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I'll Be Seeing You by DeathCabForCutie

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 89,638

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lily, Draco, Scorpius, Albus, Lily (II), Hugo, Rose
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 04/05/2009
Last Chapter: 08/03/2012
Last Updated: 08/03/2012

I was supposed to be just like my mother.


I stayed out of trouble, hit the books and did what i was told to. Then ...I snapped. Scorpuis kissed me, I dumped my boyfriend and starting... living. I felt guilty until I found Lily Evans diary. Turns out I'm not the only one who fell for their sworn enemy.

Chapter 7: I've Got You Under My Skin


Where the hell was he? I tapped my foot on the floor impatiently as I starred at my watch. I chewed the inside of my lip as I looked at the bored twenty two students in front of me. Malfoy had left four and a half hours ago to see his friends. He hadn’t so much as sent me an owl affirming he’d be back for this. After waiting for ten minutes I’d had enough. If he didn’t want to be here I sure as hell wasn’t going to wait for him.



“Well,” I announced bitterly, “I guess I’ll start the meeting since our Headboy can’t be bothered to join us…” I cleared my throat awkward at the silence, “Okay most of you know the drill. Those of you who don’t I’ll fill you in. This job is simple. We patrol every night through the halls. You see something you report it. You’ll be working with a different person every shift so if you have a problem with your partner get over it.”  My eyes cemented into them.  “We all have to deal with tough situations we should be able to handle something as small as a two hour shift. If it’s really unbearable see me.”  I took a breath. “Now shifts will be assigned at random times and you will get your schedule a week in advance so if you have to miss a shift let me know in advance. If it comes within two days of the shift you better find someone to cover it.” I sat down in my empty seat. “Now obviously there are exceptions and circumstances beyond our control but please don’t give me half ass excuses. Quidditch training is not an excuse to continually miss shifts. I’ve worked through them with a four am training,” I gave Albus a dirty look. “I’ll be understanding and give you guys some slack but I can’t speak for Malfoy-”

“Wouldn’t want you to do that,” A sly voice muttered as the compartment door opened and he stood next to me.

“Nice of you to join us.”

He flipped the chair around and straddled it. “Don’t mention it.”

“Would you like to say anything?”

“I’m sure you have it covered Weasley.”

I rolled my eyes, “Okay well don’t forget you have to show the first years to their dorms and we will have a meeting on Wednesday to set up schedules. You are free to leave.”



I heard the sound of chairs scrapping as they all filed out. I wanted till they were gone and whispered a spell. All the chairs disappeared and the silence that remained had me unnerved. I didn’t care that he went to see his friends but could he at least pretend he gave a shit about being headboy? Anger built up in me. Was he expecting me to take the reins for the rest of the year? Do all the work and let him get half the credit. Like hell. Moving away from him I opened my luggage to find a word search to do. I don’t know why but doing a word search always seems to just soothe me. Like doing a tedious thing like search for words takes my mind of things. Like Scorpius Malfoy standing three feet away from me… Instead of finding a word search however I found something more stressful than Malfoy. I found a half dozen ministry applications with my name and information already filled out. It wasn’t in my handwriting. A flush of rage surged through me as my mother’s face flashed up in my mind. My eyes closed as I tried to calm myself down. It wasn’t working. It wasn’t bad enough she’d dragged me to a bunch of ministry events to introduce me to high ranking officials. It wasn’t bad enough that she pressured me into getting good grades to the point where she almost wouldn’t let me play Quidditch. It wasn’t bad enough she’d gotten the applications when I told her not to. Oh no. She filled out the applications for me and put an arrow to where I was to sign. I glanced up to find Scorpius gone. I didn’t want him to see me all worked up but I also intended on shouting at him. I guess it was a draw.


I let out a long breath, stuffed the paper back into my luggage and looked out the window. The grassy fields past by quickly as the train sped down the tracks quickly. I would be home soon. Kicking my luggage under my seat, I grabbed my uniform and went to search for Zooey. Even if –hold disgust- she was with Bethany it was better than seething by myself. Thankfully this time she was with Livi, Leighton and Annabella, my roommates. I walked in and sat next to Zooey.



Annabella Fisher smiled shyly at me before going back to her text book. Her long sleek black hair was off to the side; her green eyes focused on her reading material as the light gave away to the little cheeks on her face. I wasn’t surprised that she curled her tiny little body into the corner while Livi sat on her other side. Livi Jones was a fierce creature. Oh sure she looked nice with her silky long curly blonde hair, thin frame and sparkling blue eyes but that was her disguise. Like now, her eyes are narrowed and she’s leaning forward as she decides where to move her next pawn. Then she whispered the command to her player, who then proceed to go cut the head off Zooey’s pawn creating a fresh grin on Livi’s face. Zooey Perry glowered, her black waves were tied back messily as her wide bright grey eyes squinted at her defeat. I looked over to see Leighton laughing at the pair. Leighton Porto had a button nose, big black eyes, button nose, natural wisps of blonde hair and fox like face with a size two physique. These were the girls I lived with for seven years and yet I hardly knew them at all.



