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Slytherins Stick Together by baletgir

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,712

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains profanity

Genres: Fluff, General, Humor
Characters: Albus, Rose, Scorpius

First Published: 11/20/2009
Last Chapter: 07/20/2010
Last Updated: 07/20/2010


Us Slytherins, we stick together. Well I, Albus Potter, think we should, but the rest of my house, especially Scorpius, believes differently.

*The 'First Time We Met' Challenge*
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Sequel Slytherin Support now posted!

Chapter 1: So What if I Like the Cannons?

Slytherins Stick Together: So What if I Like the Cannons?

Sighing at the distant sight of the enormous doors to the Great Hall, my relief vanishes as soon as I realize the multitude of students here at Hogwarts. Do I really have to navigate halls with this many people for the next seven years? After deciding that my increasing hunger is all that matters at the moment, I make my way toward the ever growing smell of breakfast.

I swear, it was as if I was watching in slow motion. I saw Rose carefully extend her foot into the blonde boy’s path, while continuously chatting with her friends. Even in the seemingly slow time I can’t process what is going on. It just doesn’t click, that is until I heard the crash and saw the books fly in all directions. I duck anticipating the flying books and papers about to come my way. Without thinking or processing anything that has happened, especially the fact that it was my cousin who caused this scene, I rush over to see what happened.

“You okay?” I direct toward the blonde boy while picking up his Potions and Transfiguration books. In the back of my mind it’s nagging at me that I should know his name, but it’s only the first day, and everyone who isn’t related to me I forget in a heartbeat.

“’M fine.” The blond replies, forcefully grabbing the books from me. I guess he hasn’t had breakfast either.

Turing to my lovely cousin I complain, “Why do you have to be such a pain, Rose?” And now she is shooting daggers at me, oh well.

“A pain? You heard what my dad told me, waiting for the express. Not to get too friendly with this.” She cast a disgusted look toward the boy, who was now standing up. “In other words that means ‘Your mother is listening, but don’t talk to him or be remotely nice.’”

Finally I make the connection between Rose’s scathing look and her actions. It’s that Malfoy kid. He’s in my house too. I guess I should have recognized him earlier, but my hunger was very distracting; Mum always says I get that from Uncle Ron. I had seen him around a few times before with Dad, at the Ministry or in Diagon Alley, but we had never said a single word to one another while our fathers exchanged their strained conversations. “I guess if you want to trip him be my guest, just don’t get mad at me for helping him. Us Slytherins stick together.”

“Yeah right we do, at least not with you. And just so you know I don’t need any help, definitely not from a Weasley.”

“My last name is Potter,” is all I can come up with. Great come back, Al.

“And that is so much better to me. You know, now I can’t wait to be your friend!” I can feel the sarcasm dripping from his voice. I know my face must be bright red right now in front of practically the entire school. Great, my first day and Rose already got us in a fight. Mum would love this. I will kill James if he tells her. He is enjoying this way too much, just standing on the other side of the room with that smirk on his face. Maybe he should be the one in Slytherin and friends with what’s-his-face Malfoy. Their smirks would match perfectly.

With a final glare in my direction, Malfoy stalks off on his own toward the Great Hall. I only follow him, at a great distance, because of my now growling stomach. Though once I turn into the Great Hall and see the unwelcoming Slytherin house table I hate food, hate it more than anything. There is no way I am sitting there with those arrogant pricks while I eat.

I am about to turn around when I see a few empty seats toward the front of the table. I grudgingly make my way there and when sitting I make sure to distance myself as far as possible from anyone else. It is going to be a long year.


I wake up to a cold breeze in the middle of the night. The other first years stole my blankets, though that isn’t what woke me up. The thought of my parents receiving my letter about my sorting and now waiting for an answer is killing me. I can’t sleep, their disappointed faces are all I can see when I close my eyes. Even though they told me it didn’t matter, I know it does. All the while we were growing up Dad, and Mum, would mention how much they loved Hogwarts I could always tell they were proud of being Gryffindors. I know they will blame themselves though, for the way they raised me or something. I didn’t care that much at first, but I can’t help and be scared with the looks James keeps giving me. He is embarrassed to be related to a Slytherin. And honestly, I don't think I blame him.

