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Posted 03 December 2012 - 12:19 AM

 Hi! Welcome to my Author's Page.  Please ask me any questions here! 

Adrienne Boot and the Closet Conundrum {M}
Adrienne was having a perfectly ordinary day  - until Lucy pushed her into a closet with Louis Weasley. Normally, she'd be thrilled, but there's a problem: they can't get out!
One Shots
To be a Gryffindor {15+}
Winner of Golden Paw Award 2013: Best Display of Courage
Ever since the war, Katie has lived in fear.
Small Miracles {12+}
This is his story.
He'd tell you it has a happy ending.
The Spectrum of Joy {12+}
You have never been able to describe her...
Rolf / Luna
Ghosts {15+}
The story of a diadem, a Baron and a girl who never quite lived.
The Giant Squid {12+} 
Five years after the Battle of Hogwarts, two broken men return to their roots. They find more than they ever expected.
An unintended meeting.
An unrelenting past.
An unexpected friendship.


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Call me Gilly


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all links 12+

Credit to aconite @ TDA for the set  :wub:

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