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Not According to Plan by 9876grpc

Format: Novel
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 76,993
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 06/18/2011
Last Chapter: 07/01/2012
Last Updated: 07/01/2012


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Everything was as it should be in Harry Potter's life.  He had three teenagers all attending Hogwarts and a wonderful wife.  During Christmas break his daughter Lily comes home and it is clear that something is very wrong.  What happens when life doesn't go according to plan?  

Lily/Scorpius and Harry/Hermione


Chapter 11: Lily's Tale

I do not own anything Harry Potter (JK Rowling and Warner Brother do), because if I did Harry and Hermione would end up together.

Two hours later, the conference room was a flurry of activity. It seemed the entire family had come in response to Hermione’s Patronus. There were at least a dozen Aurors, half a dozen healers, as well as several people that looked like muggles. She had found Scorpius and sent him in to be with Lily and Harry. She made her way over to the people she didn’t know and introduced herself…

“Hello, I’m Hermione, Lily’s aunt. I’m afraid I don’t know who you are.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m detective Walters and this is my partner, detective Green. We met Lily when the hospital contacted us. We’ve been working with her and Scorpius since then.”

Hermione shook their hands. Detective Walters was a tall, built man with dark eyes and hair, while Detective Green was a petite, blond woman with blue eyes. They seemed genuinely nice.

“We were so happy to hear that they had a suspect in Lily’s case. Of course we’ve been told that he won’t be tried in our system, but as long as he pays for what he did to Lily, that’s all I can ask for.” Said Det. Green

Hermione nodded

“The man we spoke with said that they have a way to show the memory of what happened to her…is that true?” asked Det. Walters

Hermione raised her eyebrows and said, “I’ve heard that they do that, but I’ve never seen it myself. I imagine it’s going to be quite hard on all of us to see, never mind how hard it’s going to be on Lily having to live through it again. Did she talk about what happened at all with you?”

The detectives shared a look and then Det. Green responded, “not really. Most of our case was based on the physical evidence. The pictures taken of the state she was in, the DNA found on her during the exam, and the testimony that Scorpius gave us. Lily has been reluctant to talk about what happened to her and I can’t blame her.”

Hermione noticed Al and James flinch nearby… “Lily has kept this a secret this whole time, we’ve only just found out this week what happened. So we’re all still in shock, but thank you for everything you’ve done for her. Her father hasn’t left her side since he found out and he’s beside himself over this, otherwise he would be here thanking you for all you’ve done for Lily himself.”

“There’s no need to thank us. We’re just glad that Lily will get some closure from all this. I can understand now why she didn’t want to tell her family…it seems her father is a bit of celebrity in your world?” said Det. Walters

“Yes, you could say that…He’s a war hero and is head of the magical law enforcement department.” Replied Hermione

“That makes sense now…telling her father would result in the entire law enforcement department scrutinizing her and what happened to her. That would make anyone weary. You see I got into law enforcement because I was raped when I was younger. Trust me, the last thing you want is attention on you. You just want to disappear. It lessens over time, especially if you have a good support system,” said Det. Green

“Thank you for sharing that, I’m hopeful that Lily will be able to recover,” replied Hermione

“I’ve asked Mr. Shacklebolt if we could interview the suspect when they bring him in and he’s agreed. We’ve also given him all the evidence we have so that they can make sure he is prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.” Said Det. Walters

“Thank you. I think we’re going to start in a minute so I should go but I would like Harry to meet you at some point soon, if that’s OK with you?” asked Hermione

“Yes, of course.” Replied Det. Green.

Hermione then made her way over to the other people she did not know. She could tell by the way they were dressed that they were doctors. She introduced herself and the conversation was very similar to one she had just had with the detectives. She excused herself quickly as she really needed to get to Lily’s room. She told Kingsley it was time to go and he got up to speak to everyone…

“Hello everyone. Thank you for coming. I’m going to be brief because we need to get started. We were notified this week that Miss Potter was attacked several months ago and we are here today to find out what happened.” There were several gasps and cries throughout the room so he waited a minute for everyone to settle down again then he continued, “Lily was reluctant to discuss what happened and only agreed to talk about it this one time. That is why we have all of you here together. There are Aurors, Healers, Doctors, Detectives, and family all here to support Lily. A few of us will be in the room with Lily, while the rest of you will stay out here. We will charm the room so that you can see and hear what is going on. This way Lily will not have to face such a large group. It’s important that if you feel you cannot handle hearing anymore that you excuse yourself from the room, as we only have this one chance to collect the evidence. Now, I must go. It will only be a few minutes, so please everyone take a seat.”

