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For Old Time's Sake by hail_rowena

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Format: Novel
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 63,655
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Seamus, George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 07/20/2009
Last Chapter: 09/13/2013
Last Updated: 09/13/2013

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Anne Walters is back, but as a new woman. As the year commences, Anne's obsession with Harry Potter has subsided - for now - and she has cut a certain Oliver Wood out of her life - for now. But darker forces at work pull Anne further out of the world she knows than ever before.

The author of Mixed Messages returns with  more laughs, more tears, more danger and even more sarcasm!

Chapter 16: The Best And The Worst
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Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it.
- Sakyong Mipham

Amy walked through the field with me, the wind whipping all strands of hair in sight. It felt almost as if we were actually attacking our own faces. “I thought you were going to end it with George?”

“Yes, I was,” I said distractedly, as we had just heard the news about our first secret Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Also, I was trying to avoid the fact that there was a very big sense of déjà-vous, since it was not too long ago that I was having this same conversation with Magda about Pucey. Oh dear, the thought of Pucey was enough to make you want to retch. Then again, it’s so simple with Pucey now. I know I hate him.

“But you’re not going to anymore?”

“I will. I just don’t know if I can right now.” After all, he had only just gotten over the Oliver thing. We haven’t discussed it, or anything, but things seemed to just get back to normal. It wasn’t exactly a good thing, but it was better than the awkwardness that there was before. “I’ll think I’ll wait a bit.”

“Sure. Not everyone can just talk about things immediately.”

“You still have to tell Bella.”

“That’s just hypocritical! You can put off dumping George, but I have to tell Bella about Seamus. Nothing’s happened between us, anyway. If anything, he’s been avoiding me. Clearly he’s come to his senses.”

“That’s probably it,” I said awkwardly. I then quickly added, “Anyway, are you sure you don’t want to come tonight? I mean, I’m sure you can just sign your name onto the list.”

“I’m not getting involved,” said Amy, frowning. “And neither should you.”

“Thanks for the advice, Hermione.” Well, Hermione’s actually organising this. So what does that make Amy? I don’t even have a name for that breed of goodie-two-shoes. Oh Amy, you are doomed to a life of social exile.

Amy laughed it off and we talked towards Bella and Magda, where everything suddenly became tenser. None of us knew what to say to each other, seen as we were all lying in one way or another. Well, Magda was not hiding anything from us - that we knew of. Finally, I brought up the Defence meeting, and then it seemed to become more normal, though I just knew that the betrayal would catch up sooner or later. Preferably later when I've got a career and the ability to easily flee the country.

The meeting managed to keep up as a change of topic right up until me and Magda got to sneak out with a few other Gryffindors, though we weren’t really with the party, as Lavender was there. Luckily for me, Seamus wasn’t. So instead, we kept at a distance where people could socially think of us as not being loners, but it wasn't too close to be considered stalkers. What can I say? I'm a master at this. Well, actually Magda was, using her few months of isolation to advantage once more.

Eventually the entire group arrived, including Fred and George. Obviously he was fine, since he seemed fine with everything, but it was me who felt odd. He kissed me hello, and it almost felt incestuous. Realising how I really felt about George, it turned back into that same sibling-like compassion that it was before. It was then that I found an advantage behind Amy not coming, as I’m sure she would have read my facial expression in a second. She doesn't that the first clue about the moon phases of Saturn, but she understands my guilt completely...

Still, that didn’t divert my attention from the meeting at hand. Well, Hermione did make us vote on Harry being leader, officially. She does one cool thing, and then manages to ruin it all over again. And then she made us come up with a name. Again, I wasn’t too impressed as first. I just wanted to get straight into learning and staring at Harry in complete awe; while my boyfriend wasn’t looking, of course.

Anyway, the time wearies on as various ideas came to the table until finally ‘DA’ came up, to which Ginny said, “Yeah, the DA’s good. Only let’s make it stand for Dumbledore’s Army, because that’s the Ministry’s worst fear, isn’t it?” [- J.K Rowling, OTP, pg 347 (British Version)]

After general approval – and another stupid vote – we began learning the Disarming Charm, to which Harry said he actually used it agains You-Know-Who. He’s so quick on his feet…

Magda and I stood opposite each other. This didn’t go well at first.


“No!” I ducked as the spell hit the wall behind me. “Aim for my hand, not my head!”

Magda looked shyly at me. “I’m sorry! Let me try again.”

“Fine, but if you hurt me, I’ll kill you.”

Raising her wand up, she was about to chant, but I shouted, “The hand, Magda! The hand!

“Something wrong?”

Holy. Merlin. Harry is talking to us. Harry is actually friggen talking to us. Magda looked at me with a grand expression, and then said, “Well, I’m not sure about me, but I think Anne here was worried about her aim.”

What? It’s not my problem. Stupid little…


“Well, let’s see how you’re doing it.”

I took in a deep breath and raised my wand deliberately above Magda’s actual torso. He nodded and said, “Right, well you’re not actually just aiming for the person. You’re aiming for the wand. So… here.” Harry came behind me and took a hold of my wand arm.

“Are you OK?” he said quickly.

“What… No… I’m… swell.” Why not just kill me now?

“It’s just that your legs seem a little weak.”

“Oh, that. Yes, tripped a couple of weeks ago,” I lied, enjoying the fact that his hand was still on my arm. “So you were saying?”

