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Not According to Plan by 9876grpc

Format: Novel
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 76,993
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 06/18/2011
Last Chapter: 07/01/2012
Last Updated: 07/01/2012


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Everything was as it should be in Harry Potter's life.  He had three teenagers all attending Hogwarts and a wonderful wife.  During Christmas break his daughter Lily comes home and it is clear that something is very wrong.  What happens when life doesn't go according to plan?  

Lily/Scorpius and Harry/Hermione


Chapter 17: The Aftermath

I do not own Harry Potter.

Lily was positive she had never felt so awful in her life.  She used up all her energy fighting with Scorpius and her family to let her pay Jamie back, but now that she was standing here with her Dad’s wand in hand, she was pretty sure she didn’t have the energy to cast the spells she wanted.  After a minute she looked up at Rodolphus who was basically holding her up and he seemed to understand.

“Here, let me help you, OK?” asked Rodolphus

Lily nodded gratefully with a few tears falling down her face

He took Harry’s wand out of her left hand and turned his head to the back of the room saying, “Someone take this.”

James stepped forward and took the wand, obviously confused, but he remained silent, and watched.

“Now, Lily, put your hand in front of mine on my wand.” Said Rodolphus

She nodded and took her right arm from around Rodolphus and swayed a little.  James who was still nearby moved to her left and put his right arm around her waist, holding her up. Now she was sandwiched between Rodolphus who had his left arm around her shoulders and James on her left.  She reached tentatively forward and put her hand over Rodolphus’ but slightly forward so she was also touching his wand.

“Good.  Now, just tell me what spell you want to do and we’ll do it together, but the wand will use mostly my magic so you’ll be able to cast what you want to.” Said Rodolphus.

“OK...” replied Lily and then she thought for a minute before she whispered in his ear the spell she wanted to do.

He nodded and pointed his wand at Jamie first un-silencing him, then he cast silently so no one knew what was coming…

The effects were instantaneous.

“Bloody hell.” Whispered James

Lily whispered again to Rodolphus and he nodded, then pointed and cast silently again.

This spell was the fire one that Scorpius knew Lily had been practicing, but there were two distinct fire animals; one was Lily’s Lioness and the other was a Dragon.

James was having a hard time watching but he wasn’t going to tell Lily to stop.  He had no idea what she had been through today, so he was going to let her continue until she was finished.

When she finally stopped she turned back to Rodolphus and said, “I really don’t feel well...”

“Lily, why don’t you let us take you to the hospital now,” asked Scorpius gently?

She looked back at him with tears in her eyes and nodded saying, “Let me do just one more spell.”

She whispered the last spell to Rodolphus, who looked taken aback but nodded anyway.  It took him a minute before he raised his wand with Lily and pointed it at Jamie, again casting silently.

“OK, I’m done now.” Said Lily turning towards the door, waiting for Rodolphus to help her.  After a minute of shock he turned and helped her walk out, leaving a stunned Scorpius, James and Al still staring at Jamie.

When they walked down the hallway into the room that Jamie started his torture of her, she started sobbing and turned into Rodolphus, burying her head in his chest.  Harry was nearby and heard her, so he came running in with Hermione and Draco, who were the only ones that stayed behind. 

“She needs to get to a hospital,” said Rodolphus over Lily’s head.

Everyone nodded.

“Harry, I need to get some of Jamie’s blood, I’ll be right back.” Said Hermione walking towards the bedroom.

“What?” said Harry completely confused, watching her go.  He turned to Draco and asked, “Will you take Lily out of here?  I’ll be right back and then we can all go to the hospital with her.”

Draco said, “Sure. Come on Lily, let’s get out of this room,” and he started to help move her along with Rodolphus.

Harry grabbed the bloody dagger off the floor then quickly went into the bedroom and said, “Hermione, what the hell are you doing?  Why do you need his blood?”

Hermione was pulling a couple of vials out of her medical bag and then she turned to Harry and said, “I spent months researching spells after the war was over to try and get rid of this marking from Bellatrix,” she paused to pull up her sleeve to show that ‘Mudblood’ was still etched in her skin, “Anyway, I finally found one but it requires the blood of the person that marked you.  It obviously wasn’t any help for me, but it will help Lily.  This way she won’t have that bastards name etched on her for life.”

