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La Malédiction by MidnightBlue_x

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 3,289
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 01/05/2011
Last Chapter: 05/29/2011
Last Updated: 05/29/2011

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Two girls born in the same year,
entwined by the blood of our families;
To live as one and to die as one,
Hear my words; let this blessing be a curse.

Vilette Bonnet and Ariele Tasse will both fight for their rights in their home country of France. The Revolution was growing closer by the hour; but they didn't realise how soon their end would come...

Chapter 2: Parler des enfants

Disclaimer; I own the OC's and the plot, everything else belongs to their respective owners.


The cold nights were drawing to an end and the frozen city of Paris began to wake again, the small children returning to the streets with their smiling faces as the street vendors returned with their sweet fruits and warm treats. Among them were two young women, hardly looking a day over nineteen, as they trekked through the receding snow in their day gowns, their arms tucked within each other’s.


The first woman pushed a stray hair away from her face and looked over at her friend, smiling slightly. “What month is the small one expected?” She whispered.


Her friend replied sweetly, “The month of October, I am ever so excited” Her pale pink lips twitching upwards slightly.


“Whatever for? You will have to have new gowns fitted and such; it is too much of a bother. If I was you, I would give it away…You simply cannot have any fun with a child around” The second woman rolled her eyes, smoothing out her pale gown.


“I do not feel the same. This child is a part of me, Ariele. I am not giving her up” Ariele muttered something under her breath and turned back to her friend.


“I just think, this will take Basile away. You have been trying ever so hard to keep him interested lately; it would be a shame Vilette” Ariele whispered as the two girls passed a seller with ripening fruits. Vilette shook her head, a few pieces of hair coming loose from her tight bun.


“I do not care much about Basile anymore, I would much rather have this child” Ariele looked like she was ready to argue with her friend but Vilette quickly cut her off. “Does this mean you do not wish to have a child with Antoine?”


“That would be correct. Neither I nor he wish for a child, we much more enjoy this marriage without strings or a little horror running around” Vilette stared at her friend with sad eyes. “Whatever do you mean you do not care much about Basile? You have yet to be married a year”


“I do not love him, yes I agreed to marry him but I have no feeling towards him nor will I ever” Ariele rolled her eyes at her friend.


“And I do not feel anything for Antoine and he does not feel anything for me; however that does not mean we cannot have some fun along the way. You have completely ruined your chances for that with this horrible thing” Vilette huffed, turning her head away from Ariele with a sudden distaste for her friend.


“I do not wish to speak of this anymore Ariele, besides it is about time I headed back to the Manor” She whispered, hitching up her gown slightly so the hem did not drag along in the snow. Ariele sighed, watching Vilette walk away before heading back in the opposite direction.



Hours later, Vilette found herself standing inside her chamber having her long hair combed through by her dearest nurse, Simona. Ariele’s ever persistent voice rung through her head, what if she was right and this child was going to be a mistake? She would know until October and the thought were already beginning to worry her. Suddenly, she pulled away from Simona’s soft hands and spun around to face her.


Her nurse looked scared and shocked all at the same time; Vilette had always held a sense of respect for her nurses and had never treated her like anything less than a mother. “Nurse, do you think a child is a bad idea?” She asked, Simona’s face instantly softened and took a seat next to Vilette on the rectangular seat.


“Of course not, for if your mother had never had you I would not have such a lovely mistress” She smiled, brushing a piece of Vilette hair away from her face.


“Ariele says different, she says this child will tear apart Basile and I forever” Vilette whispered, her eyes dropping down to her hands that were filmy placed in her lap. “You know better than anyone, how I do not love the man but if I cannot be loved by a man why ever should I not have myself a child?”


Simona smiled, standing up from the seat and pulling the comb through Vilette’s hair once more. “I envy your child; you will be a perfect mother for her or him. I only wish you had the same, Instead of that filthy wench” She muttered the last part so softly that Vilette had to strain to hear her.


“Will you stay as nurse for me even though I shall be a mother myself? I do not wish to imagine my life without you” Simona quickly assured her, before placing the comb down on Vilette’s vanity.


“Mistress should be off to sleep; she has a long day in front of her tomorrow. The Masquerade Ball is here and you do not want tired eyes” Vilette smiled at her nurse as she tucked her into bed, placing a small kiss on her forehead.


“Sleep well Mistress, I shall wake you in the morning”




True to her promise, bright and early the next morning Vilette awoke from a sweet dream to the ever soft voice of Simona. Vilette slowly left her bedroom, heading downstairs to the kitchen where her husband, Basile was waiting.


The year previously, Vilette had been married off to Basile Bonnet at the age of eighteen which was rare for their society and was considered late. It had been arranged by Vilette’s mother, and Vilette had agreed to it as long as Simona was allowed to stay as her nurse. Basile had agreed to this, and welcomed both women into his house with open arms.


For months, Basile seemed perfect and Vilette could not have been happier and but then she heard of scandalous cousin of hers who married for love rather than money, and now wished to be in the same position.


“Morning wife” Basile nodded, not taking his eyes away from his breakfast as Vilette sat across the table from him. She stiffly nodded back and took a small sip of the freshly squeezed juice in front of her before starting on her breakfast.


“What time does the Masquerade start tonight?” She asked, patting her mouth clean as she finished her food off a few minutes later.


“At the seventh hour at the Palace as always” He replied, still without looking up at her. She smiled, sighed very softly and pushed herself gracefully away from the table, nodding in thanks to one of the cooks; who was waiting anxiously by the door, Vilette could swear he was new.



“Excuse my pardon Mistress; I know you worrying as your Master grows colder but I must say that Mistress Tasse will always stick by you, even if she seems to disagree with you know. She has always been one for tradition but she cares about my Mistress” Simona broke the silence as Vilette was readying for the Masquerade at the hour six. She had picked out a pale pink gown with a few frills on the ends of the sleeves and a pair of golden, slightly-heeled slippers to patch.


“I hope Ariele is wrong, I hope this child of mine is perfect just so I have someone to love me” Vilette whispered, putting on an exuberant golden pink-feathered mask before anyone could see her silent tears.


Authors Note; I was really desperate to get the prologue up so I didn't have time to write an authors note but I do now. This fic is set in France during the time of the French Revolution, so they would actually be speaking French but not the same French we know today. And secondly, there will be magic in the next chapter. And yeah, enjoy!