“You …asshole!” Zooey spluttered angrily.

Livi smirked arrogantly and put arms behind her head. “It’s called skill sweetheart.”

“Whatever…You giant…” She muttered bitterly crossing her arms.

“Well I see in my absence you two are getting along,” I muttered sarcastically.

Leighton grinned at me, “Almost as vicious as bludgers.”

“Without the glorious after effects,” I replied with a grin of my own.

“Oy where’s your badge?” Livi questioned me, “Aren’t you supposed to be wearing shiny badge or something…?”

I whispered wearingly, “On my mother’s mantle…”

“Nice place for it.” Leighton nodded approvingly.

“Yeah…How long did that game go on?”

“Hours,” Annabella scoffed from her little corner.

Zooey rolled her eyes. “Oh I’m sorry we’ve bored you Queen Annabella!”

“How close are we?” Livi wondered aloud.

“I think about an hour away.” I answered offhandedly.

Annabella closed her book and reached for her uniform. “We should get changed.”

“You’re right,” Leighton sighed, “The lines will get monstrous.”

As we left Livi put her arm around me excitedly. “So…Give any detentions yet?”

I smiled at her. “No. Sadly enough I don’t plan on abusing my power.”

“Debbie downer you are.”

“I know,” I laughed lightly before stopping, “I’ll be back. My uniform is in my compartment.”

Livi snorted, “More like your suite.”



I shook my head and shut their door. Livi is …crazy. I passed by a few people on the back to my compartment. Few gave me happy glances. I wasn’t widely liked especially with Bethany on the loose. Smiling to myself I moved to my door when I saw Scorpius for some reason I paused. Like something about him being a few yards away compelled me to wait. For what I didn’t know until Norah Nott came into view. She threw him against the wall and forced her lips on him. He didn’t seem to mind though. He didn’t pull her off or do anything to stop her. I inhaled sharply before opening the door and slamming it shut. I could hear the door rattle from the force I used. I didn’t care. I just changed and sat there. Just breathing.


About an hour later the train stopped. I grabbed my things got off and got into the first carriage I could find. A bunch of second years asked if they could sit in my carriage. I shrugged. If I hadn’t grown up with a large family I might have been annoyed with them. The endless screaming and bickering in their pre-pubescence voices would have been impossible had I not built up immunity. When I got to school I dropped my stuff at the first staircase and went into the great hall. Nothing had changed. Everyone was filling in and I made sure to make sure to get a seat next to Hugo. I wouldn’t be bothered there. Hugo didn’t even notice I sat next to him and no one else said anything to me. I was thankful. The red blush on my cheeks was beginning to fade as I mentally rationalized my anger. I wasn’t jealous…I wasn’t. I was too distracted to see Zach slide into the seat next to me. He nudged my elbow with his lightly. I turned sharply, my gaze softened when I saw him.



“Hey Seeker.” He laughed. “What’s with the ice?”

“Nothing....I'm fine.” I told him trying to not sound so cold.

“Oh-kay…You excited?”

I raised my eyebrows, “Fooor?”

“Practice.” He replied, “We start tomorrow night.”

“Seriously?” I groaned, “He’s going to make us do sprints all night…”

Zach half shrugged, “It should be too bad.”

“Have you met my cousin?” I scoffed rhetorically.

“He’s not that bad.”

I frowned, “He’s is with Quidditch…I like being able to feel my legs…”

“Look I’ll tell you what if it gets bad I’ll carry you back.”

“I might take you up on that.” I breathed miserably.



Zach smiled one last stunning smile before starting a conversation with the guy next to him. I spaced out for awhile and before I knew it dinner was over. Albus came over to me with an odd look.



“What?” I asked him numbly.

“He called your name and you just sat there…I think Zach even told you to stand up and you just…sat there.”

I blushed embarrassedly. The whole school was staring at me expecting me to stand up and like an idiot I just sat here with a glazed expression on my face. Great. “Oh.”

“He told you to stay after.”


He shook his head and walked away.



I glanced over at the Slythern table. Scorpius was still in his seat and he was looking everywhere but at me. I got up and forced myself to walk over to him.



“What do you think he’s going to say?”

“He’s going to give us the password.” He replied tonelessly.

I glared at him, “Password for what?”

Scorpius shifted his gaze up as he looked up at me condesendingly. “For our dorm.”



