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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne

Format: Novel
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 42,355
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Ron, Snape, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Ron/OC

First Published: 08/21/2007
Last Chapter: 02/08/2012
Last Updated: 02/08/2012


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Being a vampire comes with many problems. she just didn't think love would be one of them. trapped between two unlikely loves she has few friends to guide her and a trusted potions master to help her through it all.


Chapter 8: Formal introduction to Draco

A/N: hello everybody, we're sorry about the long wait, but work and other things have kept us busy. But to make it up to you all we have written a long chapter for you :-) so hope you enjoy and let us know what you think.

“What I want to know Dumbledore is why you have brought a student into this school without consulting the ministry first! It is halfway through the school year why is she arriving now?”

Umbridge said although calmly there was a hint of anger spreading quickly over her face, and it was evident that Dumbledore’s recent addition to the school wasn’t going down too well with her.


“what I do with this school is of no concern with the ministry, I will run my school the way I see fit and how I feel is the most beneficial for my students” Dumbledore said serenely as though he were talking to a familiar friend, this seemed to irritate Umbridge more and she seemed to huff angrily


“Cornelius has appointed me to …”


“I know very well what Cornelius has ordered you to do but you do not have the power to decline or remove students or teachers from this school, the young girl was in need of an education and I have seen fit to give her a place at this school”


“She is a half-breed!” Umbridge spat slamming her fist onto Dumbledore’s desk


“She is still a witch and is of no danger to my students, if I thought for a second that she could endanger the students of this school I would not have let her come!”


Letting out a small angry breath Umbridge removed her hand from Dumbledore’s desk and placed it by her side clenching it and unclenching it as though trying to calm herself down.


“The minister will not like this”


“the minister has no place interfering in Hogwarts” Dumbledore said placing the tips of his fingers together so they formed an arch as he lent back and assumed a casual position.


“It won’t be long before the ministry have removed you from Hogwarts” and with one last fleeting glance at Dumbledore she strode from the room slamming the door behind her.


Giving a sigh Dumbledore leant forward and addressed a portrait just to the right of his chair.


“I need to see Severus”


The person in the portrait left his picture coming back a few minutes later to say that Severus was on his way. A further ten more minutes and Dumbledore was looking up at Severus from his seat at his desk


“Umbridge is on the warpath”


Severus nodded


“I need you to look after Lucida; she doesn’t know how to deal with the hate that Dolores is able to give”


“She shouldn’t have to go through it at all Albus” Severus said


“I know that Severus but there are some people like Dolores who can’t look past the condition and see the beauty within, they instantly imagine the worst and stick to that assumption.”


He rubbed a hand over his tired face as Severus took a seat in front of the old headmaster


“She shouldn’t have to go through this, she’s so young” Severus admitted “she shouldn’t have to face all of this so early on in her life, she’s not strong enough to do this alone”


“Which is why she needs someone to be strong for her” he leant forward in his chair surveying Severus with his sparkling blue eyes


“She needs you Severus, she’s relying on you”


Severus nodded


“She’s become attached to you Severus, she seems to trust you more then anyone else. I do not want you to lose that connection”


“I don’t want to lose it either” Severus found himself saying before he could stop himself “I’ve become fond of her, I want to protect her from harm from people who discriminate against our kind”


“Then do that Severus”


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


“Hagrid seems happier and more comfortable than when Umbridge is in his lessons” Harry said


“Yeah …I know I’m actually having fun” Ron said quietly, quickly looking to see if Hagrid was nearby


“I agree, that toad isn’t around to spoil our fun” Lucida smiled causing Ron to laugh, Harry and Hermione had equal smirks on their faces


“So what do you think of the …twig… looking thing then?” Harry asked them


“It’s not a twig looking thing it’s a…” Hermione started before she stopped slightly annoyed that she couldn’t remember the name of the animal


“Is the name really that important?” she asked angrily


Lucida laughed and Hermione turned to glare at her


“Sorry” Lucida said looking down a smirk playing across her pale face, Ron nudged her and they started giggling


“Oh seriously!” Hermione spluttered at them as she put her book next to her


“So what do you think the twig thing looks like?” Harry asked as he picked up the sheet they were all to fill in together


“A twig?” Ron suggested suppressing a giggle


“A stick?” Lucida burst out laughing, she held onto her side as though it was hurting to laugh, but

She laughed harder causing Ron to break out in fits of giggles


“I think I prefer a stick” Harry laughed as he wrote down the answer


“And…” Harry began reading off the sheet “how does it feel?”


