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Blind by CooperTowne

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 80,291
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/06/2011
Last Chapter: 01/10/2015
Last Updated: 01/10/2015


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The Blind Girl. 

That's how people have always seen me as.

My sixth year is when I end my years of solitude and made friends with my roommates and a few other choice charaters. No more eating alone. No more quiet Saturday nights. Who knew life would be so interesting? Scratch that who knew it could be so fun?

Chapter 4: Raindrop Races

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“The homework is 2 feet on Protective Charms and their everyday use. Due tomorrow. Same goes for you Ms. Marksmen, but it will be oral, but see me after lunch to give your presentation,” Captrain said as everyone gathered up their books.

Isa sighed and waved her wand. Her books sprang up and jammed themselves in her bag. Barry nestled into his spot and tried to stab another quill that was invading his usual space.

“Pierce should be here any second to walk with you,” Charlie said next to her as he cracked his back. “He’s got a free period.”

Isa silently nodded as they walked towards the door. Pierce was standing there already, but he was slightly out of breath and red in the face.

“Hey, Isa,” he said as she walked over to him.


“Bad news,” Pierce said. What kind of bad news? “Not really bad.” Well that’s good. “I can’t walk you to History of Magic, I got detention for stunning a Slytherin.”

“Why’d you stun a Slytherin?” Isa asked.

“I did it because of reasons,” Pierce said defiantly. Isa raised an eyebrow and shifted her bag to her other shoulder.

“So I’m by myself?” I guess it won’t be that bad. I think it’s like 2,010 steps. Or is it 1,010? Shit. I haven’t counted steps in so long that I forgot how many steps it takes. That’s not good.

“Will you be ok?” Pierce asked.

No. “Yea.” Pierce smiled, but still felt unsure of whether or not Isa could get where she needed to be. Isa heard him walk away and she let out a sigh.

I can do this. How can I not remember how many steps it takes? I’ve done it plenty of times! Charms to History of Magic. How many?

Isa started walking in the direction that she hoped was the right one. Soon the bell sounded for the beginning of class.

Dammit. Ok. Where am I? I can’t be too far. Or I could be on the other side of the castle. I’ve become way to dependent on my friends. Friends, I still can’t believe it.

Two months ago I could get anywhere in the castle. Now I need them. I like having their company now, so I guess it’s ok.

Isa sighed and gave up trying to get to History of Magic. Binns won’t realize I’m gone anyways. Isa felt for a wall and dropped her bag to the ground; she slid down the wall and sat down.

She ran her hand through her hair and closed her eyes.

I like daydreaming. Who doesn’t really? You get to ignore everything boring and imagine your own world. But for me it’s different. When I daydream, it’s like I can see. Colors, shapes, people. Everything.

I imagine myself on the Astronomy Tower, sitting on the floor and staring at the stars. They dance and span across the sky like someone took a paintbrush and flicked the paint onto the canvas. A star streaks across the sky. I heard about those once. A shooting star, you’re supposed to make a wish when you see one. I smile and look at the gleaming and vast Black Lake down below. I see the reflection of the moon and stars. I see a tiny ripple from the Giant Squid. Or is it from a merperson?

I imagine a storm cloud coming ominously towards me as I sit in Gryffindor Tower. There are flashes of light. Then I watch as rain streaks down the window like it does on my face when I’m outside. I watched the drops race down the pane and I cheer on the right one to beat the big, bad left raindrop.

I imagine Mason, Taylor, and Donny running around in the field behind our house. They are younger and so am I, young enough that none of us have entered Hogwarts yet; they’re chasing butterflies and catching rogue Pixies while I watch and laugh from the sidelines. Then I join them. I skip and pick flowers I’m not supposed to. Then I sit in the tall grass and marvel at the colors of the flowers and of the clear sky. I never got to run with them when we were younger. My parents think it’s too dangerous for me. I sat on the stoop listening to their laughter. Begging Merlin to let me see so I can join them.

