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Chasing Albus Potter by VeeKAY

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Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 12,980
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 05/23/2012
Last Chapter: 01/05/2013
Last Updated: 01/05/2013


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Andy Jones. Yeah, that's me. How long have I been in love with Albus you ask? Oh, only since the dinosaurs strutted the universe. Did you know that the water we drink today is recycled dinosaur pee? Anyways, here's the story about how Albus Potter and I came to be. Through quidditch, awkward best friends, and my crazy, 'just-go-with-it-Andy' life.

Chapter 1: Headless Chickens and Andy Jones
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Hey. Let me introduce myself. My name is Adrienne Samantha Jones. I’m a Pureblood and I’m 16 years old. I have past-shoulder length, boring blonde hair and a superb sense of humour. Wait, let me rephrase. I meant, I have a horrible, terrible, absolutely groan-worthy sense of humour, to the point where I am the only one laughing at my own jokes so hard that no sound comes out, and I sit there clapping like a incompetent seal. Yep. That’s me. Adrienne Samantha Jones, queen of bad puns, best friend of Rose and Hugo Weasley, who are definitely not related, despite both having the oh so common last name. Did I mention I suck at sarcasm too?  
One thing I am proud of is my ability to lie. I can lie to almost anyone, and get away with it. Which is why I have no record of never doing my homework, the teachers always believe me when I say I spin up some ridiculous, crazy excuse. The dinosaur ate my homework is too mainstream in my opinion. Trust me.

Anyway, I have a brother, Richard, who is nineteen, and a stuck up snob. Hugo described how apparently his uncle Percy had been in love with his job, and put it first over his family. That was my brother. He never had time for his family. It was like his work gave him babies. Whoa. Mental image. *shudder*

How does that even work? How would Richard and his work…never mind.




I should warn you that I rant a LOT. The other day I was explaining to my mum why my room was a mess, and I ended up talking about how I turned a needle into a ball of wool in transfiguration last year. I CAN’T EVEN MAKE THE CONNECTION, SO DON’T ASK ME HOW I GOT THERE.




Moving on…Okay, everyone calls me Andy, which I love, because it sounds really cool, better than my real name. Adrienne. It sounds like something a constipated turtle would make up. My family insist that it’s a girls’ name, but I stubbornly stick to the opinion that it’s a fucking boy’s name. Even if it is spelt ‘Adrienne’. My mother was probably high when she named me.




Oh yea, I live at home with my mother and sister, Meta Jones, (At least everyone can be sure her name is a girls’ name) while my father and brother lived closer to the ministry, in London. I go to Hogwarts, (Sixth year) and have the biggest, most unbelievable crush on Albus Severus Potter. *Okay, I admit his name is much worse than mine*




Like really, I’ve been crushing on Al since…forever, and it’s now sixth year. I fucking adore the boy! Excuse the language. I get frustrated easily. Can you tell now that I have no life? Anyway, I think that I’ve told you enough about me. Just one more thing. I’m currently sitting on the Hogwarts express with my best friends Hugo, Rose, and Lily. Oh yea, Harley is here too, but she’s like a drifter. She goes between her Ravenclaw friends and us, mainly because of me. Harley Anna Gosbell is my Ravenclaw buddy, with a unisex name also! Huzzah!
Harley and I were really good friends even before Hogwarts. We used to be inseparable, until we were sorted into different houses. Then we kinda drifted apart. We still talk, and are really good friends, but we just don’t hang out that much anymore.

Anyway, Rose is my bestest friend EVER. Sorry Harley, but it’s true. The girls a fucking angel. She knows what to say and do when things go wrong, AND she’s gorgeous. She has long, red hair that every guy loves, and these really pretty hazel eyes that sparkle in the sun and everything. Oh gosh I sound like a creeper.

Hugo is Rose’s brother (wouldn’t have guess right? [Note the heavy sarcasm]). He’s my personal teddy bear, and my favourite boy in the whole entire world. Except for Albus, but that’s a whole new subject. Hugo was a beater on the Gryffindor quidditch team last year, but he told me he wants to be a chaser. But he’ll still have the strong arms from lobbing bludgers at Slytherin heads.
Albus Severus Potter. I’ve been crushing on him since second year, and I seriously think that I might even love him now. I know right? Who wouldn’t? He has these strong arms and toned body (not that I’ve looked) from his position as seeker on the Gryffindor quidditch team, and he has the most amazing green eyes ever. And his hair just won’t stay flat, like it has a mind of its own, which I secretly love. His best friend is Scorpius Malfoy, who’s also on the quidditch team (Chaser), and he hangs around with Lily quite a lot (being siblings and all), and Lily chills with us. Do you see the connection? Yep, it means I see Albus almost every day. The worst bit? He doesn’t know I like him, and hasn’t shown any interest in me at all. Fuck my life.
Except I also have a ‘people to kill list’, but more of that later.  Right now, I’m kind of being launched back to reality.