“I dunno…Twiggy” Ron barely got the last word out before he giggled, Hermione shook her head at him but she too was laughing


“St…st…sticky” Lucida managed through loud laughs


“Sticky?…oh I get it!” and Ron laughed loudly nudging Lucida again and they collapsed in giggles.


The Slytherins all turned to glare at them


“They’re so immature” Pansy tutted


“Yeah… they are” Draco said slowly looking at Lucida


At the end of the lesson Draco, Goyle, Crabbe and Pansy outside the care of magical creatures class around a tree by the forbidden forest waiting for the other Slytherins. They were laughing and whispering together, when Harry, Hermione, Ron and Lucida walked out of the class.


When they caught sight of Harry and that, they turned to face them


“Well, well if it isn’t Potty, the mudblood and weasel.” Draco laughed


Hermione whispered, “Ignore them”


 Pansy said looking at Lucida “well if it isn’t weasel’s girlfriend”


“Weasel? Have a girlfriend?” Draco laughed


Lucida shot a dirty look at Draco


“Has she looked at weasel properly?” Pansy asked laughing


“Shut up Pansy, you ugly pug faced cow!” Lucida said angrily


“What did you say?” Pansy said viciously the smile wiped from her face


“You heard what I said” Lucida put her face closer to Pansy


“Get away from mine” Pansy backed away, so she was about a foot away from the tree behind her


“Why what you going to do? Punch me?” and Lucida laughed


“Yeah” Pansy said and she swung her fist at Lucida, Lucida grabbed hold of Pansy’s fist, twisted it behind her back and turned and pushed her face first onto the tree, Pansy let out a whimper as Lucida held her against the tree


Harry, Hermione, Ron all gasped and looked at Lucida as if they had not seen her before


Draco, Crabbe and Goyle were cracking there knuckles ready to interfere if it carried on or got too violent, although they had shocked, frightened looks on there faces.


“Now that was a stupid thing to do wasn’t it?” Lucida said


Pansy started to sob


“Wasn’t it!”  Lucida said loudly pushing Pansy’s arm further up her back


“Yes, yes it is” Pansy shouted still sobbing


“Snapes not here to protect you now is he?”


Pansy shook her head


“And you’re sorry for what you said to Harry, Ron and Hermione”


“I’m sorry”


“Good” and she let go of Pansy who turned around and cradled her arm; she then put her hand to her face and found that her cheek was cut


“She cut my cheek Draco, do you see? She made me bleed!”


Lucida looked at Pansy’s cheek; she saw the blood trickling down Pansy’s face.


She could smell the blood, she could taste it in the air, and it made her hungry. She started to moan in pain as her face felt like it was changing


Hermione looked at Lucida “Ron, Harry we need to take her to Snape now!” she shouted at Harry and Ron


They grabbed Lucida’s arms and started to drag her back towards the castle, they went down the dungeons and Ron and Harry sat Lucida down on the floor outside Snapes classroom. Hermione burst into the classroom shouting “professor Snape!”


“Miss Granger that is no way to come into my room that will be 10 points from…” Snape started


“Sir it’s Lucida!”


“Where is she?” he said standing up quickly


“She’s outside


Snape turned to his class of first years and sneered “I’ll be back in five minutes and you better continue working” he then rushed outside and bent down next to Lucida and put his hand on her forehead, as though checking her temperature.


“What happened?” he asked, looking at Lucida’s face it was really pale, and she was sweating


“She was arguing with Pansy and somehow Pansy’s cheek got cut, then … then Lucida’s face, it just went strange and she looked hungrily at Pansy as though she was going to bite her or something” Hermione said rashly.


“I couldn’t stop Severus! I couldn’t stop myself … I …” Lucida stammered


“Shh” Snape said calmly and gently “don’t worry its all part of your transformation you’ll learn to control it soon”


“I just got so hungry” Lucida said, “When I saw the blood, it made me hungry”


“It’s because you haven’t been eating Lucida, and I know you don’t like it but you have to drink it … now I have something which will ease your hunger” and he brandished a bag from his pocket, which was full of red lollipops, Lucida took one and put it in her mouth.


“They’re blood flavoured … I think its best if you stay in the dungeons with me for your lessons and the hospital wing at night just for a couple of weeks just till you can control it ok?”


