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Hate to Love by Spaz

Format: Novella
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 28,128
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Blaise (M), Draco, Luna, Pansy, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Harry/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 02/19/2011
Last Chapter: 08/28/2017
Last Updated: 08/28/2017


Sloane hates Draco.
Draco likes Sloane.

Draco compliments Sloane.
Sloane insults Draco.

Sloane tells Draco to back off.
Draco comes closer.

Draco kisses Sloane.
Sloane…kisses back?!

"Ugh! I hate you, Malfoy!"

"You know, Sloane, if you keep saying that, I just might actually start believing it."

Chapter 6: Sweet and Insightful?

I couldn't believe my ears. "Excuse me, Professor, but what did you say?" I asked.

"You and Mr. Malfoy, over there next to the window." Professor Flitwick squeaked.

I groaned and made my way to the table I was being forced to share with that conceited asshole. "Good luck." I heard Harry mutter.

Malfoy was already seated and smiling widely when I reached our table. I gave him a disdainful look and sat down. "Isn't this great?" He said. "Us as partners. I guess dreams really do come true."

"If they did, I can assure you, you wouldn't be sitting here right now." I said glaring at him.

"I'm going to choose to ignore that comment." Malfoy said optimistically.

"Would it be possible for you to ignore me too?" I asked.

"No." He said simply.

"Fantastic." I muttered sarcastically.

Professor Flitwick gave directions, and we started working. I barely even acknowledged Malfoy was there, while we practiced the Summoning Spell and the Vanishing Spell, even though we were supposed to be working together.

"This is nice." Malfoy said. "Two people partnered together. Not to mention the beautiful view."

I looked out the window. "Oh, yes, the view of the grass is very beautiful." I said sarcastically.

"I wasn't talking about that view, I was talking about the beautiful view infront of me." He said.

I then realized he was talking about me. Well, that was…sweet. I found something Malfoy said sweet?! I shook my head.

"Look, Malfoy, I'm not like your little Slytherin groupies, all right? Don't think just because you say something sweet, or give me that charming wink of yours, or your winning smile…ahem. Don't think that I'm going to swoon and fawn all over you." I said.

Malfoy merely smirked. "One day, you will."

I scoffed and continued to work. Harry caught my eye. "Having fun?" He mouthed.

"No." I mouthed back. "Save me."

"No, you save me." He mouthed. He was partnered with Millicent Bulstrode. I giggled.

"Mouthing to your boyfriend, huh?" Malfoy asked, sounding slightly jealous.

"Don't worry about me." I said coolly. "Worry about your girlfriend."

"I don't have a girlfriend." He said.

"Dumped Parkinson,did you?" I asked.

"Yeah. I realized that it might be easier to get the girl I really want if I was single."

I was happy to hear he had moved on to someone that wasn't me.

"Ooh, who's the lucky girl?" I asked.

"You, of course." Malfoy said smiling. I'll admit, it was very dumb of me to think he was talking about someone else.

"Of course." I said, getting back to work.

"Why won't you date me, Sloane?" Malfoy asked.

"Because, you're a jerk." I said, not looking at him.

"No, I'm not." He said insistently. "I've been trying to show you that."

"Well, you're doing a bad job of it." I said simply.

We worked in silence. Malfoy stared at me alot, I tried my best to ignore it. Harry caught my eye a few times, smiling and winking at me, and making me blush and giggle. Malfoy and I didn't speak until.

"Damn it Malfoy! You were suppsed to go get the snails so we could vanish the damn things, not use the Summoning Spell on them, you idiot!" I exclaimed, over the other voices yelling in the classroom.

Malfoy looked amused. "Don't get your knickers in a twist, it's not that big of a deal, all right?" He said.

"No, it is a big deal, you messed up!" I said. "And don't think for a second you have any affect on my knickers!" I added.

Malfoy chuckled. "You are so damn sexy when you're mad."

"Ugh! I hate you, Malfoy!"

"You know, Sloane if you keep saying that, I just might start actually believing it."

"I wish you would!" I exclaimed getting up to retrieve the snails. When I returned, Malfoy was smirking. I wished I could knock the smirk off of his stupid face.

"Feeling better?" He asked.

I glared at him. "Go to hell."

"I'll take that as a no." He said.

I exhaled deeply, trying to keep myself from strangling him. "You, know, Sloane, you impress me."

"Do I?" I asked flatly.

"Yes, I'm impressed you can resist me. Most girls can't."

"Has anyone ever told you how modest you are?" I asked sarcastically.

"Oh, come on." Malfoy says. "You can keep denying that you don't like me, but you have to admit I'm extremely good looking." He said seriously.

"Fine, I'll admit you are good looking. But the problem is, your personality ruins your good looks." I said.

I heard a snort from the next table over. It came from Blaise Zabini, who was laughing hard. "She got you there mate." He said Malfoy.

"Oh, shut it Zabini, same goes for you." I said chuckling.

