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Posted 28 July 2013 - 03:47 PM



I started writing Fan Fiction back in 2005, with R.A.B (12+) it is abysmal and really needs to be completely re-written, but it's still there so I can say that is where it all started. Also, with regards to identity, I was right, my RP friend and I who played said brothers, were told off so many times for our assumption, although we did guess his middle name wrong...


Since then I've written a whole load of Stories (12+-M).


Life is no Fairytale (12+) Anti-Scorose

Silence is Music (12+) Harry

Morsmodre (15+) Rabastan Lestrange

Chewing (15+) Frank/Alice

Advising Sirius (15+) Sirius/OC kinda...

Ink (15+) Fred/Alicia

Hand in Hand (M) Remus/Tonks

Forever Yours (M) Lucius/Narcissa

Consoling Sirius (M) prequel to Advising Sirius

The Mirror (M) Bellatrix Lestrange


Song Fics

They could not live alone (12+) A Collection of song fics

Take A Bow (M) Draco/OC


Short Stories

What if (12+) Ginny post Harry

Displaying your Soul (12+) Animagus Transformation Collection

 Once More with Feeling (M) Oliver/OC, Take a Bow Sequel

Like Rain (M) Roxanne Weasley/OC

Lucky One (M) Dramione



The Next Attack (M) AU, Harry/Ginny

Marauders United (15+) Currently abandoned, hopefully not for too much longer


So That's the Breakdown of Stories, little more about me, it's 2013 and I've just finished a BA Hons in Theatre Arts, First Class, go me, can you tell I'm a little bit proud of myself? I'm a Scout leader, Archer, General Geek (anything Sci-Fi I'll have at least heard of it, if not be slightly obsessed *cough* Firefly *cough*) I write play scripts and am currently working on an idea for NaNoWriMo. I'll try reading anything, as suggested by the range of books on my kindle, and I love story challenges as they give me a chance to stretch my skills, my favourites are Quote challenges or Habit Breaker type challenges, and if you haven't already I really would recommend popping your challenge cherry! I RP online at Marauders Dream, and tabletop, currently Mutants and Masterminds, Firefly, and Pokemon (through roll20). I have never lost at Harry Potter Scene it... or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Trivia, yes I am very proud of this fact. 


Feel free to ask me questions about any of my fics, sometimes the inspiration was quite bizzare, others I'm not entirely sure where they came from, but ask away... I dare you... 


Also please help yourself to the virtual cupcakes... *Points to endless supply decorated in an HP theme*

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Posted 23 August 2013 - 09:06 PM

Hello!  I'm spreading some MTA love around with questions :)


1. How would you describe your writing style?

2. What are your strengths when writing?  What are your weaknesses?

3. Which of your stories are you proudest of having written?

4. Is there one of your stories that you wish had received more attention than it has?

5. What would your ideal job be in the wizarding world?

6. If you could save one character who died in the series, who would it be?


That's all for now - I hope you enjoy answering! :D

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 06:43 PM

YAY! Questions!!!


1. I'd say my writing is fairly varied, although I would say that it is normally quite descriptive, obviously it's an informal narrative because I'm telling a story, but I try to achieve a kind of omnipotent or single view third person. Obviously I've strayed from that in some of my stories, Ink is first person single point of view, and No need to say goodbye is first person switching p.o.v. I've had lots of comments saying that I convey emotion really well. Hope that answers your question... :D


2. That's a hard question, I really struggle with self analysis, I hate writing reflective essays... Anyway. I guess my weakness is planning, I don't tend to do enough so I get to a point in a story and think 'where the hell was I going with this?' And as such, I tend to avoid longer stories, you can probably tell my the sheer number of one shots I've got... 

As for my strengths, you may find it surprising, as I know many writers do three or four drafts before posting, I don't, I pre-write a lot of my stories, but what I write first time is pretty much what you guys see what I post it. (Take my dissertation, my first draft was pretty much what I handed in and I did it in three weeks) I tend to just tweak bits and swap words out here and there. I'm not sure if that's a strength or not, but it'll probably make editing my NaNoWriMo a lot easier. 


3. I guess the story I'm proudest of is Lucky One, partly because I've actually finished it!!!! The epilogue is in the queue now in fact. Partly because it was supposed to be a short story but it turned into a Novella (OMG I never thought that would happen!) And again, partly because I'm proud of anything that makes people feel, and blimey did Chapter 14 do that... 


4. Either Once more with Feeling, or Like Rain, I love them... Then again, despite reviews being nice, this is an outlet for me so ultimately (as harsh as this sounds) as long as I still love them and enjoy reading them, that's what counts.


5. I'd love to be an Auror, or work in a magical menagerie... 


6. Only one! *Thinks hard...* whose death did I cry at most??? Probably Sirius... or Dobby... Or Remus/Tonks... Or Fred... 

Actually... Regulus Black... weird, but there you go, he'd have been secretly destroying Horcruxes the whole time no one else knew about it and everything would have been sooo much easier...


Thank you for the questions, way to get my brain working...

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#4 toomanycurls


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Posted 01 October 2013 - 10:17 PM

Hi!!! I have a few questions for you.  :happy:


  1. If you were to write a Firefly/HP crossover - who would be in it and what would they do?
  2. Who would you take to lunch from the HP world? What would you talk about?
  3. If you could be an expert in any branch of magic, what would it be?
  4. What plot development in one of your fics was the hardest to write? 

Looking forward to your answers! :D

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#5 LillyRoseanne


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Posted 04 October 2013 - 01:03 PM

Good Questions.... O.k.


1. I've never done a crossover before... hmmm... O.k.... Next Gen Time Turner accident / prank gone wrong / experimental spell misshap and they end up annoying Niska somehow and he comes after them kinda thing... (would probably be mature cause Niska is a psychotic) no idea how/if I would get them back... thanks for the bunny!!!


2. So many choices... erm... despite crushes on all manner of other characters probably Arthur Weasley and we'd talk about all things muggle, including the proper pronunciations of things and that a rubber duck floats in a bath and unless you get the funky colour changing ones really, they don't do anything at all... if you had said dinner my answer would probably have been different... :D


3. Transfiguration, cause I figure to become an Animagus (which is a form of tranfiguration) you have to first be an expert at Transfiguration. Probably a boring answer I know, but I REALLY want to be an Animagus...


4. I'm not going to write it here, but I did make myself cry, and I don't think I've ever got that many reviews on one chapter before. Despite it being the whole point of writing the story, and being so proud that I followed through, Chapter 14 of Lucky One has, I think, made my readers hate my guts...


I hope those sate your curiosity for a while :D

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