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Growing up Ginny by lilypotterfan123

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Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 4,856
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, Albus, James (II), Lily (II)
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly, Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 01/28/2011
Last Chapter: 04/09/2011
Last Updated: 04/09/2011

amazingness by nouvelle @ TDA! READ CHAP2 A/N!!

Growing up is different for each person, how would you feel if you were the first female in your family for a century? What if you met your prince charming, only to crush on him from a distance for years? What if you were a puppet, pulled left and right? What if you couldn't tell anyone who was in charge of your strings; if you couldn't say the name?

Chapter 2: The Runaway Redhead
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see this CI-JaydScarlett @ TDA made it for me! She's amazing!!




Waving goodbye to Ron was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life and believe me I’ve had to do lots of things that are hard. Like feeding the chickens when the pen hasn’t been cleaned and watching Percy boast about his prefect badge. Now I’m all alone with no one to talk to but Mum and sometimes our conversations can be really dull. I don’t mind her droning on about Gilderoy Lockheart or Harry Potter (Well she doesn’t talk about him much, she only mentioned him once about how she felt sorry for him.) but anything else is just a random topic she read in the daily prophet. Me and Mum are home now and to cheer me up she says she might be able to get us tickets to see the Holyhead Harpies. It cheered me up a little bit but there was a still a small part of me wanting to scream and cry and go to Hogwarts. Right now Mum is knitting a woolly hat for Ron because now he’s in Gryffindor she’s noticed that he doesn’t have a lot of red things so she’s knitting his a dark red woolly hat to match his house.

“I might knit you some lovely gloves for the colour of your house, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor would look lovely on you dear.” She tells me and then returns to her knitting.

“Mum, where is Hogwarts exactly?” I ask as an idea forms in my mind. She has to stop knitting to think about this.

“I’m not too sure dear but it’s one of the biggest castles in Britain so you’d know what it was if you saw it. I know that it is north because we’re almost right at the bottom of England and if it’s not here, the only way is up, isn’t it.” She then goes back to her knitting. Only a few moments have gone by and now she’s looking at me suspiciously as if she can see into my head and can see the best plan ever being structured in my head.

“Why do you ask Ginny?” She enquires anxiously. I had to think about my answer I didn’t want Mum telling me off because when Mum goes mad, she goes crazy.

“I was just thinking about the weather. If it was somewhere hot I doubt Ron would need the hat. If it was cold you might have to make him a matching scarf and gloves.” I notify her as if I was concerned about something as daft as the weather. Mum bites her lip and shifts her eyes from side to side.

“Ginny it can get a bit cold at Hogwarts in the winter. Maybe I should pop over to Hogsmeade they make the loveliest wool and if I go next week I might see Fred and George in case they’re causing mischief and Percy too so he can tell me how Ron’s doing!” Mum clasps her hands together and grins. She doesn’t realise how overly embarrassing it can be when you see your mother when you’re at school. Fred and George told me that if you ever see your parents when you’re trying to act cool then it spoils your reputation. It serves them right really, they should be more like Percy. Actually thinking about it the only person who should be like Percy, is Percy. Otherwise all the fun would be drained from the Weasley house. I imagine how strange all of us would look if we were clones of Percy! Fred and George would look so funny with dicky bow ties and socks that go far past their knees!

“Ginny what are you thinking dear? You have one of those expressions that your father makes whenever he sees the car!”  I hear mum ask as if she’s miles away. Then I remember where I am and realise that Mum is sat next to me waving her hand in front of my face.

“Sorry Mum I just was thinking about the Holyhead Harpies match that going to come next week!” I then hurry upstairs and run into my room slamming the door shut behind me.



I had stayed in my room all day not wanting any distractions. It’s ready now but I need a way to get outside. How can I do it, if I jump out my window mummy will wake up tomorrow and find me on the floor in a heap, I can’t fly and the chickens have just been fed. So I have no other option than to sneak out. It’s going to be so hard to do though, mummy always locks the door and the only way to open it is to use the alohamora spell that George used once. That means I’m going to have to take a wand, then I’ll be stealing. If it means I get to see Ron and Harry Potter then I have to do it! Then I’ll get to see his scar and we’ll get married and have lots of children! Dad has lots of snapped wands from when he was younger so I could use some spellotape to make another one. I have to tiptoe though because they’re all in Dad’s special draw in his room and I’m not allowed to go in there. I slip out of bed and make such small movements that I can only just hear the floorboards creak. I push mum and dad’s bedroom door open and when I’m finally sure that no one is the I rummage through the chest of draws looking for one of many wands that are snapped in two. I can only see two pieces of a wand but they look very different, I quickly grab the two all the same.  I hold the two together and I whisper,

“accio spellotape.” I hear a faint sound as if something is flying at top speed, oh wait, that’s the spellotape. What am I supposed to do? Hide? I’m not very good a catching things. It’s getting closer I have to make the decision now because it will hit me, I know it will then what am I supposed to-

The spellotape has hit my right on the forehead and I’ve landed on the floor making a loud bump on the way.