Lastly, I imagine me. Just me at first. Sitting in the common room, curled up on a comfy chair in front of a fierce fire. I’m reading, like actually reading, a book. Occasionally I look up. The blazing fire a few feet away mesmerizes me. I watch it flicker and crackle. I watch the glow of the embers. I see my friends sit beside me on the couches. James and Kate laugh at a joke Freddie tells them. I see their eyes light up and their wide grins. Everyone’s face glows a faint orange color from the fire. I smile to myself before turning back to my book.

“Isa, are you ok?” The voice startles Isa and she opens her eyes suddenly. Isa didn’t realize that she was crying and she hastily wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her robe.

“Er—yea, brilliant.”

“It’s Rose. You remember me?” Isa nodded. She heard Rose sit down next to her, but she didn’t turn her head. “Scorpius sit down,” Rose whispered harshly. The blonde boy looked around nervously, but with one look from Rose, he sat down on the other side of Isa.

“Isa this is—” Rose started.

I can hear. “Scorpius Malfoy. Nice to meet you,” Isa said in a dead tone. She continued to stare straight forward and refused to turn her head in either of their directions.

Scorpius shuffled his feet awkwardly and grunted a greeting.

“What’s wrong?” Rose pressed.

“Why aren’t you in class?” Isa asked ignoring her question.

“Free period. We were heading down to the Quidditch pitch. Al’s waiting for Scorp and I was just going to watch. Do you have class?” Isa nodded. “Why aren’t you there?”

“Got lost. Didn’t see a point in trying to get there,” Isa said shifting her legs to stretch them out. Rose nodded. Isa listened to the sound of someone biting lightly on their nails, she guessed it was Rose.

“Do you want to come down with us?” Scorpius asked. “You know and keep Rosie company?”

Rose brightened up a bit. “Yes! Please!”

“Er—sure. I’m not doing anything else.”

“Here you can use this jacket,” Rose said digging up to her elbow in a small bag. She brought out a black coat. They stood up and Scorpius helped Isa to her feet. Isa wrapped the coat around herself and found that it fit perfectly.

The three of them walked together down to the pitch. Rose’s arm was linked through Isa’s and Rose chatted endlessly with Scorpius about a recent test in Ancient Runes.

The cold December air whipped around them. Isa’s hair flew wildly around her head as did Rose’s hair. Scorpius’ hair moved gently from side to side, but it never violently smacked him in the face like Isa’s and Rose’s.

When they reached the pitch the overcast sky had a slight break and the sun poked through.

“Ahh, the sun. So warm and nice,” Rose said turning her face to the sky and smiling.

“Yea,” Isa said not really paying attention to what Rose was saying. They crossed the stands and sat down. Al and Scorpius had mounted their brooms and were running drills.

Rose and Isa didn’t talk for a while, but Isa wished that Rose would say something. They didn’t know each other all that well, and it was getting a little uncomfortable.

“So,” Rose said finally. “Are you going to tell me why you were sitting in a deserted corridor crying?”

Isa sighed. “I might as well. Everyone else that I could talk to is in class.” Isa ran a hand through her hair and then rubbed her cold knees. “I was at first daydreaming. But when I daydream, I always can see. I see everything that everyone else can, but I can’t.”

“You just got sad? Depressed that you’re blind?” Rose asked.

“Yea,” Isa said. She laughed a little and then said, “I’ve been blind my entire life. It’s all I know, and yet I’ll never get over it. Every morning I wake up knowing that I’ll never have the same opportunities as everyone else because I can’t see like everyone else.”

Rose scratched her head and then whistled loudly. “YOU HAVE TO CATCH THE QUAFFLE DUMBARSE! Isa, I don’t think people will discredit you because you are blind.”

“How do you know?”

“Well according to Professors, you are one of the best public speakers they have ever heard. You are actually very good at dueling too.”

Isa snorted. “Hardly.”

“You beat a seventh year in a duel last year,” Rose pointed out.

“I guess,” Isa said with her head downturned. “But that’s really not my point. I may be good at magic and speaking, but I can’t see.”

“What does that have to do with it?”

