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This is Angelina by Gabriella Hunter

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Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 51,307

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Percy, Voldemort, Fred, George, Oliver
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 10/12/2011
Last Chapter: 10/30/2012
Last Updated: 10/30/2012


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Angelina Johnson's life has changed drastically since the end of the Second War and she has changed into someone she can barely recognize. After losing friends and fading farther and farther away, the only thing holding her together seems to be her dear friend George Weasley, even though he is no longer the person that she had always loved.


Chapter 1: Blood and Defiance
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  The war raged on.

Angelina Johnson sat nervously in a chair by the fire as she thought about what she would most likely have to do, without her parents knowing of course where she intended to go. They of course would not appreciate the fact that she, their only child was going back to Hogwarts, via Apparition to Hogsmeade and sneaking her way back into the school with her friend, Alicia Spinnet.

The two of them would go into hysterics if they caught a wind of what she was going to do and they would most likely try to stop her or go with her, they were former Gryffindor’s after all, but she couldn’t risk the two of them getting hurt.

Although she was half-blood and by most standards quite safe from the war that was raging and falling all around her, Angelina couldn’t stand those silly pureblood laws that demanded that they rise above other (Muggles and Muggle-born) people and destroy them.

It was all a bunch of nonsense in her opinion but no one wanted to hear that right now so she simply sat there, worrying and waiting for her friend to sneak into her house and give her the signal that she was ready to go. Alicia would mostly likely be a little late, she would be making sure that her parents and siblings were taken care of first before she did anything and Angelina could understand that.

Her own parents were safely tucked away in their beds and because she knew that they would expect her to see sense, she knew that they wouldn’t wake up anytime soon to realize that she had, indeed, left them. It burned her heart to do it but she had to fight, she couldn’t stand not knowing and waiting while friends were killed…people she had known for years and had grown to love… “Don’t think about that.” She whispered desperately to herself while looking at the D.A. coin that had given the urgent message for them to assemble.

But thoughts of her other friends, Oliver Wood, Katie Bell…The Weasley twins, Fred and George, kept flashing through her mind and she had a feeling that this was going to be the night and if she lost any of them without being there, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.

Or anyone.

Suddenly, there was a discreet knocking on her door and Angelina rose from her seat and held out her wand, muttering, “Bring it,” to herself. There was no telling who it could be at this hour, with Death Eaters roaming all over the town and demanding entrance to do their dirty work, it could be anyone but she wasn’t going to take any chances and have them come here and hurt her family, or herself.

But when she walked over to the door and cautiously opened it, she saw no one but her dear friend Alicia, staring up at her from behind a long, black cloak, “Angie? It’s me. Are you ready to go?” she whispered.

Angelina blew out a sigh of relief and stepped slowly out of the door and locked it as she went. For a moment they simply stared at each other, grim and silent before she turned and began placing protective charms over the small home that she had lived in all her life. It burned to leave it behind but her parents had to be protected…and the note she left would explain everything to them and if they found it and didn’t faint, they would know where she was and want to join her.

But not now, she had a feeling that the beginning of this battle would get bloody and she didn’t want to see them hurt, they were already stressed out enough as it was, what with the Ministry of Magic so twisted and evil as it was right now.

When she finished, Angelina walked a ways with Alicia in the warm night air, she had lit the fireplace earlier for something to do and to warm her cold and clammy hands but nothing would make it go away, not until that bastard He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was put in his place.

She only hoped that Harry Potter got the chance to stick it to the jerk, and she hoped, more importantly, that he didn’t die in the process, the Dark Lord was very adamant about having Harry Potter killed. That was something that she couldn’t bear either, she liked the kid, and she didn’t want to see him hurt, he was already so kind to others and to think of that kindness stripped away from the world made her grit her teeth angrily.

Alicia snatched her hand and they hid behind an alleyway as two Death Eaters stalked by, both of them looking grim as they faded from sight. “Are you ready?” she asked.

Angelina nodded once they were sure they were gone. Without a moment’s hesitation, the two of them looked at each other, and, taking her hand, Alicia was soon transported to Hogsmeade, via side-along apparition and once their feet touched ground, the two of them gasped.

It looked completely different from the last time that they had been there, so long ago now, the shudders of many stores were closed, buildings looked ransacked and the stench of fear was strong.

Angelina pushed Alicia back a bit, “Oliver should be meeting us and then we’ll head to the Hogs Head,” she whispered.

