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Blind by CooperTowne

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 80,291
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/06/2011
Last Chapter: 01/10/2015
Last Updated: 01/10/2015


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The Blind Girl. 

That's how people have always seen me as.

My sixth year is when I end my years of solitude and made friends with my roommates and a few other choice charaters. No more eating alone. No more quiet Saturday nights. Who knew life would be so interesting? Scratch that who knew it could be so fun?

Chapter 8: New York

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Taylor's one lucky girl


After the disaster/success of a New Years Ball, Taylor went home with mum and dad and stayed there the rest of the holiday. She didn’t blame Louis though. He did have no idea, so when she asked if he knew he didn’t have to pretend. No starting out a relationship on lies. Louis had been very grateful for what we did. Even though it destroyed the one relationship I couldn’t live without.

“What do you want Louis?” Dom asked annoyed at her little brother’s appearance. She was sitting on Isa’s bed trying to make her feel better. It had been a few days since the ball and Isa felt dead inside. Almost like Donny had died all over again. Taylor had ripped herself out of my life. Another person I trusted, cared for, and loved was gone.

Louis walked into the room awkwardly. “Err—how are you?” he asked Isa. She turned to him, staring at him with unfeeling white eyes. Her face was red and you could see faint lines where the tears ran. Louis coughed and looked away. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“Yea well you’re not the first person to say that,” Isa said. It was silent. Isa sighed and turned her head back towards Dom. “How could I be so stupid?”

“You weren’t stupid love,” Dom said drawing circles in Isa’s back. “It was just—inconvenient. If you’re parents had been outside when you told Taylor they could have calmed her down.”

“Yes well the shrimp bar was obviously more interesting than their daughter’s well being,” Isa said her voice cracking repeatedly. They didn’t even say good-bye. Taylor told them that I was asleep and that they shouldn’t bother me.

“They love you and so does Taylor,” Dom said.

“Taylor thinks I’m a waste of space with absolutely no potential. I bet she wishes I died instead of Donny,” Isa said.

“That’s not true,” Louis piped up.

“Why are you still here?” Dom snarled. “Leave.”

“I’m sorry,” Louis stammered. “I just came to say thank you.” Dom looked at her brother confused and Isa turned her head towards him. “I know that sounds bad, but I’m not saying it because of what happened. Taylor told me what you did and that you did it for us to be together. And well, er—thanks.”

Isa sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve. “You’re welcome?” she said unsurely. “I just wanted Taylor to be happy,” Isa said quietly after a few seconds silence. “This whole thing was for her and I guess you too. You guys deserve to be happy.” Everyone does.

Louis smiled broadly. “Thank you,” he said almost giggling with happiness.

“Now leave so I can wallow in self-pity,” Isa said with a wave of her hand. Louis left quickly after that.

Now the situation with Anna. Bloody idiot. She has officially reached the stage of depression or as she called it “no one is ever going to love me ever again because I’m a goon”.

To which I said a sympathetic “Shut up you crazy arse bint!”

She obviously didn’t take that too well.

But today is different. Today she’s happy. Today we go to New York.

“Good morning!” Anna said happily as she and Isa walked up to Dom at the table wearing their muggle clothing. We get 10 points for successfully blending in. Easy points if you ask me.

“Don’t you two look lovely!” Dom said. “Can I come? I would rather wear muggle clothing than these frumpy skirts.”

“Sorry love,” Anna said. She and Isa sat down at the table. Anna opened a large map that covered the places in front of her and Isa. “So,” Anna said studying the map. “Our assignment is to go do something we can’t do in the wizarding world. And then write about it. We have to act like muggles the entire time. Walk, talk, dress, and act.”

“Fantastic,” Isa said rolling her eyes. “What are our options?”

“Statue of Liberty?”

“It’s January,” Isa said boredly.

“Central Park?”

“January,” Isa said enunciating every syllable.


“We can do that here.”

“True, but it is New York!”

“I want to do something new,” Isa said her voice verging on a whine.

“Oh I know! Let’s go see a film!” Anna said her eyes lighting up.

“What’s a film?” Charlie said when he and Kate walked up.

“Films, or ‘movies’ in America, are a theatrical expression that muggles use that are similar to our paintings and pictures that move. However, movies are different in that they do not interact with the people around them unless they are designed to do so. They are the same every time they are played and many tell long elaborate stories dealing with muggles everyday lives. In recent year though there have been many movies about supernatural events and beings,” Anna said automatically.