Kingsley then left the room with Hermione, the female Auror (Susan Bones), and Healer Summer. They joined Harry, Scorpius and Lily in her room and told her it would just be a few minutes before they started. They waited for everything to be ready in the conference room and when Auror Finnegan came in and gave the OK, they started…

“Lily, I’m going to tell you what will happen first before we start, OK?” asked Kingsley

Lily was sitting on the bed with Harry and Scorpius on either side of her. They were both holding one of her hands. She smiled slightly and nodded in response.

“The first thing we will do is give you a special potion that relaxes you and I will perform a spell that induces sleep until I say the counter spell. Once this is done, we will use legilimency to find the memory of the attack. We will also collect Scorpius’ memory of what happened. We will then project the two memories so that we can see what happened. Once that is done, we will wake you and ask you any questions that we may have. Do you understand?”

She sniffled and wiped the tears from her face then nodded

“Do you have any questions?” asked Kingsley

“Will…will I be aware of everything while it’s happening?” stammered Lily

“No, you will be asleep. You shouldn’t feel anything and shouldn’t relive the memory when we are extracting it. The only thing that you may be aware of is when we play the memory, you will hear it, but you will still be asleep. This is why we use the potion it helps to relax you. When you wake we can give you a calming draught if you would like as well.” Replied Kingsley

Lily nodded again and said, “OK,” then she turned to Scorpius and said, “you promise you won’t leave my side?”

He smiled and said, “I promise, I will NOT leave your side.”

She smiled in response and squeezed his hand.

Healer Summers then came over and gave her the potion, which she took and then laid down on the bed. Scorpius sat in a chair next to her bed and held her hand. Harry sat on the other side of the bed and held her other hand. He kissed her hand and said, “It’ll be OK, Lily. We’re all here with you.” She smiled back at him before she fell asleep.

Kingsley then proceeded to the head of the bed, cast the spell and then began legilimency to find the memory…after a few minutes Kingsley said, “I’ve found it,” and Auror Bones went to get the evidence vial for the memory. Once it was collected they extracted the memory from Scorpius and performed a spell to duplicate the memories first and then one to combine the duplicates. Then they poured the combination memory in a special pensive that would project the memory and play the sound as well.

“All right, everyone, here we go.” Said Kingsley then he spelled the pensive to play…

Lily was walking with Jamie holding hands and she was laughing at something he had just said. Lily was in her uniform, minus the robes, and Jamie was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. Jamie seemed to notice that the corridor was deserted and they appeared to be alone, so he stopped them and leaned down to kiss her. After a minute he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him, giving him access to run his hands along her legs and up her skirt. They kissed for several minutes, both dropping what they had in their hands and slowly stumbling towards a wall to lean against.

They broke apart breathless and Jamie propped her up against the wall and used his hands to start unbuttoning her shirt. She chuckled and said, “Jamie, we’re in the middle of the hallway.”

But then he started kissing the top of her breasts and she closed her eyes and moaned in response. He laughed and said, “that’s right princess.” He continued to kiss her breasts and said, “ I love you in white lace… it makes you look so innocent.”

“Hey! I am innocent!” replied Lily indignant slapping him on the shoulder

He laughed heartily and replied, “not for long, if I have anything to say about it.” He then started to run his hands under her skirt, making her moan momentarily before she opened her eyes and said warningly, “Jamie.”

He groaned and said, “Please, princess, just relax.” Then he started kissing her again.

After a minute she moaned and broke away from the kiss, but she was slightly pushing on his shoulders. “Jamie, stop. We’re in the middle of the hallway for Merlin’s sake!” she said raising her voice at the end.

Jamie groaned loudly this time and took his lips off of her neck and said, “Princess, you’re killing me.”

