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Not According to Plan by 9876grpc

Format: Novel
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 76,993
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 06/18/2011
Last Chapter: 07/01/2012
Last Updated: 07/01/2012


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Everything was as it should be in Harry Potter's life.  He had three teenagers all attending Hogwarts and a wonderful wife.  During Christmas break his daughter Lily comes home and it is clear that something is very wrong.  What happens when life doesn't go according to plan?  

Lily/Scorpius and Harry/Hermione


Chapter 7: Another Secret?

I do not own anything Harry Potter (JK Rowling and Warner Brother do), because if I did Harry and Hermione would end up together.

Warning: Sensitive Topics

Harry told Scorpius after a few hours to go home and get some rest.  He stayed with Lily thinking about all the things that had happened in such a short time.  He needed to talk with Hermione about what they were going to do about Ginny.  He needed to go to the Ministry and file for divorce, file for custody of Lily, possibly file charges against Ginny, put in paperwork to take a leave of absence, fix up Grimmauld Place so that they could live there and finally take care of Lily.  It was enough to make his head spin just thinking about it.  Harry decided he couldn’t possibly do everything he needed to get a house elf, which he knew would infuriate Hermione.  Perhaps if he paid them well enough Hermione wouldn’t mind.  Well, it had to be done so he sent off an owl to the Ministry requesting the services of a house elf.  A few minutes later a house elf appeared with some paperwork for him.  Harry looked over the paperwork, signed it and paid the fee, which the elf returned to the Ministry.  A few more minutes and the elf was back telling Harry that she was happy to serve him. 

Harry instructed the elf, whose name was Delia, that she would be helping Harry get his house ready for him and his daughter to live in.  In addition, she would have to deliver some paperwork to the Ministry for him.  He also told her that she would be treated well, given an account for her needs as well as time off (he had to deal with Hermione after all).  He quickly wrote three letters, one to Minister Shacklebolt, one to the Marital Contracts Department, and another to a magical lawyer friend of his, requesting a meeting with each as soon as possible. He sent Delia off with instructions on who the letters were for as well as what should be moved from his current house to his new house at Grimmauld Place.  He then settled into his chair and tried to get some rest.

Harry woke to the sensation of someone moving his hair out of his face.  He opened his eyes to see Hermione smiling at him.  He smiled back and said, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

“Ron told me what was going on with Lily and I figured you wouldn’t leave her side so I wanted to come check on you both.” Replied Hermione

“Are you OK? Shouldn’t you be in bed yourself?” asked Harry

“I’m OK, it was just the shock of it all…” said Hermione


“Harry, we really need to talk about everything.  I’m so sorry. I never meant to keep Sirius a secret but then when I lost him, I just didn’t see why the both of us should be in pain.  I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking…Are you angry with me?” asked Hermione

“No, I’m not mad at you Hermione.  I wish I had known back then though… I would have been there with you for everything.  You know that, don’t you?” replied Harry

“Yes, I know and I’m sorry I kept it from you.  Maybe if I had just told you in the beginning, I wouldn’t have had to hide the pregnancy and then Ginny wouldn’t have been able to do that…” said Hermione quietly.

“Hermione we need to tell the aurors what happened… What Ginny did was illegal” started Harry but Hermione cut him off saying “No, Harry…do you have any idea what a scandal this would become?  The Profit would be all over this.  There would be no way to hide this from our kids, our families, our friends…everyone would know what happened.”

Harry got up and grabbed her hands and said “Ron and I already told the kids.”

“You what” gasped Hermione

“I had to tell my kids because I needed to explain why I was divorcing Ginny and I knew they would tell your kids so Ron and I just told them together.” Said Harry quickly

“What do you mean your divorcing Ginny?” asked Hermione

“Exactly what I said…I’m leaving Ginny.  You can’t really expect me to stay with her after learning what she did?” asked Harry incredulously

“I…I…I don’t know.  I didn’t really think about it.  Are you sure, I mean you’ve been happy together for a long time, Harry, you have three children together…”replied Hermione

“Yes, we were happy, yes we have three kids, but she killed my son, Hermione.  There is no getting over that.  She. Killed. My. Son.” Harry finished angrily.

