The Dobbys.

Every year HPFF runs its own award ceremony, to honour the most outstanding stories and authors from our archive. Votes are cast by the members of the site and the winners chosen. The winners in the Dobby categories are listed below.

Note: Not all categories are awarded every year and there were no awards in 2010.

Most Convincing Ship Writer
2012: momotwins (12+)
2008: momotwins (12+)
2007: Timeturner (12+)

Most Original Fic
2015: Rabbit Heart (M) by Pixileanin
2014: Clash (M) by shez
2013: Over the Edge (M) by Arithmancy_Wiz and Reason to Fight by ValWitch21 (tie)
2012: Run (M) by Toujours Padfoot
2009: The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose (M) by Ginny_RED_Potter
2008: Colossus Legacy by Sammy23
2007: Hogwarts Sanitarium (15+) by HollyH

Best Founders Era
2011: Legend (M) by celticbard
2009: Quadrivium (15+) by Girldetective85
2008: The Founders Four (15+) by Klw

Best Mystery/Suspense
2012: Prime Suspects (M) by Phoenix Flames
2008: The Road Home (M) by Harry_Potter_Mom

Best Original Character
2015: Year Five (M) by Roisin
2014: Keep Calm and Carry On (M) by my voice rising
2013: Muggle Studies (12+) by AC_rules
2012: etc etc (and life goes on) (M) by justonemorefic
2011: The Human Factor (M) by SexyDoorFrames
2009: Running with Wolves (15+) by Aurora Dawn
2008: Match (M) by mental
2007: The Fires Within (15+) by Violet Gryfindor

Best Wielding of a Canon Charactor
2015: Lying Josephine (M) by writeyourheartout
2014: Detox (M) by CambAngst
2013: Growth (M) by teh tarik

Best Minor Character
2015: After (M) by HeyMrsPotter
2014: bloom. (M) by milominderbinder
2013: The Seams (M) by WeasleyTwins
2008: Give Up This Fight (15+) by Girldetective85
2007: From a Muggle's Point of View (M) by Pureblood Muggle

Most Memorable Scene
2009: A Clandestine Reality (M) by Tears of Ebon Grey
2008: The Road Home Ch 13 (M) by Harry_Potter_Mom
2007: Complicated Hexagon Ch 17 (M) by Jessi_Rose

Best Alternate Universe
2011: Purgatory (M) by Toujours Padfoot
2009: Polychromatic (M) by HarryPotter is my LIFE
2008: V (15+) by circinusphoenix
2007: Hogwarts Sanitarium (15+) by HollyH

Most Addicting Story
2015: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (M) by Veritaserum27
2014: The Girl From Slytherin (M) by Lululuna
2013: Before They Fall (M) by Jchrissy
2009: How to Tame a Marauder (M) by melian
2008: Delicate (M) by padfoot4ever
2007: The present (M) by timeturner

Best Reviewer
2015: CambAngst (12+)
2014: nott theodore (12+)
2013: patronus_charm (12+)
2011: Phoenix_Flames (12+)
2009: Alopex (12+)
2008: Girldetective85 (12+)
2007: PhoenixStorm (12+)

Best Plot Twist
2014: Off the Rails (M) by water_lily43175
2013: Bad Blood (M) by TenthWeasley
2012: Just Rose (M) by marinahill
2008: Protection (M) by PrincessPotter
2007: Dementia (12+) by Celtic Kisses

Best New Author
2015: FireOpalQueen (12+)
2014: Veritaserum27 (12+)
2011: tangledconstellations (12+)
2009: EffyFoSho (12+)
2008: Harry_Potter_Mom (12+)
2007: Majikat (12+)

Best One-Shot
2015: This Treasure (M) by nott theodore
2014: Have a Biscuit, Lupin (12+) by Ravenclaw333
2012: Snatched before my eyes (15+) by ginerva molly weasley
2011: Glass (M) by marinahill
2009: Vague Memories and Dusty Photographs (15+) by Romina Stephanie
2008: Hey, Fred (15+) by hedwidgeon
2007: Dear Lord Voldemort (12+) by LostMaeblleshire

Best Novel
2014: The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship (M) by Ravenclaw333
2012: Clash (M) by shenanigan
2011: It's Called Adventure (15+) by Aiedail
2009: Running with Wolves (15+) by Aurora Dawn
2008: Give Up This Fight (15+) by Girldetective85
2007: The present (M) by timeturner

Best Romance
2015: Chai, Carrots, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning (15+) by AC_rules
2012: The Art of Surviving (M) by AC_rules
2011: Irrational (15+) by RonsGirlFriday
2009: Echoes of Fate (M) by timeturner
2008: Give Up This Fight (15+) by Girldetective85
2007: Arabesque (M) by CelticKisses

Best Novella
2012: Out of Time (15+) by Violet Gryfindor
2011: Some Kind of Beauty (15+) by Celestie
2009: Portmanteau (15+) by Arithmancy_Wiz
2008: Saving Mum & Dad (15+) by chiQs09_II
2007: Murder on the Hogwarts Express (15+) by Violet Gryfindor