She laughed and put her legs down on the floor, gently pushing him away. She straightened out her uniform and turned to see that he had his forehead against the wall, and he was breathing heavily. She walked over to him, gently touched the side of his face and said, “Jamie?”

He moved away from the wall and stepped back from her. She noticed he was looking around him and he seemed angry. She instinctively took a step back and looked around as well. The corridor was completely empty and she realized they were in a part of the castle that people rarely went to. How did they end up here? She was cursing herself for being so stupid. Suddenly, Jamie grabbed her hand and started walking towards a door…

“Jamie, what are you doing?” she asked

When he didn’t respond, she started to panic and tried to pull her hand away from his grasp but his hold was too strong. Before she knew it they were in a deserted classroom with the door closed. She had to admit she was scared now.

He let go of her and said, “better?”

She looked at him confused and said, “what?”

He made an impatient noise and barely kept from yelling at her, “Is this better? We’re not in the hallway anymore!”

She looked at him like he was crazy then when she realized what he was talking about she was furious, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! YOU WANT TO DO IT HERE?”

He was having a hard time controlling his temper now, “MERLIN, YOU ARE SUCH A PRINCESS, LILY!”





“THEN DON’T! GO SHAG THEM, WE’RE DONE!” Lily screamed at him and slapped him across the face.

And then everything went to hell and Harry could barely watch what was happening…

Then the memory changed to Scorpius’

Scorpius was running down the hallway, getting more unnerved the closer he got. Something terrible was happening; he just knew it. At first it just sounded like a heated argument between lovers but then the girl was pleading, and then she was begging, and then she was crying so much that he couldn’t understand what she was saying anymore. As he approached the doorway, he was almost afraid of what he would find, but he couldn’t ignore the cries, so he threw the door open and yelled, “What the hell is going on in here?”

At first he couldn’t see anything other than a couple on the floor. He could see the red hair spread out around them. This made him pause, as he knew that most of the girls that had that color hair were related to Al. Then the guy turned to look at Scorpius and he recognized him as Jamie McClaggen…

“McClaggen, what the hell is going on!” yelled Scorpius, pointing his wand at him

“Nothing, Malfoy, get out of here!” yelled Jamie

Then Scorpius suddenly recognized who the girl was and he stopped cold, bloody hell…

“IS THAT POTTER?” yelled Scorpius horrified


“YOU FUCKING BASTARD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?” screamed Scorpius and he grabbed Jamie, threw him against the wall, and punched him in the face.

Then Lily’s sobbing broke through and Scorpius turned back and rushed to her side, while Jamie took the opportunity to run away.

When Scorpius got near Lily she started screaming and hitting him. “Potter, stop, it’s me, Scorpius,” he said trying to deflect her punches. She didn’t stop and he backed away from her a little repeating over and over, “Lily, it’s just me, Scorpius.” After several minutes of this, she seemed to realize something had changed and she looked to the side to see Scorpius sitting near her quietly talking to her… “Scorpius?” she asked confused.

“Yes, Lily, it’s me.” Replied Scorpius quietly

She started sobbing harder and he couldn’t understand what she was saying but he knew she needed to get to the hospital; there was so much blood everywhere…

“Lily, we need to get you to the hospital.” Said Scorpius

“NO!” screamed Lily trying to move away from him

“Lily, please, there's so much blood...” Begged Scorpius

“NO! Just leave me alone!” yelled Lily

“I’m not going to leave you Lily. If you’d rather have one of your brothers here, I can send a Patronus to them…”

“NO, you can’t tell them! Please, Scorpius, please don’t tell my brothers about this!” sobbed Lily shaking her head from side to side groaning at the same time

Scorpius held up his hands in surrender and said, “OK, OK, but …”

Lily seemed to be unconscious again


No response

Scorpius inched closer to her and reached out to touch her arm and shake her a little…no response

“BLOODY HELL!” yelled Scorpius and then he said to himself, “what do I do?” Scorpius looked around frantically and ran to the door calling, “HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!” He realized no one was around and he turned back and looked at Lily again, she was a mess, he needed to get her to a hospital, and soon…

He took his robes off and covered her, then bent down and gently picked her up, with one arm under her knees and the other under her shoulders. He held her close to him and was sure that he heard several cracks in her body as he stood up.  There were no words to describe what he wanted to do to Jamie McClaggen right now. He ran as fast as he could to the hospital wing, saying softly over and over again, “I’ve got you Lily, you’re going to be ok, please don’t die on me.”

