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Time For Miracles by Phoenix_Flames

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,775

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 11/03/2009
Last Chapter: 11/03/2009
Last Updated: 11/03/2009

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Harry has to know. It's a long-shot that he will even stop to listen to me, but he has to know. I won't let him walk into battle without knowing one thing.
I'm hoping for a miracle. Because I am not giving up on us.

A Missing Deathly Hallows Moment
Inspired by Time For Miracles by Adam Lambert

Chapter 1: Time For Miracles

Author's Note:
My newest one-shot. :) I hope everyone enjoys it.

I don't own the characters or the song. Just the plot.

Moment Inserted after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, page 607 US version


It's late at night and I can't sleep
Missing you just runs too deep
Oh I can't breathe thinking of your smile

It's been months since I've seen Harry, and I honestly can't say that I know when I will see him again. However much it pains me, I know this is true. He's off doing what he has to do to beat Voldemort for good.

I just wish it didn't require so much. I wish it could be a simple Avada Kedavra and that be the end of it, but nothing's that simple. Nothing ever is.

I guess I should know that and, therefore, not be wallowing in myself pity, but I really can't help it. I'm a tough girl. I don't let much bother me and I'm not a massive water-works park when something goes wrong. I can take care of myself; I have six brothers. I have also never felt so strongly about someone. When I was a little girl, I didn't dream about meeting Prince Charming like everyone else. No, I dreamt of slaying the dragons and being a Quidditch star like my brother's imagined. That's why, when I met the man I wish would be my Prince Charming, I found myself utterly stumped.

It's out of my character, really, to want something, someone, so strongly. But I do. There's just something compelling about Harry that makes me want him. It makes me want to take care of him, protect him, be with him, and love him. When I think about him and what he's doing, I want him to be okay. I want him to know that I'm with him in spirit. Merlin knows I would be by his side if it weren't for my blasted parents. And his stupid courage.

And because he cares about me.

Wow, that's nice. It's frustrating to not be out there in the midst of the fight, with the adrenaline pulsing through my veins, but it's nice to know that he does care about me so much. Enough that he wants to keep me away from it. How sweet. How frustrating!

I want him to see that he's just a stupid idiot. We have something, and I know it. I'm not the one to sit back and let it happen. It's so difficult to let him keep kissing me, then leaveme. Doesn't he know he's teasing me? Torturing me into so much pain? I can't forget him, not matter what I do.

I won't let him escape me. We have to much to hold on to. I'm not giving up on us.

Every kiss I can't forget
This aching heart ain't broken yet
Oh God I wish I could make you see
Cuz I know this flame isn't dying
So nothing can stop me from trying

When Hogwarts started crumbling beneath our feet one evening, I knew Harry would be coming.

The Carrows were flooding the halls more than ever, and Professor McGonagall, bless her heart, was trying to herd the Gryffindors into our tower for safety. My heart was pulsing quickly. Anyone who knew Harry personally and had the slightest background information on the past two years would know what tonight was bringing. It was the night all of the DA and the Order of the Phoenix had been anticipating, preparing for.

We were running about the halls on the main floor when Death Eaters began to flood in. Everyone was panicking, of course, but my mind was set on only one thing. Seeing my friends, seeing my brother. But most of all seeing Harry again. Thank God my brothers brought me along when they found out about the attack.

I ran into my parents first near the Room of Requirement, my brothers on my heels. My mother was scared, her expression frightened for us and everyone else. But anger absorbed her expression first. She was furious at me coming to the fight, but I wouldn't have her bickering tonight. Not now.

With my heart beating fast, my breath catching in my lungs, I only wanted to do one thing. I wanted to find Harry and tell him something that I couldn't hold onto any longer.

My mother began to yell. "Ginny! What are you doing here?"

"Fred and George brought me!" I said quickly, pointing to the twins and immediately placing the blame on them. They scoffed at me, but were equally angry at my mother for disapproving of my being here.

We were bickering for many long moments while my brothers defended me, and my mum demanded that I return home. She pulled on my arm as the students began to disperse around the Room of Requirement. I yanked it out of her grasp with a shout, "I won't!"

