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Dear Rose by iridescentstarling

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Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 18,159
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Draco, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/29/2012
Last Chapter: 08/08/2012
Last Updated: 08/08/2012


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Dear Rose...

My hands tremble as I begin the letter. I desperately search my mind for the right words to say. Words that would somehow convince her to take me back. Words that could change the course of my life forever.


Chapter 6: Sweet Revenge
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"Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on itself recoils."     -JOHN MILTON                                                           

         I woke up the next morning, still fuming. I felt like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to explode into a temper at the next person who nudged me the wrong way. I didn’t even want to think about what Ethan would say to me. Once, in my fourth year, I missed practice because I had gotten a detention with Professor Longbottom (for ‘accidentally’ squirting bobutor pus all over Albus Potter) and he completely flipped. That boy has got a real unhealthy temper. He was screaming all sorts of obscene profanities at me, right in the middle of the Great Hall. I’m sure he nearly gave old Professor Flitwick a heart attack.

Bless his tiny soul.

I pushed the thoughts of a spitting mad Ethan out of my mind and sat up in my bed, silently cursing a certain Weasley. I heaved the curtains open around my four poster bed and nearly hurled at the sight before me. Bella Vancore was sitting on Titus’s bed, wearing nothing but a frilly black bra. Titus was fast asleep next to her, snoring like a wildebeest and presumably stark naked under the bedcovers.

“Merlin, Bella!” I cried, instinctively shielding my eyes. “Were you in here the whole night?!”

“Yes.” she sniffed, looking slightly offended. “What’s the matter with you, Scorp? Don’t like the view?”

Don’t like the view?! No I do not bloody like the view! It must be admitted that I was used to waking up to the horrifying scene before me. Usually, I didn’t mind as much. But today was not the day to trigger my gag reflex. The other boys had begun to stir at the sound of my shouts. Alex threw a pillow at me. “Shut up, Scorp! Some of us are trying to sleep!”

Titus awoke groggily and immediately sat up and wrapped his arms around Bella (with his blanket covering his crotch area, thank Merlin). “Whatssa matter?”

“I don’t appreciate having to deal with this every morning.” I grumbled. “Next time, why don’t you two do it in the bloody common room?!” Titus rolled his eyes. “It’s not like we woke you up in the middle of the night or something.”

“Yeah,” Bella pressed a slim finger against her boyfriend’s lips and giggled. “We were very quiet.” I made a sound of disgust and began pulling on my clothes. Dante was already dressed in the bed beside me. He gave Bella and Titus a nonchalant glance before casting me a knowing look. “What?” I asked grouchily.

“What happened yesterday with Mary Claire?” He sounded weary and on the verge of launching himself into a lecture. Dante believed in long-term relationships and was known as the “sweet” one in our group. Anyone who has witnessed his reaction to receiving a ‘Troll’ mark on an exam will agree that he is anything but sweet.

“Nothing.” I shrugged in a careless sort of way. “We just broke up.”

“WHAT?!” Bella had untangled herself from Titus and was giving me an incredulous look. “You mean you dumped her.” Dante corrected. “In front of the whole common room.” Titus stared at me hopefully. “You guys broke up?”

“Well I tried not to make a scene.” I said in exasperation. “She was the one who started screeching like a banshee.” Bella snatched up her clothes and shot me a very cold glare. “I’ve got to go. She must be so depressed right now.” She stalked out of the dorm in a huff.
“Well thanks, Scorp.” Titus said sarcastically. “We were in the middle of snogging.”
“Great to know.” Alex mumbled, his voice muffled by his pillow.


The Great Hall was buzzing when I entered. As I took a seat in my usual spot near the end of the Slytherin table, the chatter immediately ceased. Everyone had evidently heard about the huge breakup. Mary Claire was sitting as far away from me as possible with Bella and Claire. They were shooting me dirty looks while my ex-girlfriend refused to meet my eye. I turned around to find the previously vacant seat next to me occupied by Dom Weasley.

Slim and slender, with a curtain of glossy blonde hair framing her heart shaped face, Dom was (without a doubt) one of the prettiest Slytherins in our year. Heck, she was one of the prettiest girls in the entire school. True, she was a member of the over-rated, over glorified Weasley clan, but she couldn’t look any different from the rest of the lot. Rumor has it that her mother’s part veela.

Dom gave me a smile, flashing her perfectly white and even teeth. “Hey Scorp.” I gave her a brief nod before draining my goblet of pumpkin juice. At the moment, I wasn’t in the mood to interact with anyone with the last name ‘Weasley’. Her face turned serious. “Listen, Rose wants to apologize to you for yesterday’s incident.”

My temper flared at the very mention of Rose’s name. “I don’t want her apology.” I snarled. “I want her to somehow get me out of detention so I can go to my Quidditch tryouts. If I don’t go, I don’t make the team.”

Speak of the devil.