Thankfully it was in the middle of a class period so he didn’t run into anyone in the halls. He burst through the hospital doors and started screaming, “Madam Pomfrey! Help me!”

Lily started to stir at this, trying to push him away…

“What’s going on?” asked Madam Pomfrey rushing out of her office

Lily was fully awake now and Scorpius had to rush over to a bed to put her down, she was fighting him so much. She was sobbing hysterically now and when Madam Pomfrey tried to go near her she screamed and scurried away from her.

“Oh dear girl, it’s OK, I’m not going to hurt you.” Said Madam Pomfrey softly and she sat down in a chair near Lily, motioning for Scorpius to do the same.

Lily was shaking uncontrollably

“Lily, you’re going to be OK, but you need to let Madam Pomfrey look at you.” Said Scorpius

Lily shook her head No and groaned, then she started crying again…

“Mr. Malfoy stay with her, I need to go notify the headmistress and her parents.” Said Madam Pomfrey getting up

“NO! PLEASE DON’T!” screamed Lily making Madam Pomfrey jump

“My dear girl, you need to go to the hospital, even if you would let me treat you, you’re injuries are far too severe, you need to be admitted. Besides you’re parents will want to be here with you, dear.” Said Madam Pomfrey soothingly

“No, please, I don’t want anyone to know. Not my brothers, not my parents, no one…” replied Lily crying. She was on the floor in the corner of the room and she had Scorpius’ robes clutched to her. She looked like a trapped animal and it was terrifying to see.

Madam Pomfrey sat down again and replied, “Lily, dear, we need to get you to the hospital and St. Mungo’s is going to notify your parents anyway, so I mine as well do it now.”

“Then I won’t go. I refuse to go. I’ll just go back to my room, I’ll be fine.” Replied Lily defiantly wiping the tears from her face and trying to get up.

Scorpius was horrified; she had to go to the hospital! He looked to Madam Pomfrey to see that she was just as horrified and also speechless. Then he had an idea…

“WAIT! Lily, what if I bring you to a muggle hospital? They won’t know who you are or who your family is. Please, Lily, you need to be seen by someone!” begged Scorpius

Lily had stopped trying to move and she was leaning heavily against the wall, she looked to Madam Pomfrey to see if this was acceptable and when she nodded, Lily said, “OK.”

Scorpius breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you, Lily. Now, will you let me help you?”

She shook her head no and groaned sliding to the floor to sit again, and then she fell to the side seemingly unconscious again…

“Mr. Malfoy, pick her up, there’s no time, we need to get to the hospital right away.” He did so and followed her to the floo, where she shouted out “St. Elizabeth’s,” and off they went. They appeared in an office and Madam Pomfrey motioned for Scorpius to follow her, where they made their way through multiple hallways and got on an elevator, finally arriving on the bottom level in the ER, where Madam Pomfrey explained to a woman what was going on. The woman motioned for them to follow her and brought them to an empty room. She told them she was just going to get a doctor quickly to help them. Suddenly there were at least a dozen people in the room and Scorpius and Madam Pomfrey moved to the background. Lily woke up at one point screaming and thrashing but they quickly gave her something in her IV and she was out again. After about an hour when the doctors were satisfied she was stable, one came to talk to Scorpius and Madam Pomfrey.

Madam Pomfrey told him she was the nurse at Lily’s boarding school and that Lily refused treatment and refused to let her notify her family, indicating that she brought her to the hospital when Lily was unconscious. Scorpius then explained what he saw.

The doctor listened intently then told them, “Well, I can’t notify her family against her wishes. The hospital’s protocol is very clear."  He then went on to give them a general status of her condition and asked if they had any questions.

“May we stay with her?” asked Scorpius

“Yes.  I will be here to monitor her as well.” Replied the doctor

“Thank you, Doctor.” Replied Madam Pomfrey.

And then the memory ended. 

