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The Lord of Tang by tgfoy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 184,239
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Humor, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/14/2009
Last Chapter: 05/05/2014
Last Updated: 05/05/2014


Sequel to The Essence of Revenge. If you haven't read that then some of  this story might not make sense.

A single journey across two era's a millenia apart.
A Wizard and a Witch connected by blood.
Both with destiny's to fulfil.
Forever separate, connected for eternity.
Can the circumstances of Freedom be fulfilled?

Warning: this story has some period scenes that reflect atitudes and actions of the time, Hence the mature rating. 

Chapter 5: The Cordwainers Family

Disclaimer: What you recognise from the books by JKR belongs to her, anything else is my own.


Chapter 5
The Cordwainer's family.

10th century.

Utred sat next to the lodge, beside the great lake, the sun was beating down and he was enjoying the feel of it within the safety of the wards around the school. He had allowed his mind to wander as he waited for his friends. His memories of the days leading up to his arrival here at Hogwarts still fresh in his mind despite the passage of time and the life he now led. He had found with the training he had received here, his memory had improved, somehow he could remember each day of his time here and much of his life before. He could recall it as if turning the pages of a book, as if some monk or nobleman had written it all down, his words, his deeds, for him to read at leisure. It was five years since the night Godric had brought him and his companions together with the lodge, here to his land and the school. It was an event etched on his memory, the start of his new life. He smiled, it was a night Salazar would not forget either, but for very different reasons, the horses had not reacted well to the sudden change of location, and he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time on their arrival. Slytherin, had not taken kindly to it and had showed it every day since Utred's arrival, of course he treated all muggle born's that way and often argued with Gryffindor and the other two founders that they should not allow such wizards into the school. He reserved his house for pure blood students, those born of magical parents, only. Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw shared Godric's views that any of magical ability should be trained; it created the first serious rivalry in the school, the students of Slytherin's house considering themselves above those of the other houses.

When he had first arrived, the school had resembled a small, slightly unusual village. Instead of small family houses and a large hall, the school was comprised of five Long houses, four were much larger than either of his fathers had been, these were arranged around an even larger central one. This was the Great Hall, used when the whole school would gather, for meals. Around the edges were smaller rooms that were used for lessons. The other four buildings were the houses of the four founders where their students spent their evenings if they weren't wandering the grounds or working, they all slept in their founders’ house. On the hill above the houses, had been what looked like ruins of Roman buildings, though he knew the ancients had not built this far north. What he had thought of as ruins were in fact the foundations of a great stone castle of the founders’ own design. Using charms and spells they learned from Ravenclaw the students worked with villagers and the founders to build it, carving stone from the hill side, and the caves in the hill beneath the castle.

When Utred had arrived there were only a handful of students, but this number quickly grew as week by week the founders found more students or some wizarding families had moved to the nearby village, now there were over a hundred students with about the same number of younger children in the village who would attend when they reached eleven years old. The search for others continued, Utred assisted Gryffindor in the room the founders used in the Great Hall to detect the use of magic around the country. The room had many instruments in it, each with a different purpose, they mainly used three, one detected the magic, another showed the location, another the age and name of the person who had used it. Others helped them determine other factors, such as which spell, and if any injuries had been caused meaning they had to get there quickly to heal any wounded and modify memories if necessary. One instrument did tell them if the spell was from a pure blood or not, but only Slytherin bothered with it. Using this room they had managed to find many young wizards and witches, those who were eleven or over were invited to come to the school, any younger ones were left and observed, to be asked once they were old enough. Utred enjoyed the work, he and Godric had become close as a result, more like father and son than teacher and pupil, he was after all Gryffindor's first apprentice.

He gazed from the old wattle and daub houses that had been his home for five years, up to the new castle, which awaited them and would provide them their new home. Today the students and classes would finally move into it, tonight with great feasting the castle would begin to live. He heard a noise behind him, and turned to see Erik emerge from the lodge.

“My Lord?” he said catching sight of Utred.

“Going hunting Erik?” He smiled.

“The school is in need of meat my Lord, for tonight's celebrations so I must go join the centaurs in their hunt.” he said collecting his saddle and placing it on a horse

Since his arrival Ulf and Erik had taught the students, Hunting, muggle defence and had become gamekeepers for the school. The latter job becoming necessary as magical creatures arrived seeking the safety of the area from muggles few had ever been caught, but those like the centaurs who appeared partly human were seen as abominations by the Christians with them came all manner of magical beast, including Nifflers and Unicorns, these of course were not hunted for food, their meat being either enchanted or inedible in the case of Nifflers. Still Godric gave Erik and Utred care of the forest and lake, where mermaids had recently asked to reside. Utred and the pair often joined the Centaurs hunting, the three men impressing the powerful creatures with their skills mutual respect was earned to a level even the founders had never seen between any Human and the enigmatic seers of the magical world.

Utred laughed. “Enjoy it Erik, I am going into Hogsmeade as soon as the others arrive.”