“Everything! People are always like ‘did you see her hair?’ or ‘oh my Merlin look at the sky such a pretty shade of blue!’. No and no! I didn’t see her hair and I can’t see the bloody sky. I’m going through life completely oblivious to what is around me and I hate it. I don’t know what anyone looks like. I don’t know what Hogwarts looks like. I don’t know if I look more like my mum or my dad. Merlin, I don’t even know what I look like!” Isa stopped trying to catch her breath and calm herself down before she started crying again.

Rose didn’t say anything back, but watched as Isa rubbed her hands over her eyes and breath deeply. Rose wrapped her arm around Isa.

“Wanna hear something cool?” Rose asked. Isa nodded. “Your eyes change their cloudiness depending on your mood.”

They what? “Huh?” Isa asked bemused.

“Change cloudiness. When I first officially met you a few days ago, you eyes were milky. Like I could almost make out blue eyes, but not quite. You were happy, but also a little frightened to be thrown at us in such a way,” Rose clarified.

“True,” Isa said carefully.

“And when I saw you today, you eyes were completely white. No sign of any color. Not even red from crying. You were sad or depressed.”

That must be what people are talking about when they say my eyes look different. Sometimes they’re cloudy. Sometimes they’re completely white. Because I can’t see them change, I never made the connection.

“Your eyes are clearing up,” Rose said happily.

Isa nodded. “That’s because I feel happy, well happier.” Rose laughed and wrapped an arm around Isa. They stayed like that until Al and Scorpius finished practicing. They didn’t talk for the rest of the time. But that was okay, Isa was glad to talk to someone. Someone she didn’t really know, but whom she immediately trusted. There was something about the Wotter family that made her feel safe.

“Cold?” Al said smirking slightly as he approached Isa and Rose. Rose threw Al a glare and stood up.

“We were just having a conversation,” Rose said vaguely.

“About?” Al said raising one eyebrow.

Rose looked at Isa quickly and then back at Al and Scorpius. “Er—” she said slowly as she stood up, “about guys that are fit.” Isa nodded and smiled at Al and Scorpius.

“Yea?” Scorpius said mockingly. “Was I on that list Rosie?”

Rose rolled her eyes. “Scorp, you barely made the top fifty.” She crossed her arms and smirked at Scorpius.

“Oh boy. Here we go,” Al said sitting next to Isa.

“Oi!” Scorpius said. “I am fit and you know it.”

“What?” Isa said.

“Whenever Rose insults Scorpius looks they have a row and then not speak for a couple days maybe a week. Hopefully they’ll get over it since Scorp is staying at my house during Winter Holiday,” Al explained.

“Scorp, your hair looks like something we grew in Herbology. And I hope it doesn’t get any brighter because I think I’m about to join Isa.”

“What?” I GET IT! That’s clever!

Rose hit her palm on her forehead. “Your hair is blinding me! I can’t see!”

“Scorpius insults Rose and then Rose walks away in a huff, and ignores him and his silent pleas for her to talk to him,” Al said shrugging on his jacket.

“At least I don’t look like a tomato!” Scorpius said defensively as he patted his hair.

Rose gasped and glared at Scorpius. “Come on Isa,” Rose said. Isa was pulled out of her seat and taken down the stairs and out of the pitch. “Git,” Rose spatted. “We were going to spend Hogsmeade together, but now that he’s chosen to be an utter prick he can forget about it! He knows I’m sensitive about my hair,” Rose finished off talking barely louder than a whisper.

“Do you fancy Scorpius?” Isa asked bluntly.

Rose turned suddenly to Isa. “What? No! Why would I ever fancy him?” She asked spitting out the venomous words.

“Just a question,” Isa said raising her hands in surrender. It’s in your voice. I can hear it. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

“Right,” Rose said breathlessly. She turned back around and continued down the corridor with Isa hot on her heels. They rounded a corner and walked right into Polly.

“Isa! There you are! You didn’t show up for History of Magic, I got worried,” Polly said.

“I’m fine. I just decided to skip,” Isa explained.

“Ugh, next time tell me if you are. I cannot stand that class,” Polly said readjusting her red and gold tie. “I have good news and bad news.”

“For whom?” Rose asked.

“The good news is for Isa and the bad news is for both of you,” Polly said.

“Why do I get the bad news?” Rose complained. Polly ignored her and turned back to Isa.