Everyone had different reactions to the memory… Kingsley, Auror Bones and Healer Summer’s stayed quiet letting the family absorb what had happened to Lily.

Scorpius had tears running down his face and he put his head down on the bed next to Lily and cried quietly while still holding Lily’s hand. Harry got up unsteadily and walked over to the wastebasket in the room and started vomiting with Hermione crying quietly beside him rubbing his back.

In the conference room, the scene was a little bit chaotic…The Aurors were all talking quietly putting together questions while the healers were talking about the monitoring of Lily and the babies’ vital signs. Ginny was sobbing on the floor and Ron was hugging her with tears running down his face. A few people were vomiting including James … he had never seen anything so horrible and he couldn’t believe someone could do that to his sister.

Al seemed to be in complete shock, he had tears running down his face and he kept clenching his jaw and fists in anger but he was still otherwise. Draco sat down next to him, as he was most worried about his reaction. Draco was shocked as well; he had seen a lot of terrible things during the war but never anything like this. He would be surprised if Scorpius and Al didn’t try and kill McClaggen.

The rest of the family was crying and saying how they couldn’t believe something so horrible happened to Lily.

After about 10 minutes Kingsley spoke up saying, “Harry, we’re ready to wake Lily, whenever you are.”

Harry nodded and wiped his face, then went and sat next to Lily’s bed again. Scorpius pulled himself together as well and they nodded, indicating it was OK to wake her and Kingsley said the counter spell.

Kingsley had barely finished the counter spell when Lily shot up out of bed, terrified. She jumped up and looked around her trying to get her bearings. She backed away from everyone until her back was to the wall. She was breathing heavily and there was a waterfall of tears streaming down her face. Before anyone had a chance to try and settle her down the healers from the other room came barging into the room, yelling about Lily’s vital signs. The intrusion scared Lily even more and she screamed, “Get away from me!” at everyone. Scorpius was furious, he moved in front of Lily, raised his hand to form a wandless protection shield around them, and took control.

“Get out.” Said Scorpius dangerously to the entire room

Everyone had turned to see what the intrusion was and they were surprised to hear the anger in Scorpius’ voice. They were even more surprised when they realized he had cast a wandless shield and was standing in front of Lily, obviously protecting her. By this time she had slid down the wall behind him and was curled up into a ball, sobbing hysterically.

Harry was stunned, he was looking at Scorpius with a new found respect and the yelling of the healers brought him out of it, “HER VITALS ARE UNSTABLE!”

“You are not helping her by barging in scaring the daylights out of her!” Harry said fiercely then continued, “now please leave.”

The healers were surprised by this, “but… we need to stabilize her…” replied one, but then backed up at the look Harry was giving them. Harry looked to Kingsley and he nodded, silently understanding.

“Everyone out. Now.” Kingsley said commandingly

Slowly the room started to empty and as Hermione went to leave Harry grabbed her hand and held her back.

When the door had shut behind the last person, Harry magically locked it and turned to Scorpius. Harry brought Hermione with him to a pair of chairs on the other side of the room and they sat down. He then nodded at Scorpius that it was OK to take over. Scorpius let down his shield and breathed a sigh of relief. He turned around and saw the state Lily was in and his heart broke all over again. He slowly sat down a safe distance away in front of her and waited a few minutes before speaking softly…“Lily, you’re OK. No one is going to hurt you.” He repeated this over and over quietly for what seemed like 20 minutes before her crying started to ebb away. Finally she looked up and saw Scorpius in front of her…


He smiled at her and said soothingly, “yes, Lily, I’m here. You’re OK now. You’re safe.”

She broke down sobbing again but moved towards him and curled up in his lap, letting him wrap his arms around her. They stayed like that for quite a while, until finally Lily started to speak…

“Oh, Scor, it was like I was trapped all over again!”

“I’m so sorry, Lily, so very sorry…”


“Why what Lily?”

“Why did he do that to me!”

“I don’t know Lily.”

“I loved him.”

“I know.”

“I trusted him.”

“I know.”

“Why wasn’t it enough for him?”

“I don’t know, it should have been.”