“Oh yes, getting more things to add to the castle for the unwary?” Erik Laughed, busying himself with fastening the saddle then placing bridle and reigns on the animal. “Just watch it Utred, that fat muggle Durslieg is still after you lot for what you lot did to him and his son the other week.”

“Then Durslieg needs to learn respect for his neighbours, teach his son that victimizing the children of magical folk is cowardly when he knows Godric won't let them use magic deliberately before they have been trained. The muggle is a bullying scum who lets his son get away with murder, that poor lad his son attacked was only eight, we were only helping him get revenge.”

“That may be so, but Godric will deal with them, you know that. Still it was fun seeing the fat muggle trying to stop the thing before it caught fire, that's when he really panicked.” Erik mounted the horse, waved and rode towards the forest where he joined the Centaurs who were waiting at the edge of the forest.

Utred wondered what Durslieg had in store for him, as he watched Erik disappear into the trees. The Cordwainer and his family were the last muggles left in Hogsmeade, the others who had served the Gryffindor estate before the school was started had all moved to his estate in Wessex. The main reason for this was that the other families had moved to make way for the trickle of magical families that came to Hogsmeade to find safety from persecution from the Church. The muggle families had willingly moved to the village in Wessex, where they would enjoy increased trade. Being non-magical they were safe from persecution in the Christians stronghold in the south. The village had been where Godric had been born, his parents renaming the settlement Godric's Hollow when Merlin had arrived to make him his apprentice. Godric was muggle born and had inherited both estates, the one in Wessex from his fathers family, the one here in the land of the Scots from his mothers. However Durslieg had refused to leave, despite his hatred of anything magical, which he demonstrated to the new families who settled there. Godric spoke with the man almost every day, as either he or his son antagonized his new neighbours The man thought himself a cut above the magical folk who he constantly insulted, though he always accepted their gold. However demand for his shoes and leather goods were trickling away. His actions towards the new residents creating great anger, and now a wizard who was also a Cordwainer had arrived in the village in the last week; they would go to him rather than the magic hating muggle. Utred and his friends revelled in avenging the family’s actions towards the other villagers, they were known as the lead pranksters in the school anyway.

He was brought out of his thoughts when his four friends arrived. All had been brought to the school soon after Utred, joining him in Godric's house. Apart from Utred they were pure bloods, though certainly not the type Slytherin wanted especially the Wesele Twins who had been the first to come. Leoforwic and Egil were the first set of twins Utred had met; even Orin could not say he had met any before. The red heads were natural born pranksters and had masterminded numerous tricks, which the group had built into the castle, including trick steps in the staircases, which trapped the unwary. One had memorably caught Slytherin himself out, trapping his leg for twenty minutes before his colleagues could stop laughing enough to free him. He had demanded that the five be forced to replace that and any other tricks they had built into the castle, however this would have meant taking down the almost complete building so Godric assigned his students the task of erecting the high roof and ceiling in the Great Hall. They had of course used this opportunity for a prank on everyone, enchanting it to show the sky above so unless one was outside you couldn't tell the Hall had a roof at all. The task had taken two days, Slytherin was convinced they had created the illusion of a roof that was only revealed from the inside, it was only when he had climbed up the outside of the building that he realized the view inside was the illusion not the stone tiles themselves.

Next to arrive had been the son of Gryffindor's daughter, his only child, she had married into another old wizarding family and lived under protection on her grandfathers Wessex estate. Tigelwotta was a raven-haired youth now, quiet most of the time, but a fearsome opponent with a sword or wand. He rarely used his first name, which as part of their cover his parents had taken from the Christians Holy book, preferring to be called by his families name, in fact it had been two years of friendship before Utred had learnt what it was.

Finally after a couple of months the fifth of his gang had arrived, Skorri Bleac was another Northumbrian, though he had never been to Jorvik. He came from the coastal Hvitsby, a Saxon whose family had fled to Hogsmeade, they were too well known as magical in the settlement, which had become a powerful Christian site.

Although they were known as pranksters they were also talented Wizards, among the best in the school, even Slytherin acknowledged this, despite his students being the main target of their jokes. They were popular too, though none of them arrogant, few outside the school even knew Utred was a Lord, he only used this status when he had to in order to protect others from attack, even within his own house. His friends looked on Utred as their leader, though he rarely masterminded their antic's unless it was a matter of justice, he had often seen his father settling disputes between his tenant farmers and sworn men, even presiding over legal matters. As a result he had a strong sense of justice, to which the others differed. He had also become a skilled wizard, gaining an understanding of the intricacies and subtitles of all aspects of magic. It was also widely accepted that he was amongst the most powerful wizards alive, his abilities being almost as strong as those of the founders themselves. He was often found studying Gryffindor's books, that he had been left by Merlin and collected from far and wide. He had assisted in creating the spells that protected the school using deep magic he had learnt from them. Thanks to his training, the five, along with Ulf and Erik, were not just expert huntsmen, but also the best swordsmen in the student body too, and created a formidable shield wall, which had yet to be defeated during class. They were known by the other students as Gryffindor's Creaftas, meaning “the founders strength” in the Saxon tongue.