Harry nodded and made his way over to her, grabbing her arm and tenderly kissing the ‘Mudblood’, then he said, “I’m sorry, Hermione.”

“Harry, you didn’t do anything.  Now, help me get some blood from him.” Replied Hermione

They both turned and realized the three boys were standing in front of Jamie staring at him.

“Boys, what are you doing?  Why aren’t you with Lily?” snapped Harry

They slowly moved apart so that Harry and Hermione could see Jamie.  Harry stopped dead in his tracks but Hermione didn’t even pause.  She walked over to Jamie, took in his state then said, “Harry, I don’t think I’ll need your help.”

When she was done, she said, “Harry, can you hold these for a second for me?”

He nodded and walked over and took the vials from her, then handed them back to James.  He had the dagger in his hand still.

Hermione then grabbed the vials from James and said, “Come on boys, let’s get Lily to the hospital.”

They all nodded and followed her out of the room.  Al paused to look back at his father, who was standing in front of Jamie with just the dagger in his hand.  Harry started to speak to Jamie…

“You fucking bastard.  How dare you touch my daughter!  If Lily hadn’t already tortured you, I would have done it myself.  I have never in my entire life seen such filth!  Take a good look in my eyes, McClaggen, take a good look at the wizard who’s going to end your life.” Harry was radiating power and anger.

Jamie started pleading, “No, Please, I’m sorry!”

Harry surged forward and strangled Jamie yelling, “SHUT UP! You’re not sorry!  You raped my daughter months ago and you did it again today!”

Harry then he spit in Jamie’s face and when Jamie started to plead again, he reacted quickly.  He stepped back and watched Jamie cough and splutter until he took his last breath. 

Harry dropped the dagger and it clattered to the floor noisily.  He stood for a minute, gathering his composure, before turning to leave.  He came face to face with Al, who had stayed with Harry, unbeknownst to him.

“Ready?” asked Al unphased by what he had just seen.

“Yeah, Al.  Let’s get your sister to the hospital.” Replied Harry walking out.

Harry had picked Lily up and was holding her in his arms, and she had her head resting on his shoulder as Hermione activated the emergency portkey to take them to St. Mungo’s.   They all touched it and landed in the middle of the emergency room and chaos ensued.  Harry looked around and saw a sea of red heads…Kingsley must have told everyone they found Lily and she would need to go to the hospital.  Harry quickly followed Hermione and several healers into a room and tried to put Lily down on the bed, but she tightened her grip around his neck. Confused, he looked down to see Lily in tears; she was terrified…

He raised his voice over everyone else’s and said, “Stop!”

Everyone stopped with the sudden command and looked at him like he was crazy.  “There’s too many of you in here and it’s too noisy...You’re scaring her!”

They looked appropriately ashamed and Hermione started ushering people out of the room and after a minute closed it, leaving three healers, plus herself, James, Al and Scorpius in the room with Harry and Lily. 

“Is that better Pumpkin?” asked Harry softly

She nodded but was still burrowed in Harry’s arms.

“Lily, can I put you down on the bed now?”

She shook her head no but Harry continued, “I promise I won’t leave your side, I’ll stay with you the whole time and hold your hand, OK?”

She looked up at him still crying but slowly nodded.

He slowly placed her on the bed but when he started to move away she seemed to panic and hung on to him tightly.  “Shhh, it’s alright, pumpkin, I’m not going anywhere.  I’m just going to sit on the chair right next to the bed.  Here, give me you hand,” said Harry and when she gave him her hand and squeezed it and continued, “I’m not going to let go, I’m just going to move to the chair, I promise, Lily.”  She sniffled but released him so that he could move.  Once he was settled he pulled his chair as close as it would go and kissed her forehead, whispering words of reassurance to her.

Hermione briefly spoke with the other healers and they came up with a plan.  After a minute she moved closer to the bed and spoke softly, “Lily, right now we’re going to do some diagnostic spells, but we’re not going to touch you.  We’re just going to walk around the bed and cast spells to see what needs to be looked at.  Is that alright?”

