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A Letter Too Late by nazozink

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 6,226
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/24/2006
Last Chapter: 01/26/2007
Last Updated: 01/26/2007

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so I WAS a normal avrage girl until this year. I THOUGHT I knew who I was. Turns out I didn't. I'm twelve I'm a witch and I'm starting Hogwarts this year.

Chapter 3: first among many

First Among many

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Let the chapter begin

The time ticks away a century old in the light force it holds no bonds I wonder at night to find him but at last I hold no provale I see in the sky a caged bird fly and its broken wings withered But it still tries to be in the allusion of freedom. (A/n don’t worry if u doesn’t get it I did when I wrote it but now errrrr not really I see it as nonsense I guess today I’m not in the poetry mood. Plus it probably didn’t help that it was one am either. )

It was a quote from some famous witch or wizard and the last phrase in my homework. DONE! I slammed the book shut with glee! My head hurt, which signaled the need for sleep. I looked over to the clock. DANG! How did time just go by like that? The clock read 2 am but I still had felt like it was 10 o’clock. Creeping up the stairs I made my way up to the dormitory as to not wake anyone up. It was pointless. The girls were up and reading in bed into chapters of their books we hadn’t even heard of yet. Yet another amazement of this place. I pulled over the sheets of my bed and fell asleep. It was actually quite easy, the lights seemed not to affect me at all, and the girls were so quite.

My dream had been odd again, but I can remember some of it. I had been back in my old school and all the stuff that happens here like wands and talking paintings. Remus was there too. That’s all about I can remember. I did the one spell I learned yesterday to do my hair then went down to breakfast. I also had a little “trick” up my sleeve if you know what I mean. I ate the most important meal of the then started the prank. I got up and looked around frantically. Okay the coast was clear. I walked fast to the doors. Now an idiot would charm the doors to splatter something on the first person to walk throw them but I was not an idiot. I had all the supplies I needed to reassure this only hits Black and Potter.

First thing I had to guarantee flawlessness was a strand of each of their hair. Don’t ask how I did this I have my ways. Second was paint lots and lots of paint. I also had some paper and dresses. This was going to work. I guess the evil was sparkling in my eyes because when Lily walked in she asked what my plot was. I ignored her question and told her to just watch the show.

As if on queue the door swung open to reveal Black and Potter, They walked through the door were they were lifted of their feet in to midair. No broom might I add?  Pink paint on brushes flew towards the painting their cheeks and lips the color of cotton candy. Next came the dresses they flew over the boy’s outfits and covered them in frills and lace. When the boys finely landed, they didn’t look much like boys.

Just as Black had figured out I was behind this all a banner with the words – do you want to go to the ball- appeared over there heads. Streamers shortly fallowed. I smirked at my work mentally taking a picture. I gave the two a look of satisfaction as I walked out of the Great Hall. Feeling I was one in many who had been pranked by the marauders but also the only one who fought back. It was actually was a lie. I don’t suspect I was the first one who attempted it but I had a funny feeling, by the looks of their faces I was the first one that had got them.

I went to my classes and that’s how it went for a couple weeks we took turns pranking each other over and over again. Usually we would get more homework to our existential amount we already had for what we did to each other. In my mind that wasn’t the point.

I am going to fight until I cant anymore.

Iwalked in to class one day to see Neil hitting Lucius pretty hard with his knee in the place were the sun just doesn’t shine. After leaving Malfoy he walked up to me. CRAP!! I’m too young to die! I raised my hands so I covered my face. He looked questionably at me.

“I’m not going to hit you. I don’t hit girls.” He said simply. I lowered my arms still a little scared; I put on my brave face

“What do you want?” I asked my throat still attempting to close it self. He rolled his eyes.

“I want in!” He said as if I was supposed to know what he was referring to.

“In? In to what?” I asked him, that statement only made him madder.

“Pranking the Marauders! I hate those guys. They suck As-“

“You hate them? “ I asked interrupting his fowl language. He nodded. “Err… I guess you can.. It’s not really a club. But I guess you can help.” I said really hoping he wasn’t going to decided he didn’t mind beating girls up and mess my face up.

He nodded and walked away. I was in some sort of a relief. That was defiantly weird. I looked around to see if I was the only freaked out and I wasn’t. The Laura girl looked pretty wowed. Well I guess that’s another thing I’ve only done. Well according to Lily at least. I befriended Neil.

W had spent the days in the Library when we together to research and plan our attack. It was interesting account of he made the least amount of conversation possible. After all that research I think we had a perfect plan to execute. We just needed some poly-juice potion and some other odd factorials.

I ran up to Black and smiled. This was going to be hard to pull off. Even if I were the best actress ever, which I’m not, it would probably be hard for him to believe me.