“Did you memorize that?” Isa asked. Anna looked up nervously.

“Maybe,” she said quickly before looking down. “Or we can go to Museum of Modern Art. We can write about how different it was to see paintings that don’t move.”

“I’m blind,” Isa said. “We would have to find something else for me. Movies will work because I can still hear them.”

Anna sighed. “Right. I got another idea! A taxi. Yes, let’s take a taxi!” she said excitedly. “To the cinema! Taxi to the cinema!”

“Sounds good to me,” Isa said biting on her nails.

“I envy you,” Kate said.

“Why?” Isa asked.

“You guys are going to such a great city for practically the entire day. How lucky can you get?” Kate said.

“Muggle studies!” shouted a voice from the hallway. “Port key. Two minutes.”

Anna grabbed Isa’s hand and they stood up and walked out of the Great Hall. Their class was standing in the corridor in a big group. Majority of them looked fairly normal for muggles. Even Professor Gibbs had mastered the art, which most older witches and wizards fail to do properly.

“Alright class!” Gibbs said clapping her hands together. “I expect you have a partner already.” Anna’s grip on Isa’s hand tightened. “As you know, your assignment is to do one thing you can’t normally do in the Wizarding world. We will meet back at the west side of Central Park at 2 o’clock. The port key is over there,” she pointed to an old muggle television set, “please don’t miss it.”

Gibbs finished talking and walked away. “Shall we?” Anna asked.

“Yea,” Isa asked. They walked together to the TV and grabbed onto the antennas. The TV began to glow.

“Hey wait are you leaving without saying good bye?” Isa and Anna turned to see James jogging up with Freddie close behind him.

“We can’t do this right now James,” Anna said as the TV got brighter and brighter. She gave Freddie a tight-lipped smile and turned back around.

“But—” he said. This boy is hopeless.

“Bye Jam—” Isa managed to get out before she, Anna, and their classmates were pulled away with the portkey.

The feeling of a portkey is much like the feeling when you apparate. Except a lot more spinning and a lot more air. I like this feeling more since I’m not being squeezed out of a tube like icing for a decorative cake.

I am a person. Not icing. Although now that I think about it, I wonder if it hurts the icing to go through that tube.

Am I mental? It’s icing for Merlin’s sake.

A few seconds passed and we all landed roughly on the ground. We were all immediately ambush by the sheer level of noise. Muggle cars honking and screeching about. People yelling. Something making an awful crunching noise.

“Alright!” Professor Gibbs said. “Now that we are all here, we can get started. Remember: 2 o’clock at the west side of Central Park. Come collect your money and then you can go.”

Anna and Isa walked forward weaving their way around the garbage of the alley. Anna grabbed hold of an envelope and stuffed it in her pocket. “Good luck girls,” Gibbs said.

“Thank you Professor!” they called back as they walked out of the alley onto the street.

“Holy Merlin,” Anna breathed. She stood wide-eyed, taking in her surroundings of large billboards that lit up and changed colors.

“How is it?” Isa asked. “Everything you expected?”

“We may have magic, but Merlin this is amazing. So many colours,” Anna said as they began to walk down the street, “cars, people, smells, and sounds.”

“I got the smells and sounds for myself thanks,” Isa said sarcastically. Generally it’s not a pleasant smell. “Do you want to walk around a bit?”

Anna nodded feverishly and pulled Isa down the street.

We walked around forever. Ok not forever, but around an hour and a half, which can seem like forever.

New York really is amazing. It’s so full of life and non-stop action. There’s never a bored time in New York City.

Anna and I walked to the Times Square and Anna bought a disposable camera. Disposable camera had to be taken in to a store or something to get the pictures, so I don’t understand her reasoning for purchasing one.

But she took lots of pictures. Me in Times Square, awakardly taken picture of herself in front of garbage can, and she even had me take a picture of her which will be interesting to see if it turns out even half way decent.

Around 11, I got tired of walking around. “Anna,” Isa whined. Anna ignored her. “Anna,” Isa said again. “Are we done?”

“Yea, yea almost done,” Anna said absentmindedly as she observed a person talking on their cell phone. “Oh my Merlin! What’s that?” Anna exclaimed and running pulling Isa with her.

“I don’t know? A parking meter?”

“No it’s a hot dog stand!” Anna said excitedly.

“Fascinating,” Isa said.

I don’t think Anna caught on to the sarcasm however. She’s too busy drooling over the hot dog stand. Whatever that was.

“Right ok,” Anna said after licking her fingers of hot dog grease. “You should have had one, they were good.”