She continued to tell me about my safety, as if I wasn't aware of the dangers we faced tonight. I was furious with her. Why couldn't she see that I can make my own decisions? I don't give a damn what she thinks right now. I just had to find Harry.

Baby you know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
No I ain't giving up on us

But I was lucky enought that at that exact moment, he came flying into view. I was surprised at the sight of him. I was frozen to the spot. I knew I would see him, but I didn't expect it so abruptly, and I wished it was only the two of us in the corridor rather than surrounded by my family.

My mouth dropped at how different he appeared, how mature his face had become in a matter of months. His hair was past his shoulders and his cheeks were covered in stubble. He was awfully skinny, but he also had a new sset of muscles that I hadn't ever seen before. His jaw was set in the heat of the moment, and his determined green eyes flew to everyone around us coming to settle last on me.

He blinked a few times before pulling out of this thoughts. I set my lips in a straight line and did my best to convince myself that I should do what would make Harry the happiest.

I finally nodded my head to my mom as she and Bill now argued one last time. "Fine," I glanced to the tunnel to which we had traveled through. "I'll go."

I could noticeably see a great mount of worry fade from Harry's face. He was relieved. I glowered in his direction, however reminding myself that I was doing this for him. He flashed me a curious look, but with the situation at hand, he did not spare a moment to stop and make pleasant or not-so-pleasant conversation. He immediately asked where Ron and Hermione had run off to.

Having encountered them slightly previously, I knew they were off to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom for some reason or another. With the war growing into a blaze around us, my brothers ran off to fight, but Remus was with us now, and he, Harry, and my parents were briefly absorbed in the picture of his son Teddy that he was carrying. Once done, my mother turned to me and chastized me one last time before I was to be sent home.

I guess I would go. Sooner or later at least.

I just want to be with you
Cuz living is so hard to do
When all I know is trapped inside your eyes

I set off in the direction of the tunnel, and my parents, sure I would return home, stalked off in another direction. Their wands were ready, their expressions changed to those ready for battle. Harry said quickly, preparing to run in the direction of the bathroom. "Thanks, Gin."

Whipping around to face him, I spluttered quickly before I could even make up my mind. "Harry, wait!"

"What for, Ginny?" he questioned. He was antsy. That much I could tell. He had a battle at hand, and I was aware of it. He looked quickly in the direction he was determined to go and bit his lip, letting a small bounce escape him. "I'm kinda in a hurry."

"Harry, I just need to tell you something." My heart quaked at his expression. He didn't care about the words coming out of my mouth. Yes, he was on a tight schedule, but he could at least pretend that he gave a damn.

He bounced again. "Can it wait? I have things to do."

"I-I," I stuttered. I didn't know what to say. Sure, I'll wait to pour my heart out to you or Yes, run off and save the world! I couldn't do that. This could be the last time I see him alive, the last time I hear him speak. Watch him living right before my eyes...

I then shook my head quickly, the truth before me too great. I snatched his hand and tugged him into the tunnel, into the shadows and out of sight. Getting him into the tunnel was hard enough. When he realized I was pulling him briefly out of the fight, he struggled but not too much. I was still able to haul him into the tunnel and press him against the wall. He stumbled as I did so, and my forearms pressed against his chest. My hands clenched longingly at his matted t-shirt.

His hand fluttered on mine against him briefly, but he howled in frustration. "Ginny, I can't do this right now!"

"This will only take a moment, so shut up and let me say something!" I exclaimed. My heart was pulsing and I couldn't contain myself any longer.

I reached up to his face and touched his cheek. Harry's quickened breath slowed beneath my hand and he turned his cheek into me. Now having his attention, I was free to pour my heart out to him. "I know you have a battle to face, and I know the risks. I know that you might not come back alive, however much faith I have in you, but I have to face the reality here, Harry. I'm not going to let you run off to battle without you telling me on last thing."

