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meet the author harry potter mta

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Posted 28 May 2015 - 03:32 PM



1) You are the creator of the Diversity Challenge, which has spanned into a massive 9 page thread with an impressive 29 entries already.  (And a 30th from me, which has been in the queue since the 24th.)  How do you plan to tackle such a big turnout?


2) Most of your recent stories are Post-Hogwarts and Next Gen.  If you had to write a story from another era this week, what era would you choose to write about?


3) Which pairing is your OTP?


4) You said you wanted to be a Hufflepuff and realistically thought you were a Ravenclaw.  Why is this?


5) Do you plan to tackle another challenge after the Diversity Challenge or will you take a nice long breather?


6) What was the last chapter/story you worked on?


oh, hello! what a lovely surprise thanks for stopping by :D


1. there's... 30... entries?! I didn't realise there were that many oh my god. I actually have a document where I'm going to be/am writing notes on what I like about each entry, what I don't, and whether I think it's a potential contender to place/be given a special shoutout. I knew there were a large amount (but 30?!?!!) so I was scared of forgetting about each fic over the long process of reading them all. which, may very well take me a week or two ;)


2. marauders! I'm building myself up to write a marauders fic one day but I want it to be truly canon compliant and original and my own sort of 'version' of what happened... it'll be a long process and I want to give it as much love and dedication I can, which is why I'm holding off on it ;) but yes, I would totally write a marauders fic this week if I had the time and wasn't allowed to write post-hogwarts or next gen! :happy:


3. WOW okay don't make me answer such a loaded question D: so difficult to answer omg. jily though, I think. scorose used to be a big contender but now I ship scorbus more than I do scorose, so that means they're overlapped in terms of next gen otp ;)


4. good question! I like talking about my on-going house identity crisis (the only place I don't really consider myself is slytherin, since I'm not particularly driven or cunning). I've thought for a long time that hufflepuff holds the house values people should aspire towards, which is why I'd love to be one. I don't identify with the house much though. realistically, I'd consider myself a gryffinclaw (or ravendor? haha :p) because I am very academically-driven and I like to know things just for the sake of knowing things. I love knowledge! pottermore thinks I should be a gryffindor and I guess I have subtle elements of daring and nerve (though it's usually back-set by my anxiety oops). I STILL DON'T KNOW WHERE I BELONG! STILL, :Gryffindor:


5. probably at some point but not immediately! I'd like to think of a really good idea before I post another challenge, especially considering the success of this one


6. that would be chaos theory chapter one :happy: (which I have totally re-written. god, I re-write things so often it's actually ridiculous)

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#1 place in the diversity challenge: the woman who married a star and bore a hero


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