Lucida nodded as Snape helped her off the floor and Lucida walked into Snapes classroom


Snape turned to Hermione, Ron and Harry “you’ve done the right thing in bringing her to me, and I’m going to need you to bring me work from all her lessons so she doesn’t miss out on school work, Hermione if you can do that as you’re in everyone of her classes”


Hermione nodded


Snape smile then turned to Harry “and don’t forget that you have your Occlumency lesson tonight” and he walked into his classroom


Harry, Ron and Hermione walked off down the corridor


Harry turned to the others “have you ever heard Snape talk to someone, that nicely?”


“No I haven’t, do you think his ill?” Ron said


“No his not ill, he just cares a lot for Lucida” Hermione said


“Why?” Ron asked


“Because Lucida reminds him of himself when he was younger”


“But how? She doesn’t have slimy hair or a hook nose” Ron said, “She’s pretty, not ugly”


“No not of how he looks, but of him when he got bitten by a bat and had to deal with transforming into a vampire by himself”


*          *          *          *          *          *          *         


Lucida made her way down to Snapes office for her second day of staying in there through her lessons.


She walked into the room without knocking and sat down on a desk. She looked up at Snape who was talking to Draco Malfoy.


“Isolation Draco for three days!”


“But sir!” Draco protested


“No Draco, you shouldn’t have punched those Ravenclaws should you?”


“But sir they walked into my fist!”


“Pathetic excuse, I already have something to deal with today Draco” and Snape looked at Lucida, Draco also turned around too


Snape stood up and said, “You are both to stay in here, I have to get back to class” and he left


Draco looked at Lucida and then turned back to the door and made to walk out of it


“Where are you going?” Lucida asked


“I’m going for a walk, what does it look like I’m doing?” Draco said


“You can’t”


Draco opened the door and looked at her “either come with me or not I don’t care”


Lucida crossed her arms and looked at him an eyebrow raised


“Fine ill stay here” he said slamming the door and sitting down next to her


“Oh my god I didn’t know that you’re a goody goody” Draco moaned at her “no wonder you with Weasel”


“That’s not nice; don’t call him a Weasel, besides I'm not with him”


Draco raised his eyebrows at her “that’s not what I've heard”


“Actually I’m not I think I would know a bit better then those people would, I’m not going out with him, were just friends, I … hang on a minute why am I telling you this? I don’t even know you”


“Fine don’t tell me,” Draco said leaning back on the chair and putting his feet on the table


“Why would you care anyway? Why do you want to know?” she asked curiously


Draco sighed and looked at her “I don’t, I just wanted to cause trouble because I don’t like the little g…him” he said with a small smile at her


Lucida glared at him


“And it looks like I’m not going to like you either” he sighed again


“Fine!” Lucida also leaned back on her chair and put her feet on the table “even if I was going out with him, he’s a better choice, then that pug-faced cow you’re going out with”


“You take that back” Draco said taking his feet off the table and sitting up straight again


“I take it I’ve hit a nerve” Lucida smiled raising an eyebrow at him again


“She’s not pug-faced”


“Then why does she have the nose of a pug?” Lucida asked him


Draco glared at her


“What? You insult my friends, so I can insult yours” she smiled


“That’s just nasty” he leant back on his chair again


“I’m not the only one who can be nasty Draco” Lucida said looking at him


“I guess I will like you after all,” Draco said smiling at her


Lucida smiled at him. They quickly sat down normally when they heard the door open and Snape walked in


“Draco, I can’t think of anything to punish you with yet, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow”


“What at the end of school sir?” Draco asked


“Oh very funny Draco, ill see you tomorrow at 8:30 am sharp, and Lucida off you go to the hospital wing, ill see you tomorrow at 9:00 am sharp”


Draco and Lucida left the office together


“That’s not fair that you get to be there at nine when I have to be there at eight thirty” Draco moaned


Lucida poked her tongue out at him and said “you’re just going to miss that half an hour you don’t see me”


“As if” Draco said grinning at her, she grinned back and they both left in opposite directions



The next day, Lucida walked into Snapes Classroom and saw Draco sitting at a desk looking

Thoroughly bored. She smiled at him and turned to Snape, she took the lollipop she had in her mouth out “hyena sir” she smiled at him


“Hi Lucida” Snape said smiling at her, she put the lollipop back in her mouth and sat down next to Draco


“Did you miss me?” she asked Draco, finishing her lollipop and throwing the stick into the bin next to Snapes desk


“What?” he scoffed


“Did you miss me?” she repeated


“Please, as if I’ll miss you” Draco said laughing at her


“I bet you did” Lucida turned to look at him leaning forwards on the desk


“Did you want me to miss you?” he asked smiling as he leant forward too


Lucida grinned at him and he reached into his pocket and took a sweet out of it, he then offered Lucida one and she took it.


