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Music to My Ears by thesarcasticflirt

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 18,353

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC

First Published: 01/05/2009
Last Chapter: 09/27/2009
Last Updated: 09/27/2009

Who likes to sing? As of now, most of Hogwarts does but not many of them can. You see, some type of spell was placed on Hogwarts at the begining of the Marauders' last year. Everything they wish to say is instead sung. It was amusing at first but it has got to go now. However, Miss Grayson is taking silence and fear of all eyes on her to a whole new level as she tries to dodge two Marauders, a mind-reading headmaster, singing and love. For her sake, I personally hope the smitten Marauder can find the girl whose voice swept him away. She's right in front of him.

Chapter 7: Epilogue

Author's Note: Cheesy little ending. . . . Enjoy!!
P.S. Ignore some of the grammer/spelling mistakes; I was too ready to post it and end this story and start another.


  “My little bird! Aren’t you coming?!” Elinor sang up the stairs. I brushed through my hair one more time. I sat the brush down and ran down the stairs. 

  “Of course,” I sang, smiling. She grinned at me and we left her house. I climbed in the passenger seat of Elinor’s black car. After getting in, she cranked it, driving out to the street. She turned up the radio and we sang along, laughing. 

  When we finally got to the house, it wasn’t extremely big or fancy. It was a simple two-story house with a porch; simple and elegant. Elinor rang the doorbell. A woman Elinor’s age with black hair and bright blue eyes opened the door. She smiled at Elinor. 

  “Elinor! It’s good to see you again,” the woman who I assumed as Mrs. Potter said. “Come in, come in! How are you?” 

  We stepped inside. Mrs. Potter smiled warmly at me. 

  “I’m fine, my dear,” Elinor answered. “I’m sure you’ve been told that we’re here to rescue you from one boy.” 

  She walked down the hall. We followed as she laughed. “Yes, he hasn’t stopped talking about it—or rather, her,” she replied. She had looked at me with a smirk on her last word. I blushed darkly and adverted my eyes. She stopped at the bottom of a staircase. 

  “Boys! You have some company!” she called. We heard some stomping then a loud crash and some swearing. I laughed silently. Mrs. Potter rolled her eyes. 

  “They’ll be down in a second, dear,” she said to me. She looked at my aunt. “You remember . . .” 

  I blocked them out as they walked away. I waited. I heard some more pushing and shoving along with much swearing. 

  “Boys! There’s a lady present downstairs! Watch your language,” warned a man appearing at the top of the stairs. He shook his head and walked down. He smiled at me. He looked just like James except for a few different features of course. 

  “I’m sorry about them; they’re teenage boys,” he apologized. I chuckled. “I’m Jacob Potter, by the way. So you’re the girl he’s been talking about.” 

  I blushed and looked down. He laughed loudly. 

  “They’ll be down in a second,” he told me before walking off. I looked back up the stairs, waiting. 

  “Like hell you get to see her first, James!” I heard Remus shout followed by a loud bam!. I smiled as I heard more fights and more swearing. Mrs. Potter stomped over. Elinor laughed from the kitchen. 

  “Boys! This poor girl is waiting patiently for some company—sadly—from you three! Get your butts down here and stop that damn swearing!” she yelled. I laughed. She flashed me a smile before stomping back off. I heard some quiet voices then another crash. 

  “Dammit!” James swore loudly. I laughed again. Remus appeared at the top. He smiled at me then ran down the stairs quickly and quietly. He hugged me and I returned it. 

  “What’s going on?” I asked softly. He grinned. 

  “Ever since we saw you get out of the car we’ve been fighting to get to you first,” he explained. 

  “I didn’t know I was that popular,” I muttered. He smiled. 

  “With us, you are.” 

  “Damn you, Sirius!” James yelled. There was yet another crash as Remus and I laughed. 

  “Oh, let them go. They’re boys fighting over who gets to see a pretty girl first,” Mr. Potter said, following his wife into the hall. I blushed at his compliment. 

  “Yes, and they’re swearing in front of that pretty girl,” she replied. She stomped up the stairs. When she was about halfway up, I saw the first door on the right open and the two boys sprinted down the hallway. 

  Elinor, Mr. Potter, Remus, and I all laughed as Mrs. Potter chased them. 

  “Quick, go hide in James’s room,” Mr. Potter whispered, pushing us. “They’ll come running downstairs coming from the kitchen to hide behind you.” 

  Remus grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs. He opened the door which had somehow managed to close. 

  “James placed a charm on it to automatically close,” Remus explained. 

  James’ room was very teenage boyish; it was messy and out of place. Toys and magazines and clothes were piled on the floor. His walls had posters and pictures all over them. I stared at one; it was of all four of the Marauders standing together grinning when they were about fifteen. 