“When it was happening, there was this moment… just a moment, that I thought, ‘Lily just give him what he wants, you love him’… and for a second, just a second, I gave up. I stopped fighting him…” sobbed Lily. She cried for several minutes before she pulled herself together enough to finish, “If I hadn’t given up…maybe I could have escaped or fought him off… it’s my fault this happened.”

Lily cried for several more minutes before Scorpius pulled away enough to look at her and raised her face so that he could look in her eyes and said fiercely, “Lily, what he did to you was NOT your fault. Do you understand me? IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.”

She shook her head repeatedly denying what he said and cried into his chest for what seemed like eternity. Finally, Scorpius said, “Lily, you need to finish this. You need to put this behind you…can I bring the others back in now so that they can ask you about everything?”

“I…can’t, Scor.”

“You can. I’ll be right here with you.”

“I don’t want to…”

“I know you don’t, but once you get it over with, you’ll never have to deal with it again. Alright?”

“Promise you’ll stay with me?”




“I know you did something to him.”


“I don’t want you to get in trouble…what if Jamie tells them?”

“I don’t care.”

“I do. I don’t want to be without you!”


“No, Scor. I’m not going to talk about this if it’s going to result in you going to Azkaban!”

“Is that why you haven’t reported what he did to you?” asked Scorpius horrified

“I don’t want to lose you, Scorpius.”

“Lily, I’ll be fine…”

Harry spoke up now, making both the teens jump, “Scorpius, perhaps we should go outside for a minute and speak with your father about this.”

“It’s not important, this is about Lily, not me.” Replied Scorpius.

“Scorpius, do you trust me?” asked Harry

Scorpius looked at him for a minute before nodding yes.

“Then let me help you.” Replied Harry.

“Please, Scor!” pleaded Lily

Scorpius sighed and said, “OK.”

Harry stood up and said, “Hermione, will you stay with Lily while I sort things out with Scorpius?”

“Of course.”

Harry made his way over to Lily and she stood and hugged him, crying a little into his chest. He kissed the top of her head and said, “I’ll take care of it, Lily. I promise.”

She nodded and smiled gratefully at him in response.

He then said, “Ok, this won’t take more than a half hour. Then we can bring the Aurors back in to finish everything up. Is that enough time for you?”

Lily nodded in response and Harry and Scorpius left the room. Draco was waiting outside the door with Kingsley, James and Al. Harry looked around and saw an empty room and motioned for everyone to follow him. After sealing the room for privacy, Harry turned to Kingsley and said, “whatever he did to that scum bag, he gets immunity.”

Kingsley thought for a few minutes then replied, “I need to know what I’m giving him immunity from.”

“I want your word first that no matter what it is, he gets immunity.” Replied Harry stubbornly

Kingsley sighed and said, “Ok, Harry, you have my word.”

“I wasn’t alone…it wasn’t just me” Said Scorpius

They all turned to him surprised by that revelation

“Who was with you?” asked Draco

“I think it’s best if I don’t say just yet. What will happen to the others that were with me? They helped me.” Replied Scorpius

“How many people are we talking about?” asked Kingsley

“Just two others.”

“Well, I guess they’ll need immunity as well.” Replied Harry looking towards Kingsley

He sighed again and said, “fine.”

“No matter who they are?” asked Scorpius

Draco raised his eyebrows at this and everyone looked questioningly towards Scorpius so he clarified, “No matter who they, how old they are, what they have done in the past…this instance, this one specific instance where they helped me deal with Jamie… they will get immunity for?”

Kingsley slowly nodded and said, “whomever was with you will receive immunity for this one instance…for whatever crimes may have taken place.”

“Thank you, Kingsley.” Said Harry and then he turned to Scorpius and said, “Ok, now tell us what happened and who was with you.”

“I kidnapped Jamie and with the help of my uncles, Rodolphus and Rabastan, and we tortured him.” Deadpanned Scorpius

“Bloody hell.” Cursed Draco

“Lestrange?” stammered Harry completely shocked


“You’re telling me two former death eaters that have escaped capture for 25 years, helped you torture Jamie for hurting my daughter?” asked Harry shocked


“Why?” asked Kingsley

“Because I asked them to.”

“Did they know it was my daughter?”