“The good news that step one of Plan TALARIL is complete,” Polly said happily.

Isa clapped her hands together and smiled. “Excellent! We need to work on step two which is a little harder.”

“What’s Plan Take-a-rail or something like that?”

“It’s pronounced Tal-a-ril Rose,” Polly said. “Can we tell her? If she promises to be quiet?” Isa nodded. “It stands for Taylor And Louis Are Really In Love and it’s the plan to get them together.”

“Can I hear it?” Rose asked excitedly.

“Later. I have to tell you the bad news,” Polly said.

“Fine what is it?” Rose asked.

“You know the next Hogsmeade weekend is the weekend before winter holiday?”

“Of course, we were just talking about it,” Isa said edging forward a bit. What could this have to do with Hogsmeade?

“James, your dumbass cousin Rose, asked Glennie Clara to Hogsmeade with him,” Polly said rather angrily.

“He what?!” Rose said angrily. “He knows the consequences of this horrendous action!”

“I know!” Polly said.

“Who’s Glennie Clara?” Isa asked.

“The queen bitch of his fangirls. But once James dates one of them, they all get super jealous and take it out on his female friends,” Polly explained.

“And family,” Rose said.

“It’s like war of the fangirls,” Polly continued.

“And no one is safe,” Rose finished off in a frightening tone.

Oh dear Merlin. I’m dead.



It seemed impossible. It went perfectly. Everything was perfect. What went wrong?

Pierce bloody Goon decided not to live up to the Gryffindor spirit, that’s what happened.

He chickened out! The plan to get them detention had gone better than expected. They both got a week worth of detention, together alone for 2 hours for 7 days in a row. If they were alone who would they talk to? Each other.

Pierce was fully aware of why we destroyed his potion. In the long run, it was probably better than Anna told him, so he could actually fulfill his end of the plan. But alas, he couldn’t.

They had a perfectly fine time in detention. That is after Polly got over the fact that she got detention. According to him, there was plenty of time when he could have simply said, “Polly I fancy you”. But Merlin forbid that he actually does it!

The boys’ dormitory smells like socks and sweat. Damn heightened sense of smell.

“It was really simple Pierce!” Charlie said throwing his hands over his head. “It’s not that hard.”

“Says you!” Pierce snapped. “I don’t know—I just couldn’t do it. I tried. I would say, ‘Polly, I—’ and then she would turn to me and look at me with her beautiful blue eyes, and then I would forget what I was going to say. I looked like an idiot whenever I tried!”

Isa sighed as she leaned back against the wall. “Of course you’re going to look like an idiot. You’re telling her that you fancy her; it’s going to be weird. Your obviously going to be scared of what she’s going to say.”

“Fred looked like he was about to pass out when he told me that he fancied me,” Anna said from Freddie’s bed where she was sitting on his lap.

“Oi!” Freddie said. Anna looked at him and smiled.

“It’s true!” Anna said.

“I was very brave,” Freddie said stubbornly.

“You were white as a sheet,” Anna said rolling her eyes. She laughed when she saw Freddie pouting. “Come here,” she said. Anna wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“Well as fun as it is to watch you two snog, can you not do that in front of us,” Charlie said sounding irritated.

“Sure can!” Freddie said brightly before pulling Anna fully onto his bed. Winking at the three other people in the room, he closed the curtains around his bed.

“That’s gross,” Charlie said disgusted. “Anyone want to go to the common room? We’ll leave them to shag in peace.”

“We’re not shagging!” Anna shouted from behind the curtain.

“Sure you’re not,” Charlie said as he stood up. “Isa? You coming?”

“Yea,” Isa said standing up. Charlie put his arm around her shoulders and they left the dormitory with Pierce close behind.

“Well Pierce,” Isa said as they walked down the stairs. “Since you completely mucked up the plan, be warned that we have more than one trick up our sleeves.”

Charlie chuckled at Pierce’s pale face. “And believe me, mate. You could easily be killed in about 90% of the other plans we came up with.”

The three of them walked into the common room and found Kate pacing the floor, muttering to herself. Charlie and Pierce looked at her confused.

