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LilyLunaPotter17Summer's meet the author

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Posted 25 April 2013 - 09:24 PM

Hola! My name's Summer. Welcome to my humble Meet the Author *evil smile* 


I've got 8 one-shots up at the moment and 5 WIP novels - Evans and Potter and Peanut Butter Geli Time, which are my main two projects, Fraternizing with the Enemy, Got This Seen (mostly) and Operation: Hogwarts.


A lot of what you might find here is considered to be {utter nonsense}, so please excuse the randomness. 


I like to read a lot - I finished all 7 Harry Potter books in three days and two 500-page books in one day. Crazy, yeah, but I have way too much free time on my hands (aside from the mountainous pile of homework I get nearly every day). I like to procrastinate with homework, but when I'm not doing that, I'm either playing games on my iPod, reading a new novel or typing up new chapters or one-shots for HPFF.


I think my favourite one-shot that I've got up is "Forgotten", which is about Draco and Astoria's daughter Luciana.


My main-main project:

Evans and Potter (mature)

"The problem with my seventh year is people like James Potter"


Lily's got problems. Lots of them. 

Seventh year at Hogwarts has never been tougher as Lily deals with

boyfriends, best friends, balls, enemies and deception.



So ... ask away! 

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credit for the set goes to inspector. @tda x


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Posted 23 August 2013 - 03:19 PM

Hello!  I'm spreading some love around the MTA pages :)


1. How do you manage writing so many WIPs at once?

2. What's your favourite genre to read?  Is it different to your favourite genre to write?

3. What book are you reading at the moment?

4. Who is your favourite author on the archives?  And in real life?

5. I've noticed most of your stories are Marauders era or Next Gen - is there another era you'd like to write but haven't yet?

6. You get access to WWW for a day and are allowed to take one product home with you.  What would it be and why?

7. Who is your favourite canon character?

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