“GINNY DEAR! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” I hear mum call, I put on my tired voice,

“Yeah mum, I just fell out of bed, that’s all.” I groan pretending to be half asleep.

“Do you want me to tuck you in?” She calls again with more sympathy in her voice.

“No thank you.” I groan once more. Mum doesn’t reply after that. I think I’ve won her over, but the spellotape has left a huge, right red mark on my forehead and I look really stupid now! I rub my head to see if the mark goes away but I feel like Harry Potter and if it stays, all people are going to do is stare for the wrong reason. At least he has a decent mark, I have a strange curve on my head. I take the spellotape and rip off a piece and wrap it round the wand, I know it won’t work as well but it’s better than nothing or else Dumbledore won’t let me into the castle. I slide down the banister of the stairs quickly and quietly while trying to recover from my mark. Spellotape will be getting a letter of complaint, I can tell you! I then look and see that the living room door is closed. I then whisper,

“Alohamora.” Instead of the door unlocking for me, the lock breaks into two pieces and floats onto the floor as if the small but heavy  are feathers. Nonetheless I slowly open the door and hurry outside into the cold. I feel more free outside, as if no one can control me and I’m just Ginny Weasley, no one else. I run up to the shed and take one of the broomsticks and mount it. I kick off making the first great step for my dream to become a reality.

The starlit sky looks beautiful, more so than the one in the day, but seeing as you can only see clouds in the day you would expect a sky full or stars to look amazing. I try to make those dot to dot things out of stars, constellations they’re called, while heading north for Hogwarts. In the last couple of minutes I’ve found five constellations so I’ll just check where I’m going- I’m falling, I don’t know what’s happening all I can see is glowing red and the stars shining above my head. I can feel myself skidding along the ground, and my head is pounding. When my body stops, I blink and notice a blob of light, I’m fascinated by it and I want to know more but I really can’t think and everything’s just going fuzzy and blurry and...

I’m awake in a soft light bed which makes me want to fly. Speaking of which where’s my broom and why aren’t I in Hogwarts? Or perhaps I am and they’ve just put me in one of the dormitories-I can’t remember much only a glowing red. It’s really quiet, Fred and George said that it’s very loud at Hogwarts. I hope I’m in the Gryffindors dorm, because the room is very blue, the beds a shiny royal blue and the walls are navy blue with the word friends on it. I think this belonged to someone who had no friends-maybe it’s an old room of Percy’s? Now I can hear whispers, they’re coming closer, growing louder. I can see shadows slowly getting larger one very small and one tall and lanky like Fred and George-well that’s what Mum says. Two figures have appeared a girl and a man both with silver blonde hair that falls to their shoulders. They have the same intrigued look about them, only the girl has sharp blue eyes and the man has dull grey eyes that don’t look as mysterious as hers. The girl’s out of uniform, in fact they’re both in pyjamas which is quite odd.

“Good you’re awake, we thought you’d been brainwashed by the nightwalkers. They tend to brainwash children like yourself. I am Xenophilius Lovegood and this is my daughter, Luna.” He informs me, Luna comes to sit down on the edge of what must be her bed,

“Daddy had to patch you up, you had lots of cuts and bruises all over your face. Who are you?” She asks me. I go to speak but then Xenophilius clasps his hands together and his face lights up,

“I would know that face anywhere and that hair too! She’s a Weasley she lives two streets away. Molly will be petrified, she must think she’s lost her only daughter-when in a actual fact she’s in this very room. It’s given me the perfect idea for an article. The nightwalkers will fit in nicely, this issue will be on the runaway redhead! You will be given a free copy and an interview about what had possessed you to go on your broomstick this late at night.” He smiles hatching plans every two seconds, it’s like I can see the plans forming in his head. Though I don’t like the sound of the interview, I can’t have anyone know about the broomstick.

“Please, you can’t tell anyone about the broomstick, no one knows I can fly one and I want it to stay that way. Can’t you just say I was possessed by a Night thingy-whatever it was you said.” I plead with him then Luna looks up at him-hopefully taking my side.

“Well we journalists must stretch the truth every now and again, so yes I will edit it if you convince your family to let me interview you.” I jump out of the covers and then a pain in my stomach begins to throb so I can’t go to thank him.

“I’d stay in bed if I were you, Daddy are you going to send one of those speaking animals to the Weasleys like you do your publishers?” Luna asks him and Xenophilius just nods and walks away without even saying thank you or goodbye. Well I have a lot to thank him for seeing as he patched me up instead of just leaving me. Luna looks at me again smiling in an odd kind of way.

“So what’s your name?” She asks me.

“Ginny Weasley.” I whisper feeling more shy than I ever have before.

