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Comatose by No_oneKnows

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 29,458
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, AU, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Draco, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 01/30/2009
Last Chapter: 09/16/2012
Last Updated: 09/16/2012


Selene Roster comes from the time of the Marauders, Lily Evans and Severus 'Snivelly' Snape. What happens when she awakes from her twenty year coma, young, teenage-like– courtesy of Dumbledore - & coming back to Hogwarts?
“Potter... Potter... POTTER?!” Lily and James? Oh dear fudging Godzilla, what else did I miss out on?

Chapter 6: Bat Cross Moles

6. Bat Cross Moles

Even after a week, I still hadn't set Sirius on one of my blood chilling, bone curling  ‘scared-to-death-worthy' tasks. He enraged me so much that I didn't bother talking to him, thinking about him nor looking at him.

I got to know the Weasley family much more, ignoring any comments made from Sirius much to his irritation. To be honest, I was gleeful that he was annoyed at me. I take delight in his suffering.

“Last I heard, the Falcons were last on the ladder,” Bill said over the table during breakfast. We were talking about the Quidditch. Oh, I miss playing for school. I used to play as a beater. But I couldn’t anymore. Being unconscious for twenty years had reduced my little muscles to little nothings.

“I heard the Bombers were,” my brows furrowed. I'm 100 million percent sure that they are.

“That was twenty years ago. Merlin, catch up,” I heard Sirius mutter from the end of the table as he played with his food.

I raised my eyebrow and continued talking to Bill. “But Krum hasn't been playing as good as I’d hoped.” Krum was a new star for me. One that wasn't even good looking.

Hermione let out a little giggle and we all turned to look at her. She immediately looked down at the table again and I could see a pinkish colour start to rise in her cheeks. Don't tell me she's another one of those swooning loonies who think Krum's hot. Ew, just ew.

“Hermione used to have a thing with him,” Ron muttered stiffly, his face dark.

 I blinked at him before rounding onto Hermione. WHAT?! A thing? With a famous Quidditch player? Especially that Quidditch player? My eyes were wide as I stared at her in awe. She's one special girl.

I looked at her stunned as she continued looking down at the table bashfully. Ooh, interesting things do happen then.

“Come on kids,” Mrs. Weasley appeared behind me. Don't call me 'kid'... I'm not a kid! I'm almost as old as you! Gr. “Get ready. We're going down to Diagon Alley to get everyone presents!” DIAGON ALLEY! I was grinning madly. Mrs. Weasley certainly was enthusiastic, though. Good luck lady, a couple days before Christmas and we're getting presents from Diagon Alley? Really, you need it.

I heard Sirius snort as he saw me walking down, no doubt making fun at my Bombers sweater. He hated the Bombers. Jaws tight, I focused on putting my shoes on. Once I was done, I couldn't help but notice him look at the others with a longing. Feeling satisfied once again, I walked past him, slapping him hard across the back of the head.

He let out a little yelp and rubbed his head where it hurt. Everyone turned to look and five seconds after, I turned to look at Sirius innocently.

Sirius looked at the others, still rubbing the back of his head and shook it roughly, eyes watering with a bit of pain. The others got back to putting their shoes on.

I cast him a sickly sweet smile, twirling the ends of my hair with my finger. His eyes narrowed at me and I smiled even more widely. Take that Black.

Just as I put my foot forward, I went flying to the floor. Damn you Black. Yes, I felt his foot make contact with my shin. Yes, I could feel his sickening smirk as I leant forward. No, I couldn't stop myself. I wasn’t a magician who could stop gravity! Wait... maybe I am. But still, I couldn't.

I landed face first on to the hard, polished floor, my nose feeling wet and sticky and peppery.

“Merlin, Selene! Are you okay?” Sirius – I'm betting one million galleons – forced a voice of concern as he crouched down next to me, back towards the others and his infamously proud smirk on his face.

“Merlin, Selene!” Hermione squealed as I lifted my face off of the ground. I gritted my teeth as the others goggled at me, shocked. So what if my face was covered in blood? It's not like you've never seen blood before!! Blimey Merlin, I bloody hate you Black and your sadistic, brutal, smug smile.