Hermione nodded and asked, “How did the kids take it?”

“They were all mostly shocked except for Al who was furious, but I expected that with his Weasley temper.” Said Harry

“So what now?” asked Hermione

“I sent some letters to the Ministry to set up some meetings so that I can get a divorce, file for custody of Lily, and press charges for what Ginny did to Sirius.  Will you meet with Kingsley with me?” asked Harry

Hermione sighed and nodded, sitting down next to Harry then she said, “I sent Ron home…Do you mind if I keep you company?”

“Of course not, but shouldn’t you be getting some rest?” asked Harry

“I checked myself out.” Replied Hermione


“What? I took a leave of absence if that makes you feel better but there’s no reason for me to be admitted. I just need some time to process everything and I can do that from anywhere.” Said Hermione

“Does Ron know that you checked yourself out?”


“Does he know that you took a leave of absence?”



“I’ll tell him, I just wanted to talk with you first.  I need time Harry.  I love Ron, I do.  It’s just this has all stirred up so many memories and feelings that I thought were gone.  I don’t know what to do.” Said Hermione quietly

“I understand…is it wrong to feel like we were cheated out of our happiness?  I mean I’ve been happy this whole time.  I love my children and until yesterday morning I loved my wife.  But I still feel cheated and then I feel guilty for feeling that way... and poor Ron, I can barely speak to him.  I know he didn’t do anything but it’s like he stole my happiness from me.  Merlin, I’m a terrible person.” Said Harry shaking his head.

Hermione grabbed his hand and softly said, “You’re not a terrible person.  You are right to feel like we were cheated out of our happiness…I feel the same way.  I love my kids and I love Ron but Sirius was taken away from us and we are right to feel angry about that.  Our lives would have been so different if Sirius was born.  That’s just a fact and it doesn’t mean that we don’t love our children or that we weren’t happy these last 25 years.  We were betrayed Harry by someone that we both trusted and then lied to…there is nothing for us to feel guilty about.  OK?”

Harry nodded and wiped a stray tear from his face then he said “Oh, Hermione, I um…had to get a … um…house elf.”

“What do you mean you had to get a house elf?” asked Hermione fiercely

“I needed help getting Grimmauld Place ready and getting the requests for meetings out so I contacted the Ministry and got a house elf, but I told her I was going to give her an account for her to use however she wanted and she would be treated well and given time off.” Finished Harry quickly before Hermione could yell at him.

Hermione thought for a few minutes about everything he had just said and she seemed satisfied with what he had done so she asked, “What’s her name?”

Harry smiled and said “Dalia”

Hermione smiled as Dalia appeared before them and she said, “Hello Dalia, my name is Hermione.  I’m happy to meet you.”

Dalia smiled and bowed to Hermione then she turned to Harry and asked “Master, how may I serve you?”

Hermione scowled at this greeting and Harry quickly tried to rectify it by saying “Dalia, please just call me Harry, OK?”

The elf’s eyes opened wide at this but she agreed and said “Of course, Ma…Harry.  How can I be of service?”

“I actually don’t need you to do anything else for me right now Dalia.  My friend Hermione just wanted to meet you.  Thank you and I’m sorry we interrupted you.” Said Harry

“Oh no, Ma…Harry.  You could never interrupt me.  I will always be happy to come to you when called.” Replied Dalia quickly

“Thank you, Dalia” said Harry and the house elf bowed and disappeared again.

“Well, she seems sweet Harry, although I really wish she didn’t feel the need to say ‘how can I serve you?’ it’s so demeaning…”said Hermione

“Yes, I’ll try and talk to her about it but I think it will just take time for her to get used to us” replied Harry.

They sat quietly for a while just watching Lily until Healer Woodrick came in to check on her.  She performed many tests and then turned to Harry and said, “Mr. Potter, your daughter is doing better but she’s still not where I would like her to be.  I would like to look into some options for her, could we meet this afternoon to go over the best way to treat her?”

