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Bester_jesterCome and say "Hi"

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#1 bester_jester


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 12:23 PM

Hi there,


I'm bester_jester


Not quite sure how the name came about


I'm a university student in the sunny land Down Under



My stories:


Love Rules (wip)


Lost (wip)


Where are you, Fred? (completed)


A cup of tea (or lack thereof) (wip)


Status Quo (wip)



I have a terrible habit of starting stories and not finishing them. My goal this year is to finish Love Rules before starting any new projects.


I'm super friendly and I'm happy to answer any questions!

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I climbed the tree, to see the world.

#2 Erised


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 10:27 PM

Hi there! Welcome to the forums! I have some questions for you  :happy:


1. What is your greatest inspiration for writing?

2. On that thread, if you're ever stuck in a rut what helps you to get the imagination going again?

3. I saw on your 'About Me' that you enjoy running. What's your favourite type of running (intervals, long distance etc)?

4. Four WIPs is awesome! How do you balance your time when it comes to writing them all?

5. What style of writing would you like to try in the future?


Jenny :)

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#3 missclaire17


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Posted 14 August 2013 - 05:33 AM

hey!!! (: 

so, I love your story Love Rules (which I think you know xD). 

I just want to know where you found the inspiration to write Love Rules? 
It really is so well-written and so in depth! 


Also, from your about me, I see that you love clothes! 

I love them as well! Do you have a particular brand that you really like?

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profile image & banner by me! (:


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#4 bester_jester


    New student

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 12:40 AM

Hey Erised :) Thanks for getting my thread going!

1. My greatest inspiration for writing is myself! It's something I love doing, so I'm motivated to improve as much as possible. I find that reading other fanfictions and novels really helps too.

2. If I'm stuck (which has actually been happening a bit lately) I read over my story, try to remember why I started to write it, and go from there. Sometimes it helps if I write down goals I want to achieve, like character development, or an event to be written by a certain number of chapters.

3. My favourite running distance would have to be 5km (like.. 3 and a half miles I think? :S). It's a distance that anyone can have a go at, so I can invite friends along if I want to, and it's just enough to clear my head and make me tired. My next goal is 10km, then a half marathon. I'm not sure if I'm too interested in doing a marathon, though.

4. Urgh, I don't balance at all. If you look at my page on HPFF, some of them haven't been updated for over a year. I'm determined to finish, though. I don't want to abandon anything!

5. I'd love to try humour, because it would be such a challenge. While I have a GREAT sense of humour, I find it really hard to communicate humour in a story without my characters sounding like giggling school girls (even though technically, they are).



Hey missclair17! Thanks so much for dropping by!

My inspiration behind writing Love Rules is actually explained in my next chapter's author's note! Long story short, I think that eating disorder awareness is so so important. I think there's somewhat of social taboo against them, and I'd like to help alleviate it. Starting people thinking about eating disorders is a step towards more awareness! Hopefully my story has inspired some people to research/read up upon them. further


Urgh. Clothes. Back in my mouth, drool! I just love love love fashion. It's only in the last few years that I've began to realise how great it is for self expression, and having great clothes really helps my self confidence! Where I live is a relatively small town, so I find that I shop online a lot. My favourite at the moment is a British online shop called ASOS which you've probably heard of. I've had to ban myself from it because my spending has gotten so out of hand (plus my wardrobe is so full haha)! There's also an Australian brand I like called Black Milk Clothing. Super expensive but fantastic quality, so I think that some of their gear is worth saving up for. I get all of my basics (crop tops, cardigans etc) from Aussie shops like Dotti, Target, Cotton on and Just Jeans. Ahh now I want to shop!




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I climbed the tree, to see the world.

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