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The Quiet Girl by whatarenargles

Format: Novel
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 8,669
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Pairings: Remus/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 06/07/2012
Last Chapter: 07/30/2012
Last Updated: 07/30/2012

Katie Higton is a muggle born who's about to go into her Sixth year at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She's very quiet and keeps to herself. However, that all changes when the Marauders come into her life.

Chapter 1: Arriving at King's Cross Station


Passing through the barrier between platform 9 and 10, Katie was immediately consumed by large crowds of people waving their children off as they got on the train to Hogwarts. Katie's father had been pushed by the crowd and had been squished up behind her along with her trolley of luggage and her cat, Isky.


Katie was about to go into her Sixth year at Hogwarts. She was a tiny girl, the height of 5ft. She gets teased a lot because of it but tunes it out unstead of getting upset. She has medium length brown hair and green eyes. Katie had never liked her appearence and always thought she looked fat. She wasn't really being 8 stone. She had always thought it was her fault why boys didn't tend to fancy her due to her low self-esteem and soon gave up on trying to make herself look better. 

"Maybe we should say our goodbyes quickly before even more people surround us?" her Dad said, wearily as he'd been shoved into Katie by stranger passing by. Both Katie and her father were not fond of crowds as they liked their space.

"I think that would be a good idea." Katie said giving a knowing smile at her Dad.

"You've got everything you need?" Her Dad said.

"Yep, if not I'll use one of the school's owls and send you a letter." she said.

"You better do, even if it's not for things that you've forgotten." her Dad said sternly but jokingly at the same time.

"Yes, Dad." She said rolling her eyes at him and giving him a hug goodbye.

"I'll miss you." He said giving her a hug back.

"I'll miss you, too." She waved as she grabbed her trolley and weaved through the crowd of people and got on the train.


Katie had quickly found an empty compartment as the train started to move, she sat down and got out one of her favourite books (Pride and Prejudice). It was one of the books that her Mum had passed onto her before she died last year. Her Mum had been diagnosed with lung cancer even though she had never smoked once in her life. She didn’t suffer for very long but Katie missed having her around. Katie and her Mum had always been very close and were very similar. She could always talk to her Mum about anything but now she doesn’t really have anyone to talk to. Her Dad would listen but she wouldn’t be comfortable talking about ‘girl’ things with him. Katie had never really had many friends, she’d had a few from her primary school back from her hometown in Hertfordshire. Spending most her time in the year at Hogwarts made it hard to stay in touch with her friends. They seemed to want to move on with their lives. So she became used to being by herself at Hogwarts and spent most of her time in the library. 

The train had been moving for about 10 minutes when Katie was interrupted from her reading by a tall, scrawny, brown haired boy who went by the name of Remus Lupin. He had opened the sliding door to her compartment and looked at Katie shyly.


Katie looked up and was surprised to find him there seeing as he one of The Marauders. The Marauders were a group of four boys who were in the same house and year as Katie. They were known for playing the biggest pranks on people, mianly the Slytherins. The main two Marauders were James Potter, who had black messy hair and was ALWAYS fawning over Lily Evans although she would have none of it. The other was Sirius Black who was commonly known as a womanizer and was devishly handsome. The plump, small, shy Marauder who always followed James and Sirius was Peter Pettigrew. The boy who had come into Katie's compartment, Remus, wasn’t like the others. He was a smart, quiet one and was nice to everyone.


Katie had never had a conversation with him or any of the Marauders for that fact and wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t know her name.

“Hi, um, is it okay if my friends and I sit with you? All the other compartments are full.” Remus asked, shyly.

“Sure, it’s not like anyone else is going to sit there.” Katie replied, jokingly.

“Ha, thanks. Come on, guys.” Remus said as he made his way to the seat closest to the window which was opposite Katie.

Katie watched as the other three made their way into the compartment and each took a seat. She started to read her book again when one of The Marauder’s, being Sirius asked her what her name was. Not at all surprised that he didn’t know her name. However, before she could reply, Remus cut in.

“Her name is Katie Higton. How can you not know her name? She’s in Gryffindor and the same year as us, for God’s sake!”


Katie's eyebrows raised when Remus had said that. Why would he know her name? He must be really observant, she thought.

“Oh, sorry.” Sirius said, apologizing.

“It’s okay." Katie replied.

Sirius immediately put on his flirtatious face and winked at her. Katie looked around to the other Marauders, looking scared. James and Remus immediately rolled their eyes when they saw his face as they knew, unsurprisingly he was about to hit on her.

“So, how come I haven’t had the pleasure of kissing those luscious lips of yours, KittyKat?” said Sirius.


Oh great, he's already come up with a nickname for me. At least it's not shorty or Smurfette like all the other boys would call her back home, she thought.

“Just ignore him; he’s like this with every girl." Remus said but realising that he insulted her by implying that Sirius wouldn't actually find her attractive.


"I mean...not that you aren't're very attractive.....very nice.” Remus said to her, blushing furiously.


Sirius and James both snorted.


"Nice use of words there, Moony." Sirius said, laughing.


Remus blushed even more and turned his head away.


Katie had noticed that the Marauders all had nicknames for each other. James - Prongs, Sirius - Padfoot, Peter - Wormtail and Remus - Moony. She had no idea what they meant but assumed that it was some inside joke of theirs.

Katie smiled at Remus and went back to reading her book.

As the train was getting closer to Hogwarts, James and Sirius decided it was time to prank some Slytherins, meaning Snivellus aka Severus Snape. He was a greasy black haired boy from Slytherin and depised the Marauders. James also used the departure as a reason to search for Lily Evans. Peter quickly followed them not wanting to be left out.

That just left Katie and Remus together. Katie was finding it hard to read as she noticed that Remus had turned his head away from the window and was staring at her, quite intently.

“Are you okay?” Katie asked him as she looked up at him from her book.

“Huh? Yeah I’m fine.” quickly coming out of his daze.

“Okay.” She replied going back to her book.

“Why are always on your own? I never see you with any friends. You're always sitting alone in the Great Hall or the Library.” Remus suddenly asked her.

“I prefer it. I don’t have many friends anyway.” She replied.

“I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be friends with you. You're perfectly nice and kind.” He said.

“I’ve been trying to figure that one out myself.” She said, smiling at him and blushing at the same time because that had been the second time Remus had complimeted her.

“Ha, well I should probably check on the others and make sure they’re not causing too much disturbance. I’ll see you later.” Remus said smiling back at her.

“Bye.” She replied.

The Marauders didn’t come back for the rest of the train ride, so she quickly changed into her robes and got off the train and made her way up to one of the carridges and got in. She waited for some other students to fill up the rest of the carridge. 


She heard four loud voices making their way up to the carridge. One opened the door. It turned out to be Sirius. 


"Well, well isn't it our lovely, KittyKat?" He said sending Katie a wink.


This had been the second appearance that the Marauders had made their way into Katie's life. She wondered how many more appearances they'd be making this year.

Hi, this is my first fanfiction. I was terrified writing this as I'm not great at writing stories. I hope it was okay though. Reviews would be much appreciated. If you think it's bad, I'll take your advice and stop as I wouldn't be surprised if you thought it was.