The future I cannot forget
This aching heart ain't broken yet
Oh God I wish I could make you see
Cuz I know this flame isn't dying
So nothing can stop me from trying

"And what's that...?" he whispered weakly beneath me. His knees bent so his height lessened. He wasn't starting at me at such an angle. His eyes were right before mine, the green glistening beneath his glasses. During my speech, he had wrapped his arms around me. He had pulled me against him and into his lap. I didn't realize I was almost sitting in his lap. His hand stroked my back. I had him at my beck and call in this exact moment, and I would like to think that, for the moment, he forgot he was at war too.

My breathing quickened and so did his. He was holding me so close. I touched his lips with my finger. I murmured. "You have to know this. I can't let you die without knowing this. I can't let you die, period. We have something, Harry. We have so much, and you've been so stupid to ignore throughout this war." One of his hands were running through my hair. The other had pulled my leg up to his waist. By now he was making me lose my concentration, and I was worried he had too. I tossed my neck back, releasing his hand from my hair.

I said sharply, "Pay attention, Harry!"

"I am, Gin," he whispered, his eyes refocusing on me with such an intent gaze of...Wow, love.

"I can't deny how I feel for you, Harry, and I'm not going to let you run out there and fight Voldemort to the death without you knowing that I love you! I'm only sixteen, but Merlin, I love you. And I'm not letting you leave me in this moment without you telling me how you feel. Whether it be that you don't love me, or you do, or you never want to see me again, I have to know, Harry. I can't let you just walk away from me. It's what you've done to me since my fourth year. I'm hoping for a miracle here, Harry."

Baby you know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
No I ain't giving up on us

When he realized I was done, his hand went to my cheek and stroked it gently. My heart pulsed quickly, and I touched his, knowing it was doing the same. The look in his eyes, the heat of his breath, and the way he held me was too much to deny. He felt the same way too. Knowing this, I wouldn't let him leave me without him confessing it to me.

I didn't have to fight him any more. He gathered me completely into his arms, until my feet weren't touching the ground. Maybe I had imagined him lifting me off the ground, maybe it was my happiness that made me feel so weightless, but he kissed me.

He kissed me then and there in that moment with more passion than he ever had. He was seeking everywhere within me. His hands knotted in my hair as he held me completely off of the ground. His tongue collided with mine and I shivered joyously.

He was so perfect. He was so perfect for me, and thank Merlin he knew it.

When our kissing ceased, he set me down and held me lovingly. Like I was his crowning jewel. He sighed into my neck in this dark tunnel. "Ginny, I love you too. Of course, I love you. And I must go. You know that, but now you know that I love you too. I never intended to leave you completely. I couldn't do that. I only meant to come back to you after the war, if I made it and you would let me. Now the war is almost over, and you should know how I feel about you. Will you take me back after tonight?"

Baby can you feel it comin'...
You know I can hear it
So can you feel it feel it....

You know it's time....

"Harry, yes. I can't lose you."

"Thank you, Ginny," Harry said quickly. He kissed me once more, his lips lingering on mine. I winced under his touch. I had faith in him. I did, but what if this was our last kiss. He squeezed me tightly and said into my hair. "Gin, I have to go now. I have to do this."

"I know," I nodded. He pulled away from me and gave me a feeble smile. Such an amazing man. Walking to his final stand, and he held his chin high. I whispered. "Be strong."

"I am."

Then he kissed me again and we both lost ourselves together. It lasted minutes, it could have lasted days. But it didn't matter to me how long it lasted. He did kiss me like he loved me, and he did hold me as if he could lose me any second. Then he stopped, one tear in his eye, and he passed me a gentle smile before kissing my forehead.

Then he stepped out of my arms and turned his back on me. With more pride and strength than I could ever know, he rounded the corner and was gone from my vision.

Weakened and worried, I leaned against the damp wall of the tunnel and clenched my arms to my body. I squeezed my eyes shut and envisioned Harry as he was just moments ago, and then I wondered if I would ever see him again.

Baby you know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love

You know I ain't giving up on us
You know I ain't giving up on
Oh I ain't giving up on us