  “I shouldn’t be the one apologizing for the messiness of his room but I’m going to apologize anyway,” Remus said. I faced him and smiled. 

  “You don’t need to,” I replied. He smiled back. We sat on the bed. 

  “I’m so glad we aren’t forced to sing here,” Remus commented. I grinned. 

  “We won’t have to anymore,” I told him. 

  “What do you mean?” 

  “I found what spell was use, how it was used, and how to reverse it.” 

  “But Mum! She doesn’t mind!” James yelled. 

  “And just how do you know, young man?!” Mrs. Potter asked. 

  “She hangs out with Remus!” 

  “Remus doesn’t swear!” 

  James swore, realizing his mistake. 

  “Prongs! Prongs! Remus got to her first!” 

  “He did?!” 

  “Yes, he did! That bloody werewolf got to her first!” 

  “Stupid git,” Remus mumbled, glaring at the door, while I giggled. 

  “What? You didn’t tell them that I knew?” I questioned. 

  “No, it slipped my mind,” he answered. “But if he keeps blurting it to the whole world, I’m gonna have to kill him.” He stared at me. “How in the world do you put up with him?” 

  “You’ve known him longer, Remus. I should be asking you that.” 


  We listened as the two boys ran and Mrs. Potter followed angrily. I laughed at certain times, especially if one of them swore really loudly. Remus stood up not long after the sound had died down. 

  “They ran outside and you need to try some of Mrs. Potter’s cookies,” he informed me. He led the way out and down the stairs. In the kitchen, Elinor and Mr. Potter were eating cookies and talking. 

  “I thought you two were supposed to be hiding,” Mr. Potter said. 

  “The two idiots ran outside,” Remus answered. Mr. Potter snorted. 

  “Of course.” 

  I smiled and Remus handed me a cookie. I gently took a bite. Remus was right; I really did need to try these. I listened to their conversation while eating more cookies. Mrs. Potter stomped back in. 

  “They are such morons,” she stated. We laughed as she shook her head. She pulled off her jacket she was smart enough to grab. 

  “I know it’s wrong to say that about your kids but Merlin! First, they fight over getting to see a pretty girl when the first one who actually talked to her first was Remus. So shouldn’t he get first claims?” she asked rhetorically. Remus laughed. 

  “I was trying to give him hints,” he explained, absently rubbing the back of his head, “but right now I kind of wish I would have just watched him go insane.” He shot me a glare. 

  “I just wanted to be left alone, and we were in the library and you were talking about me and the only way to get you to shut up was to throw a book at the back of your head,” I replied quietly. They laughed. 

  “Well, that was the first thing. Then they start swearing with a lady present and their mother. Then when I try to punish them, they run and lie then run outside when it’s snowing. Not the brightest kids,” Mrs. Potter continued. 

  As she talked, I realized that though she was not his biological mother, she thought of him as her own. She had a kind heart. I smiled at her. We had somehow moved to the living room as we talked. Well, they did most of the talking. When a question was asked to me, I answered but that was it. I was too busy looking at the pictures. 

  “Thanks for locking us out, Mom,” James said sarcastically. I smiled and turned around. 

  “You’re welcome,” she replied. 

  The boys smiled at me but he was the first to get to me. Unsuspectingly, he placed his cold hands on my waist and lifted me in the air, spinning around. When he set me down, I swayed slightly. He laughed and kissed me, cupping my face with cold hands. My hands rested on his chest as I kissed him back. 

  It wasn’t fierce or passionate. It was soft and gentle and . . . loving. I kissed him back the same. He slowly pulled away. 

  “I missed you,” he whispered. 

  “I missed you, too,” I replied. 

  “Save the sappy stuff for later,” James said. He shoved his best friend to the side and quickly hugged me before he himself got pushed. I laughed and backed away. 

  Elinor stood up. “Boys, I will fight you to the death to get her,” she told them. “She’s mine.” 

  “Honey, are you sure you want him?” Mrs. Potter asked me with a sigh. I smiled and nodded. 

  “I’m sure.” 

  He stood up and ran to me. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed the top of my head then my hair. 

  “Ha! She wants me, Prongs, not you. You got Lily,” he said. James sighed happily and fell against the floor, grinning. 

  “Yeah, I do.” 

  The three adults started talking again and Remus teased James. He turned me around to face him. He pulled me closer to the front window. 

  “Sing for me,” he murmured. 

  “Why?” I whispered. 

  “Because I love your voice. Please sing.” 

  “What do you want me to sing?” 

  “Anything,” he answered. He smiled softly and quickly brushed his lips across mine.  “I love you.” 

  I smiled. “And I love you,” I sang. 

  “That’s music to my ears, my darling love,” Sirius laughed lightly. I kissed him. 

                                                                        The End.