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Posted 22 June 2013 - 09:02 AM

Hello! I am Phoenix Quill! You can find me on HPFF, the forums (obviously) and TDA. I'm a budding author, who's been lurking here for a while. I've written a few stories, done a few contests, and now I figure this is the next logical step.


I have six stories at the moment! Oh Rowena, I have six stories. Never thought I'd have that many.


*ahem* Anyway, my first story is The Redheaded Clan (M). It's a cheerful, lighthearted story about Rose Weasley and her life in fifth year, with a few dark spots. It's my most successful story so far, and I'm very proud of it.


My second story, and the first fanfiction I wrote on purpose (I wrote one when I didn't know what fanfiction was) is In Love and War (M). This one's a story about Taylor Zabini, a Parseltongue, who's in love with her best friend. The first few chapters are really short, and not that great, but it gets better, trust me.


My third story, which is also a novel, is It's Complicated (M). It's a collaboration with SunnyWitch (my friend in the scary place we call the Real World), and well....updates are slow, unfortunately, due to not telling each other what will happen, and writers block on both sides.


I also have a selection of one-shots, most of which are for competitions. My first one is The Effects of Firewhiskey (M), which is a Marauders era about Lily Evans. Basically, she gets absolutely smashed at her seventeenth, and wakes up in James' bed. Oh, and she hates the guy. My two other one-shots were competition ones, Hermione's Bag (12+), and He Hunts Me Now (M). The first is a very short one about Hermione packing her beaded bag, for the Cornelia Funke challenge (concluded), and is a light-hearted read that I hope captures Hermione's personality accurately. The second is much darker, for the Fairly Magical Fables challenge, based on the Three Little Pigs, except the pigs are human, and the wolf is a hungry werewolf with a grudge against the family. Be prepared to have your childhood memories of the cheery pigs and silly wolf corrupted.


Thanks for reading, and if your curiosity is piqued, here's my author's page! All of these stories I've listed are there, except It's Complicated, which is on SunnyWitch's profile. I look forward to getting some new readers!


Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 11:47 PM

So after reading He Hunts Me Now and absolutely loving it I have questions!

1. Obviously the three little pugs was the influence but where did the dark twist come from?
2. You have such a talent for setting a sinister mood in that story, is that your strength in writing would you say?
3. If you were to pick another well known children's story to write in the same way, which would you choose and why?
4. Just a random one now-who is your favourite marauder and why? :)
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#3 PhoenixQuill


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Posted 17 October 2013 - 09:22 AM

OH MY GOD I didn't even see that reply! OH MY GOD I got a reply! Sorry this is so late!


1. I'm not quite sure where the dark twist came from, honestly. I guess I just thought, hey, there's a wolf, and werewolves are scary...and somehow that happened.

2. I would have to say that my descriptions are my strength, which could aide in setting moods. This was the first time I'd gone for something sinister, in all honesty, so I can't say it's a strength - but it might end up being if I develop it.

3. If I were to pick another story, hmm...perhaps Cinderella? I mean, there's a lot of potential there.

4. It's a tie between Sirius and Remus. They're both so awesome. Sirius matches up with my playful side, and Remus matches up with my academic side.

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