Her hair was sticking in several directions and she let out a startled squeak when she walked into a table of some studying second years. They opened their mouths to protest, but after seeing Kate’s crazed and panicked face, they snapped their mouths shut.

“Kate?” Pierce asked sounding slightly concerned. Kate jumped at the sound her name and a relieved smile spread across her face.

“Isabelle Marksmen, I have been worried sick! I thought you suffocated from lack of proper air up there!” Kate practically yelled. “Come on.” Kate grabbed onto Isa’s hand and pulled her towards the girls’ dormitory. Isa stumbled helplessly as Kate pulled her up the stairs.

Slow down! I don’t fancy my face meeting the floor anytime soon. Oh look at that. Hello floor.

“Fuck!” Isa yelped as she gripped her nose. Blood poured out of it getting on the floor and all over Isa’s hands and her clothes. “Kate! What the hell?”

“Isa! I am so sorry! We need to get up to the dormitory right now,” Kate said tugging on Isa blood covered sleeve. Isa shook her head slowly and tentatively touched her nose.

I think it’s broken. I need to get to the Hospital Wing.

“Are you serious? Kate, my nose might be broken. I need to go to the Hospital Wing. Whatever you need me up there for can wait.” Ugh I think my mouth is bleeding. Bleh gross.

Kate sighed. She knew Isa was right and at that moment she was losing a lot of blood, mostly from her nose, but her mouth was, as Isa suspected, bleeding also. “I know. I know I’m sorry. Let’s go,” Kate said helping Isa off the stairs. She spied something white left on the stairs. “Oh—err,” Kate said picking it up, “here’s one of your teeth.”

Isa hand shot up to her mouth and sure enough one of her two front teeth was missing. Great I probably look like more of a monster than I usually do. Kate dropped the tooth in Isa’s outstretched hand; Kate grabbed Isa by the waist and slowly helped her down the stairs. When they reached the bottom of the stairs there was a collective gasp around the room.

“Isa, are you ok?” Rose asked from the corner of the room where she was sitting with a boy with startling blonde hair.

Isa shrugged and said, “Never better,” in a soft voice.

“What happened?” Charlie asked when they made their way to the couches.

“I may have pulled her too fast up the stairs and she fell over. And her face made direct contact with a stair,” Kate said guiltily.

“Kate,” Pierce said rubbing his hand on his face. “Why did you do that? So stupid!”

“I know I’m sorry!” Kate exclaimed. She let go of Isa’s waist and ran her hand through her hair exasperatedly. Beside her, Isa swayed slightly. “I needed her in the dormitory though! It was important,” Kate said.

“I’m still losing blood,” Isa said uneasily.

“What was so important that you couldn’t have slowed down a little bit?” Charlie asked.

“Like a lot of blood,” Isa said attempting to keep her balance.

Kate looked nervously at Pierce and then back at Charlie. “I needed her opinion on an outfit!” she said obviously lying through her teeth.

“An outfit?” Charlie asked skeptically. Kate nodded vigorously. “You know that she’s blind and she can’t see your outfit.”

“Speaking of outfits, mine’s currently soaked in blood,” Isa struggled to say. Everything sounds so fuzzy and distant.

Kate threw her hands up in the air. “Merlin Charlie! You’re right! Whoopsies!” Kate exclaimed too loudly. The noise overtook Isa and she finally crashed to the floor.

“Merlin! Kate, seriously?” Charlie said leaping over the couch and picking Isa up in his arms. Isa’s head rolled pathetically to the side and rested in Charlie’s shoulder. “Come on Isa, I’ll take you to the Hospital Wing.”





A few hours later, I am sitting in the Hospital Wing. The fall had broken my nose and taken out one of my teeth.

I have to stay longer so Madame Ponce, the school healer, can make sure my tooth is growing back properly. After about an hour, Ponce shooed Kate away because she would not stop apologizing.

Charlie and Pierce went to go find James shortly after Kate left and I’ve been alone ever since.

Kate that crazy bint! Whatever she needed me for must have pretty damn important.