“Bl- Sirius! Hi!” I said. Okay not the best intro. He could tell I was up to something I swear. He narrowed his eyes and gave me a once over. Letting his eyes get softer he smiled.

“Hi. So what’s up, Paula?” I resisted the urge to flinch. I took a breath this had to be done to complete our first part. I put on my face I could muster up

“Sirius I was wondering,”

“I don’t know. You have embarrassed me a lot.” He cut me off,” but sure why not.” I rose and eyebrow. What was he getting at I repeated my inquiry. “ I will go out with you.” He said a bit to bluntly. WHAT WAS HE SERIUS!!  NO WAY IN HECK I AM GOING TO DO THAT. NO EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! FREAK! NO! Okay Ill calm down. It would work into our plans so I can’t believe I’m about to do this.

“Great meet me in the Ravenclaw common room at 7:30, And I know you can get in so don’t even pretend.” Wait what was that? Oh yes that is throw up isn’t. I turned around and walked away to get ready for my plot. I could practically feel him eyeing me disgusting. I was walking through the hallway again and I saw him. Remus Lupin. He was so perfect!

“ Hey Remus!” I called out. He walked over half smiling. He gave me a wave

“Hi Paula. What’s up?”

“Nothing much you?”

“Homework, I guess I better be going see you latter though.” I nodded back to him and continued walking. I had almost made it all the way back to the dormitory when I was stopped by a quite idiotic person.

“Hey so I hear you and Sirius are being sold in Hogsmeade now.” The arrogant James Potter called over to me. What? That boy is defiantly not that clear.


“You two are an item a thing your going out.” He said in sing- song. Oh my-gosh I think I just threw up again.

“And how would you know?” I asked restraining myself from glaring. I hard task I might add. All he did was hold up a mirror. Okay……so he checked his hair and he knew? Like I said that boy is as clear as a carpet.  I didn’t get to ask him what he meant this time because he had already gone. Ill give him credit he’s fast.

I walked into the dorm to find Neil preoccupied with a girl. Ew. I cleared my throat loudly.

“Excuse me but we have to set up the prank. And for that I believe that extremely small brain of yours needs some oxygen.” The girl walked away. Neil simply glared. I wasn’t sure if it was because his girlfriend leaving or my mocking of his brain size. I guess it didn’t really matter it was really funny his eyes were all small and stuff. It was weird looking at him like this and thinking I was actually a scared of him once. Wait a minute. Thinking back to the damage he’s done, maybe I shouldn’t be openly mocking him. I took a step back just for good precaution.

“SO lets get set up.” He insisted obviously changing the subject. We spent the next half hour setting up. Which was silent. I noticed he wasn’t such of a talkative person. With the last string in place we were ready Neil got into position, as did I.

We waited and waited and guess what we did after that we waited. You want to know why we waited. Because Sirius was running late. Finally the door swung open, and the big head himself walked in. He grinned over to me and I yet again had to resist the urge to punch him one flat in the nose. He did his infamous strut over and sat down next to me putting his viral arm around my shoulder. Yet again I gagged inwardly. He pushed my head down on his shoulder.  Wowowwowoowowow slow down there partner. Lets not get ahead of our selves. I should’ve pulled away but instead a stayed frozen to shocked to move.

“What do you want to do now? Lie here like this or do you just want to skip this and go strait for-“ I cut him off snapping back into realty.

“Bl-Sirius, I think we should go walk over to Gryfindor. Fallow me though.” I quickly got up and out of his grubby mitts. I carefully avoided all of the wires we had set up with little trouble. I grabbed my sweater. “Sirius could you help with this” I asked him picturing how Neil was going to mock me latter with this. Sirius nodded. He walked strait for me into the wires. And setting off the trap.

“What the crap?” I heard Sirius scream right before being launched off into the air. Were if you were wondering Glue was slathered on him and confetti was placed. He looked like one huge Piñata.

I did enjoy a good job done well.

~Sirius Pov~

Dang!  It was plot! That’s it the marauders have toyed with you but now were serious! No pun intended! I think. Paula this isn’t just a battle anymore. This is war!

“Sorry Black, I don’t like people who are really late.” She called up. AHHHH I HATE HER! No way did she set this up in the few minutes I was late. Unless…. Nah, no way.

“Paula Brook The Marauders are now your enemies!” I called down. And that’s when another loathed person walked out with a camera. Neil was taking pictures as if his life depended on it. “You! You too! You’re going to regret this betrayal. Both of you! DO you hear me?” I reached my wand to discover it was gone. I stared down again to see Paula placing just out of my reach. Dang her. I wiggled quite a bit and I finally fell on my back to the hard floor were I grabbed my wand and lef

I have to tell James, Remus and Peter about this. With James’ great ides, Remus’ smarts and Peter’s…. Peter’s…..Peter’s Peterness?  Ah well all I know is that Paula will not win. For after all she’s just one little girl.

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