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#1 1917farmgirl


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Posted 27 January 2010 - 02:30 AM

Hi everyone! I'm Farmgirl! I've resisted starting this thread because for a long time I didn't really have enough stories up to talk about. I figured it would just be taking up space. I've got a few things up now, though, so I thought I'd open one up.

I love to talk fic. Discuss ideas, plots, whatever strikes your fancy. So, go ahead and give me some questions. :)
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#2 theelderwand1


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Posted 27 January 2010 - 09:39 AM

Well, its about time!

Howdy lil sis!

Pop Quiz.

1. From your amazing fic, its clear that Fred and George are favorites of yours. What is it about them that draws you to them?

2. Of your posted stories on this site, which is your favorite and why?

3. (Gotta return the favor with this question) If you had one day in the Wizarding World, what would you most like to do?

4. Harry v. Mal; who wins? (LOL)

Again, great to see this page is up!
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#3 Alopex


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Posted 27 January 2010 - 07:53 PM

On average, how much time do you typically spend editing a chapter or one-shot? Do you find that you tend to leave things close to as-is, or do you do a lot of tweaking before feeling a piece is ready to post?

How do you get into the mood to write such bittersweet scenes as you have written in Healing and the George Weasley one-shot? (I can't remember its title. I'm terrible with titles.)

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#4 1917farmgirl


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Posted 28 January 2010 - 05:54 AM

Attempting to answer both of you in one post so I don't break the rules. :)

Eldy -

Hey big bro! Thanks for stopping by! And what can I say other than I'm a little slow at things...hehehehe.

Pop quiz? EEP! I didn't study! I'll try to do my best...

1. Fred and George my favorites? How on earth did you ever figure that out? *wink* As for what draws me to them? What doesn't, actually. Right from the moment I read that first book, when one of them let lose with the line "Honestly, woman, and you call yourself our mother?" I knew they were some of my favorites. I love their sense of humor and fun. Everything I read with them in the books just made me smile.

Actually, I think I answered this once on another thread on this forum. *digs around site* Yeah, here's what I said in that one. "But MY personal heros from the books are Fred and George. They are smart, smarter than they usually got credit for. They are loyal - to each other, to their family, to the side they have chosen, and to Harry. I mean, how many guys would go out of their way to defend their little brother's mates? But, most of all, they don't let the darkness around them consume them. They fight evil with spells and battles just as much as any of the others, but they also fight it with laughter, and that can be just as powerful."

In fanfic they are so underused, as well. So, I figure it's about their turn.

There, how's that for a book to answer your question? hehehehe

2. Fav posted story, huh? Hmmmm.... Probably have to go with Healing, because it's so much broader than the others, so I have more people to play with and more space to do it in. Although, "Ginerva" really is a close second. I just had too much fun writing that one, and waiting to see if the person I gave it to liked it. :)

3. One day in the Wizarding world? I'm torn on this one. Part of me would really love to spend it at Weasleys' Wizard Weezes. Part would just like to chill at the Burrow with everyone there. Can I split the day?

4. Harry vs. Mal? Okay, this one is complicated. It could be taken so many different ways. If you mean in a fight, then I'm going with Mal, because while Harry might be a great wizard, Mal isn't as bothered by those pesky things like morality. Mal would have Harry shot before Harry had decided if he should draw his wand or not. If you mean in MY ranking of favorite characters, I think it's a draw. Actually, I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that convesation. Harry: 'Actually, I'm a wizard." Mal: "Huh?" Harry: "A wizard." Mal: "SIMON! Your moonbrained sis has company!"

Thanks for reading! Come back soon!

Now, Alopex-

1. My writing habits are...well...odd. I don't know if I have a "set" way of doing things. I do tend to be a rather compulisive writer at times. Those scenes tend to just come to me, fully formed. I'll read through them a few times after I type them to check for errors and see if I want to change them, but they usually stay pretty close to how they were when I first wrote them. The same goes for when I write things out first instead of typing them. As I type them up I'll edit and tweak here and there, but that's about it.

Now, other times, I get caught with bad writer's block. When that happens, I edit a lot. I like to spit things out mostly formed, as mentioned above, and when I can't do that for whatever reason, it really puts a crimp in the muse.