“Andy. Andy. ANDY. ADRIENNE SAMANTHA FUCKING JONES” Rose screamed. What a charmer. But it worked. I jolted back into reality and screamed.


“What the hell happened? You just zoned out. I thought you were having a seizure or something” Rose huffed, while Hugo chuckled and grabbed a chocolate frog.

“Here Andy, have a frog”

“Thanks Hughgy” I grinned, while he mock scowled at his nickname I can proudly say I made up. “Chuck us another will you? Sugar is addicting”

“Merlin Andy, you eat too much” Lily exclaimed, and I dramatically raised my hand to my heart, and pretended to cry my eyes out. The compartment exploded in laughter. Obviously, with my luck, Albus Potter chose this moment to slide open the door and peer in, while I was bawling like a headless chicken.
“Uhm, what is going on here?” Albus mused, while I abruptly stopped screaming, and he looked around at everyone almost crying in laughter, collapsing on each other.

“Nothing!” giggled Harley, while Albus turned to look at her. I felt a bubble of jealousy emerge in my tummy, and I quickly turned to Hugo, trying to hide my blush. Another thing about me- I blush like a friggin’ tomato. I can go from zero to tomato red in 0.34 seconds. Truth.

“Sure, seems like nothing” Albus grinned, and I thought I might die from the laser beams coming from his sexy green eyes. “Chuck me a frog Lily, I’m starving”

“Wait” Lily paused, her hand frozen as it hovered over the pile of chocolate packages. “Is that a quidditch captain badge I see?!"

“Yep lil’ sis. I’ll be the Gryffindor quidditch captain this year. Which reminds me, are you trying out?”
Gosh, look at his sexy eyes. HIS EYES. Oh my god. Are those abs? ARE THOSE ALBUS POTTER’S FRICKING SIX PACK THAT I CAN SEE THROUGH HIS EXTREMELY TIGHT, SEXY SHIRT? I think I just died, got up, and died again.

“I’ll probably go for chaser this year. I think I’ll do better chasing than beating” Hugo piped up, and Al nodded happily, his eyes swivelling around the compartment, sweeping past me so quickly I wasn’t sure if he even noticed I was there.

 No one moved. Rose was too afraid of heights (like her mother) and was too busy with schoolwork anyway (or so she claimed. I sometimes accuse her of using the homework thing as an excuse to not play quidditch). Lily would play, but she was taking her O.W.L.S with Hugo this year, and being the girl, she cared about studies more than Hugo. Harley would try out, but it would look extremely weird and creepy if a Ravenclaw turned up to a Gryffindor quidditch team. Al’s expression dropped.

“No one else?” He sounded horrified. “YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO ABANDON YOUR OWN BROTHER IN THE WORLD OF QUIDDITCH RELA-” he cried jokingly

“OKAY. I'LL TRY OUT” I shouted randomly. I am really random sometimes. Thank god I am a pretty good flier. Not that I’ve told or shown anyone before. But now seemed a pretty good time to alert the world eh Andy? Dammit.

“WHAT?” Lily yelled. “You can’t fly!”

"Yes I can, actually, I just haven’t shown anyone” I said grimly, but inside I was dancing, because Al had just glanced over at me in hope.

“What position Adrienne?” He asked. Was it just me? Or did someone else hear the wrong, unintentional meaning of that sentence. Okay just me. I’m so immature. And aahhhhh he said my name! Success!
 “Err…Chaser, I think” I replied, a little distracted by the fact that Albus is openly beaming at me now. My life is now complete. I told you I had a sad life. The boy I love smiles at me and says my name and I’m satisfied. Fucking wonderful.
“That’s great! You’re just the right build for a chaser too” He beamed at me and I nearly fainted. Those eyes are like keys to my soul, opening doors and knocking down internal walls I never knew I had. Gee, look at me getting all mystical and poet-y. Is that a word? Poet-y. Whatever.

“Whoa-whoa-hold up” Harley put in, causing Albus to look away from me. I mentally cursed Harley to Hades. “You can FLY?” she grinned at me in shock and disbelief, while I rolled my eyes at my Ravenclaw friend.




“Yes Har, I can FLY”




“MAN THAT IS SO COOL” Hugo yelled, punching the air. “How come you’ve never told us before?”




I shrugged. “I didn’t see a point. Why would I tell you if it wasn’t important?”






“Hey guys!” The compartment door slid open again to reveal Dominique Weasley, seventh year and best friends with James Potter until he dropped out of school at the end of sixth year. I hope Al doesn’t follow his brother’s footsteps and leave at the end of this year. I’ll have nothing left to gawk at in potions. Dominique had started hanging around with us more when James left to train professionally in quidditch. She was upset when her best friend decided to leave, but she got over it and talked to her other friends a lot more. “What’s up?”




“The sky” I said, then “well, not really because the train is in the way” I glared at the roof of the scarlet train and everybody laughed. I even got a grin out of Albus. I internally squirmed and danced the hula.
“Hugo and ANDY are going to try out for the Quidditch team. Al is captain” Lily offered, and Dominique’s mouth dropped open.