The five Creaftas greeted each other warmly and set off towards the village, which was now full of traders freely able to trade their magical wares along with necessities of life. Their pouches full of coins hung from their belts as they laughed and joked as they walked towards the houses.

On arrival they stopped to chat to the moneyer who was carefully weighing the blanks of Gold, Silver and Copper he used to strike the coins. This had been one difference Utred had noticed on arrival in the wizarding world, certainly back in Jorvik they had a single silver coin, which was cut if the value of the goods was less than the coin. He had even seen a gold coin from some distant land, but here the coins had different values and were not cut to give change. They exchanged news and admired the new coins the founders had designed for use by wizards, The Silver Sickle and Gold Galleon would be easy to pass off in the muggle world but the copper Knut, the smallest of them, would not be able to be used outside the wizarding community as it separated itself from the rest of the countries inhabitants. The coins were an inevitable step towards being independent of the Muggle world, although it was likely magical folk would remain living amongst muggles, many were moving to wizarding settlements like Hogsmeade

The village had grown in the last five years and was now a thriving self-sustaining community, hidden from the muggle world. It now boasted all manner of magical trades in its houses, the occupants had traded in muggle trades openly in their previous homes, keeping their magical wares hidden. Now they could trade in both openly and the community was happier for it. The founders had discovered other safe places for magical folk to live around the country, even Godric's Hollow had a magically concealed community amongst the muggle houses, some families who had escaped to Hogsmeade had moved into these safe areas, thus the magical world was becoming more organized and separate from those they had previously lived in harmony with, providing service to those who needed it.

As they left the moneyer he began striking coins, making the jewellery he had on display shiver on the table. They had soon bought what they needed and chatted with the wizarding families they had got to know, when they heard a child yell. They looked at each other. “Durslieg!” said Egil grinning.

They ran towards where the young child was still wailing and the youngest Durslieg was yanking on her hair. He spotted them coming, wands drawn and the fat ten year old tried to run, but could only manage a waddle, Utred cast a spell which hit it's target. A pig’s tail burst from the boys’ backside as he yelled then sped of to his house.

“Go on run Earsling.” Tigelwotta shouted as they reached the young girl and knelt to comfort her.

As they knelt they heard a loud roar of indignation and turned to see a large red-faced man emerge from a house at the far end of the village at the end of the track, which led out of the valley, and storm towards them. “You worthless freaks dare attack my son. I'll teach you to respect your betters.”

Skorri laughed, “How are you going to do that Durslieg? Show us how to make the worst shoes in the world. That Earsling sprog of yours needs to learn to pick on people his own size, not that there are many around that fat.”

Durslieg was quickly closing the gap between them getting redder in the face “Shut your mouth you runt, we lived here long before you lot polluted the place, this is our village, you need to learn that. It's our village not yours or any of you freaks, the sooner the lot of you disappear the better, even if I have to force you out myself.” He wielded his axe at them threateningly.

Utred drew his sword, ready to deflect the axe if it was thrown at them; the others had their wands ready. “Durslieg I would be careful who you threaten with a weapon if I were you. You are a Cordwainer not a warrior, a cowardly bully just like your son.”

“You dare draw that toy on me boy” Durslieg responded, still bearing down on them fiercely. “You lot have got away with too much, trying to take my village from us. You think you are above me Huntrodds, my son has a right to be here and if you and your lot don't like that, they can lump it boy. Who the hell do you think you are drawing a blade on me, as if you are a Lord or something? Put it away before you hurt yourself, or I'll make you wish you had never been born, I will show you how to respect your betters boy.”

He threw the axe straight at Utred's head, but Utred was to quick and there was a clang as his sword hit the axe to the ground. He moved quickly and was behind the large man before he was noticed. With two flicks of his wrist he smacked the man on the back of the knees with the flat of his sword and the man fell to his knees. Circling round to face him, Utred kept the point at the man's throat and stared angrily into the man's eyes. “I don't think I am a Lord you worthless lump, I am a Lord.” he snarled allowing his fathers ring to dangle on the leather thong in front of the man's eyes. “Now I and my friends will treat you with the respect you treat us with. This is Godric's village not yours, we are here at his invitation, we don't need your permission or approval. Now teach that runt of yours some manners or next time I will not be so lenient, scum.”

He pressed the sword hard enough to nick the large man's skin, he flinched and a damp patch grew darkening the front of his pale rough woollen trousers as the five laughed at him, encouraging the little girl to do the same. Utred was the only one not laughing; he glared at he-man in disgust. “You pathetic whale, when will you learn, we are not a threat to you unless you threaten us. We don't care where you live, but we do not cow tow to you. If you want respect earn it Durslieg, start by controlling that brat of yours.”

There was a pop and Gryffindor appeared, “Orin told me there was trouble.” He sighed. “What's he done this time, Utred?” he asked.

Utred explained to his master what had occurred then they left Godric to deal with the man and took the girl home.