2. Getting in the mood to write sad stuff? Usually it starts with music. Something I'm listening to sparks an idea, or sets the tone for what I'm writing. I also have a stockpile of quotes and such that can inspire me. Of course, all I REALLY need to do is re-read the last few chapters of DH and I'm a complete wreck. :)

Thanks for such great questions! This is fun!
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#5 RonsGirlFriday


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Posted 05 March 2010 - 06:29 AM

Hi there! Long time no talk!

I've really been wanting to post something in your MTA thread, but I tend to be fairly unoriginal in my MTA posts, and I didn't want to bombard you with the standard questions, so here's one that just hit me, since you're a fan of the twinsies:

It seemed like after Fred's death, Fred was suddenly everyone's favorite twin. Understandable, because after all, the dude died (rest his fictional soul). But it was very interesting to me, because people seemed to think there were perceivable differences between them in canon, and Fred was in some ways "better" or funnier or whatever. I'd never given much thought to this myself, because they always seemed exactly the same, as they always did everything together. But then I went back and re-read the books, and I paid more attention to the twins, and it seemed to me that maybe Fred really is what is commonly referred to as the "dominant twin." Of course, this might just be the power of suggestion. So what do you think? Do you see the twins as really different? Do you like one more than the other?

(Sorry it took me so long to get to the actual question!)

Love your writing, by the way...but you already knew that. ;)

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#6 1917farmgirl


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Posted 06 March 2010 - 09:41 PM

RonsGirlFriday! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I don't get many visitors. :)

It has been a long time since we talked. I hear you've been busy! Congrats on your job and such! As for worrying about having interesting questions, since you are only the third person to post in here, I don't think I've even been asked the boring ones yet. I welcome any question you wanna throw me.

First of all, as to the Fred's death thing, I am continuing (for the most part) to live in denial about that. I'm getting pretty good at it, too.

Now, on to your question. Are there differences between the twins? I think so, but I'm a twin fanatic, so I've probably paid more attention than most. I do agree that Fred is the dominant twin, which makes me think in MY MIND that he's the older one. If you notice any time the twins talk in the books, Fred almost always starts the converation. Or if they are going to do something, be it a prank or just something ordinary, Fred usual suggests it. George is often the voice of reason for the two (or at least a LITTLE less impulsive.) He thinks of the consequences before they do something. Doesn't mean he won't still do it, just means it at least crosses his mind. In book two George was the one who voiced a concern about how much all the lockheart books were gonna cost, for example.

I play with these differences a little in my stories. I'll have Fred fly off the handle about something before George will, for example. Or make Fred the one who comes up with the prank ideas, but George the one who figures out how to do them.

Now, all that being said, I think these differences are still very tiny. I really love the fact that the twins are so close to each other and in personality. That they really do just love having fun and such.

As for which one I like the best? Do I really have to choose? Eldy made me answer this once and it was HARD! I don't wanna choose, hence why I brought Fred back from the dead ignore the fact that Fred died. But, if I HAVE to I'm gonna answer like this. If Fred and George were real people and I had the chance to get to know them, this is what I say. If it's just gonna be a friends thing, I'm not choosing. I can be buds with both of them. If it's gonna be MORE than that, well...Fred would be more fun but George would be better for a long-term thing. How's that?

Thanks for stopping by! You know I love your fics, too. Wish I had time to go read more of them but swamped right now!
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#7 lunalovingly


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Posted 04 April 2010 - 08:34 AM

would u ever let voldemort win agianst harry in a story
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#8 1917farmgirl


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Posted 05 April 2010 - 03:37 AM

Interesting question. Hmmm....I think it depends on my plot. I'm not big on killing off Harry (although never say never because then you just have to eat your words) so I probably wouldn't have Voldemort kill him, but dying and losing are two different things. So yeah, if I had a plot that needed it, I'd let Voldie win...at least for a while. :)
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#9 potterpuppiespeace


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Posted 20 June 2010 - 10:02 PM

Well...it's rather obvious Fred+George are your favorite weasleys, but who's next on the list?
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#10 1917farmgirl


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Posted 17 July 2010 - 01:48 PM

I'm so sorry I didn't answer this sooner! No one's posted in here for so long I sorta stopped checking. SORRY!