I forgot…How could I be so stupid? Headboy and girl share a common room. Meaning I would be a room away from …him. A cold chill of anger filled me.




He scowled. “You know…I’m not waiting. I’ll figure out the password.” Then he got up…and walked away without so much as another word!

“What about duty tonight?”

“You can handle it.”


Two hours later I sighed as I wandered down the empty hallway by myself with my wand at the ready. Midnight duty was a pain but I didn’t have to go first hour so it didn’t really bother me in the long run. The silence was actually soothing to my current state. I turned the corner and scratched the edge of my hairline. I don’t sleep in the Gryffindor dorm. Oh no. I now have to sleep in my own room with a dorm shared with none other than Malfoy. Now twenty four hours ago I would have had so many different emotions. Now I just felt one: Anger.  Pure fury really.


I really should have ignored it. I should have let it go. I don’t know why but it just…really got under my skin. It wasn’t the fact that he was kissing someone else. That I think I could have let go, we said no commitments but the fact, that those lips that were on her perfectly plump ones, had been sucking on my shoulder only hours before. Then he ignores me and puts all our responsibilities on me. Where the hell does he get off? Like I’m some doormat that he could use and throw away when he was done with? I needed a guy to have a good heated snog with. A guy that wouldn’t use me however he pleased. A guy that wouldn’t go snog every other girl in the school! Hell I wanted a guy that wouldn’t get me diseases! Which considering where Norah Nott’s mouth had rumored to be…



Inhaling sharply I scowled. I just couldn’t believe myself. I was judging Norah Nott when I hadn’t been much better. How could I have had sex with Malfoy? I don’t know where a boy like that has been! Sure I’d gone to the healer and gotten checked up but that wasn’t the point –alittle drastic I know-! Didn’t I think about how I would have to see him every day and see his insufferable smirk as he stares at me arrogantly? The answer was no, I didn’t bother. I thought I’d live for once and fuck the consequences, forcing me to regret that decision for the past few hours.



During dinner and the way over I was zoned out in rage. My mind was racing and did anyone notice? Albus was too busy staring at his stupid Quidditch playbook -that I knew he’d start sleeping with once we got to school, Lily was giggling with her little friends and Zooey was off on her own little world. I mean the whole point was for no one to notice but it still bugged me that no one did until my name was announced. I couldn’t exactly talk to someone about this but I would have liked some acknowledgement…Though I couldn’t whole-heartedly blame Zooey. I saw her eyeing Zach. Zach’s new found body was more intriguing than my obvious but silent rage. I mean some people go on vacation to relax, relieve some stress…Apparently Gryffindor’s golden boy Seeker spent it working out and oozing hormones…




“I didn’t mean it sweetie.” An annoyingly familiar high pitched girl screeched breaking my wonderful daydream.



I rolled my eyes and groaned. Of all the people I had to walk in on …



“You snogged Malfoy right in front of me!” Thatcher Haught whispered threateningly.

I was about to go tell them off when Norah shouted back, “To get a rise out of you!...Relax okay he's not into me or anything. I asked him. He said he did it to get this girl jealous! So calm down!”

I froze. She wasn’t referring to me was she? I shook my head. No she couldn’t have been.

“That’s ridiculous!” Haught snorted darkly, “Why would he need you to make a girl jealous?”

I heard her shrug flippantly, “Apparently she was nearby.”



That tool! I thought he couldn’t see me! I wanted to run to our common room and slapping him. But I didn’t. He wanted to get a rise out of me. He wanted me to be mad so he could end this and blame me. No! Malfoy wanted me to end this! Of course! The hot and cold demeanor, the other girl. He wanted me to stop this so he wouldn’t have to deal with me getting attached. Smirking I allowed the pair to continue fighting and moved on ahead. If he thought he would get away with this he was soooo wrong. I ended my headgirl duties early to get back to my new dorm. I highly doubted anyone would notice or care. Our common room was quiet when I entered. I didn’t know how he would get the password without talking to the headmaster but I knew he’d find a way. The room was as nice as my old common room except with grey and black paint on the walls instead of gold and crimson. I went up the right staircase but halted instinctively.



“Going to bed?” He murmured leaning his tall figure against the banister

I kept my cool as I turned around. “Yeah.”

“You patrolled already?”


His lips curved, “You angry at me?”

I could have sworn I saw his eyes sparkle. “No,” I lied before coolly continued, “Why would I be? Did you take away points from Gryffindor for no reason already?”

“Not yet.” He replied evenly but I could hear the humor in his voice

“Then no.”

I turned, careful to not show any visible distress and continued up the stairs. “Night Malfoy.”

“Night Weasley.”

“Oh and tomorrow. It’s your turn.” I told him before opening my door and going into my room confidentally feeling the pulse of revenge in my veins.

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