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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon

Format: Novel
Chapters: 39
Word Count: 165,630

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC

First Published: 01/10/2010
Last Chapter: 06/30/2013
Last Updated: 06/30/2013


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When you've got Dominique Weasley as your best friend, your mother currently MIA, and James Potter attempting to destroy your life before you graduate, that's when you know that you've officially hit the loony bin. 

Kiersten McCabe+ James Potter= A DISASTER waiting to happen.

(Currently SLOWLY under much needed revision!)

Chapter 21: Reason



      “Where to first on this lovely day Keri?” Dom asked me skipping along the way to Transfiguration. I rubbed my eyes groggily. It was the first day back to the new term, and I really hadn’t wanted to get up this morning. It was like coming out of hibernation, horrible I tell you. Waking up to Dom and an old wizarding wireless station on a Monday morning really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

      “You’ve forgotten our schedules already?” Halley asked her sounding a bit disappointed. I don't know why on earth she puts so much faith in Dommy. After all, she is the girl who forgot where the Gryffindor tower was located back in second year. 

      “No! It’s just that we have different classes every day—and,” She paused for a moment thinking of something witty to say, but that didn’t seem possible. “Yeah, you win. I’ve already forgotten.”

      “What do you want to be when you grow up again?” I asked her rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. “A Healer with me, right? Well memorization is a big part of that, Dom.”

      “Oh shut up Keri, I’m going to be the best healer in the world. You watch.”


      “Your underestimating me!”

      “I wouldn’t ever.”

      “Screw you Kiersten, your such a mean person. I think I’m going to make you a certificate as the Meanest Person Of The Year Award.” 

      “Is there such thing?” Caitlin asked me as we turned into the classroom. I just shrugged and sat down at the desk in the back. Potter and the others were huddled in a circle already in the room. I went up behind him, but stopped to listen when I heard what he was saying. 

      “…next Friday night then?” I heard Potter mutter to Drew who nodded discreetly. “But we’ve got to be careful. This is actually a serious matter guys. If we get hurt…well, then they’ll know.” 

      “Hello.” I said rather loudly causing Fred to jump and Drew to flinch and mutter something about cows grazing in an open field at sundown. I bypassed Drew’s statement and looked to Potter who hadn’t had any facial expression change whatsoever. He looked at me through uncertain eyes for a moment before smiling. 

      “Hello McCabe.” He said, I had already seen him earlier at breakfast. 

      “What’s happening on Friday night then?”

      “Now that, McCabe, is really none of your business.” He began to guide me back to my seat with his hand on the small of my back and a smirk on his face. 

      “Alright then, next time I have a secret with some new guy I meet it’s really none of your business.”

      His hand stiffened before he pulled if off of me. I turned around to look at him with raised eyebrows. “That’s different, Kier.”

      “Really? I don't see how.” 

      “Trust me, it is. This is just guy stuff. We’re planning a guys night, that’s all.”

      I laughed for a minute before responding. “What utter bullshit. You don't plan anything when it comes to Fred and Drew. It’s all just whatever prank you feel like pulling at the current moment.” 

      “Now, now!” Professor Steuber called entering the room from the door above. “Everyone get to your seats please. I have some announcements to make!” 

      I gave Potter the ‘this is no way over’ stare and slumped down in my seat next to Dom and Caitlin. I really didn’t like this class. It wasn’t that I was bad at it, it was just that I really didn’t like Steuber. She was the ‘pretty teacher’. It wasn’t like I was jealous of her at all, it was just the fact that she tended to know that she was superior to the majority of the female population at Hogwarts. I swear, just about every girl has hated her or will hate her at one point of going through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

      “Well, I hope all of you had an enjoyable break,” Steuber started looking around to make sure she had all of our attention. “A special thanks goes out to Jenny Bones for creating a much smarter way to get around this school!” Steuber started to clap enthusiastically along with most of the boys and some Ravenclaws. I just made a face at her and sunk lower into my chair. “We would also like to welcome someone new today! Everyone who has not met him yet, this is Mr. Hilburn. He will be staying with us until graduation!” 