Snape stood up and said, “I would like you two to clean my ingredients cupboard out, throw out anything that looks as if it should be thrown out


“But sir how will we know?” Draco asked standing up and walking over to the cupboard, Lucida following him


“You’re my top student figure it out” and Snape left the room


“Ooooo top student are you?” Lucida asked mocking him as they entered the cupboard


“Shut up” Draco said


“Or what Malfoy you’ll shame me with your good grades?” and she laughed at him


“I mean it” Draco said laughing


“Oh no now I’m really scared” and she pretended to bite her nails in fear


“Ill attack you with the contents of this jar” Draco said smiling as he waved the contents of a jar at her


Lucida laughed as she grabbed his arms to stop him pouring the contents of it over her


He laughed and threw the jar into the rubbish bag “I wouldn’t get you anyway”


“Only because you’re scared” Lucida muttered


Draco looked at her and raised his eyebrows at her; Lucida poked her tongue out at him and smiled innocently.


Draco shook his head smiling and reached out for a jar in front of him.


Lucida turned to face him and said, “What’s this?” waving a jar of what seemed to be a pickled animal in his face


“Eww! Get it away” Draco said quickly moving out of the way


Lucida smiled at him and went back to clearing the jars on the bottom shelf


Lucida suddenly screamed and jumped backwards into Draco’s arms she turned to face him, as if she were hugging him, and buried her head in his chest, he held onto her


“What is it?” he asked


“Spider” she stammered


Draco laughed as the spider ran off up the wall and into a shadow


Lucida peered around and saw that the spider had vanished, she looked up at Draco and they stared at each other for a few moments, they pulled away slowly still looking at each other


“Back to cleaning,” Draco said slowly laughing to himself


“Yeah “ Lucida muttered she was the first to break the eye contact.


Draco reached for a jar and pulled it from the shelf not realising it didn’t have a lid on it, the contents of it dropped all down Lucida’s head


Lucida stood up screaming as it started to trickle down her neck


“Eww get it out get it out!” Lucida said loudly


“Ok, ok turn around” Draco said and Lucida did, he started to get the contents of the jar out of her hair when Snape walked in to check upon them, he looked at Draco stroking Lucida’s hair and raised his eyebrows.


“I hope I’m not interrupting anything Mr Malfoy?” he drawled


Draco turned around still clutching hold of Lucida’s hair, dragging her with him


“Ow, ow, ow!” Lucida said loudly as Draco pulled her


“How romantic” Snape drawled


“No sir that’s not how it looks!” Draco protested “I dropped a jar of stuff down her and it won’t come out”


Snape withdrew his wand and muttered something immediately the contents of the jar were removed from Lucida’s hair and robes.


Snape looked at them and then around the room


“You haven’t cleaned enough I see” he said slowly “you’ll have to finish tomorrow, but for now you will go back into my office, Hermione is bringing homework for you to do Lucida after you

Have lunch” Lucida nodded and exited the cupboard and sat down at the desk she was sitting at earlier, Draco following and sitting back down too.


It was now lunch and professor Snape had arranged for a couple of house-elves to bring Draco and Lucida’s lunch to them.


“Could you of been more rude to them?” Lucida hissed at Draco as the house-elves left


Draco merely shrugged and started to eat his lunch


“That’s not nice, what makes you think that you’re more superior then them?” she said glaring at him


“Because I am” he scoffed “it’s only a house-elf what’s the big deal anyway?”


“It is a huge deal; you think that everything that’s a creature is below you”


“Well yeah” he said looking at her


“You are just like Umbridge, that foul useless woman who hates all creatures and she hates anything or anyone who’s a half-breed”


“Well she might have good reason too; I know I don’t really like half-breed”


Lucida glared at him “you don’t like half-breeds? Are they below you too?” she started to hiss angrily at him


Draco looked at her angry face and said, “I didn’t say I didn’t like them, it’s just… I haven’t met any decent ones yet alright?”