Lily nodded and squeezed Harry’s hand in response.  She put her head down on the pillow and was slightly on her side facing Harry.  He continued to whisper to her the entire time they walked around her casting spells.  After about 15 minutes, they discussed their findings with each other and came up with a plan.

Hermione came back over to the bed and spoke again, “Lily, there’s been a lot of damage done to your body and we’ll need to touch you to heal most of it.  Do you think you can handle that?”

Lily tensed up and said, “Where?”

“Lily, do you mind if I sit on the edge of the bed?” asked Hermione


Hermione sat down and spoke softly saying, “Lily, I wish I could start small and just heal lacerations and we could work our way up to an internal exam, but unfortunately, we don’t have time to do that.  It appears there are internal injuries that are quite serious and I need to do a pelvic exam to see the extent and figure out how to repair the damage.  We’re also not able to detect any movement from the babies and we need to get a closer look with an ultrasound machine.  I don’t want to stress you out, I know that you’ve been through a terrible ordeal but there’s no other way to do this.”

Lily turned further on her side and buried her face in her Dad’s shoulder and cried for several minutes.  When she finally pulled back she nodded.

“We’ll start with the ultrasound and see how you do.  If it’s too much let me know and we can talk about maybe using a sleeping draught or some calming potions.  I’m just going to get what I need, I’ll be right back.” Said Hermione gently.  She got up and left the room with two of the healers following her and shut the door behind them.  When she saw Kingsley waiting down the hall, she sent the other healers to collect the equipment and supplies they needed and quickly made her way to him…

“Kingsley, I need you to do a few things for us.  Lily needs a muggle OB/GYN specialist, and we don’t just need any OB/GYN, we need the best there is, and we need them now!” barked Hermione then she continued, “I also need to know what drugs Lily was given.  Can you send someone back to collect all the potions and muggle drugs she was given and bring them to me?”

“Of course, Hermione.  How much time do I have?” asked Kingsley

“Now that she’s safe, she’s going to go into shock soon.  I’d say maybe a half an hour, tops.” Replied Hermione gravely

Kingsley blanched but nodded and turned to give instructions to the group of Aurors that had come to the hospital to support Harry.  When he finished he decided that he was going to use his position to get that specialist Lily needed. 

Kingsley flooed to the Ministry and quickly made his way to his office and requested an emergency meeting with the Prime Minister.  Five minutes later he was standing in the Prime Minister’s house.  After explaining the circumstances of what happened to Lily, he explained how she was the daughter of Harry Potter.  He began to explain who Harry was but the Prime Minister cut him off and said, “There’s no need to say anymore Kingsley, I’m well aware of how important Mr. Potter is to both our worlds.  Give me a minute to find the right person.” And then he made some phone calls…

Fifteen minutes later, Kingsley was on his way to pick up the specialist.  He had made a temporary floo passage to the Doctors home and now they were flooing to St. Mungo’s.  He certainly hoped this would help…

Harry was doing his best to keep Lily calm as everyone ran around trying to get what Hermione was asking for.  He kept whispering soothing words to her, kissing her forehead, and playing with her hair.  She was currently crying into his shoulder, as she seemed to have realized that she was safe now.  Her emotions were overwhelming, the floodgates had seemingly opened now and she was just trying to keep breathing. 

Someone brought some extra chairs in and James sat next to Harry while Scorpius and Al sat on Lily’s other side.  They were all close to the top of the bed so they wouldn’t be in the way. 

Al was having a hard time keeping his own emotions in check.  His sister was a mess and he felt completely helpless.  He kept angrily wiping traitorous tears off his face.

Scorpius was absolutely terrified.  He had seen Lily survive her first attack but this… what was done to her today was unspeakably evil.  He kept telling himself that she could survive this but he knew without a doubt that she would never be the same.

James was numb.  He had never seen such horrifying things, never even imagined that things like this happened in the world.  He grew up so sheltered from evil, as his father made sure they had a happy childhood.  A career in professional Quidditch didn’t exactly show him the realities of the world either.   This was an eye opening experience and he was revolted by what happened to his baby sister. Sickened and appalled that people so intrinsically evil existed at all.

There was a commotion outside and they all heard Ginny yelling, trying to get in.  Harry quietly asked Lily, “Would you like me to bring your mother in?”