They waited against a darkened corner of a building for a long time, both of them growing concerned by the ominous sight of Hogwarts in the distance, so beautiful, and yet, so close to being taken away forever. Alicia swallowed hard, “Angie?”


“Are you scared?” Alicia asked.

Angelina nodded, “Of course but we have to do what we have to do.”

“I don’t want to die,” Alicia said.

“Then don’t,” Angelina said shortly.

A moment passed, a cat howled in pain and then… “Protego!” from up ahead. The two girls looked at each other for a split second before dashing up ahead, wands drawn, to see what the issue was and they stumbled a bit at the sight of Oliver Wood already battling a ferocious looking Death Eater, Katie Bell beside him.

The Death Eater looked as if he had been caught unawares because he clumsily shouted. “Crucio,” only to have it blocked.

Katie shot a well- aimed jinx at him and he was too slow to dodge and crumpled to the ground in a heaping pile of robes. “I’ll take care of this,” Angelina said while rushing over, wand still held high, “Stupefy,” she whispered viciously at the man.

 There was a slight crack, and then the Death Eater fell to his side and lay still.

Oliver turned to look at her in relief, “So you made it, huh?”

“Of course I made it. Don’t be stupid,” Angelina said tightly while nodding at Katie Bell, who grinned at her. “Let’s get out of here before more of them show up.”

The four of them walked slowly and cautiously towards the Hogs Head, a place no one would have wanted to go on any other occasion. When they knocked, there was a short pause and then the door slammed open and they were roughly yanked inside, “What are you all bloody doing? Coming up into my pub,” the man grumbled, who could only be Aberforth.

“We were told to come here.” Oliver said tightly. “We want to get inside of the castle.”

Aberforth grunted and Angelina thought he looked a lot similar to Dumbledore, but thought that was a bit stupid. “Of course you fools do.” He nodded at a tall painting of a wan looking girl, who smiled and turned away, “Potter and his friends were here not too long ago. They wanna make a go of it.”

Alicia was shrugging out of her cloak and tossed it onto a rickety chair. “Well, it’s great to hear that he’s alive.” She said.

Angelina nodded her hand on her wand tight. Katie Bell said, “How did he look?”

“Like hell, that’s how he looked!” Aberforth grunted, “He looked scared, and determined and…” he hesitated. “Brave. I sent him on his way with Longbottom.”

“Longbottom?” Oliver asked, “You mean, Neville Longbottom?”

Angelina felt a moment of doubt. It was common knowledge that Neville wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box, “Are you sure that you meant Neville?” she asked in disbelief.

A slight creaking alerted them to the portrait, which had swung open. A round faced boy was peeking his head out, “What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Angelina said. “Hello, Neville.”

 “Well, come on. I didn’t want to come back but I had to make sure that you guys were all right.” Neville shrugged and the group hoisted themselves into the portrait hole. “I wanted to see if anymore were coming but if this is it…?”

“Aren’t there enough people, Neville?” Katie asked.

“There are…some people.” Neville said as they walked.

Angelina groaned inwardly. “We’re outnumbered aren’t we?”

“Don’t be that way, Angie, it makes for better sport.” Oliver said.

Alicia let out a nervous breath. “Are Harry and the others really there, Neville?”

“Of course they are. Only, Harry doesn’t want us to fight for him, he wants to handle this on his own, but we can’t do that, we can’t let him win.” Neville said fiercely.

Angelina didn’t blame Harry but he was being sort of stupid about this. They had to fight, it wasn’t just him that was in trouble here, there were so many other lives at stake and she just couldn’t stand not knowing, “Are the Weasley’s there?”

Katie grinned at her.

She ignored her. “You know, Fred and George?”

“Of course they’re there, they sent for us.” Oliver reminded Angelina.

“For all we know they could have gotten delayed, Death Eaters have been watching them too, you know.” She snapped back.

Oliver gave her a dry look but didn’t respond.

“Yeah, they’re here.” Neville said with a look over at them. “Whole family, except, you know, Ginny can’t fight ‘because she’s under aged and everything.” He said.

Angelina had a feeling that Ginny was going to get her way in the end but the thought quickly passed as they finally reached the end, panting and suddenly entered a large room that was packed with people. Harry was nowhere in sight but she spotted Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who were whispering together and looking worried beyond belief, “What are you all doing here?” someone shouted and Angelina turned, finally getting out of the portrait hole, to look over at the voice.