Lucida looked at him again and then started to eat her lunch


Draco looked at her and saw that she wasn’t as angry as she was, why was she getting all up tight about all this? He thought to himself


Lucida looked up to find him staring at her “why are you staring at me?” she asked


Draco quickly put his hand forward to her hair and said “you’ve got something in your hair”


“But Snape got everything out of my hair” she said


“Um yeah well” he said moving his hand away and coughing


They sat there eating the rest of their lunch in silence.


Before they knew it, it was their last lesson and Lucida was doing her homework, with Draco helping her, Hermione had brought it with her at the start of last lesson, glaring at Draco as she passed it to Lucida.


Lucida chewed on the end of her quill as she tried to work out the answer to the question she was on.


Draco sighed and rolled his eyes, grabbing the piece of paper off of her and looked at it


“What are you doing?” she said


“You have been sitting for around ten minutes staring at that question, it was bugging me”


“Well if you think that you can do better”


“I can do better; I am a top student after all”


Lucida glared at him


“The answer is so obvious” Draco muttered writing on the piece of paper and handing it back to her, Lucida read it and then looked up at Draco


“You’re not as blonde as you look” she said smiling


“You’re just jealous of my good looks”


Lucida raised her eyebrows a him and shook her head at him


“I would be if I saw them”


“Oh please” Draco said laughing “you know I’m better looking then you”


“Yeah right” she scoffed


“Alright then get a mirror” he started to look around and the smile dropped fast from Lucida’s face “where is one” he muttered


“I …I don’t think there is one” she said panicking


Draco looked at her a smile spreading fast across his face “ooooo I bet Snapes a vampire” and he sat back down


“That’s not funny!” she said loudly


“Ooh touchy” Draco said looking at her his eyes wide


“I don’t find that kind of thing funny”


“Alright” and Draco held his hands up “I wont make jokes like that if I know you serious” and

He muttered, “I knew you’d be like that lot, it was just too good to be true”


“What?” Lucida asked


“Nothing, I’m just trying to look for a mirror”


“Can’t you just drop it?”


“No, I just want to show you how beautiful you are”


“What?” Lucida asked shocked


“I’m only joking of course” Draco said with a short laugh


“Oh” and Lucida had a disappointed look on her face


Draco looked at the expression on her face and then tutted “why are girls so touchy about their looks?”


“I dunno why are guys so touchy about their looks?” Lucida asked looking at him


“We’re not,” Draco said glancing at her again


“Then you won’t care about the black mark on your face then”


“Where?” Draco said loudly rubbing his face


Lucida laughed at him and he glared at her


“At least I don’t look like the weasels”


Lucida stopped laughing, “That’s not nice!”


“So there is something going on between you two then?” he said raising his eyebrows at her


“What? We only kissed” Lucida said shrugging


Draco looked at her a shocked look on his face


Lucida smiled “what? You jealous?”


“No” Draco said his voice croaking a bit, although he didn’t fool anyone with his response, they

both knew he was lying.



It was later on in the day and Lucida was sitting in the great hall next to Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny sat opposite them. Lucida was sitting so she was facing the Slytherin table; she noticed that Draco had chosen to sit so he was facing the Gryffindor table.


Lucida was eating her food when Ron said “erm…I don’t want to alarm anyone but why is

Malfoy staring over here?” they all looked up at Draco and saw him staring at Lucida.


“Just ignore him his most probably trying to annoy us,” Hermione said turning back around Harry following suit, Ron and Lucida went back to their dinner although Lucida kept shooting glances at Draco


“What is his problem anyway?” Ron asked, “Why is he staring at Lucida?”


“New meat?” Harry suggested


“Were not at a butchers you know” Ron said


“No…I mean she’s new meat, a new person to pick on”


“Oh I get it now” and Ron turned to Lucida and said; “don’t let that little” and here Ron said a very rude word, which made Hermione go “RON!”


“Well Hermione he is … but if he, tries to mess with you just come tell us and we’ll sort him out”


“Oh your like my little knight in shining armour” Lucida smiled putting her hand on Ron’s arm, Ron immediately went red


“He really is a git isn’t he?” Harry muttered, Ron, Hermione and Ginny nodded their approval


They turned to Lucida “what do you think? You’re forced to sit with him all day”


“I don’t know…he doesn’t seem…he isn’t that bad”


“BLASPHEMY!” Harry shouted pointing at her


Ron stuck his fingers in his ears and said “I’m not listening”


Hermione and Ginny gaped at her


“We are talking about the same Malfoy right?” Ginny asked


“You wait till you know him better, then you’ll see just what a scum bag he really is” Ron said to




