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Secrets Well Kept by Weasleynumber8

Format: Novel
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 71,101
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC

First Published: 01/22/2009
Last Chapter: 10/27/2012
Last Updated: 10/27/2012

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Sometimes two people meet and they just click. Rose and Scorpius were two of those people. They were soul mates, meant to be, destined. Now, if only everyone else would accept it…  That seemed possible. NOT.  

Hint: That’s when the secrets start coming into play. Six</

Chapter 18: Preparations

 Chapter 18: Preparations


“If you think that I’m getting out of bed, you’re crazy,” Rose mumbled, annoyed at the world.

“It is… time… to get up now,” Her alarm clock repeated, and then started nudging her on the side of her head for good measure.

Die, you useless piece of machinery,” Rose yelled, her eyes stubbornly remaining shut.

“It is… time… to get UP now,” The little bastard was getting more persistent with its nudging.

“I will end you, you worthless piece of—“

“It’s time to get up now! It’s time to get up now! It’s time to get up now!”

Diffindo!” Rose opened her eye a crack so that she could watch the horrid invention burst into a million glorious pieces.

The spell was just absorbed. In fact, it made the wailing of the alarm clock even worse, “IT’S TIME TO GET UP!  IT’S TIME TO GET UP!  IT’S TIME TO GET UP!  IT’S TIME TO GET UP!”

“ALRIGHT! Alright, I’m getting up!”

Rose really hated her mother at that moment. True malevolent detestation ran through her veins for the woman who thought that it would be a good idea to give Rose that clock. As a birthday gift no less!

She demanded a new mother! Or at least a clock that wasn’t charmed to prevent itself from being blown up!

Still internally ranting to herself, Rose made her way to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She really didn’t want this day to begin.

For the past week, Rose had been able to successfully avoid Scorpius. Unfortunately, today was the day that it all ended because today they had Potions together.

Dread didn’t even begin to cover what Rose was feeling at that moment. Of course, dread was only one of the thirty different emotions that were currently swirling within Rose, so how could it possibly describe how she was feeling?

Let’s see… There was guilt. Certainly guilt. She made out with someone who most certainly was not Dan, and therefore she felt like the biggest bitch to ever walk the earth. Then, of course, there was confusion. Lots of confusion, that was for sure. What was she to do now? Keep treating Scorpius as a friend, date him, avoid him, what? And then, worst of all, was the terrible feeling of realization.

Rose wasn’t 100% sure, but she thought that she might have… ugh… feelings… for Scorpius. And not friendly feelings either. No, most certainly not friendly feelings at all. Of course, he was still her best friend, and he still made her laugh and she could still confide in him about anything (well, almost anything,) but now he made her feel all… tingly and fluttery and shit.

Rose looked heavenward. Lord help her, she was losing her mind. No, correction. Her mind was perfectly sound. It was her stupid hormones that she had a problem with. Die, hormones, die!

And that wasn’t the worst of it either. With that one realization came other realizations, worse realizations. Like, for instance, the fact that she may have felt this way for quite a bit longer than a week. And also, if she had been having these feelings for a while, then maybe Scorpius had been having these feelings for a while as well. He certainly did seem to be acting differently towards her as he was putting his hand up her shirt the other night. And if both of them liked each other in that way, then maybe all that friendly banter that they had been throwing around recently was not, in actuality, banter, but actual flirting.

Which made her an even bigger bitch than she had originally thought, because it was one thing to accidentally kiss another guy behind your boyfriend’s back, but it was another thing entirely to flirt with another guy and then subconsciously plan on kissing him behind your boyfriends back!

Rose took a calming breath. She was rambling.

And she hadn’t even begun to think of the worse realization of all: she, Rose Weasley, the girl who had been dating the same guy for a year and still had not slept with him, did not want Scorpius to stop that night. Rose would have liked to think that she would have put an end to it eventually, but the fact remained that she had never felt that way before. For a brief moment there, she didn’t have any control over her actions. If Rose was honest with herself she could admit that, if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she probably would not have objected if Scorpius had decided to push things farther. Hell, she probably would have encouraged it!