Fred Weasley and George were rushing over, grinning, “Just couldn’t let us have all the fun, huh?” Fred teased.

 “You contacted us, stupid.” Alicia said with a laugh.

Angelina hadn’t seen them in a while and hugged them both before Alicia and Katie were able to get their turn, for perhaps the last time. She looked away from their grinning faces and stared around at the other students, recognizing faces and feeling her heart constricting at the thought of never seeing them again, whether she knew them or not. “Hey, Angie, relax, everything will work out.”

She jumped at the sound of George’s voice so close to her and smiled up at him. She had always liked him, he had a way of calming her when no one else could and he knew it too, “I was just thinking, that’s all.”

“I hate thinking, I try to leave that all to Percy,” he whispered.

“Is he here?”

“No.” George said shortly. “But you know whatever. We’ll be fine without him,” he said scathingly.

Angelina could hear his doubt and chose not to say anything about it. “Are you scared?”


“Me neither then,”

George wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple in that brotherly way he always had, making her grumble. “Oh, Angie. What would I do without you?” he asked and before she could say anything he had walked off, now cracking jokes to Lavender Brown and Dean Thomas.

Katie sidled up to her, “You know, you should really get to telling him.”

“Shut up,” Angelina said tightly.

“You’ve liked him for years!” Katie said annoyingly. “Remember? You were hoping he was going to ask you to the Yule Ball but Fred asked first…”

Angelina remembered that. Fred had just blurted it out at her and she had been so surprised and flattered that she had agreed, smirking, but it had only been afterwards that she had wished that George had asked her instead. It probably would have ended with a kiss and a confession instead of getting drunk on fire whiskey and chasing Percy around with Dungbombs.

“Katie,” she warned.

Katie pursed her lips and Angelina was momentarily distracted as she heard Ron and Hermione whispering something about a bathroom and she wondered if they had nervous pees or something. Anyone would be wanting to have a full bladder at this rate, “Angie. It’s now or never,”

“Everything will be fine and I’ll tell him later!”

“There might not be a later!” Katie hissed.

Angelina felt her blood drain from her face at that and looked down at her trembling fingers and shrugged out of her robes and rolled up her sleeves, she didn’t want to think about it. “George and Fred will be fine.” She stated firmly. “I’ll tell him later.”

“If you like him, this is the perfect time to say so!” Katie snapped.

Before Angelina could tell her to shut up again, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood (She looked the same as ever, doe eyed and strangely alert in her aloof way) rushed back into the room and they all stared at him expectantly. He looked as though he hadn’t slept in years and there was so much dirt and blood on him that he seemed unbearably small, which made her anger all the more at the cruelty of the situation.

What kind of horrible bastard tried to kill a bunch of kids anyway?

“What’s the plan?” someone asked and she thought it might have been Professor Lupin, who was standing with Kingsley.

Harry was looking over at his old Quidditch team and Angelina grinned at him until he was forced to look away, his eyes hard. “We’re fighting. We have to go to the Great Hall…”

He might have said something else but Angelina was already rushing past him with the rest of her friends, George sidling up to her right and Fred on her left, both of them deadly calm. Her wand was drawn, cherry and ten quarter inches with unicorn hair; and she was feeling so much strength emanating from it that she knew that it was as eager and as nervous about this battle as she was.

People were thundering past her, Ron and Hermione rushing off faster than anyone else, she noted but she ignored this and took in the sight of Hogwarts, the walls, the corridors and the students now rushing to the Great Hall.

 This was going to be the fight and battle of a lifetime and she felt her throat constrict as George took her hand and guided her over to the Gryffindor table while Fred placed a hand on her shoulder. The two of them were grim but there was a manic need for action in both of their eyes that made her spine tingle with eagerness, she had always felt connected to the two of them, they were her best friends, aside from Katie and Alicia and Oliver.

“It’s going to be okay, Angie. You don’t need to be scared.” Fred said.

But she was scared.

She was very scared, but she wouldn’t let them worry.  George was looking down at her with a soft look in his eyes and her heart chose that moment to beat stupidly in her chest, she hated it when he looked at her like she was some weak kneed little girl.

Sometimes she wished that she was so she could have him look at her like the boys looked at students like Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil, “We’ll see each other after this is over and have a butterbeer, find Percy and goof on him like always.”

