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Harry Potter and the New Lord by rhysus2008

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 47,834
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bill, Goyle Jr., Draco, Pansy, George, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/25/2009
Last Chapter: 12/02/2012
Last Updated: 12/02/2012


Book One of The Death Formation Trilogy.

It's been one year since the death of Lord Voldemort, and everything seems normal. But when Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy are found dead, and Draco Malfoy is reported missing, is it really over? Is the Dark Lord really gone?

**Two years after the story went on hold, not only have I recovered the story, I have also written the whole story. I will upload the chapters as quickly as the website lets me**

Chapter 7: Time Spent In Good Wishes

Chapter Seven
Time Spent In Good Wishes

It had been four days since the Quidditch World Cup Groups were drawn. Harry was expecting Ron, Hermione and Ginny to come and visit him by three o’clock for the first game of the Quidditch World Cup. United Kingdom would be playing Ireland and the four of them would be listening on the Wizarding Wireless which Ron was going to bring over.

Harry had decided to make some sandwiches for the three visitors and also bought some Chocolate Frogs and Butterbeer for the occasion. The thought of Ron, Hermione and Ginny visiting for the next month every Saturday made Harry really happy. He couldn’t think of a better way to spend his Saturday afternoons. He had been giving alot of thought to other things though.

Just yesterday, he went to Diagon Alley to buy some things he felt he needed. He had also had a private conversation with Mr Weasley the day before about something very important. Harry had also decided that it would be nice if he, Ron, Ginny and Hermione went out later for a meal. The truth was, he wanted to spend some quality time with Ginny, but he didn’t mind bringing Ron and Hermione along for a date of their own.

At half past two, Ron, Ginny and Hermione arrived. There was a knock on the door and Harry answered to see the three there.

‘Hi!’ Harry called, ‘Come in.’

The four of them made their way into the living room. Ron sat down without a second glance at the room, but Hermione and Ginny stood in the doorway, apparently impressed by something.

‘What is it?’ Harry asked.

‘Well, it’s nice to see you’ve kept the place neat and tidy.’ Ginny said, winking at Harry.

‘Um... thanks.’ He said, grinning. ‘Take a seat, girls.’

They did so and Harry waved his wand, so that the seats moved closer to his coffee table, which was full with four glasses of Butterbeer, a plate of sandwiches and a plate of chocolate frogs.

‘Help yourself.’ Harry said, grabbing a frog for himself.

While Ron took a dive for the sandwiches, the girls took a frog each and opened them. Ginny smirked and held up her Famous Witches and Wizards Card.

‘Look who I’ve got.’ She said, throwing the card at Harry, who caught it with his Seeker-like reflexes. He looked down at the card to see a picture of himself and chuckled. He turned the card around.

Harry Potter
The Boy Who Lived
Harry Potter is a Wizard most famously known for his defeat of Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort in 1997 and being the first (and only) person to survive the Killing Curse twice, once in 1981 and again in 1997.

‘The novelty wears off when you have twenty cards of yourself.’ Harry chuckled, ‘What do you have, Hermione?’

Hermione looked over, ‘Ptolemy.’ She muttered, and Ron choked on his sandwich.

‘Ptolemy!’ He cried, taking a huge gulp of Butterbeer. ‘Claudius Ptolemy?’

‘That’s right.’ Hermione said, throwing over the card. Ron grabbed it and looked, his eyes shining bright. ‘Wow! I never managed to collect him!’

‘You stopped collecting ages ago.’ Ginny said.

‘I know, but him and Agrippa were two I never managed to get. Can I have it, Hermione?’ He asked her. Hermione shrugged.

‘Take it. I don’t collect them.’

The time was ten to three. Harry knew the match would be starting soon and so took this time to plan for after the match, ‘Do you three want to go out later?’

‘Where to?’ Ginny asked.

‘I dunno, I was thinking we could go for a meal or something. I mean, I was going to ask Ginny to go out, but then I thought, why don’t you two come out with us too?’

‘Like a double date?’ Ginny asked.

‘Uh...yeah, I guess.’ Harry answered. Ginny and Hermione looked at each other, grinned and turned back.

‘We’d love to!’ Ginny grinned.

‘Isn’t that a great idea, Ron?’ Hermione asked. Ron shot up, looking away from the card, looking bewildered. ‘Huh?’ He asked.

‘Harry was saying we should go out later for a meal. Me and him, You and Hermione.’ Ginny said.