There was something so fucked up about this situation that Rose was starting to go cross-eyed from simply listing the number of things that were going wrong. She needed to stop thinking about it, or she would go insane.

With a half-hearted flip of her hair, Rose left the bathroom to change into her school uniform. She was just tying up her tie when Dom came flouncing into the room.

“Rose, you need to go downstairs and talk some sense into James,” She demanded immediately, “You’re the only one that he’ll listen to.”

Rose looked at her like she was crazy, “Since when does James listen to anything that I say?”

“Last May! Remember? You told him that he was being an immature sod and to shut up. And he did! That’s a far better track record than any of us, so you’re the one that needs to talk to him. Right now.”

If Dom thought that little memory was going to prompt Rose to do battle against the force of nature that was James Potter, then she had another thing coming. Rose had too much going on in her life as it was, “What did he do know?”

“He wants,” Dom huffed in annoyance, “To have a live band at his party on Saturday night.”

Oh dear, James really was an idiot sometimes.

“Is this the same party that we are illegally throwing in the common room?”

“The very same.”

James’s birthday was coming up and, since it was his last year and everything, he decided to celebrate it like any other true Hogwarts legend: he was going to throw the biggest party of the year—a party that would most certainly end in his immediate expulsion. Some people would take precautions to make sure that the latter event would not occur, but not James. No, he instead decided to go completely off the deep end with every single aspect.

“Ok, so we might need to stop him on that one.”

Dom rolled her eyes, clearly impatient with how slow Rose’s mind was working that day, “You think?”

Rose did not appreciate the sarcasm, “Fine,” She snapped, “I’ll talk to him about it. But I want all of you to back me up.”

Dom only received a gulp and a grave nod in return. Rose was going to take that as a yes.

“Alright James,” Rose said in her best Prefect voice as she sat down at the breakfast table, “We all need to have a little chat about this ‘live band’ situation.”

James shot an accusing look around the table, “Hey! Who told Mama Rose about my plans?!”

Rose rolled her eyes, “James. Be serious. We need to discuss this.”

“I feel so betrayed…” James muttered sadly. Rose frowned. She didn’t know that she was seen as such a damper... But then she shook it off and continued with her mission.

“It’s not just me who’s thinking it,” She turned to glare at Dom, who was at that moment cowering behind Jack, before she continued, “You’re going to get everyone involved with this party expelled if you don’t slow down on these big plans of yours.”

James looked around accusingly, and then growled, “Do you agree with this?” For such a light-hearted jokester, the boy could really be intimidating when he needed to be.

Nobody answered.

Cowardly bastards, Rose thought mutinously, And they call themselves Gryffindors.

Yes, it is,” Rose continued firmly, even though everyone seemed more interested in their plates than the conversation.

James glared impetuously at Rose, while she glared impetuously right back. In all honesty, she was in a surly mood, so she welcomed the opportunity. In fact, she could do this all day. James, however, could not be surly for more than ten seconds at a time, so he broke first. “Fine,” he sighed, defeated.

Everyone started to shout with glee before James’s glare cut them short.

Dom, who was putting on a fake attack of coughing to cover up her victory cry, spoke next, “Well, I’m glad that’s settled. I was behind you the whole time Rosey.”

Die Dominique Weasley, die.

“So, who’s invited to this shindig anyways?” Al asked between bites of toast.

“Oh, pretty much everyone who’s old enough,” James muttered. He had suddenly become engrossed in his bacon and eggs, and didn’t look that interested in conversing anymore.

“Not the Slytherins surely,” Albus kind of laughed/said, as if it was a light-hearted joke to even think about such a thing.

James just shrugged, “Sure, if they want to come.”

Rose could have sworn that James just said that he wanted to become a professional ballet dancer, if the looks that he was receiving were any indication.

“Waaait, back up, back up! We’re inviting Slytherins? Into the Gryffindor Common room? That’s practically sacrilege!” Al exclaimed, clearly shocked.