"Ah, come on, Jules, I've got a better personality than him." Zabini said. "Ask Granger. Haven't I been the perfect gentleman all period?"

"Not perfect, but a gentleman none the less." Hermione said, smiling slightly.

"See? I'm so much better than Malfoy." He said.

"Blaise, whose side are you on?!" Malfoy asked.

"The winning side, which happens to be Jules at the moment." Zabini said winking at me. I giggled.

Malfoy rolled his eyes and started working again. "Malfoy, why do you like me?" I asked.

He looked at me, surprised. "Um, you're gorgeous and-"

"Besides looks, why?" I interupted.

"Well, you're brilliant, funny, one of the most wittiest and clever people I've ever encountered, you're different, and I've yet to meet anyone who challenges me the way you do. I like a challenge."

"Even a challenge you're going to fail?" I asked.

Malfoy shrugged. "A life without failure, isn't really a life at all."

I just stared at him. That was very insightful. Who knew Malfoy was so insightful? And sweet? No! I thought. He's still the same cocky, concieted, and obnoxious Malfoy.

He kisses me, and he's not drunk, and I love it. He slides his hands around my waist, and I jerk back. There's still a bruise there from a few days ago.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing." I lied. "Just a little sore."

"Sloane, is there something going on that you're not telling me about?" He asked, concerned.

"W-why would you think that?" I asked.

"Baby,you're always sore. And you have bruises all over the place. And sometimes when I try to touch you, you flinch like I'm going to hurt you. What's going on?"

How could I tell him what he's done? How could I tell him that when he's drunk he hurts me? I couldn't. When he wasn't drunk, he was so sweet and good to me, and I felt safe with him. There was no way I was telling him what was really going on.

"Nothing, I'm fine, okay babe?" I said.

He didn't look convinced. "Are you sure? Where are you getting those bruises from?"

I wish he would stop asking questions. "Um…I've been partying too hard." I lied. "You know how you get when you drink, you stumble all over the place, hurt yourself, you know?"

He squinted at me. "You're sure no one is hurting you?" He asked.

"Positive." I said quickly.

"All right then. We should stop drinking and partying so much." He said. "I don't want you hurting yourself."

"I think that's a great idea." I said. I could use a break from getting hit. Maybe my bruises will heal. "Now, where were we?" I asked wrapping my arms around his neck.

He smiled and kissed me. He gently wrapped his hands around my waist, careful not to hurt me. I pushed him down on the bed and staddled him, kissing him harder. He moaned softly, running his hands down my thigh.

He pulled away breathlessly. "Hey, Sloane?" He said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Um, is it okay if we go a bit farther tonight?"

I smiled. "How much is a bit?" I asked.

"How about you just tell me when you want me to stop?" He asked.

"What if I don't want you to stop?" I asked.

"Then, so be it." He kissed me again, and I was happy that I got to enjoy at least one night with the guy I fell in love with.


"Sloane, Sloane, wake up." A voice said. I jerked awake and rubbed my eyes. I was laying on someone's shoulder. It was Harry, who looked like he was also just waking up.

"What is the matter with you two?" Hermione asked.

"I don't know? What is?" Harry asked sleepily.

"You both fell asleep in the common room." Ron said.

"Is it time to go up to bed?" I asked, yawning.

"Sure, if you go to sleep at seven in the evening." Hermione responded.

"Oh." I said.

"Well, we'll see you guys later." Ron said.

"Where are you guys going?" Harry asked.

"We,um have a bit of studying to do in Ron's room." Hermione said, blushing slightly. Ron winked at us and pulled Hermione up the stairs.

"Why do I have a feeling that not much studying will get done?" I asked Harry.

"Probably because it won't." He responded, yawning. "I'm tired." He said.

"Me too." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"I haven't been sleeping too well. I keep having these dreams, well they're more like nightmares, they mess me up." I explained.

"Really?" Harry asked. "Same with me."

"Now I'm tired all the time, but I really need to stay awake right now so I can finsh this Potions essay." I said.

"Um, I think I have a way to keep us both awake." He said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Uh, close your eyes." Harry said.

"Um, won't that make me fall asleep?" I asked.

"Just close them, I can't do it unless your eyes are closed."

"Fine." I said closing my eyes.

For a few seconds, nothing happened. Then suddenly, I felt lips pressed against mine. I opened my eyes a little and saw Harry. I couldn't believe Harry Potter was kissing me. I kissed him back, without a second thought.

We pulled away smiling. "Well, I'm definitely awake now." I said.

Harry chuckled. "I thought that might work." He said.

"It did, and very well, too."

"Uh, Sloane, I really like you…alot." He said, looking down. "I mean, you get me, and we have so much in common, and you're beautiful, and so different from anyone I've ever met."

I smiled. "I like you too, Harry. I've never met anyone like you either. And you're so sweet and funny."

"You think so?" He asked.

I nodded and kissed him again. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was now Harry Potter's girlfriend.