‘Oh, uh – yeah, sounds good.’ Ron replied.

‘Ronald, it’s our first date.’ Hermione beamed.

‘Well, we’ve been going out for months... over a year.’ Ron argued.

‘Yes, but you’ve never taken me out on a date.’ Hermione shot back, ‘Oh! Me and Ginny have to get ready!’

‘Well the Quidditch is about to start!’ Ron groaned, ‘You had to suggest it, Harry!’

‘We’ll go after the game.’ Ginny snapped, ‘Now stop complaining Ron. Are you gonna turn the Wireless on?’

Ron took out the Wireless and turned it on, tapped it with his wand and said, ‘Quidditch World Cup, United Kingdom vs. Ireland.’

A few seconds of static, and then –

‘...are looking better than ever. Both teams have been training since the draw extra hard. This is a game of epic proportions. Ireland have the advantage in previous matches though, as out of the 87 times these two countries have played, Ireland have won 65 and United Kingdom have won only 20. There have also been two draws in their previous matches. But enough of my jabbering, we are about to start. Here’s Ludo Bagman with the commentary.’

‘Bagman?!’ Harry cried, ‘I thought he’d done a runner years ago!’

‘He did.’ Ron confirmed, ‘But he’s back now. After the fall of Voldemort, it seems he was forgiven for all his crimes. Good thing really, he’s a brilliant commentator.’

‘And the game is underway!’ The voice of Ludo Bagman shouted over through the Wireless, ‘Mullet and Moran, both chasers played in the last World Cup, pass to each other constantly moving towards the British goalposts. Moran takes it, and shoots but that’s a great save by Wood in goal.’

‘Wood?’ Harry repeated, ‘He doesn’t mean - ?’

‘Oliver, yes!’ Ron interrupted, ‘He got called up just before the World Cup – didn’t I tell you?’

‘No!’ Harry said, beaming.

‘Sorry.’ Ron replied, ‘But hey, you know now!’

‘Here’s Jones passing the Quaffle to Frank. Nice beating there, by McDuncan from Ireland. That nearly hit Frank, but he avoided it and passes the Quaffle to Trump. Trump proceeds and shoots – and the United Kingdom get the first points!’

‘Yeah!’ Ron shouted, throwing a fist into the air, and the rest of them cheered too, but Ludo Bagman was already back into the game.

‘...taken the Quaffle straight back, and Moran passes to Edwards to shoots and its 10-10!’ Ludo Bagman called.

‘C’mon, Wood!’ Ron shouted into the Wireless, ‘You’re bloody better than that!’

It was a continuous back and forth game for the next ten minutes. Eventually, the score was tied at 100 apiece when the first sign of the Snitch was announced.

‘Lynch has seen the Snitch! And he’s going for it!’ Cried Bagman, and Ron was groaning, ‘No! Where are you, Williams?’

‘Williams?’ Harry asked.

‘Our seeker.’ Ron replied hastily.

‘Williams has seen the Snitch too and is chasing after Lynch, both sporting Lightning Bolts.’

‘Lightning Bolts?’ Harry asked.

‘Honestly, Harry – how long have you been a wizard?’ Ginny asked, ‘Lightning Bolts are the upgrade from the Firebolt. They go from 0 to 250 in 11.2 seconds.’

‘That’s extremely fast!’ Hermione said, startled.

‘Well, yeah, of course!’ Ginny replied, ‘It’s much faster than the Firebolt and that is super fast as it is.’

‘How much are they?’ Harry asked, but Ginny shook her head.

‘You couldn’t afford one, Harry. Their over four hundred galleons each.’

Harry smiled, ‘I could afford it.’

But Ginny frowned, ‘You are not spending 400 galleons on a broomstick, when the one you have is fast enough.’

Harry was slightly taken aback, but smiled, ‘You’re the boss, I guess.’

‘Lynch is a fingertip away!’ Bagman was screaming, and the four of them leaned in toward the Wireless, ‘He’s got it, surely? NO – The Snitch has gone! It just shot back into the air!’
Everyone in Grimmauld Place let out a breath they’d been holding in for a few seconds. The game continued with no sign of the snitch and the score increased to 190-100 to United Kingdom.

‘We’re doing brilliantly!’ Ron cried, ‘Ninety points - ’

‘And Trump scores his sixth goal!’

‘One hundred points ahead!’ Ron exclaimed, ‘This is superb!’