Best Post-Hogwarts
2015: Healing (15+) by 1917farmgirl
2011: First Star to the Right (15+) by WitnesstoitAll
2008: When Luna Met Rolf (M) by uptowngirlinlove
2007: The present (M) by timeturner

Best Song-Fic
2009: Forgive Me (15+) by momotwins
2008: Like Angels in the Falling Snow (12+) by Girldetective85

Best Humor Fic
2009: The Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor (12+) by JuicyJuice
2008: Settling the Score by A Fountain Pen
2007: Wanton Confessions of a Teenage Witch (M) by JolieFille252

Best Fluff
2012: You Can Marry Me (M) by deceptive_serenade

Best Angst
2015: Schrodinger's cat (15+) by TidalDragon
2012: The Art of Surviving (M) by AC_rules

Best Villain
2013: Breaking the Quidditch Code (M) by Mistress

2012: Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood (M) by CambAngst

Most Versatile Author
2015: Beeezie (12+)
2012: TenthWeasley (12+)
2008: Violet Gryfindor (12+)

Best Next Generation
2015: The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy (M) by alicia and anne
2011: Starving Artists (15+) by peppersweet
2009: Visions of Greatness (15+) by JLHufflepuff
2008: We Gryffies (M) by gryffindorseeker

Best Marauders Fic
2011: The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O'Neill (M) by SexyDoorFrames
2009: In My Time of Dying (M) by stagnight
2008: Match by mental
2007: Not Fade Away (M) by noblevyne

Best Action/Adventure
2015: Ignite (M) by Slide
2012: Run (M) by Toujours Padfoot
2008: Colossus Evolution by Sammy23

Best Canon Fic
2012: Once Defied (15+) by pennyardelle
2011: Growing Up Weasley (12+) by TenthWeasley
2009: In My Time of Dying (M) by stagnight
2008: The Unsinkable Molly Prewett (15+) by momotwins
2007: Extempore (15+) by BitterEpiphany

Best Collaboration
2011: The Final Battle (15+) by HPFF United
2009: HPFF United (15+) by HPFF United
2008: Defining Moments (M) by eHPF
2007: Fantastic Staff and Where to Find Them (15+) by Dumbledore's Army AND Through the Looking Glass [15+] by timeturner et. al

Best Trio Fic
2011: Children's Crusade (M) by theelderwand
2009: The Virgin Count (15+) by Wizardora
2008: Harry Potter and the Mysteries Unveiled (M) by morgana67
2007: Whenever You Remember (15+) by Jessi_Rose

Best Quote
2015: Written in the Stars (M) by Penelope Inkwell
2014: L'Optimisme (M) by Aphoride
2013: You Can Write the Book (M) by teh tarik
2011: "If you like these opportunities so much, you go get them yourself. Malfoy's giving them away like hotcakes, isn't he? Money, fame, leggy girls. Opportunity hotcakes with extra syrup! Taste delicious until you start choking on the lies and get backstabbed by a butter knife!" from And Capers Ensue (M) by justonemorefic
2009: "You know, Ron, it would be really helpful if you would stick a sign on your door that says, Hello, I'm playing one of my freakish games with my wife right now. Please come back later." from Hardboiled (15+) by RonsGirlFriday

HPFF Classics: Best One-Shot
2012: When Saints Die, The World Stops Spinning (15+) by forsakenphoenix
2009: A Cost Too Much (15+) by Cor_Leonis

HPFF Classics: Best Marauders Era
2009: In Fields of Poppies (M) by SunshineDaisies
2009: Reckless (M) by timeturner

HPFF Classics: Best Trio Fic
2009: Over the Hill Harry (12+) by Prudence Prior

HPFF Classics: Best Novel Length
2015: Kill Your Darlings (15+) by LavenderBlue
2012: The Unsinkable Molly Prewett (15+) by momotwins
2011: The Fires Within (15+) by Violet Gryfindor
2009:the present (M) by timeturner

Best Description
2015: The Ides of March (M) by patronus_charm
2014: The Deathly Children (M) by teh tarik
2013: Growth (M) by teh tarik and Etc Etc And Life Goes On (M) by justonemorefic (tie)

Best Podcast
2008: Hogwarts Sanitarium (15+) by HollyH

Absolute Best Make Your Jaw Drop Moment
2007: Complicated Hexagon (M) by Jessi_Rose

Best Dialogue
2014: Complicated (M) by mymischiefmanaged
2013: Etc. Etc. And Life Goes On (M) by justonemorefic

Best Wielding of Pottermore Info
2014: Nine Lives (M) by Sunflower

Best Wielding of Genre
2007: Arabesque (M) by CelticKisses

Most Helpful Author
2007: Bibbs

Most Dedicated Author
2015: Gryffin_Duck (12+)
2014: Lululuna (12+)
2013: Jchrissy (12+)
2007: Timeturner (12+)

Best Graphic Artist
2007: Violet Gryfindor (12+) HPFF Legends: The Story I Wish I'd Written
2011: The Edge of Light (M) by timeturner

Best Story Graphic
2011: And the Wind Blows (M) by justonemorefic
2009: Gold Dust (M) by stopjenny
2008: Wicked Children (M) by Caren