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Marlene by LittleWelshGirl99

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 17,078
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Angst
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Pairings: Remus/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/01/2011
Last Chapter: 04/20/2012
Last Updated: 04/20/2012

everafter @TDA | beta'd by NaidatheRavenclaw!

When it comes to love, nothing about life makes sense. Surely it's ok to love two people at the same time. Or is that just me?

Armed with battiness and dreamy thoughts, Marlene McKinnon is about to discover everything there is to know about the etiquette of living.

Chapter 2: And a little bit of Charms

Hi guys! Another chapter-wasn’t that a quick update? xD Oh and check out my newly created Meet The Author! I’m so chuffed about it! *grins* Anyway, enjoy! -LWG xx

             I sat in front of the mirror doing my hair. It just wouldn’t sit right! I pulled it up then twirled it round and finally settled on a loose side plait before sorting through my large amounts of make-up to find the perfect shades. As it was a Monday, I would wear pale red eye shadow and matching lip gloss. I had different colours for every day. I smiled at myself then scowled and winked. Shaking my head, I realised how weird I must look and got up to find some clothes. It wouldn’t be a very good idea to go around in my bra and lacy knickers all day would it? Although I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind that at all. I smirked and picked out a nice bright red shirt and tight black skirt to go under my robes. Red was Monday’s colour as it made me feel a tad more cheerful about the boring week ahead, and more confident. I needed to feel confident right now, to get over the slightly shaky way the dream last night had left me in. I kept getting them at the moment. They weren’t really dreams…more like memories from my childhood. It made me feel incredibly homesick for a home I had lost years ago. I didn’t like it. They should invent a dreamless-sleep potion. Hang on, they already had! I needed to order some. Alice woke up with a grumble and crawled out of our den drearily,

“Go away Monday!” she mumbled. I bounced over to her,

“Ally! Rise and shine! Now you’re going to let me pick out your clothes aren’t you? I have to see what you got over the summer in Italy,” I finished jealously. Alice actually had very good taste in clothes and I loved going through her stuff and picking out the perfect combinations for her petite frame.

“No way Marls! Go away!” she groaned, but I badgered her until she relented.

“Yippeeee!” I shrieked and she clutched her head,

“Too early!”

“Had a bit too much last night, did you?” I teased her. She shot me an amused smile,

“Yep, I was out partying till 3am.” Then the others got up, equally sleepy.

“Morny-morning,” I said by way of greeting before opening Alice’s trunk and flicking through her neatly ordered clothes.

“Wow, how do you keep things so neat?” I wondered, looking at my own overflowing trunk, filled with loose underwear and sweet packets. I turned back to Alice’s stuff and pulled out a delicate Venetian lace blouse that practically turned my insides green and a calf-length, tight grey skirt.

“Ok, these are your clothes!” I declared before noticing the most gorgeous little black dress I had ever seen. I pulled it out lovingly and gaped.

“Oh my merlin! Alice Harbour where did you get this dress? I want it!” I shrieked making everyone wince. Alice blushed slightly and hesitated before saying,

“Well…actually I kind of met someone in Rome and he bought it for me…” she began nervously,

“Oh, wow!” I yelled, dropping the dress and jumping up and down, as I tend to do a lot.

“What was his name? I bet it was something amazingly romantic-Italians always are!” shrieked Mary excitedly.

“He was called Orlando,” laughed Alice shyly, “But he wasn’t that amazing. Bit of a prick actually.”

“Why, what happened?”

“Well, we’d gone out to this little pizza restaurant for dinner. It was a lovely little place,” Alice sighed wistfully, “And there were cute little candles and cushions. Loads of mirrors too that reflected the stars in the sky. Then, just as we were leaving, he gets out these gorgeous, black, Italian leather gloves which he gives to me and I was completely in awe of him by this stage,” Alice pauses and a look of disgust crosses her face, “But I then discovered later that if an Italian man gives you leather gloves it means that he doesn’t ever want to see you again! I mean, I can’t be that repulsive, can I?”

“Oh, honey no! Of course you’re not, you’re perfect in every single way!” I exclaimed, hugging her fiercely, “He sounds like such a jerk! If I ever go to Italy I’m gonna kick his arse!” Alice laughed half-heartedly.

“What did you do with the gloves? I hope you burnt them and sent the ashes back to him?” suggested Lily angrily.

“I’ve still got them actually, they’re in my trunk somewhere. They’re really nice!” Alice motioned towards her trunk. Lily ran over to the trunk and after a bit of digging around pulled out some soft black gloves, with tiny silver buttons up one side. She let out a soft gasp,

“Wow the Italians are weird! Why would he spend so much money on an I-don’t-want-to-see-you-again present? This would have cost almost as much as a bloody engagement ring!”

“I know…I don’t understand it either…”

“Well let’s not dwell on sad things like this but lift our heads high and look forward to a sunny future filled with cute boys, gossip and parties!” I proclaimed happily before putting on a spot of blusher, and even more mascara, “Come on girlies, let’s go get ‘em!” I flounced out of the room proudly before realising that no-one had followed me and my grand plan to storm the Common Room had failed. I shrugged and looked around before throwing myself into the biggest, comfiest armchair with a dainty (yeah, I wish) sigh. As I was waiting for the others to hurry up and get their buts down here, Lupin walked down yawning and looking really tired.