“Isn’t a dog a pet in this world?” Isa asked.

“Yea, but it’s not really dog. It’s made of pig or cat or something,” Anna said.

“Gross,” Isa said sticking out her tongue. Anna laughed.

“Is not. Now let’s go see that movie,” Anna said standing up and yanking Isa to her feet.

“We’re still doing that?” Isa groaned. “I thought we finished our assignment after you ate the dog.”

“Hot dog. And I finished my assignment. You haven’t,” Anna said hooking her arm with Isa’s and they started to walk again. “You’re not going to fail because you’re blind.”

“I never fail because I’m blind. If they fail me, they get in trouble. Professor Trelawny has never really liked me for that reason,” Isa said. They stopped walking and Isa could feel the cars moving fast in front of her.

Anna cleared her throat. “TAXI!” she yelled sticking her hand high in the air.

Isa jumped and slapped her hand over her ear. “Warn me next time you decided to scream like a banshee?”

“This is your warning then,” Anna said.



“I hate you,” Isa grumbled.

“You love me,” Anna said smiling brightly. A yellow car drove up beside them and Anna opened the door. She helped Isa sit down before sliding in next to her.

“Where to?” said the taxi driver.

“Err—” Anna said thinking. “Well a cinema. Any really.”

“A cinema?” they guy asked. Anna rolled her eyes.


“Oh movies. Right gotcha,” he said before he took off. He drove fast and wildly.

Anna clutched on the side of the car for support and Isa’s knuckles were turning white from the door handle.

“This is worse than the Knight Bus!” Anna said when they were stopped at a light. “Remind me why you wanted to do this?”

“I believe it was you who pushed me in the car. ‘Isa you’re blind, let me help you’,” Isa mimicked. “Then, push! Into the car I go.”

“Excuse me?” Anna said politely.

“What?” the driver said.

“Do you mind driving a bit slower?” she said.

“Why?” the driver asked sounding slightly offended.

“It’s just that I feel like I’m about to die. I would feel safer if I was dangling off a cliff being held on by Voldemort,” Anna said calmly.

Wait did she just say Voldemort to a muggle?

“Who’s Voldemort?” the driver asked as the light turned green and he took off again. A little slower this time. Thank Merlin.

“Err—” Anna said awkwardly. “Isa tell him who Voldemort is.” Isa shook her head and cursed at Anna in her head.

“Well—Voldemort is a person—” she said awkwardly.

“No shit,” the driver said rolling his eyes.

Rude. “Voldemort is person at school who we don’t like and it’s a name we came up with to talk about them without them knowing,” Isa said quickly.

Anna nodded. “Right,” he said awkwardly. He slowed to a stop and turned back to them. “We’re here.”

Anna looked out and for what was practically the thousandth time that day her mouth fell open. The taxi driver pulled up to a large old-fashioned muggle building. Single light bulbs flashed simultaneously around posters of old movies. The building was many different colours and each color was separated by a trim of gold.

“Wow,” Anna breathed. She stepped out of the cab and looked at the cinema more. “It’s beautiful.”

“Yep,” the driver said popping the ‘p’. “Now it’s $15.”

“Right,” Anna said reaching in to her bag. She took out a 20-dollar bill and gave it to the driver. He quickly handed over a five and drove away. “Ready?” Isa nodded. “Good let’s go.”

Anna looped her arm with Isa’s and they walked up to the window marked ‘Box Office’. The bored cashier popped her gum and looked lazily at Anna and Isa. She gave Isa a quizzical look because of Isa’s blank stare and cloudy eyes.

“Well?” she demanded.

“Oh err—what’s Mean Girls about?” Anna asked.

“You’ve never seen Mean Girls?” the cashier practically shrieked. “It came out in like 2004!”

“Then why is it still showing?” Anna asked.

“This is a movie theater that shows old movies. Mean Girls. Mission Impossible 3. Twilight. Duh,” she said. “You’re going to see it.”


“Here are you tickets,” the cashier said throwing the tickets at them. “Wait you need to pay. $25 please.”

“Here,” Anna said handing the money over.

“Go!” the cashier yelled. Anna and Isa jumped in surprise and ran inside.

“What in Merlin’s name is she on?” Isa said when they entered the theater and sat in their seats. There were only 5 other people in the theater. They all turned and stared at Isa when she talked.

“Quiet down, it’s not normal to exclaim ‘Merlin’ in the muggle world,” Anna whispered harshly.