“Why were you on your broom, I promise I won’t tell but I don’t have any other secrets to trade in though-sorry. Only that my Mum died last year, it was very sad.” I wanted to put my arm on her shoulder and say sorry but my arm was aching so all I could do was whisper again,

“Sorry, I wanted to run away to Hogwarts because I have no one to talk to-all my brothers are there.” My head droops as if it’s something to be sad about. I realise how selfish I am because Luna’s lost her Mum and she’s a lot chirpier than me and she doesn’t talk to anyone either. Then there’s bratty little Ginny who only has her Mum to talk to in the day. 

“Oh. Well when I lost my mum I thought I had no one to talk to because Daddy went silent for a while. However it’s quite nice talking to myself, not as nice as actual people but still-nice.” She sighs in a dreamy way. Luna seems to be in a distant place but near enough to hear other people.

“I’ll talk to you Luna, you could write to me. I’ve never had a letter before, it would be nice to have a quill-pal.” I suggest, smiling in her direction. Her grins becoming wider and wider, I hoping it’s because of my letter suggestion.

“I would like that very much, I’ll write to you tonight and send it so you get it first thing in the morning!” She pulls me into a hug, I don’t refuse it but I wasn’t expecting it, though I decide to hug her back. Xenophilius walks in with my mum and dad. Mum immediately rushes to my side and squeezes me tight. Mum’s hugs aren’t like Luna’s, mums are warmer and slightly more meaningful however she squeezes me tight as if she never wants to let go. I guess it’s a mother thing. Though I hope I never do that to any of my children! I have to try and clutch my sides because she’s squeezed them too hurt and now I feel as though I‘m in agony.

“Mum-let-go-my sides-aching.” I gasp and she drops her arms to her sides looking hurt.

“Xeno-how did she end up in your back garden?” Dad asks, I then shoot a concerned warning look to Xenophilius hoping he’ll remember the story.

“Well Arthur, I’ve looked at the facts and it seems to be the nightwalkers. They brainwashed your daughter, she explained the symptoms very clearly to me. I know this is very brash and inconsiderate of me to say but this has given me a brilliant idea for a story, so I would like to interview your daughter for the quibbler. I hope you don’t decline.” Xenophilius informs him. For some reason Mum and Dad look at each other and roll their eyes simultaneously and then look back at Xeno. Mum goes to speak and then hesitates so Dad gives the answer,

“We’d be happy to, on the conditions that you don’t ask her any specific questions about whatever these night-stalker-walker things are. She’s only 10, I don’t want her getting into that sort of stuff, it might scare her.

“Yes of course. You may leave now, Luna will show you out” Luna then jumps up and in front of my parents who are holding both my hands,

“Can I ask, what is your address? I want to start writing to Ginny, she said I could so we’re going to be Quill Pals. You know ours, but I don’t know yours. Sorry I don’t mean to be rude.”

Mum quickly gives Luna the address, obviously she’s very eager to leave,

“Thank you, I promise I won’t forget. Oh yes erm, this way please-goodbye Mr and Mrs erm-Ginny’s Parents. Bye Ginny.” Then the door closes shut on us and we apparate back home. As we disappear I see Luna and her father waving at us through the window.



1 week later


Dear Ginny,

Sorry I couldn’t write back straight away but Dad said he wanted to wait until he’d interviewed you so he could give you the copy of The Quibbler for free. It’s folded up really neatly so it may jump out at you. Anyway, I’m so glad we’re quill-pals because it means I have a friend! You saw my wall, well I’m going to add your name to it and a picture of it. What is your last name? I meant to ask when I saw you last but it seemed your Mother wanted to get you better quick! Oh and I think you may be a Gryffindor because they can be quite impatient when they get left behind whenever an adventure comes knocking and they can’t join in. I want to be a Hufflepuff, it seems a very unbiased house. No bravery, knowledge or purity, Hufflepuff has all those qualities thrown into the mix but they are fair so they don’t judge people on where they belong. Sorry, I do get sidetracked when it comes to Hogwarts-it’s such a beautiful place. Well I know you think it is, why else would you have broken one of your ribs in a brave attempt just to go there, and you would have most likely been rejected as you’re too young. Oh and I have another question, when I last saw you, you had a faint red mark on your head. It wasn’t some sort of a Harry Potter copycat mark that failed terribly was it?

Please write back,

Luna Lovegood x


I dig out the quibbler and see that the front page had a bold black title, The Runaway Redhead. It sounds like a brave name, an extraordinary title-hopefully it will last for a while.






A/N - Thank you again to KaidaSnape for that sentence as it seemed a lot more awkward before! I have an important announcement to make. I'm putting myself on a break from this story for a bit. I've recently lost all my work and I haven't got the time to just pick up from where I left off. This doesn't mean I'm never coming back to it because if you give it time I'm sure I will but I just need a break from it to start some more stories.
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