“Look, I'll look after her. She's in no condition to go out in the cold. You guys go ahead without her,” Sirius' smile was at least twenty inches wide.

 "I think he's right,” Mrs. Weasley said before I could even open my mouth. She pulled Ginny towards the door. Hello? Magic? Fix me up! Please? Anything but staying here!

“Bu-” I wiped the blood off of my face and Sirius shook his head at me sickly, still grinning.

“You're going to be late, Molly. Christmas is always a crowded time in Diagon Alley. I'll look after her,” I HATE YOU SIRIUS FUDGING BLACK! He turned to look at Mrs. Weasley, holding me by the arm. I yanked it out of his grip and sniffed. Holy Merlin’s pants, it hurt! Pain, pain, pain! I groaned, pinching the ridge of my nose tightly as the blood dripped into my lips.

The others were staring, horrified. I whimpered and ran out of the room, still holding on to my nose. I scurried towards the closest sink that was in the kitchen and unwounded the tap.

As soon as I heard the door shut, Sirius' roaring laughter ran through the whole bloody house.

I snorted out the blood, washing it as Sirius' laughter came louder and louder into the room. Ooh, you think you can just... MESS WITH ME? I couldn't help but take a second glance at the butcher knife to the side of me.

I chanced a short glance back at Sirius who was doubled over - one hand over his stomach the other on the table – and smirked. I wiped away the moistness off my face with some paper towels and sneakily took out my wand from my back pocket. I looked back to Sirius once again and with stiff movements of my wrist, brought the knife levitating. I smiled evilly and without warning, pivoted on the spot and sent it flying towards him.

Fortunately for that prick, he looked up at me at just the moment the knife left my wand's control. His eyes widened and he managed to flick his wand and pointed the knife elsewhere, where it stuck into the wall with a boing.

He immediately stopped laughing and we glared at each other, eyes narrowing with every second and fingers twitching around our wands.

I raised an eyebrow at him and the corner of his mouth lifted slightly. Just like first year, our first ever duel. Oh, to relive it.

Just as I was about to open my mouth and send him hanging upside down, an owl pecked at the window, startling me as well as allowing Sirius to send me hanging upside down. Goddamn it. Why, oh why, am I so unlucky? It's not like I've seen a black cat anytime lately. Maybe there's a cat in here right now... and it’s watching my every move... Oh I hate cats.

Sirius laughed again, leaving me hanging there, trying to grope for my wand as my beanie fell slowly to the floor.

“Get. Me. Down!” I ordered him, watching with disdain as he walked slowly towards the window, laughing as he untied a letter from the owl's right leg.

“Dear Ms. Roster,” he read aloud, his overly triumphant grin pissing a load from me, “We have received intelligence that a charm was conducted at an unknown place of residence this morning at eight minutes until eleven. - Oh, Roster, you're in for it now,” he looked up at me before returning back to the letter. “As you know, underage witch and wizards,” - UNDERAGE WIZARD?!  - “are not permitted to perform spells outside school, and further spellwork on your part may lead to expulsion from said school. Oh, how nice, they put in a little 'Merry Christmas' as well.”

 I goggled at him. I'm an underage wizard?

“Sirius, have I ever told you I loved you?” It was pure anguish to force that lie out of myself but if I were to storm up to him and strangle him with my bare hands, it would have to do. Oh how badly I wanted to wring my hands around his neck, inflating his head even more until it bursts like a balloon.

“Hm, I think you have.” Sirius cocked his head upside down so he could look at me the way I was looking at him.

I grimaced, Please, please, please, help. The blood clogging at the top of my head isn't good for me! “I have?” That shocked me. No, I never!

He kept his head tilted, a teenage expression on his face. He nodded hastily, fixing his head the right way up and smiling broadly. He rocked on the balls of his feet.

I let my top lip curl. Okay, maybe I did. Once. But that didn't count.

“First time you ever said it,” Sirius said as though it was nothing.

Oh dear Merlin, he can't be serious? Why did that have to be a pun?

“Well,” I gulped, seriously uncomfortable from hanging upside down. I mean, it’s not the most comfortable thing to be doing in the world. “You know how deluded kids can be. Now let me down.”

“Only if you'll talk to me again,” he said quickly, tapping his wand against his opposite palm. Okay.