Again, James shrugged, “Lena has a few friends in the house. I told her that she could bring them along. I can’t just go inviting a few people without inviting everyone, now can I?”

Al’s face was positively indignant. It was clear that Lena had now topped his “People I hate and want to die in a pit of fire” list. Rose’s assumption was made clear when Al muttered, “Figures that she would be friends with Slytherins.”

James was not the type to get angry. Nor was he really the type that paid enough attention to get angry. Rose was half convinced that he didn’t listen to anything that anyone ever said to him, in fact. So no one was really expecting him to say this: “Al, could you do everyone a huge favor and just shut the fuck up about Slytherins.”

Everyone just kind of froze, unsure of what to do. Al was the first to slowly respond, “Er… What did you just say to me?”

James looked hard at his plate and spoke softly, “I’m saying that you need to stop talking about things that you know nothing about. You don’t know any of the Slytherins, so stop being so judgmental all the time.”

It was the calmest voice that Rose had ever heard him use.

Oh Merlin, Rose knew what this was. James was… maturing!


Al just kind of open and closed his mouth, unsure of how to respond to James’s strange behavior. Everyone else looked between them awkwardly. James just looked at his plate. And then, of course, things just got ten times more awkward when Lena arrived at the table.

“Hey James, I need to head to class. Want to walk me?” She asked, ignoring the rest of us.

James looked up for the first time. “Yeah, sure,” he said. And then he just got up and left without saying another word to anyone. It was all very strange.

“I don’t like her,” Al growled, “She’s doing something to James.”

“You just don’t like her because she’s friends with some Slytherins,” Jack rolled his eyes.

And while Al vehemently denied that as the reason, they all knew that it was just a little bit true. What a positively criminal offense !

And speaking of positively criminal offenses and being friends with Slytherins, Rose was about to be all too invested in that subject.

Well. Rose really had no idea what to do about this situation.

That was all she could particularly say about her potions lesson with Scorpius.

Scorpius had a history of surprising her. Ever since he smiled at her in their first year he had proved himself to be a capricious little bugger on way more than one occasion. But she pretty much knew how this was going to go down beforehand. After all, she lived the whole situation last year when they kissed for the first time. Awkward side glances, avoiding touching at all costs, the works.

But ooohh no, Scorpius couldn’t just stick with tradition could he? No, he had to go and do this.

Now, what did he do, you ask? Nothing. He did absolutely nothing. He was acting like nothing happened!

“Rose, stop! You’ve stirred the potion way more than eight times!”

Rose looked down. Sure enough, the potion had surpassed its bright orange and became more of a murky brownish color, “Merlin, I’m so sorry!”

“Ugh, get out of the way, will you? Go chop the roots. Honestly, you’re doing terribly today,” Scorpius bit out as he took the spoon from her hand.

Was he annoyed with her? He was annoyed with her! What the hell was wrong with him? He was supposed to be feeling awkward and just a little bit lovesick, god-damn-it! That was how she had planned the day to go!

Feeling irritated herself, she hit his shoulder (hard) as she passed while spitting out, “Well, excuse me Mr. King of the Potions lab. I’m sorry that I’m not meeting the standards for your fine quality of work.”

He just looked at her, “There’s no need to be petty Rose, honestly.”

Rose’s mouth literally dropped open in rage.

 “And why are you looking at me like that?” Scorpius continued.

Rose snapped her mouth shut so hard that her teeth clicked, “Because you’re acting like a complete douche!”

“Why am I acting like a douche? You almost ruined the potion! If I had done that you would have had my bloody head!”

That was not the point and he knew it, but if he thought that she was going to respond to him he had another thing coming, “Just stir your bloody precious potion. I’ll handle the rest.”

And that was the last thing that they said to eachother until after Scorpius had corked a (little worse for wear) sample of the potion and handed it to Madame Valensky.

Rose, for her part, had spent the entire half hour bursting to just bloody ask him why he was acting so oddly (or, one could argue, normally,) so when he made to pack up his stuff she finally burst, “You know why you’re being a douche, Scorpius Malfoy!”