On the way they passed Orin's new home, Utred had given the man permission to rejoin his family who had been wand makers for centuries. They had already been in the village when it was discovered Gryffindor was magical, the Ollivander's had been caretakers of the estate as well. Unknown to anyone they had made wands for the witches and wizards in Britain from the humble house, even making Merlin's wand. Wizards had visited Hogsmeade for decades unseen to buy a wand from the renowned maker. Orin's brother had been over-joyed to be reunited with him and Orin found he had a large family he had known nothing about, soon he had settled in to making wands and telling stories of his adventures to his family. The Ollivander's had welcomed Utred, Erik and Ulf in as well, the three knew they were welcome there any time, the children always welcomed Utred with great enthusiasm, he was treated as part of the family by the household.

He was pleased for the old man, who had been so faithful to his father; he had freed Orin of his oath so he never had to leave his family again, though Orin acted as if still under the oath.

The Girl lived next door to the Ollivander's and was the daughter of the Apothocar. So after returning her to the care of her parents, the five called in to the wand makers for ale, they were always welcome guests especially with the children. Thanks to Utred, who had taught the youngsters how to defend themselves under Orin's watchful eye, they were the only two of their age in the village that the Durslieg boy would not bully. In fact after he last tried to, Utred wondered if the boy would ever be able to have children of his own. Godric called in after dealing with Durslieg senior to find the Creaftas engaged in entertaining the children. “From potential murderer to nurse maid” He laughed “Utred you never cease to amaze me.”

Utred grinned, “Oh come on Godric, all I did was wet nurse him, my way.”

“Well he's after blood this time, yours. At least he was until I reminded him of the penalty for murdering a Lord. He was convinced you had taken the ring by force, until I told him whom your father was. That shut the useless lump up, he might hate us, but he was always a problem that one, thought himself better than everyone else, even when it was only muggles here, as far as he was concerned.” Godric winked.

“That's true, his family always believed they were a cut above.” Orin agreed. “His father was the same, pompous fools the lot of them. I remember his father arriving here with the boy in tow, setting up shop, first thing we heard was he demanding to know why the rest of us didn't buy his shoes and threatening us all if we didn't. Your Dad had employed him as a cattleman, Godric; he was good at that to. Cows just ignored his rants, your dad told me he wished he had never brought them here, but he had rescued them from a slave market. The boy is the only male in that house without the slave mark.”

“I didn't know that Orin.” Gryffindor looked at the old man amazed.

“Aye, that family owes yours their freedom, a debt that has not been repaid.”

“That should help control the beggar for a while “ Godric grinned.

They stayed for another hour, then left promising to be back soon. With Gryffindor, the five friends made their way back to the school, to get ready for the opening feast.

Late 20th Century.

It was early in the morning; Petunia gently woke at her usual hour, her first morning in her nephews’ house. Kreacher had brought her a cup of tea as she stirred, he left the room she then sat up, propping herself against the pillows of the large four-poster bed. She held the saucer as she drank her first sip of the hot brown liquid, then looked round the room, it was larger than her old one at Privet drive, she detected her nephews new wife's hand in decorating the room. It's soft, relaxing pastel shades, complimenting the curtains over the windows and hangings on the bed. The furniture was comfortable, with an ample dressing table. There was a large fireplace, on the wall to her right next to the door to her walk in wardrobe. A comfortable chair was positioned in front of the fireplace whilst to her left was the large window with a writing desk and chair in front of it. There was a night stand placed either side of the bed, vases of flowers on each. The dressing table was stocked with a jewellery stand and brushes, combs all placed on a pretty cloth protecting it's surface beneath the mirror, she had been surprised when the mirror had complimented her as she had prepared for the dinner party last night. She took another sip of the hot tea, her mind recalling the events of the night before.

Her talk with Molly had helped her sort out her next step in her mind, she had told Ginny's mother that she would divorce Vernon as soon as possible, no longer would she put up with his bullying. The kindly witch, who she had known only a couple of weeks, had told her all she knew of the life of Lily, Petunia's late, estranged sister. Petunia had opened her heart about her life and the mistakes she had made through jealousy of her sister. Molly listened as she opened her heart in the drawing room, free of Vernon for the first time, she grieved for her sister and her nephews lost childhood. Towards the end of their conversation, Molly had offered Petunia whatever help she wanted, they had agreed that the first thing Petunia needed to do was to meet with Kingsley, so she and Dudley could formalize their stay in the wizarding world. Whilst Petunia went to freshen up before the meal, Petunia had owled the minister who had replied that he would meet with them this morning, with relevant paperwork for them to become residents of the wizarding community, meaning he could act on their behalf in this world. She was nervous about meeting him, but knew she would need some help to begin her new life.

Over dinner the night before she had mostly listened as the guests had told her of Harry's exploits, she was horrified as she learnt what he had been through between stays at Privet Drive each summer since he had turned eleven. The twins excitement over something called Quidditch, which her nephew and niece in law had apparently been very accomplished at, made her realize how much she had to learn, not just about this world, but also about her sister's son.