“Yes. I kidnapped Jamie and asked them to meet me. When they arrived, I told them that someone had hurt my best friends sister and that I wanted to make the bastard suffer. I told them that I hadn’t been taught dark magic and asked if they would show me how to make him pay properly. When they agreed, I then reminded them that my best friend was Harry Potter’s son. They looked at me surprised for a few minutes and then asked, ‘why are you doing this, why not leave it to Potter to take care of?’ I told them how I was the one who found Lily and she didn’t want her family to know. So it was up to me to take care of it. They agreed and said that I was about to learn the difference between our family and the Potters.”

“And what’s that?” asked Draco curious what his lunatic uncles thought

Scorpius sighed and replied seriously, “Potters die for those they love…we kill for them.”

Draco groaned in response

“But you didn’t kill him.” Stated Kingsley

“No, I wouldn’t do it…I wanted to, really wanted to but regardless of what my uncles said, I couldn’t help but think that Al would want to be the one to do that.” Said Scorpius looking at Al, then he continued, “I figured Lily would eventually tell you and I knew you would want to make Jamie pay yourself. I couldn’t take that chance away from you.”

Al nodded in response and looked away from his Dad so that he wouldn’t see just how right Scorpius was. There was nothing he wanted more right now than to kill Jamie. And he was certain he would have no problem doing it.

“Ok, Scorpius, let’s see the memory so that I know what I’m giving you and your uncles immunity for.” Said Kingsley reluctantly going to get a pensive. He went into the conference room and told his Aurors to draft up an immunity contract leaving room for three names and space for multiple crimes, leaving them blank for now. Once it was finished he took the contract and the pensive and left the room, leaving everyone very confused. He returned to the room with Auror Finnegan and put the privacy wards back up.

“I need an Auror witness,” answered Kingsley to all the questioning glances.
Harry nodded in response and they told Scorpius to place his memory in the pensive. Kingsley then spelled the pensive to play the memory and they watched what happened with rapture.

As the memory was playing, Kingsley added the crimes to the document. When it was finished he signed it first, gave it to Scorpius to sign, and then finally handed it to Auror Finnegan, who signed it quickly. Kingsley then spelled the document, so that it was sealed, allowing only the Minister of Magic to unseal it and read it in the future, classifying it at the highest security level.

“Harry, it should take me about 15 minutes to put together all the questions that we’ll be asking Lily.” Said Kingsley taking down the privacy wards from the room.

“Ok, we’ll wait in her room for you.” Replied Harry

“Dad, can Al and I see Lily?” asked James

Harry looked at James for a minute then nodded.

As Draco left to go back to the conference room he said, “Scorpius, we’ll be talking about this later.”

Scorpius sighed and nodded before going into Lily’s room again followed by Harry, Al and James.

Lily was resting in the bed with Hermione gently playing with her hair. They both turned when the door was opened and Lily immediately tensed up and turned away from them.

Scorpius held a hand up to the others asking them for a minute and went over to the bed. Hermione got up to give them a little privacy. Scorpius sat in a chair beside her bed, grabbed her hand, and whispered in her ear.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m OK.”

“The minister is going to come back in a few minutes so that they can ask you some questions, OK?”

Lily nodded and wiped a few stray tears away

“Lils, your brothers really want to see you…please, will you let them?”

Lily shut her eyes and they all watched the tears stream down her face as she tried to fight crying again. She slowly nodded again.

Scorpius kissed both of her closed eyelids and wiped the tears away with his fingers. Then he buried his head in her neck and said, “I love you.”

She lost a hold of her composure for a second and let go of her sobs but then smiled and said, “ditto.”

He smiled and moved to the other side of Lily, nodding at Al to let him know they could come over.

Harry and Hermione stayed where they were, letting the boys have some time with Lily.

James was the first to speak, asking Lily if he could hug her. She smiled and gave him a hug, holding him tight and crying on his shoulder for a few minutes, in turn making James tear up. He got up after a few minutes to compose himself when Al approached.

“Lily, I’m so sorry.” Said Al heartbroken

She shook her head in response, trying to tell him it wasn’t his fault, but she wasn’t sure he understood, so she grabbed his hand and pulled him down to sit on the bed with her and hugged him fiercely. She stayed wrapped in his arms for several minutes just crying while he said over and over, “I’m so sorry.”