Scorpius closed the flap of his bag slowly before looking her up and down, “I don’t see why things are any different than last week when you yelled at me for not stirring the potion correctly.”

Rose glared for a second or two before answering reluctantly, “You know that isn’t true.”

Scorpius picked up his bag and put it on his shoulder, “No I don’t Rose. You see, for me nothing has changed.”

And with that little pearl of conversation, Scorpius left the room.

What the bleeding hell did that mean?

Well that felt good.

Scorpius entered the Slytherin Common Room without a thought to his surroundings and slumped into his favorite black-leather chair. He felt like he should celebrate in some way. That was the closest that he had ever come to telling Rose anything that even remotely resembled his real feelings! Sure, it was an ambiguous statement, and sure Rose just looked confused and pissed off, but he was going to take his victories where he could get them.

“Scorpius! SCORPIUS!” He was interrupted from his mental victory dance by a deep, yet feminine voice, which was quite close to his left ear.

“Hi Lena,” he said without even looking around. 

Lena Karovsky, followed by Scorpius’s best friend, Marlin, sat in the sofa across from him, “What’s up with you? We were yelling your name for the past three flights of stairs or so.”

“Quite loudly I might add,” Marlin, well, added, “Even started chucking stuff at you! Oh yeah, before I forget, you have chewing gum in your hair.”

Scorpius’s hand flew to his head and sure enough, gum. Glorious, sticky, disgusting gum.

Lena slapped Marlin playfully before whining, “You weren’t supposed to tell him that Marlin!”

“And to whom do I owe this wonderful addition to my appearance?” Scorpius asked, only to see his two friends pointing at each other accusingly.

“It was her!” Marlin yelled righteously.

Lena rolled her eyes and gave Scorpius one of her famous smoldering looks, “Now you wouldn’t believe that I would do that, would you Scorpius?”

At the look that had sent many a Hogwarts gentlemen to their knees, Scorpius just rolled his eyes, “Merlin Lena, now I’m going to have to look up a spell to get this out, exert my precious energy to perform the spell, I mean, it’s going to take AT LEAST two minutes out of my day… I think that I hate you a little bit right now.”

Lena sat back in a dignified pose and shot him a haughty look, “Quel horreur.”

“Yeah, that’s right, be scared. I can see it in your eyes.”

“Pish posh, Scorpius Malfoy,” She said haughtily, even though Scorpius could see Lena fighting off a smile. Scorpius really liked Lena. They were both pretty misunderstood, when push came to shove. Scorpius was always seen as a snobby death-eater’s son and Lena as a stuck-up whore. But really they were both two normal people who just wanted a good laugh. Many people didn’t know this, but Lena actually had a great sense of humor. She didn’t look it, but the girl could recount some of the crudest jokes that Scorpius had ever heard in his life. Lena was also phenomenal at impressions of people (her impression of Valensky could send a person to the floor) and her dry wit could (almost) match Scorpius’s own.

“So you never answered my question,” She asked, “What in the hell is the matter with you today? Or the past week, if we’re going to be completely honest with ourselves.”

Scorpius, in normal Scorpius fashion, dodged the question, “What are you even doing here? Shouldn’t you be in your own common room?”

Lena dismissed that with a wave, “You know that I detest the Ravenclaws. And they don’t like me either, as you well know. Stop avoiding my bloody questions.”

Another thing that he liked about Lena: she didn’t really like people. Sometimes, it was just refreshing to be around someone who got along with people worse than you did.

 “Sorry to disappoint, my dear, but consider yourself avoided.”

Marlin, upon hearing this, slung his arm around Lena with a pitying look on his face, “Poor, naive Lena. You’re not going to get anything out of Scorpious when he’s in one of these moods. He’s a veritable Gringott’s volt when it comes to his secrets.”

“We’ll see about that!” Lena said as she swatted his arm away, “Remember when we were eight and I got your mum to give me a list of all your Christmas presents? If I can do that, I can do anything.”