      I looked around, and sure enough it was the guy I had met on the train. He looked rather uncomfortable with all of the attention that was being directed towards him. I smiled to him briefly when he caught my eye, and he smiled back. I could tell by the badge on his chest that he had been made a Ravenclaw. Not that bad after all. “I would look away if I were you.” Caitlin muttered to me.

      I did so, but then turned to her and asked, “Why?” 

      “Potter might possibly kill the poor bloke if you don't. Look at him.” 

      I did, and Caitlin was right. He was practically burning a hole in the back of Liam’s head. I rolled my eyes, Potter has so many issues. But hey, I really shouldn't be talking about having issues. I have quite a few of them myself. “Ah, well he’ll get over it.” 

      “Now, would everyone please turn to page 332 in your textbooks and read to yourselves the passage on turning one animal into another through different amphibian categories.” Steuber said as I pulled out my textbook in a miserable fashion. The majority of the class consisted of her droning on and on about how tedious it really was to transfigure a reptile into a mammal because of their different structure behind the skin or scales. With only thirty minutes left she told us to shut our books. “Now, I want you all to get in—”

      “Groups?” Clair Connelly offered up causing me and the majority of the class to snigger. Steuber loves to do group work for some reason. She just smiled down at Clair because she was a Ravenclaw and continued on. If Dom or I had said that we would have been docked points. 

      “Exactly Miss. Connelly! Now, I’ll be counting you off by fives.” 

      In the end my number was four and I was with—kill me—Jenny Bones, Fred, and Liam Hilburn. James didn’t look all that happy when he went off to meet with the other three’s, consisting of Dom and Matthew Goldstrom. I wondered if Goldstrom and Dom will kill each other? It’s defiantly possible. “Hello, Freddy.” I said sitting down next to him. “Where have you been?”

      “You know that girl I got with at the ball?” He looked at me eagerly. Honestly I had no idea that he had gotten with that girl, but I just nodded anyways so I’d be spared the details. “Well, we’re sort of together now I guess.”

      “Really! Oh Freddy! That’s great! What’s her name?” 

      “Alexie, Alexie Beyer.” He was about to continue when Jenny slumped down next to me and Liam shuffled his way over unsure. I smiled to him and he sat down. Jenny was already batting her eyelashes and smoothing down her hair extra carefully. I just rolled my eyes and imagined how I looked with my hair in a plain ribbon. 

      “Hey again.” I said to Liam. 

      “Hey, how’s your—er your friends cat?” He said laughing a little. I joined in thinking of poor little Missy all alone in our room. He was probably tearing apart my pillow as we speak. Little devil. 

      “Good as of now, but a little distraught.” 

      “Missy’s not a cat, he’s a—” Fred stopped mid sentence as I kicked him in the shin. “A ugly cat?” I nodded as Jenny looked at him suspiciously. 

      “I don't even want to know.” She decided. “So, Liam, tell us all about your school!” 

      “Well,” He started looking around at us all. “It’s a hell of a lot different then here.”

      “You mean it doesn’t have a gate that forces it’s children to stay inside?” I asked.

      “No, we have dragons that guard the entrance of our school.” Everyone looked at him in awe for a moment. “Kidding.” 

      “Oh,” Jenny let of a high pitched girly giggle and I rolled my eyes looking down to the poster board that we were supposed to be writing on. “Your really funny.” 

      “How old are you?” He was looking to me. I looked up from the poster where I was writing the steps to transfigure a frog into a lion. This might be the first time Jenny hasn’t been the one doing the work in the group. “Seventeen, well until April at least.”

      “You look older then the other girls.”

      I laughed for a moment as Jenny glared at me and studied my face for a moment as if trying to figure out how this was possible. “It’s cause I’m taller then most of the other girls. But no, I’m seventeen.”

      “Weird. Your all younger.”

      “We cant be all that younger!” Jenny tried desperately. “I mean, we’re all seventh years here aren’t we?” 

      “Well, I’m nineteen.”

      “Really?” Fred asked suddenly tuning in. “Then why are you here? Shouldn't you have graduated two years ago?”

