HPFF Book Club

We\'re just days away from kicking off the first month of HPFFs very own book club! If you missed the news (or you forgot about it), you can read more about the club at the forums. The gist of it is that we as a site will be reading a different published novel and a different fan fic each month, and discussing them together. This month we are reading The Beginning of Everything (12+) by Robyn Schneider and Run (M) by Toujours Padfoot.

HPFF Staff on 2015.01.29 - 01:51PM

Queue re-open

The queue is open to all authors. Happy New Year!

WeasleyTwinMom on 2015.01.01 - 08:59AM

Winter Queue Closure

The queue will be closed to all non-Trusted Authors from Dec 24th through Dec 31st. We will re-open to new submissions on Jan 1st, 2015. Please plan your new chapters and edits accordingly.

Staff on 2014.12.10 - 06:58AM

Dobby winners announced!

The winners of the 2014 Dobby Awards have been announced! Please visit the forums for full details.

WeasleyTwinMom on 2014.10.09 - 04:45PM

Dobby Voting is Open!

Voting for this yearís Dobbys is now open. As a reminder, the voting process is held in three stages. Members vote first. Members have until midnight GMT Saturday, October 4th to cast their votes. Prefects will vote next, followed by the staff. The story/author with the most votes in each category wins. Good luck to all the nominees!

WeasleyTwinMom on 2014.09.28 - 08:17AM

The 2014 Dobby Awards

The Dobbys are a well-known tradition around here, but for those who may be newer to the site, here is how they work. The Dobbys are a set of yearly awards given to outstanding stories in various categories. Each year, members are presented with a variety of categories for which they can nominate stories/members they think are they most deserving of the title. Some of the categories are carryovers from previous years. Some are totally new. After nominations are closed, the staff review each story to assure it complies with the Site Rules. Those that do move on to the voting round. Members vote first. Then Prefects. Then the Staff. The story with the most votes wins that category. For more info and to nominate your favorites, visit the forums by clicking the link in the navigation bar. Nominations will be open September 15th-September 22nd!

HPFF Staff on 2014.09.14 - 06:13PM

Queue Closure Aug 10-16

The queue will be closed to all non-Trusted Authors from August 10th to August 16th for the staff's summer break. If you are not a TA, please plan your posting schedule accordingly!

WeasleyTwinMom on 2014.07.29 - 10:26PM

Archive warning changes

There are two big updates to the warning system that you all need to be aware of.

The first and smaller change is the renaming of the Substance Use/Abuse to Substance Abuse. This will be a new focus for this warning, in that it should be used for Abuse rather than Use as well. Please read the tutorial here for details on how to use this warning.

The second and larger change is a reclassification of the profanity ratings. The Mild Language and Strong Language warnings are now combined into one, Contains Profanity. This warning can be used at any rating - 12+, 15+, or Mature - and a separate list of profanity allowable at each rating is in the new combined Contains Profanity staff tutorial here.

We have also changed the ratings on several curse words. Several words were removed and will no longer need a warning and several others were downgraded in rating.

For your existing stories: You'll notice you can still see the old Mild Language and Strong Language on your story shells. If you leave them alone, they'll stay like that (which is perfectly okay, and you will not be in trouble for leaving them). As soon as you click "edit" on your story shell, you will need to make sure the new warning is applied.

You may update your stories' ratings to reflect the new profanity lists, or keep them at the higher ratings they are now. Remember you will never be rejected for having too high of rating/warnings on your story. None of the words were upgraded in rating, only downgraded, so you will not need to bump your story to a higher rating, only a lower one if you choose.

WeasleyTwinMom on 2014.04.26 - 07:44PM

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