“Sure.” Replied Harry

“Mr. Potter, I think it best if you have all interested parties attend the meeting both for your support and guidance.  I will do my best, but some tough decisions may need to be made on your daughters behalf,” said the healer.

“Her mother is not an option,” replied Harry.

The healer nodded but Hermione spoke up and said, “Harry, I will come with you and you should probably have the Malfoys come as well.”

“Ok, I’ll have the boys come then too, what time should we meet you,” asked Harry?

“Let’s say 4pm today, in the family conference room on this floor.  That should give me enough time to get everything together,” replied the healer.

Harry nodded and thanked the healer, then he turned to Hermione and asked “Hermione, do you mind staying with her for a little bit?  I would like to go tell the Malfoy’s what’s going on and I’ll have James come stay with her for the day so that I can go to the Ministry.”

“Of course not Harry.  I’ll stay until James gets here and then I’ll head home.  Will you just pick me up on your way here this afternoon for the meeting?” replied Hermione

“Sure.  You know you don’t have to come to the meeting Hermione.  You should be resting.” Said Harry

“Nonsense, Harry, I want to come and I’m sure Ron would come as well if you would like him to.” Replied Hermione

“Yeah, maybe that’s a good idea.  Alright then, I’ll stop by your house this afternoon and we can all head in together.” Said Harry and then he walked over to Lily and gave her a kiss on the cheek and went to go to the Malfoy's.

Harry arrived at Malfoy Manor and knocked on the door.  It was still early so he wasn’t sure if anyone would be up yet but he had a lot to do today so he didn’t really have much of a choice.  When the door was opened Harry could hear a lot of commotion and he smiled knowing that his boys were obviously up.  He was brought to the dining room where everyone was sitting down eating.  Draco looked shocked at how much noise there was in his house.  Harry’s laughing made his presence known and he said “Good morning.”

He received a bunch of good mornings in return and Hugo asked, “What were you laughing at Uncle Harry?”

He smiled and said, “I was just thinking that Draco probably isn’t used to this much noise in his house.”

Draco laughed and said “Was I that obvious?”

Harry nodded in reply then said “I came by to tell you that we have to meet with the Healers today at 4PM to go over some options for Lily.  She’s not doing as well as they hoped. I think that everyone here should attend, including Draco and Scorpius. Ron and Hermione will be there as well.”

“What about Mum?” asked Al?

“No.” replied Harry leaving no room for arguing then he continued, “In the meantime, I would like James to stay with Lily.  Hermione is with her right now and she said she would stay until you got there.”

“Is my Mum feeling better?” asked Rose

“Yes, she is.” Replied Harry not elaborating on the fact that she checked herself out of the hospital; that was her business.

“Oh, good.  I was so worried about her.” Replied Rose.

Harry smiled at her sympathetically then got up and said, “Well, I have a lot of things I need to do today so I’ll see you all this afternoon.  The meeting is in the family conference room on the same floor as Lily. James, will you walk me out?”

Everyone said bye and James stood to walk his Dad out. When they were out of earshot of the others James said, “What’s up Dad?”

“Don’t take long getting ready, Hermione needs her rest.  And don’t leave Lily alone, I want you with her at all times.  Ask a nurse to stay with her if you have to go to the bathroom, OK?” said Harry

“Sure, Dad, no problem.  What about Mum…what if she wants to see Lily?” asked James.

“I’m going to the Ministry now to work on that problem.  I don’t think she knows Lily’s in the hospital so it shouldn’t be an issue but if she comes by just don’t leave Lily’s side,” replied Harry.

“Alright.  I’ll go get dressed and head over to the hospital now.” Said James turning away from his Dad

“Thanks James, I’ll see you later.” Replied Harry walking out the door

Harry apparated to the Ministry and went straight to the Minister of Magic’s office.  Kingsley’s assistant smiled upon seeing Harry and told him to wait just a moment while she went into his office.  She came out a few minutes later and held the door open for Harry to go in.

