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Author Name: RavenclawStudent.
Link to archives: http://www.harrypott...?showuid=213794
Ship: Draco/Hermione

Completed works:

-The Bed Problem: oneshot, mature.

Hermione’s screams at night keep Draco up at night. His aid is futile, and the Silencing charms were useless. He heard her once, he’ll hear her always. Dark. Hogwarts.

'He looked longingly at the door, his heart dropping as he imagined the pain she was enduring.

One word ran through his brain.


-Blinded: oneshot, mature.

In the war, Hermione Granger became blind. Still living happily three years after, Hermione continues with her life. When one day she is saved by ex-enemy Draco Malfoy, whom was one of the last people she saw before becoming blind, and finds something she never expected from him; love and solace. He opens another world for her, one she never experienced. When she reveals her deepest desire, Draco goes to the ends of the Earth to provide it for her, making a life-altering decision.

-Impasse: oneshot, mature.

"You always leave me wondering whether I should drop all of this and leave, but I know I can't and I know you know I can't. I know I can't even move a fraction out of that door because I'll always come back. You, of all people, are my salvation and I hate it. I hate it. But the very fact that I love you is stopping me from walking out of that door. I hate that I love you Draco."

-My Baby Daughter: oneshot, no pairings, mature.

After a harsh war and and the loss of a loved one, Hermione Granger finds herself in the pit of loneliness. Giving birth nine months later, Hermione rejoices in the birth of her daughter, knowing she would love her forever. Is she so alone anymore? Or does fate have other plans in order? 800 word drabble.

-Fix you: oneshot, 15+.

My life ended the day you told me you couldn't save me, I would've denied the plain truth if I wasn't scarred... Lover for two years, friend for more... I am broken. Rotted to the core, none but one can fix me. You are the only one that can fix me. I need you to fix me...

Work in Progress.

-Hunt: novel, mature, crossover with Criminal Minds.

A vigilante hunts on the streets of New York, preying on seemingly innocent victims, muggle and wizard alike. His unique M.O of combining muggle and magical techniques to torture his victims stir worry at the American Ministry. When their Minister is at the end of his tether, he calls upon their best hope, a team of FBI agents skilled in the field of behavioural analysis, and the British M.L.E's best agents, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy.

-Imprinted Wounds: novella, mature, crime.

Hermione Granger starts her new job as an Auror's assistant. Graduating only the year before and breaking up with Ron six months ago, she doesn't expect to find love so quickly, and she intends to put it off until she pursues her career as a successful Auror. Will she stick to her resolution? Or will she be unable to resist the charms of her boss, Draco Malfoy? As a new era of Death Eaters loom over the heads of the two young adults, will the two be able to put their growing feelings aside and crack the case?


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