Isa smiled apologetically. “Sorry, she was just very enthusiastic.”

Anna laughed. “True. Ah!” she squealed. “It’s starting! Shut up Isa.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Isa protested.



“I’m going to eat your birthday cake if you don’t shut up,” Anna snapped. Isa crossed her arms.




A couple hours later, Isa and Anna walked out of the movie theater. The movie was hilarious. Even I knew that. Crazy one liners that didn’t need a visual. I was skeptical about how I was going to enjoy the movie, but it turned out to be great!

“I’m still a little confused about their grading scale though. They don’t have Ts?” Isa said.

“Well,” Anna said as they walked down the street, “T stands for Troll. And I’m almost one hundred percent positive that there are no trolls in the muggle world.”

Valid point.

“I’m hungry,” Isa said. “What time is it?”

Anna looked at her watch. “One. We have an hour. Let’s go to a place where they sell coffee.”

“Ok,” Isa said.

“Here’s one I’ve been seeing a lot today. Starbucks,” Anna said. Do they have a special currency to go here or something? What are Star Bucks?

“Do we have money to buy something here?” Isa asked. Anna opened the door and looked around the crowded shop.

“Yea they take American muggle money,” she said.

“Oh,” Isa said stupidly. This place is obviously very popular. I can hear all the people talking. Business people mumbling miserably to co-workers. Teenage girls gossiping about a classmate who apparently is “totally like full of herself”.

I worry for my generation. Sigh.

The girls who were gossiping stopped as we passed them. Anna and I stopped close by to them, where I assumed the line started.

“Who are they?” one girls whispered.

“I don’t know, but look at their clothes,” the other gasped. She sounds like my jeans personally offended her. Maybe it was my scarf. Bad scarf and your evil softness. “And their hair! Bleh!”


“Can you hear them?” I whispered to Anna.

“Yes,” she grumbled. “I very close to hexing them.”

“You have your wand?” Leave it to Anna to have something we weren’t allowed to bring. She’s been rather unpredictable since New Years. Her moods are one thing. One second she’s happy. Then the next she’s silent and ignoring everyone.

Thankfully for me, she’s been happy this entire trip. Muggle worlds make her strangely happy.

“Yep,” she said. “Ready to order?” I can’t see the menu dollop head. “Er—I’ll order for you.”

“Good plan,” Isa said.

Anna ordered two hot chocolates for us. We would have gotten something crazy like a mocha or a latte, but since we don’t even have a vague idea of what those are, we got something more familiar.

We got our drinks and found a seat.

“So,” Isa said after a minute’s silence.

“I don’t want to go back to school,” Anna said.

“What?” Isa asked. “You have to!”

“Yea well I hate it there. The stupid moving pictures. Stupid House Elves. Stupid ghosts. Stupid ex-boyfriends,” she said mumbling the last part.

“This is about Freddie?” I asked.

Anna shrugged. “I don’t like being around him anymore. And I have to be around him all the time because of everyone else.”

I don’t think I could talk to her about this. She’s being stupid. He’s in love with her. She’s in love with him. They’re miserable without her. I’ve been patient and trying to understand that she doesn’t want to be around him.

But you know, listening to her complain about not having anyone is difficult when she does have someone, but is too stubborn to forgive him. Forgive him for what is what I would like to know. I’ve asked, and each times she’s told me that he is just insensitive to her feelings. And he doesn’t understand.

I try to help, but it’s getting pretty damn hard when she isn’t open to it.

“Ok that’s it,” Isa said frustrated. “What happened? What did he say that made you break up with him?”

“He just doesn’t under—”

“No, no,” Isa said shaking her head and taking a drink. “I want the truth. None of this ‘he doesn’t understand me’ or ‘he doesn’t care about me’. I want you to tell me what really happened because I miss you. You haven’t been the same without him. He said something that hurt you beyond repair, and as one of your best friends, I think I should know. I can help you through this. I can help you be happy. If you just let me.”

Isa stopped talking and took an angry drink of hot chocolate. Anna sat there astonished. She stared at Isa whose eyes gradually grew whiter.

“You’re right,” Anna said in a small voice. “You’re right. Isa I’m sorry. I know I’ve been shut off and I hate it, but I can’t help it.”

“Anna,” Isa said, “you can trust me. You know I’m not leaving you.”

Anna nodded. “Have I ever told you that my mom is a squib?”

“No,” Isa said shocked. “No you haven’t.”