Kingsley got up and shook Harry’s hand and said “Harry, it’s good to see you.  I got your letter this morning, so how can I help you?”

Harry proceeded to tell Kingsley everything he had learned about what Ginny did to Hermione.  When he finished he said, “As you can imagine I would like to file for divorce, as well as press charges against Ginny.  Hermione has agreed to meet with you but I think tomorrow is probably better for her.”

“Harry, I’m so sorry.  I will do whatever I can to help.” Replied Kingsley

“Thanks Kingsley.  There is another matter that led to me finding all of this out…my daughter is pregnant and Ginny tried to use the same spell on her that she used on Hermione so I would like to file for sole custody of Lily and possibly a restraining order if I think it’s necessary.  I also am going to need to take some time off, but I don’t know how much time just yet.” Said Harry

“Merlin, Harry.  Of course, take as much time as you need.  I will vouch for you if you need me to for the custody hearing.  I’ll take care of letting your assistant head know that you will be out and that he will be in charge until you get back.  I will also personally pick the aurors to work on yours and Hermione’s case.  I’ll get everything in order today so why don’t I meet with you and Hermione tomorrow at Noon, here in my office.” Said Kingsley

“That would be great.  Thanks, Kingsley.” Said harry

They both got up and shook hands and Harry left to go file for divorce and custody of his daughter. Harry spent most of the day talking with his lawyer and filing the paperwork.  He decided to have the Ministry deliver it to Ginny instead of doing it himself as that was the last thing he wanted to deal with today.  He had just enough time to shower and change before going to Hermione’s and then on to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital the kids and the Malfoy's were already there.  Scorpius was talking to his house elf quietly in one corner while everyone else was waiting at the table.  Harry thought this odd but went to sit down at the table and ask James how Lily was doing.  They all talked for a few minutes until the Healer came in…

“Hello everyone, thank you for coming today.” Said Healer Woodrick then she continued, “We have a lot to discuss so let’s get started.”

“Lily is doing a little better than she was when she came in yesterday but she is still quite unstable.  So we need to discuss the options available to you at this point.  Lily’s life is in danger due to the pregnancy so the most straightforward option would be to terminate the pregnancy.” She held up her hand to stop the onslaught of voices and continued “The second option would be to try and abort just one of the fetuses, which might be enough to stabilize Lily.  The final option would be to keep Lily in the state she’s in now for a longer period of time to see if her body naturally stabilizes itself by adjusting to the pregnancy.” The healer finished and then waited for questions.

James spoke up first saying “Lily was very clear that she wanted to keep the baby.  She wouldn’t want us to terminate the pregnancy.  I don’t think she even knows she’s having twins but I would guess that she would feel the same way about aborting one of the babies.”

“Yes, but this is different James, she might die.  If it’s a choice between the pregnancy and Lily, I choose Lily.” Said Al

“The second option sounded like it might be the best, it would help stabilize Lily but she would also still have at least one baby.” Said Ron

The room was silent for several minutes, with everyone waiting for Harry and Scorpius to give their opinion.  Finally Harry asked “Scorpius this is as much your choice as it is mine, what do you think?”

Scorpius sighed and said, “I don’t know.  We never got a chance to talk.  I have no idea what she wants to do.  I don’t know why she wanted to have this baby, but she clearly did after seeing everything that happened with her Mum.  I want to abide by her wishes but I also feel that she’s more important.  I just don’t think we should be making this decision for her…is there no way we can wake her and talk to her about what she would like to do?”

The healer replied “Unfortunately, we would be putting her at great risk if we woke her now.  She is not stable enough yet and then add to that the stress of having to make such a big decision, it’s just not a good idea.”

Hermione then spoke up and asked “Healer Woodrick, could you explain what the third option would entail.  How long she would be kept in this state and the chances of success?”

“Certainly Healer Weasley, Lily would be kept in her sleeplike state for at least another week and could potentially stay in that state for up to four weeks if needed.  We would provide all the nutrition she needed through fluids and potions.  There is no guarantee that this would work, however as she has improved over the last 24 hours in this state, the chances are good that she would continue to stabilize if given more time.”