Lena and Marlin had lived next-door to each other since they were four years old. They were both only-children, so somewhere along the line they adopted each other as siblings. As a result, they had been practically inseparable for well over a decade. Lena was a year older in school, but ever since Scorpius became friends with Marlin she was always around. Always. Even that one time when he finished his shower and opened the door to find her sitting on the toilet.

Ah, and he had ALMOST blocked that out! Drat.

“Pshh discovering the identity of a few measly Christmas presents is child’s play when it comes to trying to break Scorpius! No pun intended,” Marlin said, and then collapsed into guffaws as he discovered his joke, “Get it? Child’s play? Christmas presents? Hahahaha.”

There was  a moment of silence while Scorpius and Lena looked at him in pity. Then Lena cracked her knuckles, “Well, we shall see about that.”

Lena might have continued her (fruitless) investigation, but a bubbly voice put an end to it, “Hellooo dear friends of mine!”

Scorpius watched as the very blond, very beautiful Sadie Perkins flounced over and squashed herself in between Marlin and the couch’s arm. She made sure to smooth her green and silver tie over her voluminous chest and give her hair a flip before she continued, “What’s up?”

Sadie Perkins… How to describe Sadie Perkins? She was smart, yet incredibly flighty. She was without a doubt one of the biggest slags in Hogwarts, yet she was a fiercely loyal and caring friend. She was Lena’s best friend. But most importantly, she was the girl that Marlin was (unfortunately, in Scorpius’s opinion) head-over-heels in love with.

One thing was certain: Sadie Perkins did not have staying power when it came to men. Her attention span extended to no more than two weeks. But she also really liked being in relationships. This resulted in quite possibly the longest list of past exes that Scorpius had ever encountered. And that was coming from him. Literally, he once asked her to write them all down and the parchment extended to well over a foot long. 

“Lena’s just trying to get Scorpius to talk about his feelings,” Marlin said in what was a surprisingly suave voice, even if he was completely red in the face.

“Oh! Well there’s no need for that. You don’t have to ever talk about your feelings around me darling,” Sadie’s voice dropped an octave as she leaned over and caressed Scorpius’s knee, giving him a smoldering look the whole time, “In fact, we don’t have to talk at all.”

Oh yes, another thing about Sadie. She had had a little thing for Scorpius for years. It was beginning to cause some tension in the group, to be honest.

“No need for that Sadie,” Scorpius said, moving his knee away from her hand, “I can say nothing all by myself.”

“Well that isn’t any fun!” Sadie winked.

Lena must have seen Marlin’s face because she quickly intervened before anything got out of control, “Sadie, do I need to throw a bucket of cold water on you again? Cool it.”

Sadie gave Scorpius one more suggestive look before sitting back in her seat, “Alright, alright. So what’s new with everybody?”

Both Marlin and Scorpius were silent—Marlin because he was pouting and Scorpius because he was thinking about Rose again. So Lena spoke up:

“You’re all invited to a party in the Gryffindor Common Room this Saturday.”

That got their attention.

“Really?” Marlin asked, “It’s James Potter’s birthday party, right?”

“The very same.”

“Oooo!” Sadie squealed, “I need to find something to wear! He let you invite friends? You and Jaaames are hitting it off a lot better than you thought you would, hey Len?”

Lena shrugged and looked at her hands, “Don’t be ridiculous. You know that it’s more of a business arrangement than anything else.”

Sadie huffed in annoyance, “Business arrangement my foot! Please tell me that you’ve done stuff. It is such a waste to not do stuff with that… that… specimen!”

Scorius wrinkled his nose. He never wanted to hear James Potter be called a specimen again in his life. Nor did he want to relate him to the phrase “doing stuff.”

 Lena was also not too happy with the comparison, “Of course we haven’t. That’s the whole point! I am going out with him so that I’m not constantly pawed at by the male population of Hogwarts!”

“I still don’t understand why you have such a problem with that,” Sadie said, “And what makes you think that he isn’t going to ‘paw at you’ like the rest of them. He is a guy, last I checked.”