      “No, in my school we start when we are twelve and we have one more year of school then you do at Hogwarts.”

      “So you’re an older guy!” Jenny whispered. “That’s so hot!”

      “Jesus Bones, do you really want to get in his pants that badly?” 

      Jenny turned redder then I had ever seen her turn and glared at me. “Not as badly as you want to get into Potter’s.”

      “Wonderful comeback, no wonder you’re a Ravenclaw. So witty you really are. I wish I could be more like you. All smart and head girl. It’s such a fascinating position.” Fred shook his head at me, and I stopped. I was being quite the bitch right now. I don't know why. PMS?

      “Well don't make it like your so great Kiersten. I know all about you and your…issues with guys.” 

      I raised my eyebrows and threw my head back in laughter. Fred leaned on my shoulder, cracking up along with me. “My—my issues?” I choked out. “W-what do you mean? I think I’m a tad bit more experienced then you are.” 

      “That’s what you think…” She mumbled turning back to Liam who looked torn between amusement and confusion. “She’s a Gryffindor. They tend to think they’re the best. Don't take it personally.”

      “Excuse me, but I believe we are the best?” Fred said fist pumping the air. I sniggered and went back to the poster board. 

      “Who’s Potter?” Liam asked the table. No one responded for a moment, I think they expected me to, but no way I was. 

      “Kiersten’s boyfriend.” Jenny said it with malice. I reddened a little.

      “No not exactly.” Fred looked at me in an annoyed fashion and shook his head. I knew that I was letting him and Potter down right now. I shouldn't deny that Potter and I are together. Especially around someone who Potter doesn’t like for some reason. “No, actually he’s like a boyfriend to me, but we’re not calling it that.”

      “Oh, of course your not.” 

      Thank god the bell rang. I got up very quickly and started to pack my books back in my bag. Fred lounged back to Potter and Drew, and Jenny flipped me off and went back to her stuck up Ravenclaw friends. Liam stayed with me for another moment. 

      “I like you,” He said quietly. “When I said you were the most normal person I met I meant it Kiersten.” 

      “Well, I like you too.” I gave him a brief smile before starting to walk over to Potter. “I’ll see you soon I guess!” He nodded his eyes lingering on me when I made my way up to James. “What?” I asked him a little annoyed when I noticed that he was yet again staring at Liam Hilburn. Instead of responding he kissed me. I was startled at first but I kissed him back briefly. “What was that for?” I was whispering now. Several people were looking at us. 

      “I had to make something clear.” He said starting to walk out. I followed and Dom caught up with me. 

      “Fuck Matthew Goldstrom to heck.” She cursed under her breath. “And would you to stop getting it on in classrooms? It gives the wrong idea.”

      “Thanks so much for your input.” I said sarcastically. 

      “Oh any time. We have a free period now, right?” 

      “Yes, why what do you want to do?” 

      “Well, I need your help with something…









      “I cant believe I’m doing this.” I mumbled to her. 

      “Neither can I, I thought I’d have to bribe you with your broom. It’s on top of Greenhouse three by the way.” Dom whispered back to me. 


      “Shhh! We’ll get caught! God!”

      “Why would you kidnap my broom!” 

      Because I didn’t think you’d agree, now shut up and listen.” 

      “Your lucky I don't have a short temper.”

      “Yeah, yeah I know already. Now please, be quiet you nuisance.”

      I snorted but quickly stopped when they entered the room. Potter was in the front, as always. He had scrolls with him. Fred was carrying his school bag, and Drew was just humming to himself. “Here we go…” 

      “I don't know why we have to come here, James.” Fred muttered to him. We could just discuss it in the dorm.”

      “Or in the room of requirement.” Drew added sitting in one of the classrooms dusty desks. 

      “Room of Requirement?” Dom mouthed to me. I just shrugged, as clueless as she was. 

      “We do it here because it’s tradition.” Potter sat down moving the desk so it was across from Fred. Drew did the same. “Now quit it and listen here.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “It’s bloody dangerous, guys.”

