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The Hidden Riddle by adoradumbledore

Format: Novel
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 12,054
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, Fred, George, Aberforth, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/23/2012
Last Chapter: 10/07/2012
Last Updated: 10/07/2012

Adora's life was pretty normal.
 Then her grandmother died- no more home school, hello Hogwarts.
 There she discovers her real family. The Dumbledore's
But what other blood runs through her veins?

Chapter 3: Dumbledores truth

The Great Hall was nothing like Adora had ever seen before, her grandma had read her stories of the enchanted ceiling and the long tables for the different houses, but her imagination could only provide her with so much. Walking into the hall she could help but stare up as the ceiling rolled with dark storm clouds. As of the dark sky and the ancient brick wall, Adora imagined that the hall would be dark; but the walls were lined with bright insignia of the four houses, and candles hovered all around the room, fires were lit along the walls with magic, giving the room the warm feeling of home.
“Close your mouth, you’re catching flies.” George pushed her forward, laughing at her mouth that was wide open.

Many of the students filed into the hall, walking over to the different house tables. Adora had purchased some of the school robes, but they didn’t have one of the four houses on.
“George. George!” One half of the Weasley twins had began to walk towards the other end of the hall. As Adora shouted him, causing several students to look around oddly, panic started to rise in her stomach. She started to wonder if what she was doing was the right thing, whether she had thought her plan through. Was she in way over her head?
George walked back over the Adora, smiling.
“Come on, join the Gryffindor table for now,” He grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the end table and sat her down between himself and Fred.
“Guys, I’m nervous.” They patted her hands reassuringly.
She looked up at the long table that was on the opposite end of the hall, there was a long row of professors, ranging in age. Adoras eyes roamed the table until she found who she was looking for; he was sat with he head resting on steady hands, his wise, sparkling blue eyes surveyed the room intelligently, half moon glasses rested on a long crooked nose. His long, silver hair was topped with a dark purple wizards hat that matched his deep robes. Albus Dumbledore.

The last student hurried into the hall, and he stood up. All words that seemed to come out of his mouth then faded into the background, his powerful voice touched a part of Adoras soul, like something she had been looking for all her life had finally come back to her. She could hear his powerful voice echoing in her head, it was powerful and mighty, like her. She realised she was staring at him entranced, and was awoken when people around her started to make noises of protest.
“We’re 17 in April!” The twins faces were contorted in anger.
Yells like the twins were joining in around the room, but as the headmaster just stood there surveying them, they died down pitifully.

Dumbledore then carried on with his speech about something called the Triwizard Tournament. Adora had no idea what he was talking about, but from his description got the brief idea that it was a tournament between three wizarding school to win a thousand galleons. However, due to previous deaths in the competition, the age limit had risen to 17, much to the twins dismay. The competitors of the others school would be arriving sometime mid-October, and the champions would be announced on Halloween night. Adora had not been listening to the headmaster, so when the food magically appeared in front of her she jumped with surprised and let out a little shocked yell, causing the rest of the hall to look in her direction.
“Smooth.” Fred muttered under his breath.
She steadily met the eyes of everyone looking in her direction, almost challengingly. She was nervous to touch the food, having never seen it prepared like this before, but looking down the table she saw another redheaded boy start stuffing his face with a turkey leg, the bushy haired girl next to him edged further away to avoid the splatter of his greediness. Adora reached for a spoonful of mash potato, and dumped it on her plate. All of a sudden, she felt her stomach growl with hungriness, the twins stopped their eating and looked at her oddly.
“Was that yours?” George quizzed.
“It may have been,” She looked at them innocently.
“Well aren’t you just a bundle of surprises.” Fred shot back.
She then began to wolf down the various food on the table, much to the twin amazement, eating more than both of them.
“I have never seen anything like that in my whole entire life, and we live with Ron.”
“Fred, she could put Ron to shame,”
“I could not eat another bite,” The words were barely out of Adoras mouth when the food on the plates disappeared and the various desserts took there places.
“Not another bite, eh?” George grinned as Adora began to pile her plate with more food.
Lee leaned over the Fred,
“Where the hell is she putting it all?” They both looked at her slim frame.
“Must go to her boobs,” Adora heard this and swatted Fred with her hand, causing him to rub the stinging spot.
Ron and Adora were the last ones eating on the Gryffindor table, and when Adora finally admitted defeat, she saw Ron give the dark haired boy next to him a big grin, in which the boys turned into a frown when he saw Ron’s mouth full of apple pie.
Adora leaned again George, rubbing her stomach.
“I could get used to this,” She smiled.
“Have you not eaten for like 11 years?” George nudged her.
Adora’s retort died on her lips as the headmaster once again stood up. His powerful voice sounded through the voice as he cheerily bid everyone goodnight, and wished everyone a good year,
“Oh crap, Fred, George, where do I go?” The twins had started to get up, but when Adora said this sat down.
“Well, if you were starting school, Professor Dumbledore would have been told you were coming wouldn’t he?” George quizzed.
Adora avoided his eyes,
“Well, erm, not exactly,” She looked at the empty table.
“What do you mean not exactly?” Fred nudged her with his elbow.
“I mean, he doesn’t know I’m coming to school, he doesn’t know I exist.” Thoughts of her grandmother brushed through her mind and she felt the hot sorrow of tears behind her eyes, taking deep breaths she pushed them back.
“Holy moly.”
A surprised giggle left Adoras mouth,
“Did you just say holy moly?” She looked questioningly at George, who looked as if it was the most normal thing to say.
“Will one of you guys show me where his office is, I can wait for him there?”
“I’ll do-” Fred began to say, until George cut him off.
“I’ll do it, Fred go on, you have to sort out that thing.” George quirked his eyebrows at Fred.
“No I d-”
“Go on Fred.” Fred gave George a dirty look as he skulked off.
“Come on pipsqueak, lets get you sorted.”