‘Oh and look at this, Lynch has made a superb dive down to where he thinks he’s seen the Snitch.’ Bagman called.

‘Oh, no!’ Ron said quietly, almost in a whisper.

‘And Lynch dives off his broom! But he’s taken the Snitch! It’s over! 250-200 to Ireland!’

‘Damn!’ Ron cried, and immediately tapped his wand onto the Wireless, turning it off.

‘That’s not such a bad result.’ Ginny said, reasonably, ‘We scored 200 points, that’s a great start. Turn the Wireless back on, I wanna see how the other game went.’

Ron reluctantly found the station again to find that USA had beaten Canada 340-10; the game had ended about fifteen minutes ago.

‘So we’re third.’ Ron groaned, ‘And Bulgaria hasn’t played yet. This is terrible.’

‘Well we’re up against Canada next Saturday, and they got destroyed.’ Ginny said.

‘S’pose we can guarantee a win there, right?’ Ron said, more to himself that anyone else. He turned off the Wireless.

‘So, when are we going out?’ Hermione asked. Harry couldn’t help but laugh. He knew Hermione didn’t have the greatest interest in Quidditch and she had just sat through a whole game, one of which she couldn’t even see. She was also extremely excited about their dates.

‘You two go get ready, then.’ Harry said, ‘And meet us here when you want to leave.’

‘Don’t be too long.’ Ron said, ‘I want to leave before it gets dark.’

‘Oh, shut up, Ronald.’ Hermione smirked, ‘It’s only four o’clock, and we’ll be back within the hour. You two can decide where we are going.’

And with that, Hermione and Ginny left. As soon as the door closed, Ron turned to Harry scowling.

‘You bloody git.’ He scowled, ‘Why did you offer to take them out?’

‘I want to take Ginny out.’ Harry said, ‘I haven’t spent quality time with her in ages. Plus, I don’t know what you’re so worried about; it’s about time you took Hermione out somewhere.’

‘Harry, you know I’m not rich. I can’t afford fancy meals and drinks all night.’ Ron said.
‘Right.’ Harry said, dipping into his pocket and pulling out ten galleons. He grabbed Ron’s hand and put them in his hand.

‘No, Harry, I can’t accept - ’

‘Tough.’ Harry said, ‘They are yours. So stop complaining and don’t even try giving them back. Make sure you and Hermione get a bloody good meal out of it.’

Ron beamed, ‘So where are we taking them?’

Harry faltered, ‘Well, I was hoping for your help on that. I don’t really know any Wizarding Restaurants.’

Ron rolled his eyes, ‘Honestly, you make the invitation but don’t know where to go?’
Harry shrugged.

‘Alright, let’s see. We could go to Lobsters and Gobsters. It’s a restaurant near the Leaky Cauldron.’ Ron said.

‘Really? I’ve never seen it.’ Harry said.

‘That’s because only couples are allowed in. If you have no intention of going there with a partner, you won’t be able to see it. Amazing magic, but a pain in the arse, if you ask me.’ Ron said, ‘But we are going with partners, so we can see it.’

‘Alright, is it good in there?’ Harry said.

‘Well, it’s pretty good from what I’ve heard.’ Ron explained, ‘But see, I’ve never actually been in there, so I wouldn’t know.’

‘Alright, let’s go there then.’ Harry said, settling it.

‘By the way Harry, how come you have so much money on you?’ Ron asked.

‘I don’t.’ Harry said.

‘You do! You just gave me ten galleons!’ Ron said, bewildered.

‘Oh yeah. Well, I suppose it’s a lot of money to you... but I’ve always had that kind of money on me. To be honest, I don’t even know if it’s worth more than Muggle money, do you know what the conversion rates are?’

‘I heard Dad say something about a galleon being about five pounds... but I have no idea what a five pounds is.’ Ron replied.

Harry’s eyes widened, ‘Wow, so these galleons are worth a lot more than I thought. I mean, I’ve just given you fifty pounds and that would probably pay for a meal for a family of four in the Muggle world.’

‘Good thing they sell things so cheap then, isn’t it?’ Ron grinned, ‘Ten galleons is only enough to pay for a meal for two. Maybe three, if you go cheap.’

The boys continued to talk about the differences in money between Wizards and Muggles and Harry tried to explain to Ron that for every hundred pennies, you would get a pound. They worked out that a Galleon is worth about £5.12, a Sickle is worth about 30p and a Knut is worth just over a penny. About fourty minutes after they left, Hermione and Ginny reappeared at Grimmauld Place.