She drained the last of the tea and rose from the comfortable bed, placing the cup and saucer on the dressing table she then put on her dressing gown and slippers.

“Good morning my dear.” The mirror said as she glanced into it thinking her hair looked a fright after her nights rest. “Don't worry we shall sort that out, it won't take long to have you presentable for the day.”

Petunia reacted to the mirrors voice. “Thank you,” she said thinking that this was something she had to get used to.

She turned and left the room to go into the bathroom for her morning ablutions, she returned, made the bed then dressed and brushed her hair, returning it to her usual tight style fixing it with spray.

“That's much better, my dear. Now you are ready to face anything. I hope you have a good day.” The mirror said as Petunia left the room intending to make herself some breakfast in the basement kitchen.

Of course Kreacher was there already and would not hear of her making her own breakfast, he politely refused all her offers to help. She sat at the table watching as the elf worked making the meal she had requested seemingly effortlessly and soon she was tucking in to grapefruit and toast, refusing his offer to make her anything more. Having eaten she explored the houses garden, Kreacher assured her that he had removed all the dangerous plants his former masters had planted, and she soon found an arbour overlooking a lawn surrounded by flowers to sit and relax in.

Dudley stirred from sleep, opening his eyes he wondered where he was for a moment before remembering he was in his cousins house. Smiling he got up and dressed before going to the bathroom, then to find some breakfast. Kreacher was only too pleased to prepare him some bacon, egg and mushrooms; he had just taken a similar meal up for Harry and Ginny. As he ate Dudley thought on the events of the night before. The house and Quiditch had truly amazed him. Molly had flooed George who had immediately offered Dudley a Job with Ron in the Hogsmeade branch, a job Dudley had eagerly accepted. He was relishing the chance to settle into the world of his Girlfriend.

He and Maria had returned to the room that changed after dinner, it became a beautiful riverside park for them to walk in at Maria's request. They had walked and talked until Molly had come to take her home. She would return later today, Dudley missed her, but they had grown closer as they had talked about what they had done since his cousins wedding. He felt so comfortable with her, nothing had felt so right to him before and from their conversation last night he knew Maria felt the same. Even so they had agreed not to rush things, they were comfortable taking their time. His thoughts were interrupted when his mother returned looking more content than he had ever seen her. He was glad to see the fear she had felt for so long gone from her eyes. She sat while he finished breakfast and told him of the decisions she had come to and that the Minister himself would be visiting them to set the wheels in motion. They both knew there was much to do before they would be free to enjoy their new lives, Petunia would need a job for starters, but both felt, for the first time in a long while, optimistic and knew they had made the right choice.

Kingsley arrived at Grimauld Place mid morning, with the paper work for Dudley and Petunia. Harry and Ginny sat with them as they talked over future plans

Kingsley was going through options for them based on their decisions so far. “So, as you have decided to live in the magical community, we need you to sign some forms, so that you can become citizens of our community with the same rights as everyone else. These are magical agreements and are therefore binding, but they do mean you will have the support of the Ministry officially in ending your old life and starting your new one.

Dudley from what you tell me George has offered you a job in his Hogsmeade branch so we will need to get you a vault at Gringotts for your gold. Petunia I have actually a couple of options for you if you decide to stay. Minerva McGonagall Headmistress of Hogwarts has need of a Muggle Studies Teacher, and Arthur has a vacancy in the Muggle Relations department, which I think you would be good at.

It's basically helping to liaise between us and the Muggle government and sorting out any incidents, which involve muggles. The teaching post is self-explanatory. You don't need to decide now but Minerva does need to know soon, you could be the first muggle to teach at Hogwarts and the students would know that.

Anyway we can sort everything out; we do have one difficulty though, Vernon. He may not like it, but he knows about the magical world, if he did decide to tell anyone it's doubtful he would be believed, but we will have to be sure. I understand you not wanting to go back to him and we can help with the divorce if you wish, provide you with legal help, that sort of thing. I don't want to rush you or for you to feel pushed into the decision, but are you positive that's what you want?”

“Minister, I have made my choice, he raised his fist to me, and if it wasn't for Dudley he would have hit me. I am not going back to him, but I have little money for a divorce and I can't see him agreeing to one, but I am sure. We had a bank account, which he controlled, there was a separate account for house keeping and such which had an automatic transfer from his account each week, it never had much in it, but that's all I have apart from my belongings. Dudley and I couldn't bring everything with us when we left, we could do with getting the rest of our belongings before I file for divorce otherwise Vernon is likely to destroy those things.” Petunia said

“Well we can help with the costs of the divorce, we have specialists in muggle law and a few solicitors are married to wizarding folk. As far as the things you left behind we can arrange for it's collection, but one of you will need to go with our people so they can enter the house legally. We could use magic, but it would be better if we didn't in these circumstances. I will arrange for the legal documents you will need and for the divorce to be prepared. We shall find out what's in his account so you can use what is legally a shared asset too, I will have Gringotts sort that out for you. Muggle authorities recognize our court so there should be no problem. Now which of you is willing to go back to collect your belongings.” Kingsley said.

