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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire

Format: Novella
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 25,024
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Draco, Pansy, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Draco/Pansy, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/25/2011
Last Chapter: 03/21/2013
Last Updated: 03/21/2013


If repeating 7th year isn't bad enough how about repeating it and having to share a prefects dorm with that slimey, arrogant, idiot Draco Malfoy?  or worse still being paired up with him to pass Muggle studies? This will be a long year.

My name is Aurora Harris, Slytherin, Half-blood and very likely to beat Draco Malfoy over the head with a hard-back copy of Hogwarts a History before the year is out.

Chapter 10: chapter 10

I'm so sorry for the massive delay but being a big old 8 month pregnant whale right now it's hard to keep up lol and this is more of a filler than anything else, I promise it gets better and if anyone is still reading thank you



 I awoke the next morning my head feeling a little bit sore, I tried to move over but there was an arm draped over my middle, I rolled over to face the source of the arm.

Malfoy laid next to me fast asleep, he looked so peaceful and breathtaking.




The memories of the night before came rushing back to me, had I really kissed Draco Malfoy? had I really kissed the boy that on such a regular basis I wanted to knock out? the boy that had tried it with nearly every girl at Hogwarts? 




I swiftly rolled out of bed and made a bee line for the bathroom, I entered the white tiled room and locked the door behind me, sitting on the floor by the door trying to take in the recent events.




Why the bloody hell had I done that? he tricked me, got me to drink and then forced his way into bed with me, and who was I to turn him down? I'm not stupid I know how good looking he is, that was unfair trickery. 




I pulled myself off the floor and began to run a hot bubbly bath and pulling my clothes off as I waited.




I sank into the deep hot bubbly water, there was no way I could allow that sort of thing to happen again, the sooner the holiday is over I'll be able to get him out of my head and avoid him till the weekends, but then even that's easier said than done sharing a damn dorm with him.




"Eugh" I huffed sinking further into the bath, this is why I don't bother with boys, too much hassle.




I clambered out of the bath after a long soak and dried myself off, getting dressed into a pair of jeans and a plain white vest top followed by a hoodie, no effort would be made today.


I spent a while drying and straightening my hair then applying make up until I looked a reasonable standard.




I headed back over to the door knowing that he was just out there, somehow I'd have to get out of the bedroom un-noticed.




I stood at the door trying to listen for movement, I'm going to do everything in my power to avoid him today.




After several minutes I pushed the door open and peaked through the wardrobe to the bed, he was still laying there fast asleep, I felt a jab of guilt as I knew what I was about to do.




I crepted out and padded across the bedroom to the door, quickly opening it and closing it behind me. I nearly broke into a run as I headed down the stairs.




I headed straight out the front door and into the car, I swiftly jumped in and started the engine and drove off down the street, not knowing where exactly I'm going but anywhere would do for today.




Yes I feel bad for just leaving like that, but I don't want to face my troubles, I want to run away and hide. 




If someone had told me a couple weeks back I'd spend the night in bed with malfoy and kiss him I would have laughed so hard I'd possibly have died, I still can't even work out how it happened, not to mention what this all means? I'm not stupid, I know hes ridiculously gorgeous and charming, he can be so nice and funny when he wants to and yes I do like him.




I pulled over into a car park somewhere by the beach I'd been driving for a good 20 minutes.




How could I even begin to toy with the idea I like him, it's mental, he is nothing more than an arrogant idiot, I need to get a grip on reality.








I spent my day wandering the beach, it was a peaceful day, even though it was icy cold, well at least it would have been peaceful if I could stay out of my head for 5 minutes and stop reliving last night and thinking of Malfoy repeatedly.




I wandered back towards my car as the day turned into darkness by 6 o'clock and perhaps Malfoy would wonder where I've been, maybe I should buy a peace offering? no, because if I don't he'll be mad at me and we'll be back to normal!




I got back into my car and made the journey home, my mind sticking to the one thought and that was Malfoy.




I pulled up in the drive and stared at the house, all the curtains were still shut, wondering if he had even got up at all today.




After a few minutes I slowly got out of the car and stood on the doorstep. I pushed the key in the lock and clicked the door open and snuck in quietly closing the door behind me.




Everything inside looked the same, I slowly walked down the hall taking a look in the living room which was empty, following to the also empty kitchen.




The feeling of the house being empty was beginning to freak me out, I headed up the stairs to the bedroom. Taking a deep breath I pushed the door open and stared across the white room, empty and the bed unmade.




Where the hell could he even be? maybe he'd left and gone back to Hogwarts after last night? maybe he regretted it or it was a joke and he's gone back to laugh about it.




I wandered further into the bedroom and fell onto the bed pulling the sheets over my body and pulling my shoes off and throwing them across the room, I was feeling more confused than I did when I left this morning.




I laid staring at the ceiling as the day turned further into night getting darker and darker not knowing how long I'd been laying there, although it must have been a while seeing how my stomach kept growling, but I didn't care all I could think was Malfoy.




I felt my eyelids get heavy, I'd been laying there for at least an hour or 2 when the tiredness began to over power me and I didn't bother fighting it as I drifted to sleep.







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