A few days passed since Draco had last seen Lucida and he was currently sitting in Snape’s office drumming his fingers on the desk, he sighed heavily and looked at his watch, Snape and Lucida were half and hour late. He stood up and thought that he would have some fun pretending to be Snape so he sat in his chair and faced the window


“Detention Potter for being a big headed snot nosed flobberworm” Draco said impersonating Snape, he laughed to himself, but fell silent when he heard the door opening, he stayed where he was thinking that it was Snape


“Sir?” he heard Lucida’s voice, he didn’t say anything and Lucida continued “I’m sorry I’m late sir, but professor McGonagall wanted to talk to me about my condition, she said that If I drink more then ill be well enough to go back to my lessons and that ill be fine” Lucida stood there waiting for Snape to say something “sir?” Lucida asked when she got no answer.


Draco slowly turned in his seat, Lucida gasped and her eyes filled with tears, she stumbled backwards and then shot off out the door, Draco quickly stood up and followed her shouting



He finally caught up to her outside a large mirror; he grabbed her arm to turn her to face him


“Lucida what’s wrong why are you crying?” he asked


“Don’t you dare repeat anything I said!” she shouted at him


“What?” he asked confused “I didn’t understand any of it”


“Don’t lie to me! … I need you to promise me that you won’t tell anyone”


“Tell them what? I don’t know what you’re on about” he tried explaining to her


Lucida started to calm down and Draco smiled at her, “your face is all red now you should look” and he pointed to the mirror behind her glancing up as he did so


The smile dropped from his face as he saw only him standing there, Lucida seeing the look on his face quickly turned around and got a horrible jolt in her stomach.


She stared at the mirror at where her reflection would be and saw nothing but the wall behind her. She closed her eyes and tears trickled down her face.


“What the hell?” Draco said


Lucida ran off back into the direction of Snapes office crying her eyes out. She burst into the office and grabbed her bag, which she dropped on the table when she thought she was talking to Snape. She grabbed at the bag of lollipops she put next to them, a few falling out onto the desk and she ran back out the room. A while later Draco burst back into it, looking wildly around.


“Lucida?” he called but got no answer, he started to get angry and kicked at the desk leg he slumped himself into the chair at the desk and picked up one of the lollipops, knowing that they were Lucida’s he put it in his mouth. As soon as he tasted it he quickly removed it from his mouth he looked at it a disgusted look on his face.


Just then Snape hurried into the room and seeing Draco’s look and the lollipop he was holding said shocked


“You know”


“Know what sir?” Draco asked


“You can’t tell anyone Draco I mean it! No-ones to know!” Snape started to get angry


What the hell were people on about? Draco thought “I don’t know what you’re on about sir!”

Draco said standing up and walking in front of his potions teacher


“Don’t lie to me Draco” Snape said dangerously


“Seriously sir know what?”


“That she’s a vampire Draco!”


Draco stood there shocked, everything flashed through his head the lollipops, and pale complexion looking like death warmed up, no reflection


Snape stood still his hand over his mouth


“Oh no… you didn’t know…what have I done? …” and he ran from the room, Draco followed him



Lucida ran along the corridor hoping that she would bump into someone from Grimmauld place. She saw Ron ahead of her and ran up to him flinging her arms round him, crying her eyes out.


“Lucida?” he asked confused


“Its terrible Ron, everything’s gone terrible” she started to stammer


“What is it? What’s happened?” he asked looking at her


“He knows, he knows about me being a…” she burst into tears again


“Lucida? Lucida?” Ron grabbed her arms and made her look at him “who knows?”


“Draco” she said slowly


Ron hugged her and said “don’t worry Lucida, I’ll sort it out”


Ron looked up at the sound of footsteps and saw Draco running towards them; Ron immediately put Lucida behind him as though shielding her from him.


“Go away Draco, don’t you come anywhere near her!” Ron shouted at him


“I want to comfort her,” Draco said


“I don’t think so Malfoy; you’re not that kind of person”


“And how would you know?” Draco hissed to him


They were standing close to each other both with angry looks in there faces, as if they’ll like nothing more then to be cursing the other, but before they could cause any type of damage Snape appeared out of nowhere and was talking to Lucida telling her to go back to his office and that it was alright


“Move away from me Weasley!” Draco said loudly


“Make me Malfoy” Ron said standing tall


“Stop it both of you” Snape said


“Think you can take me on Weasel?”