“I'll go” Dudley volunteered, “ I can take the car.”

“No need for the car, Dudley we'll get you there and back.” Kingsley smiled.

“Dud I'll come with you, help you pack, though I am not looking forward to seeing Vernon again. How many Auror's are you sending with us Kingsley?” Harry asked.

“Four I think Harry, you are qualified though not in the department yet, so you'll make five, I'll make sure they are ones you know. Petunia make a list of what it is you need Dudley to collect and make sure he knows where it all is we'll try and do it this evening. So it leaves you the rest of the today to sort things out, I will need an affidavit from you Petunia so I can get things moving as soon as I get back. Harry I suggest we get them to Gringotts to open a vault each.”

Petunia and Dudley signed the papers and received some documents that would enable them to open vaults at the wizards’ bank and enable them to discover Vernon's account and ensure he could not empty it until the financial part of the divorce was settled. Kingsley then helped Petunia complete filling out the Affidavit and then summoned his clerk so it could be sworn, he then acted as witness himself. The Clerk left with the paper work and instructions to get the Ministry's legal team on to the work immediately. He then took Harry and Ginny to one side while Petunia and Dudley put together the list of their belongings.

“Harry you had better let Petunia and Dudley know a few basic details of what to expect, it's going to be hard for them to adjust to the magical world. Especially once people realize who they are, after Rita's article during the Triwizard tournament, if they are to be able to live a normal life in our world they need to be able to go out without you and not worry if one of your fans is going to try to get revenge for how they treated you.”

Harry agreed, two muggles moving to his world were going to be at a severe disadvantage and for his Aunt and Cousin simply being associated with him could bring various difficulties on it's own, especially given the known history between them.

Petunia soon made a list of things she needed from Privet Drive, she thought she might take the post at Hogwarts and talking to Harry and Ginny she thought she could do it. After their talk she decided that although they wouldn't work at Hogwarts Dudley's computer, TV and other electronic gadgets might be useful. Dudley was happy to let her use them as classroom aids so they would be bringing them back too. Kingsley took it when he left so the court order could be obtained.

After lunch the plan had been to go straight to Diagon Alley, but Harry had fallen asleep on one of the sofa's while they waited for Andromeda and Teddy to arrive, which they did five minutes later and Teddy climbed up to sit protectively next to Harry's prone form.

Ginny took the opportunity to talk to Petunia and Dudley about what staying with them could entail warning them of the likely attention they were likely to get whilst out and about and the potential dangers they could encounter. She reassured them that as long as they were with them or the escort they would be fine, but still it was obvious that both were a little nervous of entering the full wizarding world for the first time.

They arrived at the Leaky Cauldron at 2`O` clock. Ginny had woken Harry as they were supposed to be meeting Molly and The twins then. The idea had been to do most of the shopping by then so they could help the twins do there shopping for Hogwarts. That plan had now changed but it didn't matter really.

The pub was packed with customers when they entered, Harry groaned as witches and wizards spotted him and Ginny. They started talking and pointing at them. Dudley and Petunia were a bit uncomfortable as they walked across the pub.

“Hi Tom is Mrs. Weasley here yet?” Harry asked the barman.

“Yes they are waiting in the yard for you Harry, when you come back go through the back room if it's still this busy, less conspicuous. Aylwin's out there with some of my guy's as well for you.”

“Thanks Tom.” Harry nodded as they walked to the back of the pub and out of the door.

“Oh, I thought you would be coming from the other way?” said Mrs. Weasley.

“Harry fell asleep mum” said Ginny “Let's get into the alley and get on.”

The twins smiled “Bit packed in there Harry.” said Delilah

“Just a bit” he said “Well Aunt, Dudley brace yourselves, it shouldn't be long before words out we are here”

He touched the brick wall with his wand and the bricks moved to form an arch, they walked into the busy street.

Petunia and Dudley stared about them at the shops selling all manner of strange objects; they were wide eyed at their first sight of the hidden street now before them. They headed down the street to Gringotts, the two muggles still gazing around at the plethora of goods in each shop, it was hitting home just how different the magical world was from their own. Bill met them in the foyer of the bank, he had been assigned to look after Harry on behalf of Gringotts recently, his travels as a curse breaker on the banks behalf over, he had been promoted to a level usually held by a Senior Goblin to look after the banks wealthiest client.

“Hello everyone” he greeted walking from his new office “Need some gold Harry?”

“Yes Bill, but we also need to set up two vaults please, you met my Aunt and Cousin at the wedding didn't you?”

“Sure did, mum told me you were staying with Harry and Ginny, have you got your papers with you?”

Petunia produced the parchments from her bag and handed them to Bill who looked them over. “Great, all is in order. Now if you come with me we'll sort it out while Harry visits his vault. Mum you coming with them, I'll sort out for the twins money while we are at it.”

Twenty minutes later they were shopping for the twins books and ingredients. They of course called at Fortescue's, where the twins told them how Eli and Maggie were; they had visited St. Mungo's that morning. As they sat outside the Ice Cream Parlour eating an assistant from Quality Quidditch supplies came over with two long parcels.