Harry thought for a few more minutes and then said, “I would like to try that first.  If after four weeks she is still unstable then we can discuss the option of aborting one of the babies, but I would like to leave that as a last resort.  Scorpius is this plan OK with you?”

“Yes, but what happens if she gets worse…how will we know if it’s too much for her?” asked Scorpius

“That’s a good question…we will continue to monitor her and if we see that her health is becoming more unstable we will talk about the next step.  I won’t keep her in this state if things get worse, we will have to act quickly at that point, so it is important that you have a backup plan.” Replied Healer Woodrick

“Alright, then I agree to try the sleeplike state for a longer period of time and if that doesn’t work then we can talk about…. aborting one… of the babies.” Said Scorpius.

“I agree.  Let’s hope this works.” Replied Harry

“I will get started then, unless anyone has any further questions,” asked Healer Woodrick

Scorpius sighed and said “Healer Woodrick, did Lily get a chance to tell you about the muggle medicine that she takes?”

Everyone turned to look at Scorpius in confusion, as none of them knew Lily took any muggle medicine…

“No, Mr. Malfoy, she didn’t…what is she taking?” asked Healer Woodrick

“She is taking several different medications and the doctor specifically warned her not to stop taking any of them as she would get very sick.  I’m not even sure if she should still take them while she is pregnant but I know she needs them.” Replied Scorpius

“What are the medications for?” asked the healer

“I’d rather not say.  I asked my house elf to get them so that I could give them to you.  Winston.” Said Scorpius and the house elf appeared with two black leather bags, one small and one large.  Scorpius then proceeded to pull a knife out of the larger bags side pocket and cut his palm and then wiped the blood on the lock of the smaller bag to open it.  He handed the smaller bag to the healer.

“Oh dear, this is not my area of expertise however, Healer Weasley is our expert on Muggle medicine so she will be able to sort all this out…”

“NO! She made me promise not to tell her family!” yelled Scorpius

Healer Woodrick raised her eyebrows at this and thought for a moment before replying “Alright, Mr. Malfoy, I think I understand.  You have not told us anything other than the fact that Lily takes Muggle medicine.  You gave me, as her healer, the medicine and I am asking a colleague to give me their opinion on what the medicine is, what it is for, and if it is safe for Lily to have while she is pregnant.  You have not disclosed anything to her family.  From this point on the hospital will be giving whatever information is found out to her family, not you.  Is that acceptable?”

Scorpius thought for a moment before finally nodding in agreement and letting go of the bag that contained Lily’s medicine.  Hermione reached for it and was surprised at how many bottles were inside.  She started pulling them out one by one while writing notes down.  Every time she pulled another pill bottle out Harry frowned more.  Why was she taking so many medications and why didn’t he know about it.  He looked questioningly towards his sons and could see by their expressions that they also had no idea.  Finally he asked “Did anyone know that she was taking all this?”  A symphony of no’s was his response.  Harry looked back to see that there were now 10 pill bottles on the table.  Hermione was scribbling on her notepad and he saw her face forming a frown and then she gasped and dropped her pencil, covering her mouth with her hand.  She looked up and met Scorpius’ gaze for a moment before Harry asked “What is it Hermione?”

She took a moment to collect herself and then said “Scorpius, when you said that Lily made you promise not to tell her family, did you perform an unbreakable vow?”

“No.” answered Scorpius

“How about a magical oath?” asked Hermione?

“No.” answered Scorpius

“A blood ritual?” asked Hermione

“No.” answered Scorpius

“A sex ritual?” asked Hermione

“No.” answered Scorpius

“OK, then tell me exactly what was said and how you agreed.” Said Hermione

“It wasn’t magical… we were in a muggle hospital and she said ‘Scorpius promise me you won’t tell my family about this, not Al, not Rose, not any of them.’ And I said ‘Lily, I think you need to tell them’ but she cut me off and said ‘No, Scorpius, this is my business and I want you to promise me that you won’t tell them, any of them, ever.’ And I said ‘alright, if you’re sure that’s what you want, then I won’t tell them.’ And then she made me pinky swear.” Explained Scorpius

