Queue Reopened

The queue is now open for submissions.

Gryffin_Duck on 2016.01.02 - 11:34PM

Winter Queue Closure

The queue will be closed to all non-Trusted Authors from Dec 23rd through Jan 3rd. We will re-open to new submissions on Jan 3rd, 2016. Please plan your new chapters and edits accordingly.

Gryffin_Duck on 2015.11.30 - 05:11PM

Applications for Validator Closed!

Thanks everyone who contacted me! We are going over your accounts with a fine-tooth comb to select the latest sacrifices to the Queue Goddess. I'll let everyone know soon! ---WTM

WeasleyTwinMom on 2015.10.26 - 10:27PM

New Validators Needed

Want to be a validator? Think you've got what it takes to not run screaming from the queue? We're looking to expand our staff! If you would like to take on this volunteer position for the site, please send me a PM on the forums, or email at weasleytwinmom@harrypotterfanfiction.com

Please include your answers to the following:
1. Tell us your first name, and link to your author and forum profiles (as applicable)
2. Are you over 18 as of October 25 2015?
3. Tell us a little bit about yourself (just a few lines, I promise I don't need a full psych panel)
4. Why do you want to join the staff?
5. Do you have 30 minutes per day to commit to the queue?

WeasleyTwinMom on 2015.10.25 - 11:41AM

Dobby Winners Announced!

Please join us in congratulating the 2015 Dobby Award Winners! These authors are the best of the best on HPFF.

toomanycurls on 2015.10.05 - 09:02PM

Dobby Awards Voting Open!

Voting in the 2015 Dobby Awards is now open to members. You can visit the forums for more information and to cast your vote. Voting ends 11:59pm GMT Monday, September 28, at which time prefects and then staff will be allowed time to vote separately.

toomanycurls on 2015.09.21 - 09:01PM

The Dobby Awards: Finalists Announced!

For the last eight years HPFF has run a yearly awards programme for all that is best in HP Fanfiction. The Dobbys are our very own way of finding and recognising great writing and fantastic authors.

Voting in 20 catergories including Best One Shot, Best New Author, Best Quote and Most original Fic is now open. If you want to see your favourite story or author in with the chance of winning a prestigious Dobby award, please visit our forums here for more information.

Please note that the queue is closed from 9/7-9/14. You can take the time to read through the Dobby finalist stories at the link provided above.

HPFF Staff on 2015.09.03 - 06:28AM

TDA Artist Credit Reminder

Authors, please remember to credit the artist who made your banner and/or chapter images. Credits for banners should be in story summaries while credits for chapter images should be in every chapter that contains a chapter image. Please be aware that if your story contains uncredited TDA art, it will be hidden until credit is provided.

Gryffin_Duck on 2015.08.08 - 01:39PM

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