Who is my second favorite Weasley after the twins? Oh man... That's one of the hardest questions ever. I LOVE the Weasleys! I'm not sure I can choose!



Ron is the obvious choice because I do really, really love Ron and have a soft spot for him in my heart, but as he is also a member of the "trio" and might not be included in what you were thinking, I'm gonna go with a different answer. Realize that it's very much an "answer of the day" so to speak and I just love Weasleys in general.

For today, my answer to this question is Bill. As the oldest kid, I tend to relate a little to Bill, and I really liked how he helped Harry in the 7th book.

Thanks for dropping by and again so sorry I never replied earlier! This place gets forgotten about and so I never come by, but I guess I should at least stop in and dust once in awhile.
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#11 WriteYourHeartOut



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Posted 12 August 2010 - 12:02 AM

Hey there 1917farmgirl! I've been wanting to comment on your MTA page for a while now, but I couldn't think of anything original to ask, and while the questions I've come up with aren't the most original, I'm intrigued to hear your responses to them! So, here they are:

1.) A couple posts up you were asked about your next favorite Weasley, but I'm wondering who your next favorite character is outside of the family and why?

2.) Now, I know you're in denial about Fred's death, but I'm way too curious to not ask this question to you. I've only just begun reading Healing and I know you've mentioned to me that the whole story does not, in fact, revolve around George - and there's also the very real possibility that Fred has not actually died in your fiction! So my question, if you can fight through the denial, is how do you think George handled Fred's death? I know that I have a very clear vision of how George acts after losing Fred, but in most fics I've read with George, they seem to be different view than my own, so how do you think he acted afterward?

3.) Have you ever heard the song 'To Fred' by George? It's an amazing wrock ballad (one of the only wrock songs I ever listen to) and if you haven't, you need to - though you might cry (I know I did...) because it's so beautifully written. It's a perfect combination of terribly sad and sweet with just a touch of that twin humor. Ugh... my heart hurts just thinking about the lyrics. If you haven't heard it, I'll send you a link (if you'd like... you may not want to because of the denial thing, though... haha).

4.) Why do you write?

I eagerly await your responses! :laugh:

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 03:41 PM

HI! I meant to stop by sooner, but... Well, I forgot. What can I say, I have goldfish memory for things like this!


(1) Do you write your stories based on life experiences or on your imagination and "the feel" of a character or plot line?
(2) When you write, do you start at the beginning and go until the end or do you dart from one chapter to the next, adding bits and deleting others?
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#13 Pixileanin



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Posted 12 September 2010 - 01:25 AM

Questions? When do I not have questions?

Those were rhetorical. These are for you.

1) Where did you come up with the idea for your fantastic signature as of 09/10/2010? I find it to be extremely entertaining and wished I'd thought of it myself!

2) How many times a week do you catch yourself thinking about your stories and how to proceed with them?

3) If mayo is out, and mustard barely makes an appearance, what are your favorite condiments of choice and why?

4) Do you ever stare at yourself in the mirror and ask "What would *insert favorite character here* do in my place at this time in my life?"

5) Have your pets ever assisted you in character development? Do you ever contemplate adding them into your stories just because they're adorable and utterly mentionable?
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#14 1917farmgirl


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Posted 06 December 2010 - 07:48 PM

Hey there! Is it obvious I forgot about this thread for…um…several months? I knew WYHO's questions were in here and I've been pondering, but I had no idea others had come and posted questions as well. I terribly, terribly sorry! I promise I'll never leave it alone for so long again. Can you guys forgive me?

Now to avoid that evil double post I will answer the questions all in one go, going in order of course.

