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Only Power Remains by Jade Sterling

Format: Novel
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 51,116
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Slughorn, Voldemort, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 09/20/2011
Last Chapter: 08/27/2012
Last Updated: 08/27/2012


Jade Sterling thinks she has it all figured out; but Tom Riddle is going to change everything.


Title from The Ministry of Magic || Amazing banner by NadiaTheRavenclaw @ TDA! || Thank you SO much to my amazing beta Toujours Padfoot

Chapter 1: Chapter One

The dry sticks cracked loudly beneath heavy footsteps, causing birds to shift irritably in their trees. Bright moonlight shone above the forest, the vast trees within shielding most life or light from view. A lone figure continued to make her way through the forest, easily avoiding holes or hills in the dangerous ground, large tree trunks groaning from the weight on top of them. Not quite running, yet not walking, whoever it was knew where she was going and would not wait up for anything or anyone attempting to hold them back in the forest.

Another loud crack emanated throughout the forest. The figure stopped and gazed through the trees and shadows to the left from beneath an emerald cloak. A breath of relief escaped the figures mouth as she realized the source of the cracks had belonged to a second person. He walked toward the girl, and pulled his hood down. His short blonde hair twinkled lightly as it caught short rays of moonlight and his smoky grey eyes narrowed as he neared her.

"Why did you call me out here tonight?” His voice was deep, harsh. He sounded offended that he had been summoned deep into the black forest. The girl laughed loudly, and lifted the gloved hands that had been resting at her sides to lower an emerald green hood from her head, her long brown tresses spilling onto her shoulders. She turned herself toward the man, her lips parting slightly.

"Malfoy, you silly boy. You think that I would easily forget that you promised me a favour?" Her tone was sarcastic and cruel. "I do not wish much from you this time." She reached up to touch his face lightly before suddenly pinching the fat of his cheek.

"Do not treat me as if I'm your child!" he spat at her, pushing her hand away from his face. “I gave you that vial of unicorn blood. Wasn’t that enough of a favour?”

"Oh, that was a wonderful thing you did.” The girl leaned in closer to him, her face mere inches from his. "But, you know that I always need a little bit more.” Her lips touched his ear, "My darling Abraxas," her voice was lowered to a soft whisper, "I know that you can help me, it’s just a teeny little thing!” She nibbled the lobe of his ear lightly.

Abraxas shifted his shoulders, clearly uncomfortable at the advances. “Listen, there was no need to call me out to the forest tonight!”

“Oh, Abraxas, I know the forest must be so scary for you.” She wiggled her fingers at him, mocking his fear. “The forest is quiet, and we will not be heard, this is this utmost of importance. I need something of yours, and I can only secure it with your help.” Her eyes lit up as she smiled up at him. “It is your grandfathers book.”

"Jade, I have no ide-."

"You know what book I need, Abraxas! You are the one who so willingly described it to everyone sitting in our carriage on the way to school last month!” she barked. "That's the problem with you, Abraxas! You are always trying to make excuses for your ignorance!”

Abraxas opened his mouth, but before he had a chance to make a sound she clasped her hand over his mouth. "Now, now, Abraxas, no hard feelings, of course. We know that I am a much better friend and person than you,” she snorted. “But, we are both pure-blood, Abraxas. And that is why I need that book. It will help me, Abraxas, and one day it will help you, too." Abraxas had managed to squirm his way out from her grasp, and pulled his cloak over his shoulder.

"Jade, I will do my best, but you must know," his voice was dark, and he held his head up higher as he spoke, "that Tom Riddle needs it as well.” Jade scoffed, rolling her green eyes.

"I forgot that you and that boy were such good friends. Listen, Abraxas, I get the book first! You promised that you would help me if I were in need, and I’m beginning to get desperate.” Her smile twisted. “Give me the book first, never mind about Riddle.”

She leaned into him again, her small hand holding his chin. Jade looked down at his lips and back up into his grey eyes. "Trust me, Abraxas, it will all be worthwhile in the end." Their lips met briefly, and Abraxas squirmed uncomfortably, managing to push her away.
"Sterling, you are a bitch." He wiped the lipstick from his face and glared at her. 

"Malfoy!" She smiled at him, and threw her hood back over her head. "That was the sweetest thing you could have said to me." Jade patted his cheek lightly. "Now, be a good little boy and bring me that book. Do not worry about Riddle, bring it to me first."

Truth be told, Jade never held a conversation with Riddle, she'd had no desire. Of course they had exchanged short and friendly dialog concerning their prefect duties, but beyond that she had no desire to further their conversation. The way the girls had thrown themselves all over him the last two years of school was despicable. Especially after he received an award for special services to the school last year, all he’d done was solve the murder of a little muggle brat. Jade was a respectable pureblood witch; she would never allow herself to look so desperate.

Jade smiled at Abraxas one last time before turning on him. Abraxas had created a horrible reputation for himself. They dated briefly during their third year in school, and had become more and more disgusted with each other as the years went on. Abraxas had become increasingly more aggravated each day Jade ignored his advances.

The Sterlings were loyal and fiercely independent and never pledged allegiance to anybody but themselves. Jade’s father, Acton, was the most brilliant wizard Jade had ever met. He worked at the Ministry in the Department of Mysteries, neither Jade nor her mother knew exactly what he did. Teamed with the large inheritance left by her late grandfather, and her father’s income Jade and her mother Audrey had been blessed to live a very privileged lifestyle, which was customary for those with noble blood.

She had not gone deep into the forest, she knew much better. The centaurs had been becoming more active as of late, a strange monster is said to have appeared into the forest. Just last week a misguided arrow had found its way directly in front of a student during Herbology. Rumour has it, the student passed out cold from horror. Jade would have loved to see that; however she was woefully dull at Herbology, and Professor Beery had been less than impressed with Jade after she had accidently set fire to his mimbulus mimbletonia during a detention during her third year.

Gliding into the castle her face was met by warm candlelight. She smiled widely as stripped herself from her heavy cloak and long black gloves. Peeves flew above the staircases, throwing scraps of paper at unsuspecting first years, and the portraits were celebrating with their nightly feasts.

She allowed the lovely smell of roasted chicken and garlic potatoes guide her into the great hall. Jade walked to the head of the Slytherin table and took a large swig of pumpkin juice that materialized in the goblet in front of her, paying no mind to the students who surrounded her.