 I nodded hastily and he smiled broadly. He muttered another word and I found myself falling to the floor. Determined not to let my nose take the beating, I pushed my hands in front of me. I instantly rolled on to my back, glaring at Sirius' upside down buoyant face.

He held out his hand so he could help me up.

“Don't touch me, don't talk to me, and don’t pretend you even exist!” I said angrily, swatting his hand away as I grabbed my beanie and pulled myself up.

“You said you'll talk to me again!” he whined, acting a lot like an annoying little baby/teenager.

“Whatever Black. It seems like Azkaban must've done its job on you,” I muttered dryly, walking towards the lounge room.

He ran up in front of me and stopped me with firm grips on my arms, a dark look on his face. Darker than anything I've ever seen in my life... Except Snape. He was dark... Well, what he wore was dark. Not him. He's as white as a fluffy polar bear.

“I was imprisoned for something I didn't do Roster,” he growled like a dog and I felt a chill run down my back, “for something I would never have even considered, ever. Don't pretend you know what it feels like.”

I glowered at him, jaws tight. For a while he just glared into my eyes and I glared back. Scowling lightly, I pushed past him and walked quickly to the sofa in the drawing room. Wow, Azkaban must've been... crap.

Finding a compulsion to ask more about Lily's death, I had to ask him, “Then who was it?” I tried sending my hate through the statement, but it was nothing more than something light.

The couch creaked as he sat himself down. “Wormtail.”

I thought for a while, Wormtail, Wormtail... Who the hell is Wormtail? “FRANK?!”

Sirius looked at me, a disgusted and confused look on his face. “Pettigrew, Selene, Pettigrew!”

“Oh...” OH! That dumb lump of poop. He wasn't much of an honourable competitor. He was more like a cheap guerilla whose butt stuck out like miles.

I looked out to peeling wallpaper as I thought about her death, Sirius on the other side, no doubt thinking about James'.

“Look, I'm really sorry,” he said after a while of silence. Nice icebreaker.

Oh geez, Black, shut up. “I don't want to talk about,” I said rather stiffly.

“No, really, you need to know how bad I feel.” He was frowning. Cry for me Black, cry!

“I said I don't want to talk about it.”

“There could've been more... To us,” he continued on anyway. I gritted my teeth and tears stung at my eyes. Yes, there could've been more. Much more. “Maybe things would be different…” he trailed off, his eyes still staring unfocusedly at the wall, “I didn't mean for it to happen.”

 kept my jaws tight together, staring at the blackness of the grime covering the wall. He didn't know.

“Are you crying?” he asked and I blinked, blurriness starting to take away my vision. No, Black, there's just a whole load of tears in my eyes. “Why are you crying?”

I turned my head sharply to him; he has a right to know... And he has that right to feel much, much guiltier than he already was.

“Because Black,” I emphasised each word, the anger within me causing me to tremble. I took a deep breath before opening my mouth again. I hissed, voice low but sharp, “I was late for my periods, Black. You knocked me up.” I couldn't help but spit out each word and the horrified look on his face was more than I could handle.

The words kept coming out as well as the overflowing tears, “Congratulations, Sirius, you managed to murder your own baby.” I wiped at my cheeks, “You deserved to go to Azkaban.”

There was no way in hell I would not have kept it. I wanted my baby. But he took it away from me so brutally.

He looked at me, an unbelievable, aghast look on his face. His mouth was hanging open but his eyes were deplored. He was waiting for me to say something like: “I was joking you prick!” But I didn't. No, you're in for it now Black.

“You should've told me!” he shouted, his face turning into bitter resentment.

He was blaming me? ME?! Oh, hell, he's definitely in for it.

“YOU'RE BLAMING THIS ON ME?!” I shrieked, getting to my feet, “ME?! I WOULD'VE TOLD YOU IF YOU'D GIVEN ME ANOTHER NIGHT!” I was heaving as Sirius got to his feet as well.

“WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!” He was hysteric. He's CRAZY! BLOODY FREAK! Why the hell didn't I tell you? BECAUSE I WAS IN DETENTION! THE SAME DETENTION THAT YOU BAILED OUT ON, LEAVING ME ALONE WITH THE FREAKS OF '78! Didn't really give me a chance, did you, you bloody ray of bleeding sunshine?