Knowing I won’t get back to sleep I drag myself out of bed and head down to the common room. I am finally able to admire it. The only thing I have had admired so far are the green curtains upstairs that I pull tight around my bed every evening. The last two nights I have hurried straight to my dormitory after dinner only to hide in my four-poster to escape the stares and taunts. Believe me, looking at those curtains is only interesting for so long.

I walk around, away from the fire as it is sweltering since I have sweats on because of my sleeping predicament. I begin to take a seat when I hear a noise and whip my head around. Off in the corner is a blonde head, the very same blonde head that was tripped by Rose this morning. Of course I left my wand back up in the dormitory. I think of turning around and quietly sneaking back upstairs hoping he hasn’t seen or heard me.

I have no such luck, “What are you doing sneaking around?” He asks while pointing his wand at me.

“I wasn’t. I doubt you care, but I couldn’t sleep. And what about you? Are you planning what to do to me next? Let’s see, embarrass me in front of entire school, check! Make me freeze my butt off all night, check!” I’m really starting to get mad right now, but he has a wand and I don’t, so I move a few steps back.

“That’s nothing, and do you really think I couldn’t be more original then stealing your sheets? I’m a Malfoy, as in more intelligent than those who play some stupid prank on the Potter boy.” He talks down to me like I’m an idiot to suspect him, of all people.

“You never answered my question, what are you doing up?”

“Couldn’t sleep either,” Scorpius (I finally remembered his name today) mumbles and I barely catch it.

“Life too perfect? Can’t stand your sickenly sweet dreams?” He is in the house his parents would have expected and wanted him to be in. I’m sure he has everything he wants, not that we have any money problems, but Dad won’t just give us everything. I bet his house and family haven’t turned on him either.

“Me? You’re the Golden Boy’s son! I am sure your dreams aren’t so bad. You’re in Slytherin, big deal. I’m sure Harry Potter, the poster child for unity, doesn’t care much.”

“Yeah, I wish,” I mutter to myself, but I don’t think Scorpius hears me.

“Oh, but you know what, you aren’t going to make the Quidditch team after the way you flew in class today.” He smirks at me and snickers, “That could upset Mummy, the famous Quidditch star.” He gives me a mockingly sad look. “You flew like… like a member of the Cannons!”

“Hey, I like them, and they aren’t even in last this year!” I feel slightly offended, though being compared to a professional Quidditch team should be a compliment. Of course Malfoy could find a way to make it into an insult. We stand for a second in awkward silence, I don’t know how to respond to that.

Scorpius breaks the silence, and surprisingly the tension, “You know what, I like them too. Dad and I fight all the time about the Chudley Cannons versus the Wimbourne Wasps.”

“You what? Then why did you just insult them?” I’m really confused.

“Because everyone else does, and I couldn’t think of anything better for an insult. I couldn’t just let a Potter win!”

I laugh. “Couldn’t let a Potter win? That last comment doesn’t count meaning we’re tied.” I return his smirk. “I hate how everyone looks down on them all the time. They have improved a ton in the past few years.” I step back from Scorpius, having not realized how far I advanced from my safe distance during our argument, and take a seat on one of the big, green armchairs.

“I know, everyone just thinks they are awful since they don’t really have a chance at the Cup, but that’s not all that matters,” Scorpius says and takes a seat in a neighboring armchair. His mean demeanor fading away as he finally lowers his wand.

Author's Note: I can not believe this is my third one-shot since august! I never planned to write a fan fiction, and I swore my first was also my last. But that was so much fun, let me know what you thought... good, bad, or ugly. Thanks to AngelEyez3954 for being a great Beta!
:) BaletGir

July 13, 2010: I am working on a sequel to this and it should be out within the next month or so. It is currently called Slytherin Support, so keep a look out!