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Turning the Tables by explosion

Format: Novel
Chapters: 29
Word Count: 183,296

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Fred, James (II), OC
Pairings: James/OC, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/06/2011
Last Chapter: 01/03/2013
Last Updated: 01/03/2013

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I was bullied the whole time I attended Hogwarts. So, I left and I grew and I changed. I made friends for the first time, and everything seemed to finally be falling into place. But now, my new and old life are meeting each other somewhere in the middle. 

It's time to turn the tables.


Chapter 1: Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend

Disclaimer: However much I wish that I was JK Rowling, I am not, and therefore anything you recognize, belongs to her. Oh and the chapter title comes from Ashlee Simpson's song boyfriend.


Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and undo all the bad things that have ever happened. Like the time I was three and hit my neighbor with my shovel, while sitting in the sandbox. Or the time when I was six and my mum caught me stealing her wand out of her purse, even though I knew it was off limits. Or the time I first preformed magic; the time I got my Hogwarts letter; the toothbrush incident. You see, maybe, if I could take away all the bad things that happened, the world would be totally different. Everything would be perfect, filled with rainbows and butterflies.

But the thing is, you can’t take things back. You can’t close your eyes and open them and wish that maybe you’ll wake up at the start of the day, and all the events that you had gone through previously will evaporate into thin air. The only thing you can really do is try and fix it and make it better. Make an effort, bit by bit, to try and put all of the pieces of the puzzle back together.

Or, maybe, just maybe, you can do what I did. I ran.


Most peoples' fears are normal. Maybe they’re afraid of the monsters under the bed. Or losing someone close to them. Growing old. Dying. But me? I was afraid of something completely different. I was afraid of confrontations, which is why it was so easy for people to target me. I didn’t fight back. But it wasn't because I was too nice and didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

It was because I was scared.

Hogwarts was the place where people targeted me. I was the fat girl. The girl that walked around school the whole day not knowing ‘Caution, Heavy’ was stuck to her back. The one who had earned the nicknames that pointed out my biggest weaknesses. So, the people who thought they were better than everyone else would torment me to no end.

These people who thought they were better than me, were James Potter and Fred Weasley. They were popular throughout the school because of who their parents were. I guess since their parents had helped save the wizarding world, they felt they had saved it too. Either way, they were the worst of it. All of the torture had started with their remarks. James and Fred were the ones who got people to oink when I passed, the ones who hid food under my bed sheets, the ones who would put diet books in my backpacks.

I always hoped that maybe I could one day open my school bag without seeing a “How to lose ten pounds in ten days” book or something of that nature, but that day never came. They seemed to think it was hilarious every time I’d open my quill case and loads of chocolate bars they had placed in there came flying out. Everyone else in the class would laugh along with them, and a chorus of oinks would always follow.

I didn’t have friends. I didn’t try to make them. I kept my head down and pretended that I didn’t hear what the people at Hogwarts thought of me. The girl who ate her feelings. The girl who didn’t know when to stop.

Friends seemed pointless. Especially when I knew that they could never comfort me, because lets face it, the kids at school were right. I was fat. I was ugly. I was nothing.

Which is why I left Hogwarts at the end of second year. My father had moved back to France, as him and my mum were divorced (quite a messy one at that), and while my sister stayed at Hogwarts with my mom, I left and joined my dad. I already knew French because of my father, so it wasn’t a big issue or culture shock for me.

I attended Beauxbatons right when the summer ended, and I don’t think my mother ever really forgave me for it. I think she felt like I had left her in choosing to live with my dad. She never wrote to me or asked how my new school was. I haven’t even seen her or my sister since I left.

It was just as well, I figured. I mean my sister was a year younger than me, and when she had started Hogwarts, she hadn’t been tormented whatsoever. My sister had been adorable with her wide, brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. She hadn’t been overweight, and had made many friends instantly.

She also pretended that she didn’t know me. I still remember when I had come up to her in the hallway when she was surrounded by a bunch of her friends, and told her that mum had sent us a letter. She had just raised her eyebrows and looked at her friends, only to turn back to me looking annoyed, “Corinne, not to be harsh, but I’m just starting out here and I don’t need to make enemies. Do you think you could, like, not talk to me in public?”

I remember her friends laughing, one of them whispering something along the lines of elephant under her breath. It wasn’t particularly creative, but under the circumstances it had brought tears to my eyes. It’s not like my sister and I had ever been super close, it’s just, I hadn’t expected that from her. But, that was Bailey for you.

The summer between second and third year was the summer that really changed everything for me. Since my dad was never home as he was always working, he never really noticed how my eating habits had changed. I would suddenly question if I really needed that extra cookie, if breakfast was really necessary that day. And when I had started to lose weight, he hadn’t noticed much either.