She shook her head no, surprising Harry, “Are you sure?”

“I can’t right now…I just…need to find out about my babies first,” stammered Lily, then she hiccupped and continued barely coherent, “the whole time…I kept thinking…he couldn’t find out…he couldn’t know I was pregnant…and I kept checking to see…if…if I could feel them…and I did in the beginning…but…after a while…I…I COULDN’T!” Lily was fully sobbing now and she was clutching to Harry tightly, gasping for air.

She was breaking his heart.  There was simply no other way to describe it.  He closed his eyes and tried to compose himself, feeling the tears fall down his cheeks.  He kept thinking over and over again, “Merlin, God, Dumbledore, Sirius, his parents; WHOEVER, someone please help his daughter get through this!”

The doors opened and they were wheeling in an ultrasound machine, with Hermione, Kingsley and someone he didn’t know coming in behind it.  Hermione came straight to the bed with Kingsley and the other person just behind her.

“Lily, sweetheart, this is Dr. Devans.  She’s a doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.  She’s going to help me take care of you and your babies.” Said Hermione introducing the tall blonde woman behind her.

Dr. Devans stepped just a little closer and spoke very gently, “Hi Lily.  I understand you’ve been through quite an ordeal today.  I’m going to do everything I can to help you and your babies, but I need you to tell me if you’re uncomfortable when I’m doing something, do you think you can do that for me?”

Lily wiped the tears off her face and nodded saying, “yeah, I can do that.”

“Good.  Now, I need you tell me how you feel right now. I’m going to ask you a few questions while they set the ultrasound up, OK?”

Again Lily nodded so Dr. Devans began asking questions rapidly …

“Do you feel nauseous?”

“Are you cold?”

“Are you sweating?”

“Are you dizzy?”

“Do you have a headache?”

“Are you cramping?”

And on and on it went with Dr. Devans only leaving enough time for Lily to answer yes or no.  Once the ultrasound was ready to go, Hermione stepped forward and said softly, “Lily, we’re going to have to touch you now.  I need to raise your shirt to expose your abdomen, but I will cover your lower half with a sheet first.  Is it alright if I do this now, or would you like to do it?”

“I…I’ll do it.” Said Lily quietly

Hermione nodded and handed her the sheet to cover herself with.  She moved gingerly and groaned in pain.  When she felt covered, she laid back and started to raise her shirt carefully.  It was stuck in some places where the blood had dried, making it painful.  When she was finished, there was a long silence while everyone regained their composure from seeing ‘JAMIE’ carved deeply into her abdomen.  There was blood smeared all over her as well.  Lily instinctively grabbed her Dad’s hand on her right and Scorpius’ hand on her left, squeezing her eyes shut to try and stop the tears. 

“Alright Lily, I’m going to put the ultrasound probe on your belly now and see what’s going on with the babies, are you ready?” asked Dr. Devans

Lily kept her eyes closed and nodded.  She felt the probe placed on her stomach and flinched instinctively, which caused her to start crying again.  It took her a minute to pull herself together again and when she opened her eyes, she saw that everyone was looking at the screen.  The doctor was moving the probe around obviously checking certain things on the babies but after five minutes Lily could stand the wait anymore and choked out, “Are my babies still alive?”

Harry and Scorpius squeezed her hands while they waited for the doctor to respond.  She turned her attention to Lily and said, “They both have heartbeats but they’re very slow and they are not moving around at all.  We’re going to have to watch them closely and we need to figure out what you were given and the effects they have on the babies. When was the last time you felt them moving?”

Lily sniffled and replied, “I could still feel them when I was … chained down…but… once I was moved…and…drugged…I couldn’t feel them anymore.  I don’t really know time wise when that was.  I know I spent most of the time in the first room…long enough for him to do this…and…and” Lily took a deep breath and continued, “long enough for him to …rape me… eight times.” Lily was fully sobbing now.

Harry gave Lily a minute to calm down before he took over for her. “She was taken around Noon today, and it took us eight hours to find her, then it took us another hour to get her here, so I would estimate that she was moved from that room around 5PM.”