      “Of course it is, it always is.” Fred said rolling his eyes a little. “You have to trust the fact that we’re trained, James. We’re trained for this sort of stuff. Remember? We’ve had about a year and a half of practice at this point.” I looked to Dom who was crinkling her eyebrows in confusion. 

      “And I’m good at thinking on the spot!” Drew yelled enthusiastically. I tried my hardest not to laugh as Potter and Fred did. Dom was just nodding at him seriously. I was happy she couldn’t see my face in the dark storage closet. “Oh shut up. You know I am.”

      “Okay Drew, I know you are.” Potter said shaking his head a little continuing. “So we’re doing it next Friday Drew, I don't give a damn what Dominique said she had planned for you up in her bedroom.” 

      “James, this is it though bud. Like what would you do if Kiersten basically told you that she was going to have sex with you for the first fucking time? Don't lie, you would most likely be a-wall the entire night.”

      Potter sniggered but then shook his head. “Kiersten’s not like that. She’ll have it just happen. And I wont do it planned, it wouldn’t be special that way.” My heard flopped as Dom pretended to gag. I couldn’t help but smile a little. Potter was such the romantic, you’d never expect it. “And besides Drew, we all know that if Dom is telling you that your doing it over a week in advance that means that she wont hold out that long.”

      “I’m going to—” Dom started but I covered her mouth before she could make any more noise. Thank god they didn’t hear. When she started to bight me I let go, and thank the lord she didn’t burst out in profanities. 

      “True.” Fred said nodding his head. “So Drew, sorry, but we’re on for Friday at eleven. Dominique will come sooner then you think.” Dom just glared now putting her hands on her hips. “So when are we going out then?” 

      Potter opened the scrolls, but I was too far away to read them. “So according to this it’ll be worst at then. We have to stop it from attacking again or I think he’ll die.” I looked to Dom, now actually scared. “But we have to be bloody—”

      “Careful, yes, you’ve mentioned that about seven hundred times.”

      “It’s because I don't think you guys are taking this seriously!” James stood up angrily and looked around for a moment before sitting back down roughly. “This is nothing like we’re used to! All that shit we learn in Defense? Yeah, well it’s nothing compared to what’s really out there. This is real! Do you get that? Real.” 

      I could feel Dom’s breath on my shoulder as I tried to make sense of all of this. What on earth were they going to do? “We know, James.” Drew finally responded quietly. “We know, and your right. We’ll have to be on our guard one hundred percent. Don't worry, we understand.”

      “C’mon Potter,” Fred smirked a little and winked at him. “Do you honestly think I’d ever risk my arse if I didn’t think I would be safe?” 

      “Oooh, what a Slytherin remark.” 

      “I know Drew, I kind of think I should have been in that house, but I told the sorting hat I couldn’t. Father would probably curse me out of the Weasley surname. He’s a bit hostile when it comes to that house, you know.”

      Dom nodded to herself smiling. “So what do we tell people then?” Drew asked putting his feet on Potter’s lap. Potter pushed them off quickly. 

      “We just say we’re planning the best prank even in all of Hogwarts history.” Potter said starting to roll up the scroll. 

      “Well then we’ll actually have to have a prank you know.” Fred said picking up his bag again and slinging it over his shoulder. “We couldn’t ever disappoint our fans like that.”

      “Alright. Then we’ll paint the entire Great Hall Purple, and hang that new kid, Hilburn, from the chandelier.” 

      “Is there a chandelier in the great hall?” Drew scratched his head trying to remember. Poor guy. 

      “No Drew, and what do you have against that kid anyways?” Fred said as they started to exit. “What did he do to you?” 

      “Nothing yet, and it’s not me I’m afraid for, it’s Kiersten.” He sighed as if it was a conflict that he didn’t feel like talking about. 

      “You don't trust her?” 

      “No, I don't trust him.” 

      “Did you know he’s nineteen? He asked her how old she was, and he was surprised when she said she was only seventeen. He talked to her the most in Steuber’s class.” 

      “Fred is such a bloody traitor.” I mumbled under my breath. 