“He’s in love with the Head girl, remember?  You know—the one that is constantly forcing the Hogwarts population to join things?”

Carrie Rivers had in fact been named Head Girl. And she wasn’t wasting time. Since the start of the school year, Hogwarts had gone on two Hogsmeade visits, had to sit through several speeches from the Ministry of Magic, and had largely avoided four game nights. The girl seemed to be on a personal mission to unite Hogwarts socially. For outsiders like them it was not appreciated. Expecially not by Lena, whose current boyfriend dragged her to every single event.

“Psshh you could take her.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“You’re no fun.”


“Hey Lena,” speaking of creeps that liked to hit on Lena, Nott practically slithered up to their group, “How are you doing today?”

This would have been a perfectly civil question, if he didn’t run his hand down her arm while he did it.

Scorpius could see Marlin tense up. Nothing made Marlin angrier than a guy cozying up to his self-adopted-sister. “Shove off Nott, we’re having a conversation,” he spat.

“I was talking to Lena, actually. So how about you shove off,” Nott replied before looking at Lena with greedy eyes, “So Lena, fancy meeting me in the common room tonight?”

“No thanks,” Lena said, her voice dead and stiff. Poor Lena, she was constantly in awkward situations like these.

“Come on, Lena, be a good sport,” Nott continued, taking a step closer to her. Scorpius thought that he literally heard Marlin growl.

“She’s not interested in you Nott. Now please do us all a favor and go away,” Scorpius drawled, his Nott-quota of the day filling up fast.

Nott instantly sneered, “Who asked you to join the conversation Malfoy?”

Scorpius threw up his hands in mock defeat, “How rude of me to interrupt Nott. You were having a perfectly lovely conversation, and then I came over and acted like a complete cretin to one of your friends. But oh wait!” Scorpius paused and gave Nott a deadening stare, “That was you.”

Nott’s face went red while his lips stretched over his teeth in a snarl, “Always so pretty with your words Malfoy. But look where it’s gotten you recently! Have you even so much as brushed up against a girl this year?”

That just warranted a role of the eyes, “Oh Nott. Have you so much as brushed up against a girl ever?”

“Fuck off!”

And that was when Scorpius went in for the kill. Fixing Nott with his coldest look possible, Scorpius responded, “No, you fuck off Nott. If I ever so much as see you look at Lena again, you’ll have to answer to me. And Nott? You do not want that, trust me.”

Merlin, what an asshole. Scorpius absolutely hated how the little bitch treated people, especially girls. It was blokes like him that gave males a bad name.

Nott tried to look tough for a few moments, but, truth be told, not many could win against Scorpius Malfoy in a staring contest. It was a skill he quite prided himself on actually.

“Whatever,” was Nott’s eventual reply as he skulked away. The group watched him for a minute before turning to Scorpius.

“Thanks,” Lena said with a chagrined expression.

Scorpius would have replied, but Sadie let out a squeal that quite distracted him, “Oh my GOD that was so hot. I looove it when you get all commanding and posh like that.”

“Thanks Sadie.”

“Are you SURE that you wouldn’t want to…”

“No Sadie.”

She huffed, “One day Scorpius Malfoy…”

“That seems most unlikely Sadie.”

“Ugh, fuck my life.”

Marlin was silent. He was sulking again. And Sadie probably should have been sulking, after being turned down and all, but in true Sadie fashion she could not stay silent long enough to sulk, “So Lena, it really looks like your James Potter plan is really working to perfection. Not. Do you know what you should do to make this failure of a plan at least a LITTLE bit more worthwhile? HAVE SEX WITH HIM.”

“No Sadie.”

“For fuck’s sake, my suggestions are just being rejected left and right today.”

“Yes Sadie,” At this point they had all started to fight sniggers. This was a common occurrence when they all got together.

“Oh, will you all shut up!”

Lena snorted into her hand before laughing outright. And they all joined her (even Marlin, who still looked a little miffed).

This day was SUCH a win.



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