“Don’t make me give you another detention Draco” Snape said dangerously


“Just move out of my way Weasley or I swear that ill make you pay for it!” Draco bellowed anger in his voice


“Will you just leave it!” Lucida shouted, Draco and Ron looked at her


Both boys went back to glaring at each other, Lucida stared at both of them, but suddenly shouted “Draco no!!!” Snape had caught Draco’s arm just in time to stop his fist hitting Ron’s face


“That’s it Draco you’ve just earned yourself another detention!” Snape hissed at him


Draco seemed that he didn’t care


At that moment professor McGonagall came out of her classroom and looked at them all


“I thought Severus that you were meant to be keeping them under control!”


She then turned to Ron and said “and what are you out of lessons for Mr Weasley?”


“An errand for professor Flitwick”


“Well get on with it” and Ron walked off down the corridor


“I’ll take them back now Minerva sorry to have disturbed your class” and Snape walked off holding onto the top of Draco’s robes pushing him down the corridor, Lucida followed next to Snape.


Snape told them both to go into his classroom and they all entered.


He let go of Draco and told them both to sit at the back of the class


“Ignore them class and get back to your potion!” Snape bellowed to the class


Lucida sat down and put her head in her hands, Draco sat down next to her and glared dangerously at the third years staring at them


He then turned back to Lucida and said


“I’m sorry” Draco muttered


Lucida ignored him


“Please talk to me; I said that I’m really sorry”


“No, I don’t want to talk” Lucida said


“Please, look I didn’t know until Snape told me, I swear to you that I didn’t know”


Lucida moved her hands away from her face, her face had pure anger written all over it “who did you say told you?” she said dangerously


“Snape told me …” but he was interrupted by Lucida standing up suddenly her chair falling to the ground with a loud bang, everyone turned towards her


“Lucida please sit down,” Snape said glancing at her over the pile of papers he was marking


“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TOLD HIM SEVERUS!” Lucida shouted at him


The whole class was stunned and watched Snape’s face to see how he would react to someone shouting at him.


He looked at Lucida and stood up “don’t do this here Lucida” he said


“NO!! YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO TELL HIM!” and she stormed out of the classroom, Draco stood up and made as if he was going after her


“SIT DOWN MALFOY!” Snape shouted and he ran after Lucida


He found her leaning on the wall outside his classroom


“Lucida!” he shouted and he stood in front of her


“Get a hold of yourself!”


“Why did you tell him Severus?”


“I thought he knew ok? He found the lollipop”


Lucida looked at him and said quietly “everyone’s going to find out”


“We’re going to have to trust that Malfoy doesn’t tell anyone”


“What am I going to do?”


“I went through this too Lucida, if people know they know ok? Don’t let it bother you”


“But it does Severus, I just think that when people find out they’ll think I’m a freak”


“As long as you know that you’re not a freak, you’re unique and everyone’s just jealous because they’re all the same”


“Now I want you and Draco to go back to my office”


Lucida stormed back into the classroom and grabbed her bag, saying to Draco “were going to

Severus’s office” he picked up his stuff and followed


As Lucida passed Snapes desk he held out the bag of lollipops for her and she snatched them off him and walked out of the room.


When they entered Snapes office Lucida threw her bag down on the floor and kicked a chair over

Draco put his bag down and walked over to Lucida


“Calm down Lucida, it’s not that bad” he said soothingly


“Not that bad?” she said glaring at him “NOT THAT BAD! You know and now everyone will know! I can’t believe that I thought I could keep this all a secret from everyone”


“You have to calm down Lucida” Draco said again


“Everything has got complicated ever since this happened, I can’t think straight anymore, and I hate it! I have to hide it from everyone and I have to make sure no one ever finds out and now someone has and I’m going to get sent away again and then wherever I go their going to find out and I’m just going to keep getting sent away.” she started to say to herself


“Lucida it’s not going to be like that” Draco held onto her arms and looked at her


“I’m going to be a reject for the rest of my life, a social outcast just because I’m a ‘half-breed’” she moved away from him


“You’re not going to be a social outcast”


“But I am what are people’s first reactions when they’re near a vampire? … Oh no cant get to close to her she’s going to bite me!”


