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Posted 14 April 2011 - 12:30 AM

Please check the following list to see if a topic you're interested in discussing has already been brought up by another member. If you start a new topic in this section, please PM a moderator so it can be added to this list.

Characters, Ships, and Eras
What do you like MOST about Draco / Hermione romance? What about least?
Which character would you save from their death?
Who is Hotter? The Marauders vs The Next-Generation vs Hogwarts
Which marauder do you love the most?
Dudley Dursley and The Sorting Hat
The 'Good' Guys
Least Favorite Professor
Egos: Who is the worst?
What house do you think Dumbledore was in?
Which Weasley is your favourite?
The Bad Guys
The Sorting of Albus Potter
Favourite House Elf
Ron and Hermione
The Weasley Twins
Tonks or Cedric
Your favorite pairings?
What's your favourite Era?
Which next generation character do you like writing the most?
Defense against the dark arts teachers. The good and the bad
Best Friend/Marry/Date/Avoid: Marauder's Era
Tonks or Cedric?

The Persona of Draco Malfoy

Fleur vs Greyback

James vs. Snape (who gets Lily?)



Wizarding World
Robes vs. Suits
Favourite Subject
Werewolves or Vampires
Muggle Studies Curriculum
Dying (In the Wizarding World)
Hogwarts robes
House Elf or Maid?
S.P.E.W. : Was Hermione Right or Wrong?
Quidditch Positions

Which house do you think Umbridge was in?

Helena Boham Carter or Evanna Lynch?
Who was the best Dumbledore?
What is Your Favorite Harry Potter Book and Movie?
Favorite Track From The Score of PS/SS

The Forums or Archives
Which Skin?
Review Checks
What Most Attracts You To A Story?

All About Song-Fics
Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter

Keep it Real or Change it up?  (AU discussion)
Twilight vs. Harry Potter
Which Crossover?
why did you choose your house?
Your Fave Actors and Actresses in AVPM and AVPS
Which Dumbledore voice do you read with?

New Potter Books

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