Ethan chose that very moment to march over to my table. His face was a mask of stone, but judging by his twitching eye, he was furious. “Malfoy.” he barked. “What is this I hear about you having detention on the day of tryouts?”

“Erm...” I mumbled. Dom cast me a slightly worried look.

“You’ve got to be bloody kidding me.” Ethan’s voice was deadly calm. “Haven’t I told you time and time again how important these tryouts are?”


“I even wrote you a bloody letter over the break to make sure you understood how huge this year is to me. It’s my last year and I wanted everything to go smoothly. Starting with tryouts.”

I opened my mouth then closed it abruptly. It’s in situations like these when staying silent is the smartest option.

“I suppose you think that you’ll get special treatment now, like you always do? You think I’ll reschedule tryouts just for you or something? Or maybe I’ll just let you try out individually on a different day?”

Dom rolled her eyes. “Stop being dramatic, Ethan. It’s not like he’s missing an actual game. You already know he’s the best Keeper in the school, anyway. What’s the point of making him tryout?”

Ethan’s eyes threatened to bulge out of his head, making him look startlingly similar to a frog. “Er, Ethan, I’ll try to talk Belgoney out of detention, alright?” I tried to sound convincing. He glared at me for a full minute before mumbling a string of curses under his breath and stalking off.

“Merlin, sometimes I think he’s gone mad.” Dom said with a sigh. “Anyway, where was I?”

My fork clattered against the table as I threw it down in frustration. “Look, I don’t want to talk about Rose right now.”

Suddenly, a light bulb went on in my head. Dom was Rose’s cousin. Her cousin. A plan began slowly formulating in the depths of my devious mind. If I started dating Dom, Rose would most certainly get jealous (I mean, who wouldn’t). A jealous Rose equaled sweet revenge for me. I needed payback for all the trouble she had caused me, and hey, there's nothing I do better than revenge. Plus, I would be dating one of the best looking girls in the school. But, on the other hand, Dom was a Weasley. Father would be none too pleased if he found out his great son was stooping so low that he was willing to date a Weasley.

Unless he never found out.

Hell, who cared what my father thought. It’s not like he ever cared about me. He’s much too worried about the blasted Malfoy business to find any time for his only son.

“I would much rather talk about you, Dom.” I acted on impulse and decided to go with my plan. “You’re looking absolutely lovely today, as you always do.”

She looked startled by the sudden change in subject, but couldn’t stop a smile from emerging on her face. “You should know that I don’t bend to flattery, Malfoy. I’m much too used to it.”

“We’ve got a lot in common then.” I said smoothly with a wink. Dom twirled a strand of her light blonde hair around her finger and giggled. “What do you say we talk for a while?” I caused a goblet of pumpkin juice to zoom our way with a flick of my wand and handed it to her.

Thirty minutes of conversation later, I found myself asking her this question:

“Well then, will you go out with me, Dom?”


She didn’t even hesitate.

“Brilliant.” I put on my most convincing elated expression. I couldn’t help but turn around and glance at Rose. She was staring at the pair of us, looking slightly confused. I grabbed Dom’s hand and pulled her up. “Come on, I’ll walk you to your next class.” Dom smiled and bit her lip. “You’re such a gentleman, Scorp.”

We strolled out of the Great Hall hand in hand, ignoring the sea of astonished faces. I couldn't help but shoot Rose a triumphant smirk as we passed the Gryffindor table. Louis Weasley, Dom’s younger brother and a third year, looked as if someone had just killed his puppy in front of him as we strolled by the Ravenclaws. In fact, the whole Weasley/Potter bunch were either too stunned to move or ogling at Dom reprovingly. Dom merely pulled me past them with her chin held high. Her five-inch heels clicked and echoed ominously in the dim laconism.

I had to admire this girl.

I wrenched open the large double doors of the Great Hall and we strolled out together. As the doors snapped shut, I could hear the Hall erupting behind me. A Malfoy and a Weasley walking hand and hand; obviously not something you see every day.


For the rest of the day, I was constantly badgered with questions and comments on my ever so interesting love life. Mary Claire was determinedly overlooking me while pretending not to care about my new relationship. The twins kept pummeling me with insults and extremely rude comments on my new girlfriend (no doubt Mary Claire put them up to it). Alex bet Titus ten Galleons that Dom would dump me within a week while Dante was still trying to believe that I was really going out with a Weasley.

I, in contrast, was enjoying the fresh change of scenery. I hadn’t dated anyone other than Mary Claire since my third year (I had a very brief fling with Vivian May, who was two years my senior), and I had forgotten what it felt like not to have someone constantly clinging onto your arm until it was sore beyond belief.

But the best part of having Dom as a girlfriend weren’t the jealous glares I got from my fellow classmates or even the relief from Mary Claire. It was seeing the look on Rose’s face when we stepped into Transfiguration together.

Honestly, she looked as if someone had let out a rather loud and vile-smelling fart right under her nose.

