TDA Artist Credit Reminder

Authors, please remember to credit the artist who made your banner and/or chapter images. Credits for banners should be in story summaries while credits for chapter images should be in every chapter that contains a chapter image. Please be aware that if your story contains uncredited TDA art, it will be hidden until credit is provided.

Gryffin_Duck on 2015.08.08 - 01:39PM

House Cup and Sorting

In anticipation of the House Cup on the forum, sorting will be turned off starting Tuesday, June 2nd at 7pm EST. From then until the end of the House Cup, you will not be able to select or change houses on the forum. On Wednesday, June 3rd, at 7pm EST all house passwords will change. You will need to PM either a prefect from your own house or a staff member to receive the new password.

Gryffin_Duck on 2015.05.31 - 01:44PM

Song Lyric Rule Update

Due to copyright laws, songs may no longer be posted in their entirety on the archive. This includes song fics. Only 3-4 lyrics maybe included in each chapter. Anything currently on the archive or in the queue will be grandfathered in and you do not have to remove them. Songs that are in the public domain are exempt from this rule. Please see the site rules for more information and the full updated rule.

Gryffin_Duck on 2015.04.23 - 06:36PM

A new genre

I am very proud to announce that at long last, LGBTQA is a genre on HPFF and the slash warning/advisory has been removed. Several new pairings have been added, and we hope to add a few more soon. Please enjoy the new way of finding and categorizing your stories.

WeasleyTwinMom on 2015.03.05 - 07:45PM

HPFF Book Club

We're just days away from kicking off the first month of HPFFs very own book club! If you missed the news (or you forgot about it), you can read more about the club at the forums. The gist of it is that we as a site will be reading a different published novel and a different fan fic each month, and discussing them together. This month we are reading The Beginning of Everything (12+) by Robyn Schneider and Run (M) by Toujours Padfoot.

HPFF Staff on 2015.01.29 - 01:51PM

Queue re-open

The queue is open to all authors. Happy New Year!

WeasleyTwinMom on 2015.01.01 - 08:59AM

Winter Queue Closure

The queue will be closed to all non-Trusted Authors from Dec 24th through Dec 31st. We will re-open to new submissions on Jan 1st, 2015. Please plan your new chapters and edits accordingly.

Staff on 2014.12.10 - 06:58AM

Dobby winners announced!

The winners of the 2014 Dobby Awards have been announced! Please visit the forums for full details.

WeasleyTwinMom on 2014.10.09 - 04:45PM

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