‘Wow.’ Ron gaped, and Harry looked over to see why. Hermione looked completely different. Her hair was straight and she wore a beautiful black dress. Harry saw Ginny though and he also gaped. Ginny’s hair was also straight, and she wore a dark red dress. Harry couldn’t help but notice he and Ron had not even done anything with their appearance, while their girlfriends had put make-up on and changed their clothes and hair.

‘You look great – both of you do.’ Harry said, smiling.

‘And you two look exactly the same.’ Ginny said, with a slight frown, she raised her wand. ‘Honestly, Scourgify!’

Harry felt his hair unravel and then change shape. When he put his hand on his head, he realised his hair was no longer sticking up.

‘I’ve been trying to flatten my hair like that all my life!’ Harry gasped.

‘And you never thought of that simple spell?’ Ginny asked, and Harry shook his head, to which she muttered, ‘Boys.’

‘So, where are we going?’ Hermione asked.

‘Lobsters and Gobsters.’ Ron said proudly, and Hermione beamed.

‘Great! Let’s go.’


Lobsters and Gobsters was a restaurant just left off Leaky Cauldron, which before now, Harry always saw it as a hairdresser. Inside, Harry immediately felt uncomfortable. Every table was heart-shaped, the wallpaper was pink and there were roses on all the tables. Harry had wanted something romantic, but this. This was like building a restaurant using an Infatuation potion as the cement. On the bright side though, Harry felt that the place would give him an advantage when he needed it.

A waitress dressed in pink almost ran up to the four and seated them at two separate tables. They were about three tables apart from each other. She then said she’d sent someone to serve them shortly.

‘This place is wonderful, isn’t it?’ Ginny grinned.

‘Uh, yeah... I guess.’ Harry said, trying to smile.

‘What’s the matter?’ Ginny asked, noticing the forced smile.

‘Oh, nothing... the place is just a bit, well, pink.’ He said, grinning.

‘Oh, shut up.’ Ginny scowled, jokingly ‘Just be grateful I like the place.’

Someone rushed over to serve them and Harry and Ginny gave their orders. When the waitress left, Harry turned back to Ginny.

‘So, I guess this is our first date too.’ He said.

‘Guess it is.’ Ginny smiled.

There was a silence. Harry was amazed at how difficult it was to speak to Ginny now. Usually they could talk for hours without interruption but now – now it just seemed difficult to talk.

‘How’s training going?’ Harry said, lamely.

Ginny looked at him, ‘Same as always... but I don’t really want to talk about training now.’
‘What do you want to talk about?’ Harry asked.

‘Well, I’ve been giving some thought about moving in and I don’t know... how am I supposed to tell my Mum, even on my eighteenth birthday?’ Ginny asked.

‘Well, do you want me to ask her?’ Harry asked. He wouldn’t want to do it, but if he had to, he would. He really wanted Ginny to move in with him.

‘Well, no. I think it’s best I do... I mean, if I can’t even ask or tell her myself, then she isn’t going to think I am mature enough, is she?’ Ginny asked.

The waitress came over to their table and gave them their food. Harry was surprised how fast the service was, before realising that it was actually a magic restaurant. He and Ginny’s glasses were both filled with wine and Harry chinked his glass with her’s and drank some.

‘I suppose not.’ Harry said, ‘But if you want me to help you tell her... or even ask her, I will.’

Ginny smiled, ‘Thanks.’

While Harry ate his food, he was still thinking about something he’d been planning for a while. He decided whether to bring it up with Ginny now. After finishing his food, he decided it would be best to do so, and so he broke the silence.

‘Or you could just move in now?’ He asked.

Ginny coughed on her wine, and looked at Harry, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.’

‘Why not?’ Harry asked, ‘I know we said when you’re eighteen, but do you think your Mum will be any different between now and then? It’s only two months away.’

‘It’s not just her though, Harry.’ Ginny said, she too finishing her meal, ‘It’s Dad, and Ron, George, Charlie, Bill...’

‘I’m sure they’ll be fine with it.’ Harry protested.

‘You are joking, right?’ Ginny asked, ‘They would not be fine with it. I’m their little sister.’

‘Yeah, but if they know I’ll look after you, maybe they’ll be fine. They know how much you mean to me. I’m sure your Mum and Dad do as well.’