“Was there a magical glow when you joined hands?” asked Hermione

“No.  We didn’t even have our wands with us.” Replied Scorpius

“Thanks, I just wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any ramifications for you when I explained what I think.” Said Hermione then she turned to Harry and grabbed his hand and started to explain…

“The medications that Lily has are used in Muggle medicine for various reasons.  First, she has two different anti-depressants and one sedative.  This combination is usually used for patients suffering from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.  My guess is that one anti-depressant wasn’t enough so they added the second one, the sedative would be used to help her sleep without nightmares.”

“What?  Why would she need these…what the hell is post-whatever, anyway?” asked Harry

“Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychological disorder that affects people that have experienced severe trauma.  From the dates on these bottles it seems like whatever happened must have happened last April…” replied Hermione

“It was the end of March,” said Scorpius

“But what trauma?  I can’t think of anything that has happened to her that would cause her to need all this medication.  Never mind that I would have known if something happened to her.  Boys, did something happen at school?” asked Harry

“No, I can’t think of anything.” Replied James

“Of course not.  Nobody would dare go near her, they know they would have us to deal with.” Replied Al

Rose spoke up and said, “You two have no clue.  Around that time she got into a big fight with her boyfriend and they broke up right around the Easter Holidays.”

“What boyfriend?” asked Al and James at the same time?

“The sixth year she had been seeing the entire year right under your noses.  They were fighting a lot because he…” and then Rose stopped.

“Sixth year…that’s my year…who was he?” asked James

“She asked me not to tell you guys.” Said Rose

“Look, Rose, obviously something happened and we need to figure out why she’s on these medications so could you please just tell us who her boyfriend was so we can figure out what happened and how to deal with it now that Lily is pregnant.  You can tell Lily we made you tell us.” Said Hermione

Scorpius replied instead of Rose and said, “It was Jamie…Jamie McClaggen.  Sixth year Gryffindor.”

“WHAT!” yelled James standing up slamming his chair back into the floor “He was one of my closest friends before he left to go to Durmstrang.”

“You should choose your friends more carefully James.” Replied Scorpius

“Rose, you said that they were always fighting but what were they fighting about?” asked Al

Rose bit her lip and looked to Scorpius.  They were both silent for several minutes before Harry lost his patience and said “DAMNIT SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THEY WERE FIGHTING ABOUT!”

Rose jumped slightly and squeaked out “sex…Jamie was pressuring her into having sex with him.  Lily wanted to wait and he wasn’t happy.”

 It seemed like all the men literally growled at this news and they looked furious.

Hermione then said, “Yes, that would tie in with my theory.  You see the other meds that Lily has are a very strong pain medication, a morning after pill, and then several bottles of prophylactic STD exposure meds.”

“Hermione, what does that mean?” asked Harry

“Sorry.  Let me explain it this way…the combination of the first meds with these other meds are what’s usually given by Muggle doctors for victims of…” Hermione paused and wasn’t sure she should continue biting her lip.

“Victims of what, Hermione?” asked Harry fiercely

“Rape” replied Hermione quietly

It seemed like everyone in the room save Scorpius, Draco, Hermione and Healer Woodrick had jumped out of their chair and were yelling at this revelation.  After several minutes of this chaos Healer Woodrick spoke up and said “Enough.  Everyone needs to sit back down and be quiet, otherwise you will have to leave.”

They reluctantly sat back down and Healer Woodrick continued “Healer Weasley, are these medications still necessary and can they be taken while Miss Potter is pregnant?”

