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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 24,289

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George
Pairings: Hermione/FredOrGeorge

First Published: 04/06/2012
Last Chapter: 02/13/2013
Last Updated: 02/13/2013

hermione...a bookworm, a goody two-shoes, play by the rules kinda girl Fred....a prankster, troublemaker, go with the flow kinda boy

when a prank goes wrong and Hermione and Fred are chained together only good things can come from it...

Chapter 3: Hell hath no fury like a witch with murder in mind

"GEORGE OLIVER WEASLEY WHAT IN GODRICS NAME HAVE YOU DONE!?" a very angry Hermione screamed knocking Fred back from shock.

"its my birthday present for my lovely brother here." he smiled a lopsided smile. Hermione sighed in frustration she knew this whole birthday thing would only back fire...she just didnt think it'd be on her.

"George...did you say its perminant?" Fred choked out catching Hermione's attention but before George could answer Hermione grabbed him by his collar.

"PERMINANT!? GEORGE WEASLEY DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THIS CHAIN IS...IS PERMINANT!?" Fred could have sworn he seen smoke come out of her ears and fire breathed from her mouth as he was yanked by Hermione and all he could think was 'thank GOD my pranks hadnt worked earlier.' George put his hands up in surrendor with a panicked but very weasley smile.

"calm down Mione its not really perminant I have the key" he reached into his pocket as Hermione released him. he felt around for a few minutes before changing it to his next pocket. his eyes grew wide as he turned up emtpy handed. he quickly checked his back pockets and still nothing. he walked over to Fred and stuck his hand in his pocket.

"WOAH George What are you?..." he asked at the sudden violation of privacy.

"whats wrong?" Hermione asked with concern. George backed away and quickly walked over to his hanging robes doing a quick search than walked back over to Hermione and Fred with a look of certain doom in his eyes.

"George?" they inquired he looked at them both than opened his mouth

"I....the key...i cant find it" he said dropping his head. Hermione stumbled back pulling Fred with her.

"what!?" she said in a panicked whisper.

"dont worry Hermine it might be at our house we'll just have to get it later..." George began

"oh no NO! we need to be unlocked now. WE can NOT be seen TOGETHER!" she said gesturing to herself and Fred

" i know Hermine im so sorry you got paired with the ugly twin but youll have to deal with it for right now." George said resting a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. Fred looked at them both

"ouch you two im so sorry i exist my bad." he said feigning sadness.

"no you two you dont get it!!" she said impatiently George and Fred looked at each other.

"get what?" they said together. Hermione looked grave

"your mother will be home soon...if she sees me and Fred together or worst sees the chain connecting us...after all thats happen today...DO YOU HONESTLY THINK YOULL LIVE TO SEE TONIGHT!?" her question hit the two young wizards like a ton of bricks. they looked at each other.

"Get the car I'll get the wand."  Fred said to George who rushed out.

'i think they understand' Hermione thought to herself.

"pardon me Hermione." she heard Fred say before she felt her feet leave the ground.

"WAH??" was all she could muster as she realized Fred had picked her up bridal style.

"sorry, love , got to be quick i do prefere living." he said with a smile. his red hair brushing infront of his eyes looking as he did in 3rd year. Hermione always did like his hair like that. Fred carried her as if she were the lightest thing in the world, and if Fred would be totally honest she was....ever since the war Hermione hadnt been eating right he could have sworn she lost a lot of weight  if there was any there in the first place. Fred quickly grabbed the wand(the key to their house) and headed for the window.

"the window? why the window Fred? Fred?" hermione said a little panicked as Fred smiled crookedly at her before opening the window and jumping. Hermione clutched to his chest as close as she possibly could.

" love? Hermione!?" she heard him call she quickly opened her eyes and looked up at him in shock.

"you can let go now. unless of course you wat to hold on to me" he said smiling. Hermione looked around her and saw she was inside the blue old car that belong to Mr. Weasley. she quickly released Fred but realized soon after there were no more seats where she could sit being that the car was moving and her and Fred were chained together.

"sorry Hermione youll have to stay seated right where you are for now." George said as he headed the flying car toward his house. but there was not exactly where Hermione wanted to be seated dont get her wrong Fred's lap was most comfortable but Hermione was the kind of girl that prefered her own seat. Hermione sighed  but soon found they were already there.  George quicly landed the car allowed Hermione and Fred to exit before flying it around back. Fred had to once again pick her up and place her in his arms being that she was on his lap, to get out. Fred sat her down as soon as they were out and placed the wand at the door key hole. it shined a brilliant yellow befote swinging open. George came around and rushed in followed by Fred and Hermione. Hermione looked around as she as they entered the twins shop. she remembered when they first had opened this shop at first she thought it was stupid but was still fascinated by all their inventions. George lead the way up the stairs to their apartment which only unlocked if you used the specieal wand they had to unlock the store. Fred and Hermione followed in. in silence as George checked frantically for any sign of the key.

"this is avtually nice." Hermione admitted as she and Fred sat down on the green couch in the liviing room; the apartment looked like any standard muggle apartment. (Fred and George specifically requested a muggle looking apartment they were almost as obsessed as their father.

"and what exactly is that suppose to mean if i may ask?" Fred asked with a jokingly offended face/

Hermione laughed " its suppose to mean that I thought since it was you two itd be a lot more....well Messier."

"I completely resent that!" George said popping his head around the corner. Hermione and Fred laughed to themselves.

"would you like a drink Hermione?" Fred asked as he got up and started heading toward the Kitchen.

"Uh FRED!?" he heard Hermione say. he turned back only to hind her right behind him. she stumpled over her feet knocking both of them over.

"ow..." they said in unison. Hermione clutched her head with one hand as she opened her eyes to find Fred rubbing his head underneath her. he opened his eyes and found a blushing Hermione on top of him. for what seemed like hours they simply stared at each other.

"sorry.." Hermione whispered. Fred shook his head slowly in forgiveness. 

'I never noticed that' Hermione thought as she gazed at the golden ring circuling his pupil. his eyes seemed a vibrant green that held mischief and kindness hidden in deep.

' her eyes are really big' Fred thought to himself. 'so big and innocent.'

"Fred Hermione" the jumped up suddenly as George called to them and walked into the room.

"what i miss?" he asked as he saw blushes creep on both their faces.

"George the key?" Hermione quickly said changing the subject.

"its...gone" he said barley above a whisper.

"i think ....i lost it..."