“Really? ANDY?”




“Why do you sound so surprised Dom? I can fly!” I cried indignantly.

“Okay, sorry Ands” Dominique replied, sitting down beside me. Dom had a weird thing of shortening a nickname. What is wrong with Andy? It’s already short for *wince* Adrienne, so why does she have to shorted Andy to ‘ANDS’? Now I have a fucking conjunction as my name. Minus the S at the end of course. I rolled my eyes and grinned at her. Dom was a beauty, but you’d expect that, her being one sixteenth Veela and everything (yes I did the maths). She had long blonde hair, and big blue eyes. The guys went nuts over her, but I knew she was secretly crushing on Lysander- one of the two Scamander children, even if he was a year younger than her. (His brother’s name was Lorcan, and he was dating some random girl from Hufflepuff). Both boys were in Ravenclaw, just like their mother.




"Hey guys, you know we’re almost at Hogwarts? We should get changed or something” Rose chimed, pulling her trunk from her pocket. Yep, you heard me. She had shrunk her trunk and put it in her muggle jeans to save her the trouble of heaving her trunk. Such a smart friend I have.




I heaved my trunk from the metal bars above our seats, and as I tugged, I tripped on Hugo’s foot and fell backwards.




“ARRRGGHHH!” I yelled like a ninja and flailed as I dropped. But suddenly I felt strong hands catch me and pull me onto a seat. Holy Fuck, Albus Potter touched me and saved my life. HE SAVED MY LIFE. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but he touched me! My dreams have come true.




“Uhm…Adrienne? Hello? Are you okay?” I snapped back to life.




“UHHH?” I’m such a sweet girl. “OH YEA, I'M FANTASTIC. SUPERB. THANKS AL!” I told him brightly, while he looked bewildered.




“Is she always this weird?” I rolled my eyes but the rest of the people in the compartment nodded.

“Hey” I cried indignantly. 

 “Sorry Andy, but it is true” Hugo told me, and I scowled.





The hall was buzzing with chatter, and I was ferociously attacking my pumpkin pie with the savagery of a lion. I’m thinking I don’t look very feminine right now. I actually don’t give a damn, even though Albus was sitting opposite me, amused, watching me eat like a starved blubber whale.




The whole hall suddenly fell quiet, and McGonagall stood up.

“I hope you have enjoyed your feast, but now it’s time for a few notices before you are all dismissed. Firstly, there is another reminder that all products from the joke shop ‘Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes’ are banned permanently, and any student in possession of an item will be given detention” The headmistress said to the whole school.

I grinned. Rose and Hugo’s Uncle George was wicked. He even let Rose and I take whatever we want from his shop when we visited last summer.

“Secondly, all quidditch team try outs will be held whenever the captain decides to hold them, but there will be sign-up sheets outside your common rooms. Please put your name down if you wish to try out for the quidditch team. It would be preferred if you have your own broomstick, and already possess the knowledge and experience of flying on one”




The whole school chuckled, and the sound increased when everyone realised McGonagall wasn’t joking. Tick and Tick. Apparently I matched the criteria because I do know how to fly, and it just so happens I have a firebolt locked up in my wardrobe at home. I’ll just write home and ask for it. No biggie.

“Lastly, remember no magic in the hallways, any student caught will be punished severely. You are dismissed!” McGonagall finished, and the whole student body scuffled out the great hall.




I waited patiently for Rose, Lily and Hugo, while waving at Harley as she disappeared with her Ravenclaw clan. Rose had stayed behind to greet her steady boyfriend of two years –Scorpius Malfoy- (also a Gryffindor, though you’d expect him to be a Slytherin, considering his parents and all) goodbye.  As soon as Rose and I linked arms, the four of us marched up to Gryffindor tower where we greeted our new dormitory with relief.
I’ll sign up for the quidditch thingy tomorrow. I should probably send home a letter or something, ask my mum to get out the dustpan and help me clean away all the grub that would’ve formed on my firebolt for lack of use. My firebolt wasn’t exactly still the fastest broom ever, like it was in Al’s dad’s time, but it was still fricking fast. The companies don’t make them anymore either.




Rose and I shared our dormitory with three other girls- Ashly Knells, Brittany Khanh Gardener, and Karen Amy McElliot. They were in some of my classes, and I’ve talked to them, however awkward the conversation might be. Ashly had cropped shiny black hair, while Brittany’s was an out of control, crazy flaming red. She and Rose got on pretty well. I suspect it’s the hair colour. Karen never had a permanent hair colour. She always died it whenever she got bored of her current colour. Last year, she had died it red, then blonde, then brown, then purple (yes purple), then blonde again. Right now it was black. Asians are cool. Sorry, that was extremely random.

 “Night girls” I sighed, and received four incoherent mumbles back in return. I closed my eyes let Albus Potter swarm into my dreams


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