“Well, one of the antidepressants is safe to take during pregnancy but the other is not.  So we will have to find an alternative to that.  The sedative is also not safe but we can switch her to a sleeping draught, which is safe to take.  The others I’m not sure about.  Scorpius, does she still take this pain medication?” replied Hermione

“No, she only needed that for a few weeks while she was recovering.” Replied Scorpius

“I’m concerned that most of these bottles of prophylactic treatment are full…there are six bottles here and it looks like only one was taken and only half of it at that.  These are supposed to be taken for six months until a second negative test result is received.” Said Hermione

Scorpius then cut his hand again and opened the larger bag pulling out a file of papers and pulled out one to give to Hermione then said “the muggles had no way of knowing the STD status so they told Lily to take those medications but they made her really sick.  So I got a hold of some blood and gave it to Madam Pomfrey to test so that we could find out the status.  It was negative and Lily stopped taking the meds, but she kept refilling them so it looked like she was doing what they told her to do.  She then went back in October for her 6 month testing and everything was negative…here’s the results.” And he handed her another paper.

“The morning after pill wouldn’t be needed more than the one time so we don’t need to worry about that.  Is she seeing a doctor regularly for this?” asked Hermione

“Yes, she’s seen several doctors.  There was the initial doctor in the emergency room and then the primary doctor while she was admitted, and then they referred her to a specialist that she sees every week still.” Said Scorpius and he gave Hermione more paperwork.  One was the discharge summary from the hospital, another was the list of medications and the treatment plan, and the final was the contact information for the specialist.

“Healer Woodrick, I would recommend still giving Lily this one medication daily, and also making sure she is given a dreamless sleep potion twice daily.  I will contact this specialist and figure out what we can replace this other medication with.” Said Hermione

“Alright, let me know what you find out.  Now, I think I should be getting back to Lily and implementing what we have agreed on.  Once she is stable and awake again I will talk to her about this new revelation but in the meantime let’s just try and get her stabilized.” Said Healer Woodrick and then she got up and left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Scorpius, is Hermione correct?  Was my daughter… raped?” asked Harry quietly

“I can’t say Mr. Potter. I promised her I wouldn’t.” replied Scorpius looking directly into Harry’s eyes, clearly trying to answer Harry silently.

Harry nodded and asked, “Was it reported?”

“She didn’t want anyone magical involved.” Replied Scorpius as he pulled out a card from his bag and pushed it towards Harry.  It was a muggle business card with the name of a detective on it and a case number was written down. 

Finally James spoke up and asked, “Was it Jamie?”

Scorpius didn’t reply; he just stared at James.  Rose spoke up and said “it must have been Jamie because when we got back from the Easter Holidays, Lily had said they got into a huge fight over break, broke up and that Jamie had left to go to Durmstrang.”

Draco spoke up for the first time and said “Scorpius, you didn’t come home over the Easter Holidays last year, you said you were going to Switzerland with one of your friends. “

“That’s what Lily told us she was doing.” Said Harry

Scorpius sighed and said “Lily didn’t want anyone to know what happened and I refused to leave her alone so I stayed in the hospital with her until she was discharged and then Madam Pomfrey kept her for several days after as well, and I stayed again.  I thought that she would change her mind and decide to tell everyone what happened but she didn’t.”

“I remember hearing that Jamie was beaten up pretty badly over the Easter Holidays…”said Al

“Yeah, I heard that too” said James

Scorpius stayed silent and looked down at the table

“How did you find out Scorpius, did Lily tell you?” asked Rose

“I…I…was walking back from the owlery and I took the long way to avoid Peeves and when I was waking down a deserted wing I started to hear fighting but it sounded far away…I didn’t realize who it was at the time.  I just heard a girl crying, pleading really, and a guy yelling at her.  Then it turned to screaming and begging and by the time I made it to the room, I burst in and was horrified to see what was happening.  I nearly lost it when I saw it was Lily.  Jamie quickly left and I covered Lily up and brought her to Madam Pomfrey but she needed to go to a hospital.  She refused to go to St. Mungo’s and she refused to let Madam Pomfrey notify her family so we did the only thing we could at the time, we brought her to a muggle hospital.” Finished Scorpius.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” said James

“I think I’m going to kill the bastard,” said Al and Ron and Hugo nodded in agreement

“Thank you for taking care of her Scorpius,” said Harry then he continued fiercely “I’m going to contact this detective and see if there is enough information for my aurors to put this sick bastard in Azkaban for life…. after I have some time with him.”