Harry’s heart beat a little faster. If she wasn’t convinced that her family would be fine with it, he’d have to take the next step. Of course, he wanted to do what he had planned anyway, but the closer it came to happening, the more nervous he felt.

‘But what if they don’t know, Harry?’ Ginny asked, ‘I mean, it’s not like you’ve had a heart-to-heart with them or anything.’

Harry sighed; he would have to do it now. Nervously, he grabbed her hand. ‘I know that one person would accept it easily.’

Ginny looked over at Ron, ‘I don’t know... I don’t think he will.’

‘I’m not talking about Ron.’ Harry said, to which Ginny shot her head around back to Harry, curiously, ‘I had a talk with your Dad and I asked him something.’

‘What?’ Ginny asked, now extremely interested to every word Harry said.

‘I asked him for permission to do something.’ Harry said.

‘To let me move in?’ Ginny asked, immediately.

‘Nope.’ Harry said, and Ginny sighed, ‘Something better.’

Ginny looked up at Harry, confused, but Harry continued, ‘The time I spent with you before going off to find Horcruxes... well, it was great and then when I had to break up with you... it was bad, you know?’

Ginny nodded.

‘I realised during that hunt that I wished I had more time with you, and that life is way too short to be breaking up. So, when we got back together afterwards, it was great. The last year has been brilliant but...’

‘What are you up to?’ Ginny asked suspiciously. ‘You’re not breaking up with me, are you?’

Harry was taken aback, ‘What? No!’ He said, ‘No. Nothing like that, I was just wondering if you’d ... if you’d marry me.’

It wasn’t how Harry had wanted it to come out. So... forced. But he was extremely nervous and didn’t want to contemplate on saying it any more. He looked at Ginny, who didn’t seem to have taken in his words. He waited for her to react.

‘What did you say?’ She asked, as if she had misheard. Her face was unreadable.

Harry groaned inwardly, she wanted him to say it again? Sighing, he said, ‘Will you marry me?’

Ginny looked astounded. Then, just as suddenly as she froze in shock, she unfroze and nodded her head frantically, ‘Yes. Yes! I will!’ and she let go of Harry’s hand and embraced him over the table, beaming.

Harry couldn’t help but smile. That had gone brilliantly. She said yes! Harry was going to marry Ginny. When she finally released him, Harry produced a box out of his pocket. ‘Well then, you’d better have this.’ He said.

Ginny took the box and opened it to reveal a diamond ring. She pulled out the ring and looked back at Harry, ‘This is for me?’

‘No, it’s for Ron.’ Harry said, ‘I just wanted your opinion. Is it too much?’

Ginny slapped Harry playfully, ‘Seriously, Harry. It’s amazing.’

‘Amazing ring for an amazing person.’ Harry said.

‘I can’t believe it. I’m getting married!’ Ginny shrieked, a little too loudly. Ron turned his head and so did Hermione. Finally, they both walked over to their table.

‘What are you shouting about?’ Ron asked. Harry didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t thought how he was going to tell Ron and Hermione the news. But Ginny solved this problem, by waving her hand in Ron’s face, saying, ‘Harry just asked me to marry him!’

Ron looked stone-faced. He turned to Harry, ‘What?’

‘Uh... yeah, I asked her to marry me.’ Harry said, rather feebly. He half-expected Ron to punch him in the face when he raised his arm, but instead he grabbed Harry’s shoulder, ‘Well done, mate.’ He grinned.

Hermione was hugging Ginny happily. She then turned to Harry, and embraced him to. ‘So this is why you wanted to come out?’ She asked.

‘Uh... yeah.’ Harry muttered.

‘Does anyone else know?’ Asked Ron.

‘Well... your Dad knows I’m going to ask Ginny. I got his blessing the other day. But I didn’t say when I was going to do it.’ Harry said.

‘I wonder how Mum will react.’ Ron said, grinning, ‘You know you can do no wrong Harry, but Ginny getting married... Blimey, I don’t know if she’ll be able to decide between exploding or being happy.’

‘Why don’t we find out?’ Hermione suggested, ‘We’ve all finished our meals.’

‘Alright. Go pay for your bill and we’ll meet you over at the Floo Network over there.’ Harry said.

‘They have a Floo Network?’ Ron asked, and Harry nodded, ‘I didn’t know either, but I’ve seen it being used.’

Ron and Hermione went to pay their bill while Harry and Ginny’s bill magically appeared on the table. Fourty-eight Galleons, 2 Sickles and 1 Knut. He put fifty galleons on the table, and it disappeared along with the bill. A message on the tables appeared.