That was the thing about my dad. He didn’t notice. Sometimes when I would talk to him, I wondered if he could repeat back one word I had said.

Besides the diet that I had somehow managed to start, I also became obsessed with beauty books. I read everything I could about how to make myself look better, and bought more makeup than one person could use in a lifetime. It became an obsession.

By the end of the summer, I had lost all of my extra weight and that’s when I noticed that maybe I wasn’t as ugly as everyone had told me. My thick honey blonde hair was bouncy and glossy thanks to various beauty shampoos, framing my heart shaped face in layers and highlighting my now prominent cheekbones. My cornflower blue eyes weren't as washed out as they'd once seemed, and my impossibly glossy, pouty pink lips complimented my creamy complexion. It was like.. It was like I wasn't even me anymore. 

And then, I entered Beauxbatons, and my life was never really the same.


“I cannot believe you, you stupid bitch!”

If there is one thing I hate the most in life, it's girls. I know, I know. I’m a traitor to my own race, but it’s true. Girls have to be one of the most annoying creatures on the earth. All they do is bicker and yell and cause drama. Not to mention how catty they can be. I swear, girls hide the sharpest claws behind the brightest smiles. Like honestly sometimes I think that girls can take over the world with the brains and cunningness they have, if only they didn’t focus it on taking down other girls.

Have you ever wondered that too?

Well, back to the point. Right now I was in the middle of a tussle with a girl who had very clearly made it known she hated my guts. Typical. I looked up at Faye, a well-known seventh year, who was standing over me her hands clenched, face red.

“Faye, what’s wrong?” I asked cocking my head to the side, and twirling a lock of my honey hair around my finger. Everyone in the Beauxbatons cafeteria around me seemed to grow silent, wondering what was going to happen next.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong is you’re a bloody skank and you don’t seem to give a fuck!” Faye screamed back at me. She brought one of her clenched fists down on the table as she spoke, the vibration causing the silverware to clatter against one another.

I looked to my right at my best friend, Dominique, who gave me an ‘I-told-you-so’ look. I sighed. I guess this time maybe I deserved to be yelled at. You see, I accidentally snogged her boyfriend. I know what you’re thinking: Accidentally?

Well yes, it was in fact an accident. You see, yesterday the seventh years hosted a party celebrating the end of exams and the last day of school. Dom and I had been the only sixth years invited, which was truly an honor, but not a surprise. Let’s just say fire whiskey was involved, and I was never really one to hold my liquor. And so, I had ended up snogging Faye’s boyfriend, not really knowing how it ended up happening.

Okay, so you’re probably still thinking it’s my fault. But honestly what kind of bloke makes out with a girl when he has a girlfriend anyway? Why is it always the girl that gets blamed for everything? Bloody double standards. It's ridiculous.

“Honestly, Faye,” Dominique said, cutting in and defending me as she usually does. Proof that she is in fact an amazing friend. “Tone it down a little. It’s obvious that Corinne didn’t know you guys were dating! In fact, he had been proclaiming the whole party that you two were done with each other anyway. If any fingers should be pointed, don’t you think it should be at Jean Paul?”

Dominique is honestly the best friend I could ever hope for. Right when I entered Beauxbatons, she and I had become instant friends, and whenever I thought about it, she was really my only girl friend. I didn’t even mind when I found out she was related to the devil’s spawn: Fred and James. She didn’t like them much either as she thought they were too cocky, and she hated what they had done to me. She’s also the only one at this school who I’ve ever told about my Hogwarts experience.

Dom's absolutely gorgeous too. She's part veela, so she has this silvery hair that hangs half way down her back and chocolate brown eyes that literally sparkle. She also has this super bubbly personality, so while I tend to push people away, she draws them to us, and with her help we were on good terms with almost everyone at school.

Because of this, Dom and I were very well known. As well as for being each other’s bestest friends. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s like the sister I never had, the peanut butter to my jelly.  And we were both tied for first as most beautiful in the Beauxbatons yearbook this year, even though we were sixth years. It was flattering to be in her league, considering she was a bloody veela, but Dom told me I should’ve won considering I didn’t have her "advantage".

I then slapped her upside the head and said it was better as a tie, and that the only reason I was even voted for was because I was her friend.

“Weasley, I really don’t think this concerns you,” Faye responded, bringing me back to the present as she gave me another glare. “You’re really bloody lucky that school ends today, Beaumont.” And with another evil eye, she turned away from me, her lifeless brown hair flipping with her. She really needed a deep conditioner.