“Well she is. Which is part of the reason I’m so interested by muggles. She practically is one, and it makes me feel close to her. She met my dad through my uncle, her brother. My dad and my uncle went to Hogwarts together and were each other’s best friends. My mom is the greatest person. She is so brave and strong. She works in the muggle world as a head of a big corporation. I love her with all my heart.

“I don’t tell people. No one knows except for family and close friends. Which you are now a part of!” she exclaimed with a sad smile plastered on her face. “Anyways when I was talking, arguing I mean, with Freddie, something was said.”

“What did he say?” Isa said after Anna paused.

“I was telling him that it was unfair and rude that he’s been skipping out on me. We make plans and he cancels at the last second. His excuse when this happens is always something about his family, but then I might see him playing quidditch by himself or eating and talking with James in the Great Hall. And he said that I was being ridiculous and over exaggerating. Which I’m not. I accused him of lying because when has he actually enjoyed Family Fun Night, yea?”

“Er—never?” Isa said.

“Never!” she exclaimed. “Then he went mental for no reason. Saying things like ‘I have to care for my family’ and things like that. I don’t know if you know this, but his mom recently got laid off, so it’s been harder in their family even with the joke shop.”

“Really?” Isa asked. “I had no idea. Poor Freddie.”

Anna shook her head. “No one knew except for his cousins and me. I told him he didn’t need to and that he should just enjoy being a teenager. I told him his dad and in turn his mum were part of one of the most hardworking families in the wizarding world. Then he said the thing that ruined us.”

“What did he say?” Isa whispered.

“‘Yea I guess you wouldn’t understand with your mum as a squib. She probably lies around the house all day letting your dad do all the work’.” Anna looked down at the table angrily. She wiped away and angry tear and continued talking. “My mum is not lazy.”

“I know.”

“She works hard to make her money.”

Isa sighed. I honestly don’t know what to say to Anna. What Freddie said was awful. Hurtful. Cruel. Insensitive.

“So after he said that I slapped him and told him that we were through,” Anna said. “I turned and left and he didn’t try to stop me.”

“That sounds awful,” Isa said. Anna nodded.

It was quiet for a few minutes as Anna and Isa finished their drinks

“Do you think I’m being stupid?” she asked finally.

“Not at all,” Isa said. “But Anna, if I’m being honest, I think you should give him another shot. I’m not saying right now. Both of you need some time alone, but I don’t think you should be ignoring each other completely. Freddie feels awful; I know that for sure. Just—I don’t know—”

“Try to be friends?” Anna offered up meekly.

“Yea,” Isa said.

“Huh,” Anna mumbled. “I don’t—”

“Think about it,” Isa said quickly. “For me? For the sanity of the people sharing rooms with you two?”

Anna rolled her eyes and smiled. “Fine,” she said mockingly. “For you, I guess.”

Isa smiled brightly. “Brilliant! Now what time is it? Do we need to go soon?”

Anna glanced at her watch. “Bollocks! We’re practically late! And we need to grab Kate a ‘I heart NY’ t-shirts.”

“Now?” Isa asked as they scrambled up. They threw on their jackets and hats and made their way to the door.

“Yes now! She told me she would sell my limbs in Knockturn if I didn’t. Then she said in a creepy voice, ‘they’ll pay a fair price for you’, and then ran away cackling. We’re buying her a shirt,” Anna said turning the corner with Isa.

Anna spotted a store and maneuvered their way to it. They stepped inside, and quickly found a huge display of the shirts they needed.

“Anna?” Isa asked as they stood in line to pay.

“Yea?” Anna said.

“Promise me?” Isa asked clutching securely onto Anna’s arm.

“Promise you what?” she said placing the shirt on the counter. The man rang it up and asked for $10.

“That you’ll try to be friends with him? Freddie?” Isa said as Anna gave the $10 bill and grabbed the bagged shirt.

“Yes Isa, I promise,” she said rolling her eyes.

“Pinky swear?”

“What are we four?” Anna said teasingly. Isa glared at Anna. They stepped out of the shop and quickly made there way to the park that was several blocks down the street.

“I take pinky swears very seriously. Just pinky swear on it,” Isa said stopping and pulling Anna to a stop with her. Anna looked at Isa startled. Isa held out one hand with her pinky outstretched.

“Fine,” Anna said sighing and then smiling. “I swear,” she said locking her pinky with Isa’s. Isa smiled brightly and dropped her hand.

Anna grabbed her arms and looped it with Isa’s. “Good,” Isa said happily. “Let’s go back to Hogwarts.”


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