Draco looked at her


“There’s all this stupid stereotyping they have on ‘half-breeds’ especially vampires and werewolves, we’re the worst off! Everyone thinks now that all vampires are, are blood sucking creatures who have no emotion or feelings and that all they care about is drinking the blood of humans!…”


“…And what makes it worse” she let out a small laugh “is that I’m not even a full vampire, I don’t even know if I’m alive or dead, whether I have a soul or not? Will I age? Am I affected by all these religious artefacts or by garlic? … How bad is that? I’m a vampire but I don’t know what that means”


“Lucida I…” Draco started


“No!” Lucida said glaring at him “you can’t have an opinion on this! You have no idea what its like waking up realising that nothing is ever going to be the same again, do you know what it feels like to look in the mirror every day forgetting that you have no reflection…”


Draco shook his head


“…And I was alone until Snape came along, my family don’t even want to know me anymore”


“Sometimes I wish that my family would abandon me” he smiled


Lucida glared at him “how can you even make a joke of that?” she screamed at him “my parents actually did abandon me, they don’t want to know me anymore, they just dropped me off at the hospital and disappeared…” as she paced she pushed over chairs which were in her way


 “…I needed them and they went” Draco rushed over to her and stopped her kicking over more chairs by standing in front of her, she stared at him and started to shout again waving her arm around in anger


“I’m quite surprised that you would want to come that close to me I am a vampire after all I might …” but she couldn’t finish what she was saying, because Draco had at that point grabbed her round her waist, pulled her towards him and kissed her, she was shocked she didn’t expect him to do this, why was he doing this? Why was she letting him do this? She hated him, she wanted to shout at him more … but she found she couldn’t stop kissing him back. She let her arm drop so it was resting on his shoulder.


After a few moments her brain started to work again. This was wrong, what did she think she was doing? What about Ron? She pushed Draco away from her and stood their staring at him out of breath.


He stared back at her, he was also out of breath and he had a small smile on his face.


They stood looking at each other, not knowing what to say.


When Draco had decided to say something the office door opened and Lucida turned away from him and sat down at the desk.


Snape walked in and looked at Lucida


“Lucida it was very foolish of you to shout in my class” Snape said dangerously, leaning on the table


Lucida stood up from her seat and leant on the table too “well maybe I wouldn’t of if you hadn’t have told Draco about me being what I am!” she shouted


Snape looked at her and said “I’m sorry Lucida, but I thought he knew. Instead of putting two and two together and ending up with four I ended up with five. I was wrong and I have admitted that I was wrong”


Lucida sat back down and crossed her arms.


“And for your little outburst in the classroom I have no option but to make you stay here for the rest of the week…”


“But sir I was meant to be starting my lessons again properly tomorrow!” Lucida said


“Not anymore your not”


“And Draco…” he turned to look at Draco “because McGonagall saw your little outburst in the corridor you are to come see me everyday till Wednesday”


Draco didn’t look at him, but nodded his agreement


“Now you are both to be back here at 9:00 am sharp, off you go”


And they both walked out of the classroom, Lucida was about to walk down the corridor when Draco grabbed her hand


“What do you think your doing?” she asked glaring at him


“Didn’t that kiss mean anything to you?” he asked her


“No it didn’t it was a spur of the moment thing, a mistake” and she walked off down the corridor.


Draco stared after her and smiled “don’t worry” he said to himself “you’ll be playing right into my hands soon” and he walked down the corridor smiling to himself.



*          *          *                      *          *          *          *          *          *          *


“Lucida please sit down” Snape said as soon as Lucida had entered his office. There was an air of urgency in his voice.


“There is something that ahs recently come to my attention and I think it is important you know, it’s about professor Umbridge”


“What about her?” Lucida asked


“I have to warn you because she is a half breed hater”


“What are you talking about?” Lucida asked seating herself opposite Snape in his office; Snape sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before taking a deep breath


“They had to tell Professor Umbridge about your condition”


Lucida gasped


“For some strange reason” Snape continued


“The ministry have to know about students who come to this school, under any circumstance”


“They had to tell her!” Lucida cried


“She’ll tell everyone!”


“Don’t you think we haven’t thought of that” Snape said angrily


“I’m just telling you so that you’re prepared in case it does come out”


“But I don’t want it to come out!”


“I know you don’t “Snape said


“And I’m going to do all that I can to make sure that it doesn’t come out, because if she tells people about you then she will tell everyone about me.


Lucida nodded, before putting her head in her hands “I can’t believe this” she whispered


“So my entire life is in her hands”


“Lucida no-one can control you unless you let them” she looked up at him with a sad smile


“no-one can control you” he repeated.


A/N: Poor Lucida now has Umbridge after her now. So what do you all think?