“Hello dear, how’s the tooth?” Ponce asked walking up to Isa’s bed. Ponce reached over and took the warm, damp cloth out of Isa’s mouth.

I’ve always like Madame Ponce. Before befriending everyone, I used to come to the Hospital Wing just to talk to her. She would give me Chocolate Frogs she had stashed.

Isa ran her tongue over where her missing tooth used to be. “Pretty good,” she answered. “It’s a little sore though.”

“Completely normal. We can leave this out of your mouth now. But I have to warn you that teeth are a little tricky, so it may grow back smaller than the others,” Ponce said.

Isa ran her hand through her hair. “Yea sure that’s fine.” Great now I’ll have a goblin-sized tooth.

“And a little treat for you Isa,” Ponce said throwing a small wrapped object at Isa’s bed. It landed softly and Isa picked it up.

“Chocolate Frog!” Isa exclaimed happily. “Thank you!”

“Anytime dear. Please come visit more, I’ve missed your company.” Isa nodded. Yea I feel bad. She was so nice to me when I had nobody. I just can’t ignore her now. “You can come in now!” Ponce yelled as she walked away.

“Isa, I am so sorry!” Isa heard lots of footsteps and creaks as people sat in various chairs.

“Kate, you’re back!” Isa said smiling. Kate sat down next to Isa on the bed and Isa rested her head on Kate shoulder.

“And I brought some visitors along with me,” Kate said and patted Isa’s head affectionately. “Polly, Pierce, Dom, James, and Charlie. Anna and Freddie are having a ‘we’re in love’ moment, so I didn’t bother telling them.” Isa shrugged.

“The tooth isn’t as bad as Kate made it sound,” Polly said sitting on the bed. Isa picked her head off of Kate’s shoulder and repositioned herself to a cross-legged position.

“There’s less blood on you face now.”

“Hi to you too Pierce,” Isa said sarcastically. Isa felt Polly shift uncomfortably next to her legs.

“Seriously though. It was like streaked across your face, and—”

“Shut it Pierce!” Isa exclaimed.

“So what happened anyways?” James asked. “The one time I decide to go study, I miss something good.”

“I pulled Isa up the stairs too fast and she fell,” Kate said smiling weakly.

“And then Charlie, Kate, and Pierce decided to have a conversation while I was bleeding profusely. Leading me to faint from lack of blood,” Isa said begrudgingly.

“Sorry!” Kate exclaimed throwing her hands in the air. “We needed you upstairs for—er—something.”

The guys and Isa looked at Kate confused while Polly and Dom seemed to know what she was talking about.

“What did you want me up there for?” Isa asked relaxing on the pillow behind her back.

“Er—well,” Polly began. “Ok all blokes get out. We’re having a girl talk,” Polly said making a shooing motion with her arms.

“Why can’t we stay?” Charlie demanded. “We have every right to hear what made our dear friend get hurt.”

“We’re discussing—girl things,” Dom said.

“Girl things?” James said. “What does that mean?”

“Just girl things! Now get out!” Kate exclaimed pushing them out and closing the curtain around the bed. Casting a mulliato charm, she turned back to the bed. “Polly you may begin.”

Polly smiled brightly then it quickly turned into a sad frown. Polly face planted into the mattress and let out a muffled cry, “Why doesn’t he like me?”

“Is this what you needed me for?” Isa asked.

“He called me a ‘great friend’, what in Merlin’s name does that mean?” Polly said into the mattress.

“Well you were just talking to him in his dormitory, so I figured you would have some ways to calm her down. I’ve tried everything,” Kate said.

“We’ve already told her that he does fancy her, and that didn’t help in the slightest,” Dom said crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. Polly shot her a glare and sat up. Her eyes had gotten a little red and her hair had suddenly become a huge mess.

“He said, ‘Polly you are such a great friend’. He doesn’t think of me any more than just one of his friends,” Polly said.

I broke my nose, lost a tooth, and fainted from blood loss because of this? This is ridiculous. Forget Kate! Pierce this is all your fault. Note to self: glare at Pierce later.

Isa sighed. “Listen. Polly, he really likes you. He’s just not Gryffindor enough,” Isa said shrugging.