“Lily, I know this is very difficult for you, but when you were first moved, were you drugged right away?” asked Dr. Devans

“No…first he used the imperio curse on me… then when I kept fighting it…he used something to shock me.  It was one of those things that police have…”

“A taser?” asked Hermione horror-struck

“Yeah, that. After a while with that, he asked me to do something…and I wouldn’t.  He was so angry…and that’s when he drugged me,” finished Lily crying again.  She was getting quite worked up now and she screeched, “It’s my fault that… my babies…aren’t OK, isn’t it?”  She paused to catch her breath then wailed, “I shouldn’t have made him angry!”

Everyone was shocked and yelled out, “NO!”

Dr. Devans waited a minute then said, “Lily, nothing is your fault.  The babies are still alive.  I just don’t think enough time has passed for the effects of the drugs to dissipate.  Here, let me show you what I’m looking at,” she paused while she turned the screen a little and pointed at something, “that’s one of the babies hearts beating, do you see it moving?”

“Yeah…yeah, I do,” replied Lily quietly

“Good, now let’s see the other one… here,” she said pointing again, “this is the other babies heart, can you see it beating?”

“Yeah!” replied Lily more confidently

“Now, let’s focus on what’s happening right now.  Right now, these two babies have heartbeats, so just focus on that.  Not what happened earlier, not what’s going to happen tomorrow; just focus on what’s happening at this very moment.  Do you think you can do that for me Lily?” asked Dr. Devans in a soft, yet commanding tone.

Lily sniffled and was silent for a minute before she replied, “I’ll try.”

“Brilliant. Now that we know how the babies are doing we can focus on you.  I was told that you have a lot of injuries but I’m worried about how you’re going to handle being examined and treated.  There are two options and I’m going to let you decide which option you prefer, OK?” asked Dr. Devans


“I need to do a complete physical exam of you, including an internal exam, then I need to repair all the damage that’s been done.  Option 1 is to do this with you awake and give you an epidural.  Option 2 is to put you under general anesthesia so that you are asleep while I do everything.  Which would you prefer?”

“What does that mean?” asked Lily

Dr. Devans looked quite surprised but quickly answered, “Sorry, Lily.  An epidural is a continuous infusion that I place in between your spinal cord and it numbs the lower half of your body.  Many women use them during childbirth to relieve the pain.  General anesthesia puts you into a deep sleep and it can be given either by injection or a gas that you breathe in.”

“Are they safe for my babies?” asked Lily

“Yes, they are both safe for the babies.  The only difference is that with an epidural you will remain awake while with general anesthesia you will be asleep,” finished Dr. Devans.

“Can my Dad stay with me, either way?” asked Lily

Dr. Devans thought for a minute before replying, “Sure, we can arrange for that.”

“I…I think I’d rather be asleep.” Replied Lily

“I think that’s a good choice for you, Lily.  Let me get everything ready, but it won’t be a long wait.” Replied Dr. Devans, then she got up and started talking with Hermione about what she needed.

“How are you doing, Pumpkin?” asked Harry softly

“I’m cold and tired and everything hurts,” replied Lily quietly

Harry turned his head and spoke up, “Can we get some blankets?”

A minute later a healer brought over a couple blankets and went to put them on Lily but she panicked and scurried away from the healer.  Feeling horrible, the healer said, ‘I’m so sorry, sweetheart.  I’ll just place them on the end of the bed, and you can put them on yourself, alright?”

Lily nodded and wiped the tears off her face, sniffling and groaning at the same time from the sudden movement.  She then tried to reach the blanket but it was obviously painful for her to move, so Harry picked them up and handed them to her, helping her spread them out.  When they were both spread out she settled back down on the bed and turned towards Harry and started crying.

Harry brushed her head softly with his hand and said, “It’s alright, Lily.  You’re safe now.  I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

They stayed like this for several minutes until Lily had calmed down, then Harry looked up and said, “Someone should tell the rest of the family what’s going on.”

James stood up and said, “I’ll go,” and then he paused and asked, “Lily, do you want to see Mum now?”

“Ummmm, I guess, but just for a minute or two.” Said Lily hesitantly

“James, tell Kingsley that Ginny is only allowed in for a minute, ask him to escort her in, stay with her, then escort her out.” Added Harry.