“That went well,” I said, watching Faye's retreating form as I took a bite of my apple. It made a satisfying crunching sound.

“You’re so lucky that she’s not going to be here next year. Honestly Corinne, I told you that they were dating, but you insisted they broke up!”

“It’s not my fault that he lied! I mean he just looked so bloody good,” I responded, recalling Jean Paul’s adorable dimples and tousled hair.

“Yeah, yeah but Faye can get really scary,” Dom warned.

I looked up as the doors to the cafeteria opened, and the man of the hour, Jean Paul, entered the room. He glanced at the table Faye was sitting at, noticed her scary face, before he turned, saw me and headed over to my table.

Dom and I had specifically sat at the only table with two seats in the cafeteria, because we don’t want anyone to join us. It was our ritual every last day of school to girly chat about everyone and made predictions about next year. However, Jean Paul didn't seem to get this and pulled a chair from another table, plopping down right next to me. I looked across the room at Faye, and she was seething.

Jean Paul was one of the most sought after guys in the school, but since him and Faye had been hot and heavy all year, no one had wanted to mess with breaking up the golden couple. I guess Jean Paul thought we were like, an almost item or something as he slid his arm around my shoulder. Which we totally were not. Especially after he had lied about having a girlfriend. It's not exactly the best foundation to start a relationship on. That is if I had even been looking for one in the first place. Dom raised her eyebrows.

“Hey, Jean,” I said, noticing how good he looked today. I gave him a small smile but knew I would have to settle things with him. “What’s up?”

“Well, you see, I’m trying to avoid Faye right now, as she seems to still not be taking the break up very well,” he replied.

“You mean, the break up you guys had when she found out you cheated on her, after telling me you guys were over?” I asked him, blue eyes wide. I noticed Dom smirk out of the corner of my eye, which only made me have to hold back my own.

“Uh-I-No!” Jean sputtered taking his arm out from around my shoulder and looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Such a typical guy move. Deny, deny, deny.

“I’m sorry to say this, Jean,” I continued, loud enough for people to hear. “But I’m really not looking for anything serious right now, and I most certainly don’t want to be associated with someone who lies about whether or not he has a girlfriend. Sorry.”

With those words still reeling in his head, I got up, Dom following, and we exited the cafeteria to the shock of the rest of the students.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” Dom asked amusement in her eyes.

“I feel like you have, but it’s always nice to hear,” I responded with a smirk.


“I can’t believe we’re going to be seventh years,” Dom announced, plopping down next to me on my bed while she should have been finishing her packing. It was finally sinking in that we were heading home for the summer. I was going to stay with my dad for a few weeks while Dom would be off in England visiting her dad's side of the family, and then I was going to join Dom at her house for two months, since my dad was going on a business trip to Hong Kong. While I practically lived at Dom's house during the summers, I had never actually stayed at Dom’s house for such a long period of time. But, I was extremely excited for us to spend the summer together.

“I know! It’s pretty unbelievable,” I said gazing around at our room. The beds were stripped of their powder blue comforters, and the lavender walls were bare. “I still feel like third year was yesterday, when you yelled at me for rolling my suitcase over your foot.”

“But I forgave you for it, because you had the newest Wanda Witch Doll, complete with her unicorn wand and everything!” Dom said, sighing at the memory.

“Please, you snatched Wanda out of my hands and proceeded to play with her the whole train ride!” I complained at her lack of memory.

“Details, details! All that matters is that you my friend are going to be spending an entire two months with me for the summer,” Dom said excitedly, swinging an arm around my shoulder.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, my dear,” I said giving Dom a squeeze. Ahh having a best friend is bliss.

“Corinne?” Dom said to me her voice suddenly softer.

“Yup, Dommy Dearest?”

“Are you ever scared that in one year, we’re going to be graduating, and like going our separate ways? What am I going to do without you around all the time? What if we become those girls who never talk and then one day we see each other at a restaurant or something and it’s completely awkward and we don’t know what to say,” Dom sputtered out all in one breath. It seemed as though this had been on her mind for a while.

“Dom, Dom, Dom,” I said tapping her head as if chastising a child. “You could never get rid of me that easily. In fact, once school ends, we’ll hang out even more! I want to be editor-in-chief of Witch Weekly, and you want to be a model, so we’ll work at the same place, because I’ll insist that you are the most beautiful person on the face of the Earth, and everyone will, of course, agree because you’ll have your veela charms to impress them. And then we’ll both meet a pair of twin hotties and you’ll marry one and I’ll marry the other and we’ll be true sisters and then what will happen?”

“We’ll live happily ever after!” Dom said completing my story.