“Yes, well you just have to lower to – if you could stand in position…?”

“Magda,” said Magda, grinning like crazy.

“Yeah, well if you stand there. So her wand must always be in your eye line. Can you tell the difference?”

“Yes, I can now. Now that I know to aim for the hand,” I paused to glower at Magda, "it seems much easier now."

“Good, I’ll come back to see how you’re doing.” He walked on, and I immediately jumped to hug Magda. We were both dancing around the place, squealing. Well, quietly squealing - he was in the room.

“You see. You can get his attention.”

“That was only because of you.”

“You see how good my help is, now?”

Thinking back to the shove, I said, “No, no I do not.” Then looking over to the twins, I added, “Besides, I’m not exactly single. And when I am, I –”

Harry stopped us at this point, and I was a bit relieved, as I almost said too much. Sadly, Magda didn’t forget about it. As soon as we began to walk away, she linked arms with me and hurried me to the corridors. “You what? Have someone else in mind?”


There was a pause and then Magda breathed out, “Oliver.”

My eyes widened. “No, of course not. I mean –”

“So the letter really was for him?”

I looked around the room and murmured, “Maybe…”

Magda had a goofy expression on her face. “Brilliant.”

“Funny, I thought you were rather mad at me, before, about that.”

“Yes… well… that wasn’t Oliver, necessarily. I’ve gotten over that. You two seem to fit together nicely. Well, apart from with Harry, that is.” She then slyly winked at me.

Laughing, I replied, “It’s good to know that you’re finally seeing it my way.”

“Well, it could be worse.” You could tell that she was biting her lip, grinning now. “It could be Davies.”

“Oh, will there be no dignity? I thought we weren’t mentioning him?”

“We weren’t,” said Magda. “But come on, you can’t deny that it was amusing. I mean, he was hooked on you.”

“Yes. Was it my charm? My good looks? Or maybe it was the fact that Cedric somehow convinced him to even talk to me? It always will remain a mystery.”

Magda patted me on the back. “He liked you towards the end.”

Was that really the point? Besides, I didn’t really want to talk about Roger. In fact, the whole of mankind – I stress the man part – was really pissing me off a lot now. Honestly, it's scary what a penis can do to a human being.

We came into the common room, but I was soon dragged out by Amy, who hissed to Magda, “Hold her back.”

“Hold who back?”

But it was clear who, because Bella then came storming out of the dorm, puffy faced and angry as anything I had ever saw. I didn’t get to see much more, since Amy was running with me as far away as we could get.

“What’s going on?”

“I told her. I told her about how it was me, so you were fine for a moment, but –”

Oh this I did not like. “But?”

Without any hesitation in her voice, she said, “You kissed Seamus?”

That was it. My life was over. I was going to die a very painful death. Someone just throw me into the lake now. It was the least that I deserved. Wait, no I didn’t. “He kissed me! I stopped it the moment it happened!”

“Well I don’t know, I wasn’t there when she talked to Seamus.”

“She talked to him about it?”

“Yeah. After our talk, she went off. She couldn’t even bear to look at me, Anne. I just don’t get it. What the hell’s been wrong with her recently? Anyway, they had a chat. Well, he thought she was talking about you, and it came out in the open.”

“So she hates me?”

“I don’t think – surely she –” Amy let out a deep sigh. “I don’t know.”

So that was it. I had just lost my friend Bella over a guy. Men are the most stupid creatures on the planet. Did they all agree that they were going to be complete morons at some point in history? Or was this something that had been going on since the beginning of time. I’m just unsure as to why the world is over-populated. What is it about men that is so addictive; so much so, that they feel that they can do whatever the hell they want?

“Well, well.”

You’re kidding. Filtch? I’m facing Filtch, here? What sort of twisted joke is this? Why is this happening to me?

We were told to walk behind him on our way to Toad Face’s office, where we would get our detention slips. We had broken quite a few rules apparently by coming out here at such a late time. On top of that, Amy was walking with her head hung down, as she had never gotten around to actually organising that detention that was supposed to have happened at the right beginning of the year.

Her office was probably the sickliest thing on the planet. I didn’t even listen to her lecture, as I was staring at the kittens. I like cats, don’t get me wrong, but I strong believe a collection that large is just plain wrong. Besides which, there was nothing in their eyes. Beneath their kind exterior, there was a killer waiting to pounce.

She handed me the small pink slip, and told us that this Saturday, we were immediately to report here. Oh, what fun.

This isn’t even my fault. Amy’s the one who dragged me out, because Bella was overreacting over Seamus kissing me, which was only allowed because we were both in sticky situations, mine being that I don’t know whether I can be with George, because I’m busy harbouring feelings for Oliver Wood.

So this is all Oliver’s fault! He should be in detention, not me. Damn you, Oliver, you have done it again! I bet he and his Quidditch buddies are just cracking up over a glass of Firewhisky, contemplating just how much of my life he has managed to screw up. He’ll be hearing from me about this.

I only knew the meeting was over when Amy yanked on my arm and walked me out. “What a cow.”

“I know.” I looked down on my bright pink slip of paper. “Looks like I’ve been invited to a child’s birthday party.”

“Could be worse. If we didn’t leave, Bella would have killed us by now.”

“True. Now we’re going to get attacked by Bella and go to this detention. I understand your optimism,” I replied dryly.

Unless Harry jumps out of a cake or something within the next minute, I’m going to be pretty damn angry.