“Mr. Potter, I am sorry to disturb you, but we have been asked to deliver these to a Mr. and Miss Wolfe, we were told they would be with you today.”

Harry looked puzzled “Yes they are, Tarquin, Delilah these are for you apparently”

The twins took the parcels and looked at the labels

“They are from Eli and Maggie.” They said in amazement.

The assistant smiled “The order came from St. Mungo's, the lady who flooed an hour ago was insistent they get to you today. She asked us to keep an eye out for you and deliver them.”

“Thank you for doing that, I hope it wasn't to much trouble.” Harry said.

“No it was a pleasure.” She assured him, and then turned to the twins. “I hope you like them, any problems with them just bring them back and we shall sort it out.”

“We shall, Thank you.” The twins called as the assistant left them.

“Well aren't you going to open them?” Ginny urged them smiling as the twins looked at the parcels excitedly.

Grinning expectantly, the twins ripped open the paper and opened the boxes it covered to reveal two Firebolt Lightning’s, the first new broom to be released since the war

“Wow broomsticks “ they said together.

“We told them about playing Quidditch at your house, and what you had said to us, Mrs. Weasley told them it was true, but I didn't expect this,” smiled Tarquin

“They shouldn't have spent this much on us,” said Delilah.

Molly smiled “Don't worry they wanted to after what you said, especially with Harry training you.”

“Tell you what” Said Harry “We need to call in at Swiftshot's to pick up the wedding photo's, let's see if he will take your photo with the brooms to give to Eli and Maggie as a thank you.”

“Great idea” said the twins together.

They finished their ice creams and with the twins proudly carrying the boxes containing the brooms they resumed shopping. Whilst the twins were being fitted for new robes, Petunia surprised her self whilst looking through a rail of witches’ robes, there were several, which she liked. They were cut so beautifully and in various colours she had never thought of trying before. Ginny and Andromeda encouraged her to try them on; they had found a few items themselves. Soon Harry, Teddy, the twins and Molly were enjoying a fashion show the three ladies put on in the various outfits. Dudley had found some robes he liked too, so the grand finally was introduced by Ginny, and he appeared from the changing room and was joined by Andromeda and his mother stood either side of him. Teddy laughed loudly and cheered.

“I think Teddy approves.” Laughed Harry as the child bounced excitedly on his knee.

Madam Malkin smiled, and walked over to Petunia. “They are beautiful on you my dear, “ she said checking the fit. “They are a perfect fit, they could have been made for you.”

“Yes, I can't choose between these, they are wonderful though, I never thought I would like magical fashion so much, well I had better get changed so we can get on, it was fun though.” Petunia smiled happily.

Ginny glanced to Harry and winked, he nodded and stood just as Dudley came out back in his street clothes, carrying the deep blue robes he had worn over his arm. He handed them to Madam Malkin. “I would never have thought robes were so comfortable,” he said.

She smiled, and went to put the robes back on the rail; Harry stopped her and whispered something to her. She nodded then went to help Petunia, still carrying the robes Dudley had tried.

When they emerged, instead of returning the clothes to the hangers she carefully wrapped them in tissue and placed them in boxes next to the bags containing Tarquin and Delilah's new school robes.

“Oh I would love to take them all, but I don't think I can afford it.” Petunia tried to stop.

“Don't worry Aunt I have paid for them for you, the ones Dud tried to, they can be adjusted once he loses weight.” Harry told her, “Ginny and I can afford them and we wanted to get you something, think of them as a late birthday present if you like.”

Oh Harry I can't let you do that, I haven't any money to pay you back.” Petunia said gently, marvelling at her nephew’s kindness.

Ginny came to Harry's side, “You don't have to Petunia, they are a gift, you are family so it's no problem.”

“Are you sure Harry?” Dudley asked.

“Positive, Big D.” Harry replied handing over the Galleons to Madam Malkin.

They had a lot of shopping having got the twins books and other supplies before stopping for ice cream so Harry sent the children's shopping back to the Burrow and the robes to Grimauld place before they set off towards Swiftshot's.

Mr. Swiftshot was delighted to see them again and only too pleased to take the picture of the twins against the background of a Quidditch Pitch. The process fascinated Dudley and amazed Petunia, so they had a picture of the two of them taken as well, the background they chose was the park at Spinners End where Petunia had played with her sister as a child. Once the two pictures had been taken the photographer took the fresh images back into the shop and laid them on the counter. The twins picked a frame and the image was wrapped for them to take to St Mungo's the next day. There were two copies of Petunia and Dudley's picture, they picked a frame for each and Mr. Swiftshot parcelled them up too. He then produced the Album of wedding photo's and proudly turned the pages so Harry and Ginny could view each image, the others moved to the back of the shop near the window, allowing the couple a little privacy so they could see them first. The pictures were fantastic, neither of them had noticed the photographer taking photographs before and during the service, a few of them were to be published in the Quibbler that week, along with the official report of the day, Mr. Swiftshot told them which images had been selected. He continued to turn the pages, but when he reached the one of the binding, he paused before he showed them the next pictures.