Percy had shown up at some point while she’d been arguing with Katie but she couldn’t see him now. The Weasley’s really did have red, red hair and even she couldn’t make him out in the crowd, “Of course. First thing on our list once this mess is over.” Fred assured her.

George sat down next to her as Professor McGonagall and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix began talking to the students, ghosts and the teachers that had drowsily arrived.  They were going to make a fight of it and when some stupid girl asked where Snape had ran off to, she was delighted when McGonagall told them all that he had taken a short break, even clapping along with some of the others at the news.

A hush fell over the crowd and Angelina could see Harry in the middle of it all, looking small and grim and scared but there was a steely determination in him that made her slightly concerned, but she ignored it as she saw something else that made her skin prickle.

Colin Creevey had somehow lied his way back into Hogwarts and he was sitting with his younger brother, Dennis and she had the sneaking suspicion that things weren’t going to end too well, he was too young.

Way too young, but the more she thought about it, she couldn’t help but remember that Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley were also too young and her heart beat horribly at the thought of young students dying. All because they had decided to say no to the cruelty, to the evil and the wrongness that You-Know-Who thrived on, all because they were all going to say no.

Angelina looked up at George and he glanced down at her with another smile and she quickly looked over at the teachers, at Flitwick, at Slughorn, Sprout and countless others that were also going to say no. They weren’t going to let this happen. And she wouldn’t either.

The Great Hall was tense and when Lord Voldemort’s voice burst over the Hall and filled them with the ultimatum to either give Harry up or die, Angelina stood up, wand in hand and said, “Fuck this. I’m not going to give up shit,” much to Fred and George’s amusement.

They were around Harry now, some of them holding hands, others pointing wands at the foolish girl that had said that they should do as the Dark Fool wanted. Well, he was going to have a hell of a time getting to him while they were around, of that she was sure.

“I was only suggesting it!” she could hear the girl, some Slytherin bitch (Pansy?) shouting to the others that had advanced on her maliciously. Professor McGonagall gave them all a look and ordered that they be evacuated and forced out of Hogwarts but warned them in a tone that was colder than ice that if they stepped within the castle again and took up arms against the rest of them, they would be killed.

Some of the Slytherins blanched and Angelina watched as Draco Malfoy looked between his two cronies, Crabbe and Goyle, whispering feverishly. She narrowed her eyes on him meanly, wishing that she could send a good hex at him, the person who had nearly taken the light out of Hogwarts.

The person, who had nearly killed Dumbledore, but instead, had allowed Snape to do it instead and almost as if he knew the trail of her thoughts, the boy looked up at her suddenly as the Slytherins were leaving and she saw a brief flash of shame in his grey eyes.

Angelina blinked and it was gone, replaced by nothingness and she deemed that that was somehow a lot worse. But now was not the time to talk about that.

 Remus was taking students out onto the grounds, others were mobilizing all over the castle and some were whispering about places to hide and ambush but Angelina knew before anyone else did that she would be at the Quidditch pitch.

She had suddenly gotten a bright idea.

“Where did Harry go?” someone asked.

Angelina wondered where he had gone as well but she hoped that he was going to be okay but she didn’t have time to worry about it. She had the most ridiculously crazy idea and she just had to do it unless she forgot about it, “You’ve got a crazy look in your eye.” Alicia said.

She jumped at the sight of her and grinned. “I sure do.”

“The boys are leaving,” Katie said as she watched Oliver walking off.

Angelina felt a kick to her stomach, hoping that it wouldn’t be the last time that she would be seeing all of her friends alive. “Really?” she hadn’t even noticed that the twins had moved away from her and were talking about the best ways to get an advantage on the Death Eaters.

They all looked so brave.

She clenched her fists.

Fred and George were going to take some students at the secret passageways to wait for the Death Eaters and Angelina saw Hannah Abbott and several others go with them but she felt the gentlest of kisses on her cheek before they walked away and because she was so scared, so exhilarated and filled with sudden frenzy, she missed if it had been Fred or George.

Her heart did that stupid thing when she looked up at their retreating backs. Fred turned and waved, George gave her a wink that made her toes curl. “Promise?” she shouted, reminding them of that drink and the inevitable annoyance of his older brother Percy.

Fred laughed and George shouted back. “We promise, Angie! See you then!”

Angelina watched them go, unable to smile back.      

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