did. I saw you” Hermione replied innocently, as if she had no clue about what he talking about. “Congratulations” Hermione smirked again as Draco scowled at her reaction.



“Don’t you think that I deserve some kind of…reward?”



“Hmm…like what?”



“Oh I don’t know…what do you think I should get?” He asked with puppy dog eyes.



Hermione laughed and sat up. Her hair was messy from lying on the bed, but Draco felt that it made her look cute. Her brown eyes sparkled with mischievousness and she leaned over to kiss him. “I think you should get…this” she whispered, and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss.






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