James nodded in response and went to leave when Scorpius spoke up…

“Lily, do you mind if I go tell my Dad what is going on?” asked Scorpius

“No, you should tell him about the babies... promise, you’ll come back in?” asked Lily timidly

“I promise, Lily.” Replied Scorpius genuinely

Hermione came over after the boys left and gave them an update on what was happening, “I’m going to show Dr. Devans our surgical suite now and make sure we have everything she needs.  We’ve also called in several people that should be here shortly.  Lily, how are you feeling?”

“Not so great.” Replied Lily

“I know sweetheart, it won’t be much longer.  Are you in a lot of pain?” asked Hermione




“OK, let me see if we can give you something for the pain.” Replied Hermione then she turned and asked Dr. Devans something and they seemed to be discussing it for several minutes before they decided.  Hermione asked a healer for something then she walked back over to Lily and said, “I can give you something to dull the pain for now.  When you wake up you won’t feel any pain at all but for now, we still need you to be able to tell us if something really starts to hurt.”

Lily nodded and then a healer came over and handed her a potion to drink, which she did quickly.  She lay back down and closed her eyes, trying to get some rest.

Hermione squeezed Harry’s shoulder and then left the room with Dr. Devans.

A few minutes later, Kingsley entered the room with Ginny.  Lily had just fallen asleep so Harry motioned for them to be quiet.  Ginny came up and sat down in Scorpius’ empty seat and cried as silently as she could while looking at her daughter.  She reached out and brushed a piece of hair out of Lily’s face before anyone could stop her and Lily instantly bolted up and scurried away from her mother in a blind panic.  She looked absolutely terrified and Ginny gasped in surprise while Harry spoke soothingly to Lily, saying, “It’s OK, Lily, you’re safe now.  No one’s going to hurt you here, I promise.”

“Lily, sweetheart, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to scare you,” said Ginny all choked up.

She was currently sitting at the top of the bed with her knees brought up to her chest and her arms holding them close to her. It took Lily several minutes to calm down enough to realize where she was and who was with her.  When she did she turned towards Harry who was standing next to her at the top of the bed and buried her head in his chest and started crying in earnest. 

Al got up and left the room, he was having a hard time keeping his own emotions in check.  His sister couldn’t even feel the most basic and innocent of touches without being terrified.  It wasn’t until he was out in the waiting area, when Rose approached him, and wiped his tears away, that he realized he was crying. 

“That bad?” asked Rose quietly

Al just nodded, unable to trust his voice

“Oh Al,” sighed Rose bringing him in for a hug

They stayed like that for several minutes until they heard a commotion and turned to see the doctors wheel Lily on her bed, out of the room and down the hall.  He rushed to his Dad at the same time as James and Scorpius to find out what was going on, “Dad, what’s going on?”

“They’re taking Lily now to the operating room, they think it will take a few hours. Someone will come out regularly to let you know how everything is going but I’m staying with Lily,” Replied Harry while still walking with the group.

The three boys walked faster to say something to Lily…

“Love you, Lils,” said Al tenderly

“Everything’s going to be fine, Lily, don’t worry,” said James confidently

“I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise,” said Scorpius genuinely

She smiled faintly and nodded at all of them.

The boys dropped back; they could hear Ginny crying in the background, and there was a lot of movement going on around them, but they stayed completely still watching Lily until she was out of sight.

Harry was ushered into another room to change and wash up before he could enter the operating room.  Once finished he was brought to a seat by Lily’s head and she grabbed his hand gratefully.  The room was filled with activity and it was quite overwhelming.  He smiled reassuringly at Lily and then someone approached them and introduced themselves as the anesthesiologist and told them they were going to start in a few minutes.  Lily nodded reluctantly and closed her eyes trying to stem the tears and Harry squeezed her hand supportively.  Once Lily was out, they put up something up so that Harry couldn’t see Lily’s body, just her head and the equipment behind the anesthesiologist. 

Over the next few hours, Harry stayed quiet, thinking about how he was going to help his daughter heal from the nightmare she had been through.  He was fairly certain he wasn’t going to send her back to school.  He thought she should spend some time at home, and he was also going to call the healers and muggle specialists that have worked with her and see what they thought could be done for her to help her mentally.  Hermione, who was standing next to him trying to get his attention, brought him out of his thoughts…


“Sorry, Hermione.  What did you say?”