Howdy, WriteYourHeartOut! Thanks for stopping by here, and sorry to leave you hanging for so long. Part of it is that you posed such dang hard questions my brain overheated and fried. Just saying…

1. My favorite character outside of the Weasleys – See, THIS is hard! If wouldn't write fanfic if I didn't love to many of them. But, when push comes to shove, I think I'm gonna have to go with Harry. There's no way I would have plowed through 7 HUGE books about the kid if I didn't like him, even with the twins in there. Why do I like him? Well, he's funny, and loyal, and stubborn, and a bit pig-headed, and noble to a fault sometimes, and the poor kid just really needs someone to hug him.

2. How did George handle Fred's death? – MEANIE! Asking this question. Well, first, let me take the easy way out. I know that you have now read Lest We Forget, which is a huge part of how I think George handled Fred's death. So I'm referring you to that for how he handled it in the long run. Short term, however, would most likely be different. I KNOW he'd be broken and lost probably angry and just completely not sure what to do with himself. I'm not one of those that thinks he would have gone off the deep end – I think the love and support of his family would have kept that from happening. And I also think he would have made a valiant effort to keep the smiles and jokes coming, if only for Fred's sake, because it's what he would have wanted, at first. But I know inside he'd be hurting greatly, for a very long time. Does any of that make sense?

3. No, I have never heard that song. You will have to point me to it one of these days.

4. Why do I write? LOL. Can I cop out and say I answered this last night? Okay, I won't. I write because there are stories in my head that want to get out. Because it's fun and I'll admit it, I love seeing what people think of my stuff, even when they don't like it. I've been making up stories with my favorite characters from books and movies since I was like 6 years old. I used to lie in my bed at night and plan out huge, elaborate adventures for them. Then the internet came along and I realized other people did this too, and they wrote them down and shared them! I was ecstatic! But fanfic aside, I've also been writing for as long as I can remember as well – stories, papers, journals, etc. There is just something about the beauty and power of words that enthralls me.

Thanks so much for stopping by, WHYO! Next time I promise not to take 6 months.

Adrielne! You snuck in here without me even noticing! I'm SO sorry! But I will answer your wonderful questions now and hope you can forgive the tardiness.

1. Do I write based on life experiences or imagination and feelings? The answer to that is both. I do tend to observe a lot of what goes on around me, and when something particularly interesting, funny, poignant, etc. happens I try to remember it. And I do draw on my own emotions and such when I write. But I'll admit much of what I write is pure imagination and me doing what I've wanted to see happen, or something I feel would be good for the plot or the characters.

2. Start at the beginning or jump around when writing – Again, I must answer both. LOL. I'm a rather chaotic writer. In GENERAL, I try to start at the beginning and go through it, but if the inspiration for a scene later on strikes I'll skip forward and write it down before it's gone. I'll do the same with stories. I actually started the sequel to my story Healing long before Healing itself. How lame is that?

Thanks for such great questions! It was nice seeing you here.

And last but not least, Pix!! I had no idea you'd visited here! You should have said something!

1. Signature as of 09/10/2010 – Um….which one was that? The "testing, testing" one or the "Snowman in a blizzard one"? Oh well, the answer for both is the same – from my very messed up brain. They're both long-standing family jokes we've just thrown around forever, and as I didn't have a REAL signature and the space looked so empty, I just filled it with something. Glad you liked my craziness though!

How many times a week do I think of my stories – Um…like a million times a day. Which I know is really bad, but it's true. It's why I carry a notebook everywhere, so I can write down ideas when I get them. Sad thing is, you'd think with so many of my brain cells wasted on thinking of the stories, I'd actually write them faster…

Favorite condiment – Um….oil and vinegar? Why? Because they aren't nasty and pasty.

Staring in the mirror question – No, I've never done that. Although I HAVE imagined dragging my favorite characters around WITH me for a few days, just to see what they would think.

My pets in my stories – funny you should ask that. Yes, most certainly they inspire me AND I've thought of writing them into a story. I haven't yet because I haven't found the right story yet, but I rule nothing out.

Thanks so much for such wonderful questions! This was really fun, once I sat down and did it!

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#15 rougette


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Posted 17 February 2011 - 04:51 PM

Hey there! I love your stories and just wanted to ask a few questions :)

What are some of the characteristics you think each of the twins have? What are some that differ from the other twin?

How often do you try to write?

Which era do you read most about?

Thanks so much! :)
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