“What does that mean?” Polly asked.

“Pierce said himself that he tried to tell you several times, but he lost his words when he looked at you.”

“When he looked at me?” Polly said slowly.

Isa sighed frustrated. “He said, ‘when I was going to tell her, I would just see those beautiful eyes she has, and I couldn’t speak’. Or something like that. Point is that he likes you.”

“Really?” Polly asked giving a hopeful smile.

“Really,” Isa assured her. “He was just too scared.”

“He’s like a ‘Puff,” Dom said.

“Thanks Dom. But yes, if you want to be stereotypical, he’s like a ‘Puff,” Isa said.

“The puffiest ‘Puff,” Kate added in.

“Pierce ‘Puff ‘Puff,” Dom said louder than need be and throwing her arms in the air for a dramatic touch.

“I think she gets it,” Isa snapped. Dom and Kate shrunk back. “Just please don’t give up on him, he does like you.” Polly looked at Isa searching for any sign of lying. Polly sighed after a few moments.

Abandoning her search, she said, “Ok.”

“Why don’t you just tell him you fancy him?” Dom asked suddenly. Polly looked at her wide-eyed.

“Why would I do that?” Polly said with a slight shrillness to her voice.

“Wouldn’t that just be easier? Instead of waiting for him to man up, just take matters into your own hands,” Dom said leaning forward in her chair.

Polly scoffed. “I could never do that!”

“It’s not a bad idea,” Kate said shrugging.

“I agree. Do that!” Isa said.


“Why not?” Dom said.

“Because—er—well, because he’s the guy! Guys are the ones always to tell the girl about their feelings. Guys are the ones to ask the girl out. Guys are the one to propose. It’s just like that!” Polly said biting her thumb nervously.

It was silent for a second as Kate and Dom exchanged glances.

“You’re scared,” Kate said smiling slightly.

“What? Me? No,” Polly said studying the blanket of the bed.

“Merlin!” Kate said. “You’re as much as a ‘Puff as he is!”

“Polly and Pierce ‘Puff ‘Puff,” Isa teased smiling at Polly. Polly glared at her.

“I’m not scared!”

“Sure you’re not Mrs. ‘Puff ‘Puff,” Dom said laughing loudly. Soon Kate and Isa joined in and all three laughed as Polly started to look more and more distraught.

“Your children are going to be Preston and Penny ‘Puff ‘Puff,” Isa invented wildly. Dom and Kate howled with laughter.

“Oh and you have a Pymgy Puff named Poppy as a pet. Poppy the Puff ‘Puff ‘Puff!” Dom exclaimed.

“Not all Hufflepuffs are wimps,” Polly said angrily getting off of the bed and glaring at all of them.

“80 percent are and trust me Puffy, you are part of that 80 percent,” Kate said wiping a tear from her eye.

Polly let out a growl which sent them into new peals of laughter. Polly turned, ripped open the curtain, and stormed out from the curtain around the bed.

The guys were standing across the room seemingly in their own small conversation. They looked up suddenly and very confused at the three girls laughing and one girl who looked very angry.

Polly marched over to them. “I’ll show you how much of a ‘Puff I am!” she exclaimed wildly. She grabbed Pierce’s face and kissed him.

Pierce seemed frozen in place for a second of two before he slowly closed his eyes and kissed her back. He stood up and immediately Polly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in closer.

Pierce let out a soft moan and wrapped his arms around Polly’s waist. They were locked like this for a couple seconds before James yelled, “Oi! We’re still in public!”

Polly and Pierce broke apart and smiled nervously at each other. Polly whipped her head around to the three shocked girls still around the bed. “Ha! Told you!” she snapped before turning back around and resumed kissing Pierce who was happy to comply.

“Well,” Isa said relaxing a bit on the bed and folding her arms underneath her head, “Looks like our job here is done.” 




Ok So a little more action. Meeting Scorpius too. The whole Wotter clan will be in this story periodically, since I always imagine them to be a very close knit family! Just a warning, I wanted to get this out while queue was short, so there may be some changes in the future...

Anywhooooooo, thank you guys for reviewing and reading! I love you all so much :)

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