“I said that I finished healing the wound on her stomach.  The potion worked really well and in a few days you won’t be able to see anything.” Replied Hermione

“That’s great, Hermione.  Thank you.” Said Harry quietly

Hermione took a deep breath then said, “Harry, Dr. Devans has run into some issues. The damage is much more severe than we anticipated to Lily’s cervix. She’s doing everything she can but there’s the possibility that Lily won’t be capable of carrying these babies to term.”

Harry closed his eyes upon hearing this and Hermione squeezed his shoulder in support.  He opened his eyes and asked, “What’s the earliest she could deliver them?”

“The earlier they are delivered the less chance they have of survival.  If there was just one baby, I would say six to seven months and there would be a good chance of survival.  But it’s two babies, which means they will be smaller, so they will need a little longer.  If she delivers at seven months they will only have a fair chance of survival.  We really need her to stay pregnant as long as possible for the babies to survive.  She’s most likely going to need to be on bed rest for a while.” Replied Hermione

Harry nodded, unable to really speak.  After all this, it was still possible months from now that Lily would lose her babies…and that was just a little too much for Harry to process right now.

Hermione knew he was overwhelmed so she continued, “I’m going to take this screen down now Harry.  There are some wounds on her chest and arms that I want to treat.  You won’t be able to see what Dr. Devans is doing because she has a screen set up as well.  I’ll let you know when to close your eyes, OK?”

Harry nodded and moved his chair back a little and watched Hermione find and treat so many wounds.  He turned around when she treated Lily’s breasts.  He felt sick every time Hermione found another wound.  They were so many and he couldn’t imagine the strength Lily must have needed to survive all of this.  Harry gently brushed Lily’s hair out of her face while Dr. Devans and Hermione discussed healing time.  Hermione then moved to do some work with Dr. Devans leaving Harry alone again.  An hour later they were just about done when Hermione said, “we should roll her to see if she has any wounds on her back before we wake her up.”

Everyone agreed and they gently rolled Lily on her side to see the state of her back.  Several people gasped, which instantly let Harry know there were many wounds.  Harry closed his eyes to try and hold back the tears but they were still streaming down his face.  He got up trying desperately to control himself but he was quickly losing his composure.  Hermione noticed and said, “Harry, it’s OK if you want to step outside the room for a few minutes, can someone escort him out, please?”

Someone approached Harry and gently led him out of the OR and he walked down the hallway a little bit before he leaned his back against a wall and slid to the floor sobbing uncontrollably.

James had seen his Dad walking down the hallway and was shocked to see him slide to the floor sobbing.  He looked around and the healers guarding the doorway were distracted so he quickly disillusioned himself and went through the doors approaching his Dad.  When he got to him, he canceled the charm and sat down next to him asking quietly, “Dad, is Lily OK?”

Harry jumped slightly, not having realized anyone was with him.  He looked bleary eyed at James and nodded, placing his head back against the wall and closing his eyes again.

“Why are you crying?” asked James confused

Harry took a minute to compose himself and spoke quietly, “I’ve never seen anyone in such a state James.  All my years as an Auror, the war, even the things Voldemort and his death eaters did…they just don’t compare to what Lily’s been through.  She was covered in wounds.  They thought they were done and just wanted to double check her back and there were so many…I don’t understand how someone could do this to her.  I don’t understand how she survived and I don’t know how she’s going to move on from this.  She was obviously tortured …and in so many different ways.  I fought so hard for everyone to get rid of Voldemort… I tried so hard to keep all of you safe and give you a happy childhood.  I just feel like I failed Lily.”

“You’re not the only one that feels that way Dad.  I mean I was friends with the scumbag while he was stalking my little sister.  I was downstairs when he hit her in my own house.  She was raped at school and neither Al nor I even noticed.   I don’t think Al or I will ever forgive ourselves.” Replied James hauntingly

Harry turned to James and put his arm around James’ shoulder and brought him closer, looking him straight in the eye and said fiercely, “James, none of this is your fault.  Don’t you dare blame yourselves for this! Do you understand me?”