“Morning Reemy!” I chirped, “Been awake all night?” He noticed me and groaned,

“Tell me about it. Pads and Prongs are just too excited right now. Something about Quidditch.”

“Erm…who the hell are ‘Pads’ and ‘Prongs?’”

“Oh…never mind…” he looked guilty for a second before shrugging and strolling over to the Gryffindor notice board. I realised for the first time that there was an enormous new notice in the middle of it. I galloped (yes, you heard right. I love galloping) over to Remus and peeked over his shoulder.

MUGGLE FLU RATES AMONG WIZARDS HAVE REACHED CRISIS LEVEL. St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries has performed extensive research into a magical cure but after several wizarding deaths, have decided on a new course of action, a method invented by the muggles. FLU VACCINATIONS Every citizen is advised to have their vaccination done before the 20th September due to the alarming amount of flu around at the minute.

“What’s a…vacsinashon?” I wondered, slightly worried. Apparently it was a muggle invention, but I’d never heard of it at the orphanage.

“Well they take a weakened form of the flu germs and put them into some kind of sterile fluid. Then they inject them into you and the antibodies in your immune system learn how to fight off the weakened germs without you getting actually affected by the disease, so that if you actually get the disease-“ Remus rambled on, being the brainiac he is. I cut across him,

“Wait, did you say INJECT?” I screeched in his ear. He nodded slowly,


“So inject as in….as in…INJECTIONS?” I started to freak out.

“Yes, Marlene!” he sighed and I scowled,

“That is inhumane! I am NOT having a big, fat needle jabbed in my bum.” Remus started to laugh,

“They don’t inject it up your bum!”

“Oh,” I felt a bit stupid. How did Remus know so much about them anyway?

The rest of the guys came down, laughing maniacally, which annoyed me. I grabbed James’s arm and pulled him over to see the notice. When he’d read it (which took quite a while) he sobered up immediately and scowled at everyone as James Potter does when things don’t go quite according to his perfect, imaginary world. Alice, Lily and Mary came down too and craned their necks to try and read the notice over the heads of the rather large crowd that had gathered. Mary shrieked in alarm,

“WHAT? No way!”

“That’s what I said, they are not jabbing a needle in me!” Alice looked like she was about to faint at the thought, so I steered everyone in the direction of food. Food was always good. Even if it made you fat, which meant you couldn’t fit into dresses, which meant you couldn’t go to parties, which meant you’d never meet any cute boys and never get married and die a virgin! Ok, food was going down on my mental list, but for now, it’d have to do. The rich smell of toast and coffee filled the air and we all realised how hungry we actually were. We sat down heavily on one of the benches, piling our plates with hot, buttered toast. I got that weird feeling that someone was looking at me and turned around sharply, but couldn’t see who it was. I went back to my delicious toast and immediately got the feeling again. Frowning now, I picked up my pocket mirror that I always carry around with me because I’m just cool that way, and pretended to look in it but actually used it to look around the room. I met eyes with someone but they turned away. Interesting… I told Lily, who was sitting next to me. She spluttered on her toast spraying me with crumbs that I wrinkled my nose at.

“Marls! You’ve got a secret admirer!” then she burst out laughing, which was highly offensive, so I ate her last bit of toast in one mouthful,

“Wook whofs laffwing naw,” I chomped, just as the Marauders came over to the table of course.

They looked at me slightly weirdly but then brushed it off as almost normal behaviour. I suppose it was… I swallowed and grinned at them as they sat down with us, shovelling food in their mouths as if there was no tomorrow.

“What’s the rush?” I asked lazily.

“We’ve got a plan. A kind of first-day-back laugh to get rid of all the hyper summer energy!” grinned James enthusiastically.

“Right…” I began but Lily cut across me,

“It’s nothing illegal, right?”

“Of course not Lilykins! Just a harmless little prank-”

“Don’t call me Lilykins! For the hundredth time! And knowing you, Potter, it’ll be a bit more than just a harmless prank!” Lily scowled.

“Actually, it’s pure genius,” commented Sirius, “Remus thought it up, I think the summer must have changed him. He never likes pranking!”

“Where were you over the summer?” I asked Remus.

“Oh, here and there. Was with my parents for a bit then visited my grandparents who haven’t seen me in a while, stayed at James’s for a week,” he answered vaguely.

“What’s the prank then?” asked Mary, sounding excited. James cleared his throat and whispered the plan to us,

“Basically, you know how the Professors always try and make those absolutely awful jokes? Well, in whatever lesson we have next, we’re going to make the class laugh really loudly and madly every time he says one! If we laugh for about ten minutes each time, then I think we’ll waste the whole lesson laughing!” he grinned.