“I must confess, that I am puzzled by one of the next pictures though Mr. And Mrs. Potter, I feel it only fair to warn you before I show you them, they should be almost identical, but one is not at all what I expected, I am unsure how to explain it or if the image will be acceptable, I leave that to you.” He turned the page of the album and indicated one of the two images it contained.

Harry looked at the picture, and drew in his breath “Its them.” he gasped.

Ginny was staring at the picture in disbelief “Oh my word, Harry, they were with us after all my love.” She grasped his arm tightly in hers.

“Who were?” asked Molly coming over to them puzzled as tears began to fall down Harry's cheeks.

She looked at the picture; it was one of two taken when the Stag and Doe had posed unexpectedly with the couple. The first showed what everyone had seen, but the second was the one that drew attention from them. Harry and Ginny were stood in the spot between where the Deer should have been; only there was no Stag and no Doe. Either side of the Happy couple stood two obviously proud figures, glowing gently. “That's impossible, how on earth?” she exclaimed.

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Moneyer: This was the name of the crafts men authorized to make coins. Each community would have it's own moneyer making coins from solid silver (in the U.K.) to designs authorized by the King. The coins were made by first making the dies, two of them by using a scribe like tool struck by a hammer to make indentations in the metal face of the die. There were two dies for each coin, one for each side of the coin. One die was set in the centre of a large tree trunk, which was cut down to a working height; the other die was left loose. A Blank disk of solid silver was placed on top of the set die, the silver disk weighing a set amount, a collar was then slid over that die and the second die dropped into place. The top die was then struck sharply with a hammer one time and then the top die and the collar were then removed and the newly minted coin revealed. This coin was a penny, it had a large spending power, so if the value of the goods was half the value of the penny it was simply cut into two, or if the value was a quarter then the coin was cut into four, or Forth things as they were called, hence the name of the old coin Farthing. Moneyers also made jewellery from both silver and Gold.

A Cordwainer is a skilled leather worker, who would design and make anything made of leather especially shoes. The trade is separate and distinct from that of a cobbler, which is simply a repairer of leather goods. The distinction was jealously guarded, a Cordwainer could repair goods, but usually would not do so. A cobbler was not allowed to make anything from leather, though they could train to become a Cordwainer if they wished. The penalty for a cobbler doing a Cordwainer's work was extremely severe. Shoes were made to measure, to get the correct size the customer would stand on a piece of leather and what would become the sole of the shoe would be cut out around the bare feet. The style of shoe would then be chosen depending on the wealth of the customer, leather was an expensive commodity, it would have been processed many times between animal and shoe, including tanning. So shoes were another status symbol, the more leather in them, the wealthier the wearer. Cordwainer's Guilds still exist in London and York.

This story will have no Malfoy's or Prewitt's in it as both names are French in origin and no record is known of either name (yes there really are Malfoy's in existence) in the UK. Prior to 1066 when members of both families are known to have been nobles in the Norman invading army. This does not mean that neither family could have been resident in Britain prior to that date, simply that we have no evidence to show that they were, I have therefore erred on the side of caution in this case, despite the adage that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. There are, however some Norse or Anglo Saxon versions of some familiar names in this and future chapters, where the modern version is known to have derived from an earlier version, or where a name matches a trade name known to have been adopted as a family name and the modern version is derived from that trade's ancient title.

Hvitsby literally translates as whites farm, now Whitby, a coastal town in north Yorkshire. Hvitsby was whites farm (the meaning of by). There is much information about this town in my other story (Harry Potter and the Essence of Revenge: chapter “Whitby”), however we have an additional piece of information in this chapter. Oswy, Saxon King of Northumbria, founded the abbey at Whitby in AD 657 on the site of a Roman signal station. He appointed the niece of the first Christian king of Northumbria the first Abbess. The Abbey was a double monastery; it had one part for Nuns and another for Monks. In 654 AD the abbey was the site of the Synod of Whitby and many important church figures from the Christian world attended and the Northumbrian church was reconciled with Rome and the formula for deciding when to celebrate Easter was decided. By the Ninth century the abbey was abandoned, though the site remained important for Christians as the faith spread it's influence in the south. It was reformed in 1078 as an Abbey inhabited by monks until it was finally dissolved in the reign of Henry the Eighth (the King who famously had six wives). The ruins of the Abbey still stand high above the town.

In the 10th Century the old faiths had practically been eradicated in most of the country and the churches influence and control over the rulers of the nation was reaching it's strongest point, solidified by the Norman invasion in the Eleventh century, however this story takes place nearly one hundred years before that and the Norse still had influence in Scotland and Northumbria, though their grip was slowly slipping, these two Kingdoms were a hybrid of the two faiths which until the latter part of the century had coexisted through necessity, though not always happily. It is in this period I have placed Utred and the foundation of the school, approx 1000 years before Harry entered the school.

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