Yes, Dom and I have had a fantasy like this our whole friendship. Don’t make fun of us just because we like to look at the brighter side of life.

Suddenly, a pounding on the door interrupted our thoughts, and the door burst open to reveal my three favorite guys in the universe: Tyson, Wyatt, and Chaise.

“Are you girls almost ready?” Tyson asked running his hands through his thick blond hair in agitation. His blue eyes stood out even more because of his turquoise shirt, and his tall, lean build was leaning to the side as he crossed his arms. "The carriages are leaving soon."

“Hey you know we could’ve been naked!” I shouted as soon as they entered, unwelcomed.

“Which would’ve been all the better for us,” Chaise responded waggling his dark eyebrows jokingly.

“You guys are so immature,” Dom said getting up from her seat beside me and starting to close her very large trunk. The guys all ignored her, chalking it up to Dom being Dom, and instead exchanged a look with one another. Then, they turned to me.

“Corinne, is it true that Jean Paul snogged you after lying and telling you him and Faye broke up?” Wyatt asked me, taking the seat Dom had just vacated and putting his arm around my shoulder. “We could totally beat him up if that’s the case.”

I rolled my eyes at Wyatt and ruffled his black hair. “Don’t be stupid, I handled him perfectly fine during breakfast.”

“You mean you actually defended yourself?” Chaise said putting his hand on my forehead. “Are you feeling okay?”

"Yeah, are you sure you haven't been switched with a replacement Corinne?" Tyson joked, poking at me like I was a mutant.

“Shut up you losers, I can totally defend myself!” I said, elbowing Tyson and lightly kicking Chaise in the stomach. They both clutched at their stomachs, pretending to be mortally wounded, even though I had barely even hurt them.

Besides Dom, Chaise, Wyatt, and Tyson were my best friends. They of course, could never replace Dom as they are not women and therefore do not know the woes of PMS or are able to talk about boys with me, so they are all tied for second place on my best friend list.

Other than Dom, I only seem to get along with these three, as girls are as I mentioned previously, too damn catty. These guys are drama free, and can beat up anyone that messes with me. Which is always nice, not that I appreciate violence.

Tyson is the joker of the group. He says the most inappropriate things that make me laugh my arse off, even though I pretend not to think they're funny, and he always pulls pranks on the teachers. He also takes longer than me and Dom to get ready, and that’s saying a lot considering Dom and I can take hours. He likes to try and deny the fact that he cares about his appearance, and whenever his cluster of girls flock to him and ask how he gets his hair just so, he always shrugs his shoulders and says something like, “I guess I’m just blessed.” and then proceeds flexing his muscles until me or Dom smack him upside the head, which he never appreciates it.

Wyatt is more of the listener. He's always the one to go to if you have a problem, because he doesn't make it all about him and really gives top-knotch advice. I swear if he wasn't such a nerd obsessed with Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, I'd suggest he start his own therapy business. He also has a fan club of his own because of how fit he is. He has black glossy hair, deep blue eyes, and I swear I've seen girls swoon when he smiles. He however, unlike Tyson, does not like to take advantage of this, and tends to go towards girls with substance, which I appreciate.

And this brings me to Chaise, who is definitely the gossip. He tends to hear everything that goes on at school because he has so many friends, and, despite being a guy, will come back and tell me everything he’s heard concerning me or Dom, and will either a.) beat up whoever started the rumor or b.) tell Dom, which can be even worse. He has curly brown hair and brown eyes to match, and has his pick of girls as well. But we all know that him and Dom are totally meant to be, even though neither of them seems to realize it yet. But they so will if I have a say in it. 

“Of course you can defend yourself. You just can’t do it very well,” Wyatt said, arching an eyebrow at me.

“I can do it well, actually!” I responded indignantly.

“May I remind you of the Charlotte Burham incident when she found out it was you who made out with her boyfriend? Or Marie Etterswan when she heard Blasé broke up with her because of you? Or how about-“

“Alright, alright! I get it. Can we not make me feel like a rotten person right now?” I asked, interrupting Wyatt’s rant and leaning a head on his shoulder.

You probably think I’m a horrible person. But it just so happens that these incidents seem to happen to me without it being completely my fault. You see, guys who are not thinking with their heads are liars. So, they will say anything, even if they do have a girlfriend, as you have already witnessed this morning. It’s really unfair though. I get this awful reputation for being a complete slag, when I still have my virginity intact thank you very much, and these guys get away scott-free. I should start a revolt against men!

Oh wait, seeing as I hate girls, who very well would join me?


I’ve got it! Dom can join me and all the animals of the universe! It will be a whole army that no one can compete with. There will be rhinos, monkeys, stingrays, kangaroos! It will be an all out world war, and everyone will be nothing compared to me and my army of animals!