‘Thank you, Come again.’

Harry and Ginny, hand in hand, walked over to the Floo Network. Ginny put a Disillusionment Charm on her ring. Hermione and Ron made their over and they went first to The Burrow. Ginny then went and Harry went last.

In a second, they were at The Burrow. It was six o’clock and so they had just finished supper. Mrs Weasley was clearing the table, Arthur and Bill were chatting, George was filling in paperwork and Fleur was nowhere to be seen. Mrs Weasley looked up at them.

‘Did you have a nice time?’ She smiled, cheerful as always.

‘The best!’ Ginny replied, ‘Where is Fleur?’

‘She’s just upstairs, shall I call her?’ Mrs Weasley asked, and Ginny nodded, ‘Yeah, go ahead. We have some news.’

Mr Weasley looked up at Harry when she said this and when Harry nodded slightly, a huge smile appeared on the face of Mr Weasley. Harry then put his hand to his mouth as if to say, ‘Shh!’ and Mr Weasley nodded, still beaming. When Fleur made her way downstairs, she sat down next to Bill.

‘What iz the problem?’ She asked, flicking her hair out of her face, ‘Iz there something wrong?’

‘No, not at all.’ Ginny said, and Hermione and Ron sat down next to George, who was still writing his paperwork.

‘Then what is it, dear?’ Mrs Weasley asked, eagerly.

She turned to Harry, but when he gave her a look of, ‘I don’t wanna tell them!’ Ginny rolled her eyes, and tapped her wand on her hand, removing the charm and showing the diamond ring.

‘Harry asked me to marry him, and I said yes!’ Ginny beamed.

The effect of this sentence was extremely amusing. George, who was rapidly writing notes in his paperwork, twitched and accidentally drew a huge black line down the middle of his paperwork. Fleur slapped her hands over her mouth and started talking rapidly in French. Bill’s mouth opened slightly, leaving him stunned. Mr Weasley’s smile stretched more than ever and he punched a hand into the air, and Mrs Weasley immediately went beetroot red in the face, her mouth shut and her lips white. There was a long silence. Harry looked around, and everyone was looking at him, with these different reactions.

‘Well, it took you long enough!’ George exploded suddenly, and a huge smile spread across his face.

‘Congratulations!’ Mr Weasley said, already knowing of this fact, ‘I didn’t expect you to ask her so soon!’

‘I know, I didn’t either.’ Harry said, ‘I just had an impulse to do it.’

Bill stood up, ‘Well, if it’s anyone I’d like to marry my sister, can’t say fairer than you, Harry.’

He shook Harry’s hand but Harry’s attention was on Mrs Weasley, who was still beetroot red and silent. Harry walked up to her, ‘What about you, Mrs Weasley? What do you think?’

Harry talking to her was the only thing that would break her silence, Harry thought, because the moment he did, she embraced Harry in a hug tighter than Harry had ever received and Harry actually felt his ribs being pushed together.

‘That’s BRILLIANT news, Harry!’ Mrs Weasley shrieked, ‘And Ginny, my baby girl! You’re all...grown up!’

Mrs Weasley embraced her daughter, and Ginny hugged her back. Mrs Weasley released her, her eyes watering, and looked around. She slapped her hands together, ‘Well, we’d better celebrate! Open up a bottle, Arthur!’

Mr Weasley obliged. Waving his wand, a bottle of wine shot into his hand and he popped the lid open. 9 glasses popped out of nowhere and Mr Weasley filled them all up. Then grabbing his own, he raised it and said, ‘To Harry and Ginny!’

There was a chorus of this from everyone else, and they drank in a toast to the young couple. Harry couldn’t help but smile. This had been amazing. Ginny said yes, there were no arguments and everyone was happy for him, and if that wasn’t enough...

‘I suppose you’ll need help moving out then, Ginny?’ Mrs Weasley asked.

Ginny looked at her mother, utterly amazed, ‘You don’t mind?’

‘Well, Harry just proposed!’ Mrs Weasley shrieked, ‘I couldn’t possibly keep you here any longer, could I?’

‘Nope!’ Ginny said, quickly, before her mother could change her mind, ‘If it’s possible, I’ll move out tonight!’

‘Then it will be done.’ Mrs Weasley exclaimed, ‘But first, let’s just celebrate!’

And Mrs Weasley very uncharacteristically downed her glass of wine and refilled the glass.