The journey seemed short with George for company and Adora found herself laughing once more that day. When they reached the two ugly gargoyles that guarded Dumbledore’s office, George seemed reluctant to leave Adora there alone in the corridor, but she reassured him she would be fine. George looked back several times before he was forced to turn the corner, and then Adora found herself alone in the dark corridor, with only the two torches for light.
“So, come here often?” Adora screamed helplessly as the gargoyle she had been leaning on talked in a scratchy voice.
“There are many mysteries of Hogwarts that still surprise me, so do not feel disheartened, you are not the first.” His voice came from behind her, he seemed to have appeared out of thin air.
“Oh, erm- I- Sir- erm…” Words seemed to have fallen from her mouth and she was speechless, for the first time in her life.
“Perhaps, we shall talk in my office?” His voice was calm and soothing as he extended his arm in welcome.
“Hydrangea,” He smiled at Adora’s surprised expression “They are my favourite flower.”
A spiral staircase stood proudly, winding up to his office. Adora groaned internally at the thought of going up more stairs, but as soon as they stood on them they began to move upwards. Save the old mans legs a journey, Adora thought to herself.
“Saves my old legs the trouble,” Dumbledore said, making Adora jump.
They reached the grand door in no time at all and Dumbledore welcomed Adora inside. He sat behind his proud desk and gestured for Adora to take the seat opposite the desk, Adora took the seat and looked around the circle room. The walls were lines with bookcases and shelves, which were filled with an assortment of curious trinkets and collections. Several things in the room were making noises, but the thing that caught Adora’s eyes was a shelf, filled with pictures. Without knowing what she was doing, Adora had stood up and made her way to the shelf. The pictures all showed Dumbledore, at a range of different ages. The one that caught Adora’s eye showed a younger Dumbledore, with long auburn hair, he didn’t have glasses in this one, neither was he wearing a wizards hat. In the picture, was her grandmother, with her long blonde hair twisted elegantly in a knot on the top of her head, they looked like they were at a ball of some sort. Her dress was elegant and purple, not unlike the colours Dumbledore wore today, and his dress robes were black, with purple trimmings. They were smiling at each other, with a love in their eyes that Adora had never seen before.
“An old friend,” Dumbledore noted, from behind Adora.
“Yes, I know.” Adora had finally found her voice.
Dumbledore’s eyes were surveying Adora wisely.
“You do not wear a house sign, yet you must be at least 15,”
“I haven’t been sorted into a house, and you are correct sir, I’m 15.” Adora was nervous.
“Shall we sit, then you can explain.”
They made their way over to the desk again, it was then that Adora noticed the grand phoenix behind Dumbledore and she smiled.
“I love phoenix’s, my wand contains a phoenix feather. I always wanted one, my grandmothers patronus was a phoenix.” Adora was babbling, and stopped talking completely when she realised. She looked down at her hands, they contained a note which her grandmother had given her with strict instructions to give it to Albus Dumbledore and if she read it, bad things would happen to her. So there it lay, in her hands, sealed.
“My child, what may I help you with?” His voice was questioning, but soft and comforting.
“This is my first year at Hogwarts,”
“Yet, you are 15.” Dumbledore didn’t say this as a question.
“Yes, but I was home schooled, by my grandmother.”
“Was there a reason she did not wish for you to go here?”
“If there was, she never told me.”
Dumbledore nodded for her to continue.
“My grandmother, it was her wish for me to continue my learning, and for me to do that, I needed to go to school.”
“This is why I have no previous knowledge of you wishing to attend this school.” Again, he didn’t question it, he merely seemed to be noting the knowledge he was obtaining.
“Yes, and well, there’s another thing.”
He looked at her as a signal to go on.
“My grandmother knew you, she wanted me to give you this note. It is sealed, so that only you can read it.” With trembling hands she passed him the note, which he clasped with his long fingers.