Okay, I didn't say that. Instead, I decided not to answer him. A. Because I was tired and B. Just thinking of belting that sentence out at him got my throat sore.

Sirius' breathing was heavy as he panted, out of breath – already – while I tensed my legs, getting ready to pounce at him if need be.

“You're a murderer,” I hissed cruelly and he blinked. The words penetrated his thick line of defence, i.e. his head. His eyes were moist as he looked at me, hurt. This shouldn't be a time for me to be laughing, but he was going to cry, and never in my life have I seen this man cry, and when he does, I wouldn't be able to stop myself.

I shoved at him, hard, in an attempt to make him cry. So, I was acting like a five-year-old brat, heck I'm only, what, eleven years more than five?

He blinked again but he didn't cry.

I shoved him again and he took a step back, grunting. His face was back to irk and I ran. I ran up the stairs, screaming as Sirius Black chased after me.

Something screamed after I screamed and I screamed again. What the hell was that?

“TAKE THAT BACK, ROSTER!” Sirius yelled as I continued screaming. So we're both acting like bloody five year old prats. I don't know how I would've managed looking after a baby. Maybe things happen for a reason after all.

I screamed louder as I went past a grotesque painting of a woman, screaming. Oh dear fuzz, what the fudge is that? Honestly. It's a woman, definitely. But it appeared to be like some sort of loony veela who had problems in her head. Something like my dear grand-mama as well.

“FILTHY BLOOD TRAITORS!” The picture screamed, eyes wide. Yes, a lot like my grand-bloody-muggle-hater-mother.

I stopped dead in my tracks as one of the most ugliest of house elves stood at the doorway of the toilet. After blinking a few times at each other, I screamed again, turning back the other way, where, most unfortunately, Sirius was. I ran straight into him – him grunting stupidly - and we both went tumbling down the stairs. I screeched into his ear while he tried to yell at me to shut up. He failed most miserably.

We reached the bottom of the stars with a thud, Sirius groaning as I continued to screech.

“SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!” he roared, shaking me by the shoulders like some rag doll.

My scream turned to shaky vibrating sounds as he shook me. Okay, calm down! Sheesh.

“Le-e-t go,” I tried saying with utmost hate. I pushed against his chest and he immediately let go. I pushed his leg aggressively off of mine and go to my feet. I brushed myself down and fixed my hair before stepping on his fingers.

My eyes went wide as I saw the house elf at the top of the stairs. His large, round eyes observing me carefully. It was scary... eerie, freaky, spooky, whatever.

I took a step back, looking at it fearfully.

“What the hell is that?” I pointed at it.

“Oh, well, let me just see. Oh, I don't know, an house elf, maybe?” Sirius replied as he got to his feet. Well, duh. But why does it look like some kind of bat cross mole with two watermelons as eyes?

The house elf shuddered with what looks to be... disgust? I don't know. Buddy, I would shudder just looking at him. He sulked away, leaving a trail of make-believe goo on the ground. Ew. At least he was staying on his level of the house.

“Look,” Sirius said assertively, holding on to my arms tightly to prevent any attempts of hitting him, “Let's just get this straight. I wasn't trying to kill you. I missed out on most of my life just like you, but I was rotting away in Azkaban, so that's worse than being in a bloody coma. Now, would you bloody forgive me already?”

I glowered at him, turning my body right and left in an attempt to release myself from his grip. His hands only clenched even more tightly around my arms and I gave up. Why do I give up so easily? Ugh.

“Selene,” he said firmly as he kept me still, “I'm doing my best here.”

I puffed my cheeks out and kept my jaw tight together.

“It's been twenty years, just move on.” AND THAT WAS THE PROBLEM! It hadn’t been twenty years for me.

I looked into his eyes and couldn't help but notice the hopefulness in them. Oh, I'm seriously going to burst his bubble with a pin.

My jaw tight and my eyes shooting a laser beam so powerful that if I stared at him for at least five minutes, his eyes would drop out with a 'plop'.

I answered: “No.” and his whole body moved swiftly towards me, and his grip tightened a million times over and his lips crashed onto mine.

...What in the world?              


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