      “That’s great, and you let all of this happen?” Potter shook his head rather annoyed. 

      “Well, it’s not like Kiersten acted like she was interested in the conversation. She mostly just dissed J-Bones.”

      “He looks at her in that way. I don't like it. We have to scare him off boys before he tries to pull something. Knowing Kiersten she’ll never tell me that he did, so I wont know what’s going on. We can’t let it get to that point.” 

      With Potter’s last words the classroom door shut behind them, leaving Dom and I in utter silence. I sunk to the floor, and Dom turned the lights back on in the storage closet. We both just stayed there, her leaning against the door and me on the dusty and dirty floor. After about two minutes she spoke. “What’s happening?” 

      “I-I really have no idea, but Dom, I don't think it’s good. James sounded serious.” 

      “About Hilburn, well Keri, you had to see something like that coming. The guy is rather possessive of you. Hilburn is a threat to him.”

      “No Dom, not that. I’m talking about whatever they’re planning on next Friday night. Potter said—he said they would get hurt.” 

      “And that it was serious. Potter isn’t serious unless it’s something ooberly important. He thinks they’re in big trouble.”

      “So, we have to stop them then.” I got up off of the ground and dusted myself off. I don't think I even got half of the stuff that was now stuck on my uniform. “Your right, they’re in trouble. So we have to stop them.” I paused for a moment looking down at her big blue eyes. “How?”

      For the first time in the hour Dom smiled. “Well, you know that my plans are often slightly erratic.”

      “Yes…” We started to make are way back into the old and unused classroom. “But remember. If I’m bait I wont do anything that effects my personal health or the health of others.”

      “No,” We looked outside of the classroom to check if the coast was officially clear before stepping outside. “I think you know what you have to do Keri. Think back to what we just heard. Especially the part about you.” I didn’t like the way Dom was smiling in that knowing way. It made me feel as if she was planning something this time that was unlike her usual ways of torture. But nevertheless I started to think back. Back to the parts with him thinking that Liam was going to try stuff with me, back to him saying that he didn’t think I would tell him if Hilburn did. And then back to him saying he didn’t want to have sex with me until it was ‘the right time’. Then I froze, standing there in the hallway. “About time you figured it out. It took you almost a minute this time Keri.” 

      “I cant do that Dom.”

      “Well, technically you can. You just refuse to do it.”

      “But I don't want it to happen like that. It’s not right. You heard what he said.”

      “Well Kiersten, it’s your choice. But I personally think that you need to choose what is for the good of James, or your feelings about the matter. It’s not like he’d ever have to know it was premeditated.”

      “But Dom, it’s so wrong to do that.” 

      “Maybe, but it would also be wrong if he got hurt and you didn’t.”

      It truthfully is scary when Dominique Weasley is the voice of reason in a situation. I tried to make my voice sound confident as I nodded. “Okay, I will.” 

      “Good, your doing the right thing Keri. I don't know what the hell they’re planning this time around, but I don't like the sound of it. It could be—well it could be life threatening. We don't know. And your making the right choice here. Just let yourself get lost in the moment, okay? You know you’ll be able to if you love him.”

      “I don't know if I love him.” 

      I was whispering now, and we were walking close together. I knew that we were heading in the direction of the Library, but I didn’t know if Dom really meant to go there. “Well, then I guess your going to find out.” 

      “I guess so.” 

      We kept on walking, thinking to ourselves what we had heard, and what we had to do. I knew that Dom was right. If I confronted him about what we had heard he would have known that we were eavesdropping. He wouldn’t ever trust me again after that. And he’d be angry, very angry. In a warped, fucked up, kind of way Dom was right. I had to be strong and I had to do what I had to do, it was for the good of everyone, wasn’t it?







So…yeah quite a lot has just happened! I’m sure you can guess what they are planning, and who knows? Maybe I’ll tell you ahead of time if you review? Probably, some clues at least. I wonder if those of you who said that you didn’t mind Hilburn still feel the same way? Probably not, but it’s expected!


So thank you for reading, and review! I’ll try to update soon!