Finally after a while everyone stopped crying and Lily said, “Scor, I don’t want to talk about this if you’re going to get into trouble.”

Scorpius smiled at her and said, “it’s ok, Lils, your Dad took care of everything.”

She turned to look at her Dad, who nodded in agreement, then said, “Are you sure, you’re not just saying that to get me to talk about this?”

“No, Lily, we’re not. Scorpius received immunity and has a signed contract to prove it. Nothing is going to happen to him.” Replied Harry

Al and James also nodded in agreement and she let it go.

“Lily, how did you know that I did something to him?” asked Scorpius

Lily looked away from him and said softly, “it’s not important, Scor.”

“Lils… I’m just curious because I thought the only people that knew were the ones that were there…” replied Scorpius

She raised her eyes to meet his and nodded in response

“WHAT! You’ve seen him! When?” yelled Scorpius

“Scor, it doesn’t matter, OK.” Said Lily warily

“I made it very clear to him to stay away from you…” said Scorpius fiercely

“Scor, just calm down, OK, and I’ll tell you.” Said Lily sighing in resignation

It took him a minute but he finally settled down and looked to Lily

“It was an accident running into him, really. It was right after you and I ended things…and I went out on a date…”said Lily looking at Scorpius

“What, are you serious?” gaped Scorpius

Lily gave him a stern look and said, “yes, I am. Do you not remember, Scorpius, that the entire time you were seeing me you had a GIRLFRIEND? Why do you think it’s acceptable to question me for going on a date when I wasn’t seeing anyone?”

Scorpius frowned in response but said nothing.

Lily took a deep breath to calm down and continued, “Anyway, the person I went out with said that one of his friends was having a party and asked me if I wanted to go for a little while. I said yes, and we went. Well it turns out his friend graduated from Durmstrang and still lived in the area so there were a number of current Durmstrang students there as well.”

“Wait a minute Lily, did you just say that you left Hogwarts one night in November to go to a party in another country?” asked Harry flabbergasted.

She smiled guiltily and nodded

“But how did you get there?” asked Harry

“I side-along apparated with my date.”

Harry groaned while Al and James gaped at her in shock.

“Who was your date?” growled Scorpius, not caring about anything else.

“I’m not saying and it’s not important.” Snapped Lily

Hermione decided to step in before the teens started arguing. “Let’s get back on track here…Lily, you said that you saw Jamie. What happened?”

Lily thought for a minute before telling them what happened. “There were tons of people at the party and we were there for at least an hour before he approached me. My date went to go get us some drinks and I was making small talk with some girl when he came over. The girl immediately left me and I just sort of stared at him in shock. I couldn’t really believe he was there …I’d really rather not talk about what was said, but the jist of it was him warning me to keep quiet. If I talked he would report what Scorpius did to him. He said they could share a cell in Azkaban together. My date came back and took one look at me and made Jamie leave. He didn’t go quietly that’s for sure.”

“Did Jamie touch you or hurt you?” asked Scorpius fiercely

“No… he was only with me for a few minutes. Like I said he was made to leave pretty quickly.” Replied Lily

“Well...” started Harry but he honestly had no idea what else to say

Hermione noticed and decided to help him, saying “Thank you for telling us, Lily. I’m glad that you weren't hurt and I’m sure that he won’t be able to get near you again when this is all over.” She paused momentarily then continued, “Now, I’m sure Harry will sit down and talk to you about your safety before you go back to Hogwarts. It really isn’t wise to leave the school grounds without letting your Dad know.”

Lily looked down guiltily and nodded.

“I can’t believe my little sister snuck out of Hogwarts to go on a date in another country! I’ve never even done that!” whined James

“James.” Harry said warningly

“Well, it’s true.” Grumbled James

Al chuckled in the background but immediately stopped when Harry glared at him. He looked up to Lily fighting off a smile.

Harry groaned and said, “What am I going to do with you lot? Perhaps I should home school all of you.”  He smiled evilly at their looks of horror.

They continued to talk while waiting for Kingsley to come back in and finish up with any questions for Lily…