James started to tear up and quickly turned his head away from his Dad for a minute, then said quietly, “It sure feels like it… I’m her big brother, I’m supposed to look out for her.”

“I know James, we all were.  But we did the best we could.  We had no way of knowing this monster was stalking her.  Lily’s always been a very private person and I think we just expected her to let us know if something was ever wrong but we were mistaken.  All we can do now is support her, help her however she will let us and let her know that we are here.” Harry then squeezed James’ shoulder before removing his arm and they both sat in silence for a few minutes until a healer approached…

“Mr. Potter, they’re finishing up now and Dr. Devans and Healer Granger will be out shortly to update you.”

Harry nodded and the healer smiled sympathetically at him before turning and heading back to the OR.

“Dad, do you want me to tell everyone what’s going on or get them?” asked James

“No, not yet.  Let’s wait and see what they have to say.  When Lily comes out, I’m going to go with her… Would you mind telling everyone then? Asked Harry tiredly

“Of course not, Dad.”

They sat in silence for a while when Harry finally asked, “How is everyone doing?”

James sighed and said, “Mum’s a mess, but Al’s been taking care of her.  I think it’s keeping his mind off of Lily.  Scorpius hasn’t sat down for more than five minutes the entire day; he just keeps pacing and pulling at his hair.  His Dad tried to settle him down a few times but eventually gave up.  Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t really handle any of this, so Uncle Ron brought them home and has been coming every hour to get updates.  Rose and Hugo have been sleeping off and on in the waiting room. Most of the others have gone home and said they would be back in the morning to see how Lily was.”

Harry nodded and leaned his head back against the wall closing his eyes briefly.  A few minutes later he heard the OR doors open and turned to see Hermione and Dr. Devans coming out.  He and James stood waiting anxiously to hear about Lily.

When they reach Harry and James they both smiled and Dr. Devans said, “Mr. Potter, we’ve finished, at least for now, and I’m pleased with what we’ve accomplished.  I was concerned in the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to repair Lily’s cervix but with Healer Granger’s help and a little creativity we were able to repair the majority of the damage.  I placed something called a cervical cap on Lily’s cervix that will prevent her cervix from dilating.  This will help prevent premature labor to a certain extent.  I also repaired her birth canal and the numerous tears she had.”

Hermione then took over saying, “We healed the majority of the wounds on her body, save a few that were quite severe and still need some time to heal.  As you know, there were wounds to every part of her body. As I said, the potion I made helped heal the carving on her stomach and should be completely gone in a few days.”

Dr. Devans then added, “Lily’s going to be in a lot of pain over the next few days and we will need to perform several internal exams to check on her healing.  Our plan is to keep her heavily sedated, so that she does not feel the pain and won’t be stressed about all the exams.  After three or four days, we can back off the sedation and see how she does.  Depending on her healing, we can discuss whether or not she will need to stay on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I’m going to go get her and the babies monitoring set up, so I’ll talk with you more after that.”

“Thank you so much, Dr. Devans.  You have no idea how grateful I am to you for this.  From the very beginning my daughter has been adamant about having these babies and I truly believe the only reason she survived all of this was because of them.  Her will to live was much stronger than it would have been otherwise because she wanted her babies to live,” said Harry sincerely, holding out his hand

Dr. Devans smiled at him and grabbed his hand with both of hers and squeezed his hand reassuringly saying, “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that happens, Mr. Potter.”

Harry nodded, unable to say anything because he was so choked up.  Dr. Devans smiled once more and left them to go see to Lily.

Harry sighed then pulled Hermione into a hug, burying his head in her neck and his body began to shutter with sobs. 

James took this as his cue to leave and Hermione nodded at him.  She rubbed Harry’s back as she held him close and whispered soothing words in his ear.  They stayed like this for the next half an hour when Harry stopped crying.  He pulled away and wiped his face and said, “Thank you, Hermione.”

She smiled, kissed his cheek, and then said, “Anything for you, Harry.”

He smiled then leaned forward and tenderly kissed her.  After a few minutes they pulled apart grinning at each other.  Harry grabbed Hermione’s hand and squeezed it while she led the way to Lily’s room.