You think I’m crazy? Well, it’ll work. One day you’ll see an army of animals, and you’ll piss your pants.

“Corinne, why do you have that crazy smile on your face?” Tyson asked, interrupting my thoughts of an animal army. I realized that I had a creepy smile in place while my thoughts had been whirling and instantly frowned. Damn. I had hoped nobody had noticed that.

“I do not have a crazy smile! In fact, I have a very nice smile. My daddy says so himself!”

“Your daddy is a liar,” Tyson replied snarkily. I contemplated hitting him in the face, but before I could, Dom beat me to it.  It's her natural protective instinct, I swear. 

“Tyson, what did I tell you about being rude to mental patients,” Dom said in a knowing voice.

“That’s right-HEY! I am not mental!” I said, getting up to my full five foot six stature and staring Dom right in the eye. She was still three inches taller than me, but I liked to think I looked intimidating.

“Okay, crazy lady,” Dom responded, exchanging a look with the guys that seemed to say I was off my rocker. Ugh. Sometimes I don’t understand why I put up with her. I change my mind, she is now number two on my best friend list, and the guys come before her. Okay I’m lying, no one can replace my Dommy Dom. But still. 

“Guys as exciting as Corinne’s mental capacity is, we need to make those carriages so let’s go,” Wyatt said annoyed. Bah humbug. He was a stickler for being on time.

“This isn’t over,” I said wagging a finger at Dom my eyes widening in a threat. Okay so maybe this wasn’t the best thing to do to win over my case.

“Whatever you say, Psycho,” Dom responded.


“I’m just going to miss you all so much,” I shouted dramatically as I gave a huge hug to each guy before going to meet up with my dad, who was out in the parkin glot. I began to fake sob as I reached Dom. “And my Dommy Dearest! How shall I fare two whole weeks before I see your beautiful face again?!” I gave Dom a bear hug and continued my fake sobs.

I could feel the students staring at me in amusement as I continued to make a mockery of myself, but I ignored it. “Life is just so unfair,” I mourned as I threw myself at them all bringing them in one group hug.

Despite my sarcastic goodbye, I really was going to miss them. Going home, meant going to be with my dad who, let’s face it, really was never there. I hated the summers as I was almost always left alone, except for the the times I'd escape to Dom's and we'd spend time with the guys or she'd come visit me in my solitude.

“We’ll all miss you too,” Wyatt responded lifting me up and squeezing me tightly before tossing me to Tyson, who gave me a huge hug and then tossed me to Chaise.

“Ahh put me down you kidnappers! I am a fragile human being!”

Chaise put me down and when he did, Dom attacked me. “I’m going to miss you too Corinne! Stay just the way you are my little Coco!”

“Can’t breath,” I said between gasps for oxygen.

“Drama queen,” Dom said letting me out of her tight grasp.

“I really am going to miss you guys,” I said seriously now. It was actually sinking in that I wouldn’t see them for basically the whole summer, because all of the guys were going to be travelling with their families for the first couple of months until summer. And what would I do without them?

“Remember to come to my birthday party guys! No forgetting,” Dom reminded us all. Dom was excited, because this would be the first time she ever had an actual party on her birthday. Normally she went somewhere with her family, and I would just send her a bunch of gifts fthrough owl. But this year she was throwing a huge party with all of our friends from Beauxbatons. It was going to be amazing. 

“How could we forget a birthday such as yours,” Chaise said, giving Dom a hug. They both smiled, and Dom turned pink, while the other guys and I exchanged a look as the two lovebirds shared a moment. Ah young love, such a glorious thing.

After Dom and Chaise finished mooning over each other, Dom tore her eyes away from Chaise and looked at me, biting her lip. “But Corinne, just so you know, my mom did make me invite the family. I mean I couldn’t just not invite them,” Dominique told me an apology in her eyes.

Her family... I felt my stomach sink slightly as immediately two people popped into my mind who I've spend my whole life avoiding. I still haven't seen them since my last day second year, and I had planned on keeping it that way. Ididn’t know if I was strong enough to ever see them again.

“That’s fine.” I responded my smile tight. It seemed like everyone sensed my mood shift and while I felt bad for the goodbye having a sour tone, I was more focused on the fact that I might have to actually see in the flesh the two people who had made my life hell. “Well, I should be going. My dad’s probably getting annoyed at his precious time being wasted.” And with those parting words I turned on my heel and left, trunk in tow.

As my steps remained quick and forceful against the concrete floor, I resolved that if I ever had to see James and Fred again, it would be hell. Only not for me this time, for them. 


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