“And the amazing thing is, the Professor can’t tell us off, because HE MADE THE JOKE IN THE FIRST PLACE!” Sirius was practically wetting himself. It was a good idea though, and I smiled at Remus but he looked away.

“What happens if we have McGonagall first, though? She never makes jokes,” I smirked.

“Well here come our timetables now, so let’s find out,” suggested Alice as we all saw McGonagall (speak of the devil) walking solemnly around the house tables, handing out timetables.

“She looks like someone’s died, doesn’t she?” I whispered to Lily with a giggle. McGonagall reached us and shuffled through to find the right papers before handing them out. I was the quickest, and scanned the lessons,

“We’ve got charms first!” I announced.

“Brilliant!” grinned Sirius evilly, “Flitwick’s a complete pushover! Full of lame jokes too,” he rubbed his hands together.

“Shall we get a move on then?” I suggested, “We need to get there earlier to tell everyone the plan. If we have the Slytherins or Ravenclaws with us they won’t agree to it though…”

“Good idea, let’s go!” Everyone jumped up eagerly and filed out of the Great Hall to get their bags and quills. I ran to the cupboard I’d dumped mine in and tried to remember the way to the Charms classroom. I got there eventually and slid into a seat next to Mary and Lily, who were gushing over some boy. Well actually it was Mary doing all the gushing. I love that word; gushing!

“He’s just so…charming, though!” whispered Mary, “I wonder if he’s single?”

“Of course not!” scoffed Lily, “Amos Diggory is never single!”

“You’re not really considering Diggory are you?” I said scornfully, getting out my quills, “He’s such a pompous freak. Anyway he’s a 7th year.” Mary looked at me incredulously,

“Why does it matter that he’s a 7th year? We can’t exactly limit our choices to boys in our year. That leaves us with a choice of the Marauders, Snape or that annoying Ravenclaw Edgar Bones.”

“Don’t be silly! There are loads more boys in our year! What about Evan Rosier? He’s ok looking. Oh, and Benjy Fenwick?” I suggested some names but Mary wrinkled her nose,

“But 7th year have Diggory, Daniel Wood and Caradoc Dearborn, the welsh bloke! And Evan Rosier is just creepy by the way,” Mary was starting to get angry for some reason.

“I suppose…shall we just change the subject?” I looked around at the rest of the Gryffindors and the Hufflepuffs that we were sharing Charms with. I signalled to James,

“Have you told them the plan?” he grinned back,

“Yep. And Flitwick should make his entrance around about…now!” Right on cue, Professor Flitwick hobbled in, waving his wand at the blackboard. The words Supersensory Charms appeared in curly writing as Flitwick cleared his throat.

“Ahem! Settle down, class, settle down. This year we shall be following a complicated course of charmwork including advanced wand techniques and irregular charms. This lesson, we shall be starting upon the supersensory charm, alright?” he continued in his squeaky voice, shuffling some papers, “Ah, yes,” he picked up a plan of some sort, “Professor McGonagall believes it wise for students to sit in register order for all their lessons due to certain…disruptions…last year.” Amidst the groans that followed, I did some quick calculations and realised I’d me next to Lupin. That wasn’t so bad; at least I wasn’t with Jon Egbert, Hufflepuff’s notorious nose-picker, like poor Lily. I swiftly picked up my bags and dumped them on the desk with Remus, mouthing sympathetic words at Lily. I turned to Remus, trying to think of something to talk about,

“So, how’s life?” I asked innocently. Remus looked mystified,

“Erm…it’s ok…” I sniffed and said in a very clever imitation of Professor Flitwick,

“Mr. Lupin, that is not a sufficient answer. See me after the class, alright?” Lupin grinned and shook his head. Silence fell as Flitwick started to say something again,

“Yes…well…supersensory charms. Can anyone tell me what they are, exactly?” Lily’s hand shot up. I saw Remus’s hand up too. He must think I’m really stupid for not knowing any answers. I wished I wasn’t so lazy in class sometime. The only thing I really excelled at was Defence against the Dark Arts. I kind of hated my reputation of the flaky, dumb blonde. My hand inched up but at the last second I pulled back. It was too hard. I heard Lily’s voice answering the question but it seemed to be really far away,

“A supersensory charm extends the boundaries of your nerves, almost into a phantom circle of awareness around you. You know if something is touching that circle and then have time to react to the object or person, and cannot be taken by surprise.”

“Very good, Miss Evans! A very useful charm for Quidditch then, eh?” he attempted a wink and chuckled. The class was silent for a moment, but then James kicked us off. He stared at Flitwick, gradually turning redder and redder, before exploding into violent laughter, giving the poor man quite a shock. Everyone else followed suit, apart from Lily, Remus and I. Lily was a prefect and thought it would be bad example, the same as Remus (even though he’d thought up the idea) and I just wasn’t in the mood. We watched as our classmates rolled around on the floor with fake tears of laughter streaming down their faces. Egbert even managed to pick his nose while laughing, a truly amazing feat. Flitwick just watched us, astounded. I think he’d been shocked dumb. Welcome to a typical day in the life of Marlene McKinnon.

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