I cleverly chose the desk right in front of hers to seat myself and Dom for the lesson. I also made sure to perform as many public displays of affection as I possibly could without Professor Dawson catching us.

By the time the day was almost over, I was feeling confident that I had gotten a satisfied amount of revenge on Rose. I sauntered to meet her for our second prefect patrol with a spring in my step and a whistled tune on my lips. As I approached our agreed meeting spot, the sound of angry voices stopped me in my tracks.

“I cannot believe you would do something like this!”

I slipped behind a nearby column and cautiously peered towards the direction of the voices.

Dom and Rose were standing in the middle of the corridor, both looking extremely red-faced and furious. Lysander Scamander was hovering over Rose’s shoulder with a pitifully worried expression on his face.

“I can’t believe you would stoop so low!” Rose hissed. “Malfoy is an absolute prat and a player. He’ll break your heart without even caring. What do you think Granddad Weasley is going to say?!”

“I don’t care what Granddad Weasley says!” Dom’s voice rose passionately. “Scorpius would never break my heart. You’re just jealous, Rose! ”
“Jealous?! You know I hate that git! I’m just trying to protect you Dom. I don’t want-”

“I don’t need you to protect me! Who am I, Hugo? I’m older than you!”

“I’m just saying that you could do so much better. Malfoy doesn’t deserve you.”

My mouth dropped open at Rose’s last comment. I didn’t deserve Dom? She didn’t bloody deserve me! I walked out from behind the column with a sense of eerie calm. Both of them immediately fell silent when they saw me.

“What’s going on here?” I said with a feigned air of surprise. “Are you two alright?”

“They’re both fine.” Lysander put a hand on Rose’s shoulder and looked straight at me. He had been so quiet; I had forgotten he was there. Dom squealed “Scorpius!” and gave me a hug; all signs of anger wiped clean from her face. I gave her a long kiss on the mouth. Lysander cleared his throat loudly and we broke apart.

“Come on, Dom. Rose and Malfoy need to do their patrols.”

Dom sighed. “Alright, alright. I’ll see you later, Scorp.” She smiled and gave me another kiss. “Bye, babe.” I said.

I returned Rose’s scrutinizing gaze with a smug smirk as Dom and Lysander walked out of earshot. I decided that it was in both of our best interests to forget about the outrageous comment she had made about me not deserving Dom. She made a disgusted sound in the back of her throat and muttered. “Come on. Let’s get this over with.”

“Did you see Ethan chew me out today?” I asked, determined to make her feel as guilty as possible. “No.” She answered calmly. “Since when have I been interested in your social life, Malfoy?”

I didn’t know whether to believe her or not. Everyone cared about my social life. It was the main source of gossip circulated in the otherwise boring Hogwarts castle. Hey, at least she wasn’t ignoring me like before.

Rose set off at her usual brisk pace and pulled her wand out. She was obviously took this whole ‘prefect’ thing very seriously. I, on the other hand, often failed to remember that I was even wearing the stupid badge.

“Well, he was bloody furious at me.” I said, struggling to keep up with her. “He was on the brink of cursing me out when your lovely cousin Dom literally saved my life.”

Rose’s face contorted into a grim expression. “I’m going to ask you something, and I want you to answer truthfully. Why are you dating her?”

“Well, she’s hot for one. And she’s a lovely person. Why? Are you jealous?”

“Of course not! I know you’re up to something, Malfoy! You’re using Dom.”

“Using her?”

How did this girl see through me so quickly?!

“I’m not using her!”

Rose sped up until I was literally jogging beside her. “Why would you randomly dump Mary Claire and just so happen to ask Dom out the next day?”

“Mary Claire was getting on my nerves. And why do you care so much anyway?” I said in between sharp breaths. “Slow down!” “Why do I care so much?” Rose looked at me incredulously. “She’s my cousin!”

Great excuse.
“You’re a bloody git, Malfoy. I swear, if you break her heart, I’ll make you regret it for the rest of your life.”

“What are you going to do?” I smirked. “Lecture me to death by reciting passages of Hogwarts, A History?”

After that, she disregarded me for the rest of the patrol and didn’t even retort back when I resorted to attacking her with my classical Weasley jokes. Well, at least I didn’t die of boredom like last time. We caught two Hufflepuff sixth years talking behind a suit of armor on the second floor. I wanted to eavesdrop, but Rose promptly dragged the poor, horrified students out and treated them to one of her agonizingly long discourses of ‘obeying the rules’.

I returned to the Slytherin common room feeling exhausted and agitated. Rose had given me the silent treatment yet again. I supposed she was still angry about the whole dueling incident from yesterday. But I was the one who should be angry, not her! She’s not the one missing massively important Quidditch tryouts.

Rose does like me,
I thought as I tossed and turned in my bed, she’s merely another one of the pathetic, desperate women vying for my affection. She’s just odd and stubborn and trying to get my attention by playing hard to get.

And, I realized, its working.

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